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The Tablets of Hippocrates

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    "Xena are you sure this is the right way to the theater?" Gabrielle asked.  She was riding a horse with her friend Xena down a street dotted with vendors.  

    "I heard that the theaters of Caesarea were very large, I bet we'll eventually come across one if we keep going," Xena said.

    "She's over there, capture her!" someone yelled.  Not far away they heard the sound of horses galloping.  A woman with light brown skin, dark curly hair, and a blue outfit was riding away from three men who had their faces concealed by cloth.  Xena threw her chakram to her right, it bounced off a wall and hit the first pursuer on his left arm, which then traveled to his back left and hit the next pursuer in the right arm, then traveled to the back right and hit the last pursuer in the chest.  All of them fell off their horses.  

    "Stay out of this wench!" the leader yelled, "the chieftain  will have her as his bride!"

    "I will not be with anyone who would allow the Romans on even larger foot hole in Maurentia!  As far as I'm concerned everyone in the Maturi tribe is dung!" the woman yelled.

    "You heard the lady," Xena said.  She jumped in the air, landed in the middle of the men, and fights them until they retreat.

    "You have a thousand of my thanks, I thought I would be less conspicuous without my bodyguards," the woman said.  "Ever since my brother died men have been trying to kidnap me to force me to marry so they could gain power."

    "Don't worry," Gabrielle said, "if there's one thing Xena and I have been good at, it's getting women away from unwanted living conditions."

    "Xena?  Is there any chance that you are the Xena I heard was here and I have been looking for?"

    "I am.  Who wants to know?"

    "I'm Drusilla, Princess of Maurentia."

    "I've heard of you, you're Cleopatra's granddaughter," Xena said.  "I knew her many years ago."

    "Yes, I was hoping you could give me information about something that belonged to her, but you don't look old enough to be someone who knew her."

    "Being frozen in ice for twenty five years does wonders for the skin," Gabrielle said.

    "What is it you want to know?" Xena asked.

    "A couple years ago my brother Ptolemy went to Rome and told people about something that belonged to our grandmother called the Tablets of Hippocrates.  He later angered the emperor Caligula and was murdered, but now Caligula has been murdered himself, and the new emperor Claudius is bent on invading Maurentia and taking the Tablets."

    "We can't let Claudius get ahold of the Tablets," Xena said with a determination in her voice, "or they will be used as a weapon of mass destruction."