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MCGA Group Chat

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*previous chat contains lots of falafel craving and blitzstone talk. Just for context.*

Sam: Do you think that we should add B&H to the group? I mean, they’re together now, right?
Mango: If you want Hearth to kill you then sure go ahead

AF added Blitz & Hearth to the group.

Mango: wow thanks Alex, we’re all going to die
Blitz: … honestly i’m speechless
Hearth: u had a chat about us? Without us? I’m hurt.
Mango: Well it was either us having a secret chat or us sneaking out to meet up once a week
Hearth: ,,, or not at all
AF: dude, you two flirt so much it’s impossible to not talk about you
Hearth: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ u have a point
Sam: anyway, it’s all behind us now, you’re together!! Congrats!!
Blitz: i mean, thanks, but also no thanks. You were trying to set us up the entire time?
AF: yup, you’re welcome. Fyi, i was against it at first but eventually there was so much sexual tension that i had to do something
Hearth: ??? okay??
Blitz: *cough* sure

Mango changed Blitz’s name to FashionDad.

Mango changed Hearth’s name to MagicDad.

Mango: sorry i just had to have something more fitting
FashionDad: not complaining
MagicDad: tbh i’m just glad that i’m not magnus’ “mom” anymore
MagicDad: where did that come from btw?
Mango: some dude i talked to this one time said that you guys looked like my parents and i was like “like my parents?” and he’s like yeah like your mom and dad
Mango: apparently it became a thing after that
MagicDad: aah
MagicDad: ok
MagicDad: sure
MagicDad: but why me specifically?
Mango: idk dude dont question the street peeps
FashionDad: “The Street Peeps”
Alex: The Street Peeps™
Mango: ...yes
FashionDad: why exactly does this chat exist?
Sam: well, in the beginning it was to talk about your relationship behind your back, but eventually it’s just morphed into a falafel mess, courtesy of Magnus
Mango: youre welcome
Sam: i didn’t want it
Mango: :) well you have it now :)
MagicDad: mmkay, anyways i’m gonna go now, i’ve got stuff to do
FashionDad: ...stuff
MagicDad: can’t tell you, it’s a surprise
FashionDad: would i like that surprise
MagicDad: idk would you
FashionDad: we have a room
MagicDad: we use it for sleeping
Mango: blitz dont reply to that please just log off both of you
FashionDad: aight
MagicDad: sleep tight children

FashionDad and MagicDad have gone offline.

Sam: I’d better get to bed too. I’ve got an exam tmrw
AF: good luck sis!
Sam: thanks, but i’m fairly certain i’m going to fail anway
Sam: i’ve missed half of the classes because of valkyrie stuff
Mango: :(( good luck anyway hope you pass at least
Sam: thanks magnus
Sam: goodnight

Sam has gone offline.

AF: and then there were two
Mango: actually i’m gonna go to sleep too
Mango: gnight alex
AF: goodnight
AF: sleep tight
AF: don’t let the Ratatosk bite
AF: he knows where you sleep, y’know
Mango: dont remind me

Mango has gone offline.

AF: well, goodnight me
AF: goodnight to you too, hope you have sweet dreams
AF: why thank you
AF: i sure am glad that i still have people to talk to and they haven’t just left me alone

AF has gone offline.