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American Horror Story

Sarah had just finished her take when she was called over to the camera by one of the producers. She was still in her Sally costume and her feet were starting to ache, he head was starting to hurt and her exhaustion from getting barely any sleep was setting in. It was close to the last episode of shooting on location and she was thankful but also sad to say goodbye to yet again another amazing character.

'There's Cate Blanchett here to see you miss Paulson, if you want to go to the front desk of the building, you can go back to your trailer.' Sarah perked up at this, she had met Cate before and was excited to be working on a new movie with her. It was o lovely of her to come and visit. Walking quickly to the front desk, she saw Cate sitting down on one of the couches scrolling on her phone.

'Hello Miss Blanchett!' Cate looked up and saw what she thinks was Sarah walking towards her in very interesting attire,

'Why hello to you person who I am hoping is Sarah Paulson, I'm not going to lie you look a bit under the weather.' Cate and Sarah laughed together for a moment before Sarah led them in The other direction to her trailer.

'What do you mean? Do you not like my outfit? I'm going through a style change at the moment'

'Sweetheart, you might want to - and forgive the pun - but go back into your closet and look at what other clothes you have.' This joking about and hard belly laughing continued until they had reached Sarah Paulson's trailer. Once inside, Cate removed her jacket and Sarah her costume and makeup. However, Cate was laughing at her hair which was going to be a problem. Running into the bathroom, she ran her head under the water for a few moments until it was wet. She wrapped a towel round her head and returned Cate on the couch after grabbing a water bottle for them each.

'So sorry for disturbing your work but I had just talked to Todd about Carol. He mentioned how Our characters have a romantic..Sexual kind of past together and that we needed to work on how we were going to portray that or how we were going to act around each other.' Dear lord. Get out of one character and into another! Sarah sat there thinking for a moment, slightly elated by the idea that there was a sexual element between their characters.

'In my opinion, My character is going to be jealous of Therese. If they had a romantic or a sexual past, she is going to feel a bit territorial. Also, they are best friends, so there is another reason for jealousy.' Cate sat and looked at Sara intently as she spoke, amazed by the ideas and the passion that she was giving off. Sarah always put so much into her work and Cate could see it. She was actually, very impressed by it.

'I love that! I think there would still be some form of flirtation there as well. As friends, you make jokes and are very close, but I think that there could still be a flirty element between them both.' Sarah could feel herself going red so she looked down and grabbed her water bottle from the side of the couch. She couldn't deny the idea of Cate Blanchett flirting and being close to her made her feel very...nervous. But that was normal, I mean she's Cate fucking Blanchett. Who wouldn't be nervous? She had blanked out, she was staring at Cate. Oh No she didn't listen to what she said!

'You know what, maybe we should go through our lines as them!' Cate had suggested

'That's a good idea then we can see how to alter our characters and see how they fit together' Grabbing their scripts they sat up a bit on the couch and began t go through their lines.