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Chapter one

Two young boys panted through tight muzzles as they ran through the dark alleyway. As they ran through the night one of the boys fell, his green curly locks bounced on impact.


”Come on!” the purple haired boy said as he picked the other up.


“Where are you, my little ones?”someone called, voice filled with a chilling malice.
The boys both started to run faster this time they ducked behind a couple of trash cans as when they rounded the corner.

They both stayed still as the footsteps got closer, holding their breaths as they waited, listening to the steps approaching. And then passing them. They both let out a small sigh as they heard the steps grow fainter and vanish.


”Found you.” the person said as he looked down at the terrified children.


High on the roof over the city the hero known as Eraserhead - also known as Aizawa Shouta - was doing his usual patrol. It was a relatively quiet one, he had stopped a few breaking-ins but nothing else.


He shot his scarf out and swung himself down to one of the lamp posts, when he heard something.


“Eraser, you there my man? Almost at the check in?”his partner asked him over the earpiece


“Must you have to be so loud Mic?” the dreary man asked him annoyed as he press his ear.


“You know it.” the other answered cheerfully. ͞I heard something so I'm going to check it out.


”Roger that”



The two boys were petrified as the man loomed over them, a sadistic smile plastered on his face. His clawed hands brushed the sides of the boys head both flinched back at the touch.


͞”That was very naughty of you, running away like that.” the hooded man sneered as his tail whipped out and knocked them back.


The two kids yelped as they flew back and hit the ground hard. He started to close the distance between them but the green haired boy struggled to stand up and firmly put himself in front of the other and tried to block the man's path.


“I... I won’t let you hurt him!” he hissed.


“Hehe... you think you’d learn by now.” he laughed as he gripped the kids hair and lifted him up, and watched him struggle and cry out in pain, before he then slammed the boy on the ground.


As the black clad hero got closer he heard more of what was going on. It sounded like young kids, screaming for help but never actually finishing their cries. He moved faster and when he got to the scene he saw what was happening. Two kids, no older than maybe five, were both unable to move as man in cloak stood over them.


Red smoke leaked from the sharp teeth that shone in the dim light. The underground hero acted quickly, and erased the man's quirk and knocked him back from the to kids.


Eraserhead asked the two boys if they were alright but only one managed a confused and weak nod before he passed out. The other one already unconsciousness. The villain quickly recovered and looked at the pro.


“You need to back off.” Eraserhead said as he stood between the other and the kids. ͞


"Oh a pro! Normally I’d love to play but it's late and I have to get those two naughty kids home.” the villain said and pointed down to the two kids.


“Not happening.” he told him.


The villain just smiled to that a charged at the hero who leapt back as he was slashed at him. Aizawa was forced to keep dodging each cut left a gash buildings. The hero sped up and went to punch the man but the villain caught his fist.


“To slow.”


The villain grinned as squeezed the pro’s fist before he released it the kicked then him into the wall.


‘He’s playing with me.’ Eraser thought he knew he’d had a erased his guys quirk but he a was fast still inhumanly something wasn’t right.


The cloaked man rushed the hero as he got ready to protect the kids. The underground hero was forced on the defensive with his opponent’s fast hits.


As villain raised his claws up Eraserhead grabbed him with his capture gear around the arm. As the villain struggled free himself his hood fell down and Eraser was shocked when he saw the golden scales and red eyes but held on so he didn’t loose his grip.


“You're Viper King! What would you want with these kids." Eraserhead growled.


Viper King smirked as his sharp eyes focused on the pro hero holding him down. His mess of black curls contrasted his yellow patches of scales, running down is neck.


“I already told you I’m just here to take my trouble making kids home.” Viper king told him.

This was bad Viper King well known villain that had killed almost every pro hero he’d been up against or maned. That’s Aizawa glanced back and saw the kids were still out cold.


“Come on now you're not chickening out on me are you?” Viper mocked.


Suddenly when none other than Present Mic came to the scene.


Viper took the small distraction and quickly and let out a cloud of red mist.


“Mic.” Eraserhead said as he grabbed the kids and moved back.


“On it.” he said and then, with a shout, blasted the mist away. When the dust settled Viper was gone and Eraserhead had the kids.
“Where’d he go?” Eraserhead said as they both looked around the alley.


“I think he’s gone, but man what was Viper King doing here?” Mic as his friend held the two kids.


“He was after the kids, said they were his.” the underground hero said shocking him.


“Man good think I came to see what was taking so long thought you found another cat.” Mic joked then looked down at the two kids.


“They going to be okay?”


“I’m think so but hurry up and call it in.” Aizawa said.


As looked down at the kids in his arms they both were covered cuts and bruises.

They called it in what happened and waited for the cops to show up. The underground hero was now able to get a better look at the muzzled children he slowly undid them.


“I hate those thing.” Mic said Aizawa agreed as put them on the ground.


The green haired one had a matching set of scales that ran down his left cheek and clawed feet and hands. The purple haired boy had messy hair and matching scales on his right cheek. Both had tails and they were wrapped around the others.


Soon they all were at the hospital and as the two heroes waited to be dismissed and done with the police, when green scrubs nurse ran up to them.


“I’m sorry, are you the pro heroes that brought the kids in. The two kids with the scales?” The heroes looked at each other before nodding.
The nurse sighed in relief, already waving them to follow her.

“We’re having a problem, they just woke up and refuse to let someone near them. We have tried everything but they won't listen and we need to run a few more test.” she said.


Eraserhead and his partner followed her to there room and saw the two kids holding each other in a death grips and hissing in the corner of the room. They were muzzled again for whatever reason.


“Why are those things on them, look I not here to hurt you two okay.” he said the purple haired boy just glared at the man Aizawa saw it just pure fear.


He looked over to Mic and gave him a look the other hero backed off. The pro bent down and looked at them.


“You don’t need to be scared.” he told them.


They looked into the man's eyes, still scared but they let him take the restraints off then backed off.


“You're the guys that helped us?” the purple hair boy asked.


“Are you guys heroes?” the green haired boy asked.


“You got it little listeners, do you know who we are.” Hizashi said as he slowly got closer.


“You're Present Mic and you're Eraserhead.” the greenette told his the boy’s voice cracked with measured enthusiasm.


“So do you want to tell us your names?” Aizawa said this and the duo relaxed a little bit but not completely, still holding onto each other.


“My name is Izuku and this is my brother Hitoshi.” the green haired one said.


“Why don’t you like the doctors?” Aizawa asked them.


“They tried to separate us I won’t leave my brother.” Hitoshi told him.


“Me neither.” Izuku said.


“How about this we’ll stay with you and make sure you stay together.” Aizawa said.


The kids reluctantly agreed to let the doctors look them over but stayed tense and twitchy, hissing if they didn't like something. Their eyes kept on looking over to the two pro heroes as if to make sure they were still there. As they finished up someone knocked on the door.


“Excuse me gentlemen but there’s a detective here, asking for you.” a police officer told them and Eraserhead said they'd be there in a second. ͞


“You're leaving?” Izuku asked. Neither of the boys looked happy with the thought of the pros leaving them.


“We’ll be right back, okay listeners.” Hizashi reassured them.


“Promise?” Izuku asked fearfully as he and his brother held their pinkies out. ͞


“Promise.” Hizashi said.


He and Aizawa both linked their pinkies with the kids. When they left the room, closing the door on two sets of scared eyes, they were greeted by detective Tsukauchi.


He asked them if they could talk in a more private place, so they headed to a small conference room. Nezu was there which surprised the two pro heroes.


They shared a quick look before focusing on the small mammal.


“Eraserhead, Present Mic we need to talk.”