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Love's more Fun when it Hurts!

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"KIRYU-CHAN~" It rings out behind him, and Kiryu sighs, deeply, before he turns around. Majima stands there, smiling gleefully, all teeth, eye wide and sparkling in the colorful light of the surrounding neon city. They're on an open street, people walking past and trying not to look at them for too long, lest they get dragged into a yakuza conflict. Hostesses stand outside their clubs on their cigarette breaks, eyeing them curiously. Kiryu is not in the mood for a fight, and he intends to let the patriarch know this. "Majima-san-" He starts, but the man he is addressing cuts him off with a finger to his lips; the glove smells like leather and blood. "Shh! No excuses, we're fighting right here, right now!" He says it excitedly, mouth closing, but smile still making Kiryu uneasy with how wide it is. He knows there is no out. Either he takes Majima on, or he risks causing offence and getting the entire Majima family on his ass. Majima never once takes his eye off of him as he stalls. "Fine. But it'll be over quick; I have somewhere I need to be." He says it assertively, and Majima's eye twitches. "Aw, just a quickie? Then let's make the most of it!" Majima spins, taking up a fighting stance about a foot away, knife in hand, seemingly emanating with pure dark energy. He laughs maniacally, and Kiryu rolls his eyes as he cracks his knuckles.


Kiryu lands a proper punch to Majima's chest, after some minutes of them being even on the battleground, but he scowls in anger when all the man does is laugh at it, as if it doesn't hurt at all; In fact, it seems it got him even more energized, and Kiryu narrowly dodges the knife coming straight for his neck, at the expense of stumbling and falling, Majima falling along with him, the knife hitting the concrete beside Kiryu's face, Majima hovering above him; just as Kiryu pushes him off, he feels Majima's lips ghost against his own, the softness of it unmistakeable. When they're both standing up again, Majima bleeding from his nose, Kiryu has ruled it as an accident. When he finally punches Majima into submission, he has forgotten it even happened. 


Majima stands, practically doubled over, wiping the blood off of his philtrum with his hand. "Hah, ha- You're finally getting back into shape!" He gasps for air, still smiling, Kiryu wiping some dirt off of his hands, knuckles red. "I'll be going now." He says it coldly, and Majima tilts his head, eye showing sadness while he still smiles weakly. "So harsh! I'll look forward to our next fight, Kiryu-chan!~" He straightens himself up and disappears into the crowd, Kiryu turning around and resuming his walking. People only glance at him before going back to their business, and the hostesses go back into the clubs. 




Kiryu walks through one of Kamurocho's countless dirty alleys, dark and damp, seething with the vile that the main streets do their best to hide away. He has barely gone inside before he spots three men in suits, definitely yakuza, conversing. He intends to walk past them, but one of them sees and immediately stops him. "Hey! Where do you think you're going, Kiryu?" He barks the words, brows furrowed. The badge on his lapel is shadowed, and Kiryu can't make it out. "None of your concern." Kiryu answers, and the man grits his teeth. "Giving attitude? You'll regret that!" The irrational aggression showcased by every single yakuza he meets is beginning to get on Kiryu's nerves. "I'm sure you'll regret it more than me." He barely looks at the man, the two others having caught on and preparing for a fight. Kiryu can see the guy's fist raising out of the corner of his eye, but before he can reach out and block it, someone already has. A hand holds the yakuza's arm in place, grip so tight that the black leather glove on it groans. Kiryu glances to his side, and sees Majima there. He exhales through his nose, both relieved and exasperated at the man's presence. The yakuza takes one look at the one-eyed interloper, and his expression of fury changes to pure fear, letting out a gasp and desperately trying to wring himself free. The look in Majima's eye makes Kiryu fear for the worst. 


"Hey hey hey! What's going on here?" Majima's voice slithers, anger thinly veiled in his typical careless demeanor. "Majima-san! Sir! I, I didn't realize it was Kiryu-san, I swear!" The man in Majima's grip is sweating bullets, the two others stepping backwards. "Oh, really? I thought I distinctly heard you refer to him as just that!" Majima chuckles, hand turning, the yakuza's skin following suit, wringing to the side and reddening. "If anyone's gonna beat Kiryu-chan to a bloody pulp, it's me. Does that get through your thick skull?" Majima's smile twists, pure malice within it. "Are these your men?" Kiryu says, calmly, and Majima's expression softens only slightly, a slight lilt in his tone. "You know what they say, Kiryu-chan; spare the rod and spoil the child! I haven't been disciplining them enough, and look what happens!" It happens in a flash, and Kiryu barely keeps up with it. A loud crack is heard, and suddenly the offending yakuza is on the ground, broken bone visibly prodding at his skin, threatening to break through it. Majima has unsheathed his knife, and Kiryu knows fully well that he intends to kill the man. The situation is familiar, and he realizes Majima hasn't changed a bit. "Majima-san." Kiryu says, and Majima's face turns to him. "Yes? Any requests for what kind of punishment he should be given? You were the victim, after all!" He smiles, genuinely this time, or as genuine as Majima gets. "Let him go. This isn't worth the time." He speaks quietly, and the yakuza looks up at him, the confusion on his face almost hidden by the look of pure agony. 


Majima lowers the knife, but his anger seemingly hasn't subsided whatsoever. "You're so boring, Kiryu-chan! Too forgiving! It's a good thing you didn't get your own family, you have no mind to be a parent!" Majima shakes his head, sighing. "Fine then, i'll take care of this later." Kiryu is surprised that Majima would give in so easily, and half expects him to stab the guy anyway, but instead he waves the three men off, and they quckly abandon the alley, leaving Kiryu and Majima alone. "It is nicer to be alone with you anyway, and not get interrupted by idiots." Majima finally puts the knife back in it's sheath, turning his body towards Kiryu. "Did you follow me? How else would you have heard what he said?" Kiryu asks, ignoring Majima's remark. "Of course I did. I told you i'd keep an eye on you at all times." He winks, though the desired effect doesn't come through due to the eyepatch. "...You did." Kiryu admits, and is about to get off the wall when Majima places a hand on his chest. He looks at Majima, brow slightly raised.


"I'll see you soon, Kiryu-chan~" He says it softly, and he leans forward, quickly and delicately placing a kiss on the corner of Kiryu's lips, drawing back immediately after, smiling, pale cheeks reddened slightly. Kiryu doesn't have a chance to respond before Majima is gone. "...He's completely crazy." Kiryu mutters to no one but himself.




The hostess club Kiryu had decided to enter wasn't exactly fancy; it was dimly lit with a dark blue filter, the faces of the other patrons barely distinguishable, which was likely intentional. Small booths, hiding it's occupants from other patrons, the majority occupied, were arranged around a dance floor, and the barkeep was busily fixing drinks as he saw the hostesses signal for more. Kiryu was met by an eager looking manager, who quickly led him to an empty booth. Kiryu watched the hostesses entertain their guests, hands on their thighs and chests, the patrons with their arms around their hostess' waist. There wasn't exactly a no-touch policy, it seemed. A girl approached him then, smiling shyly, short dress fitting her form snugly, brown hair reaching her shoulders. "Good evening, sir. My name is Ayako. It's nice to meet you." She sat down, after glancing at his bare lapel, and Kiryu laid the drinks menu he had been holding on the table again. "My name is Kiryu. It's nice to meet you too." He nodded, attempting a less gruff tone, though he assumed a hostess would be used to patrons not being the most charming conversationists. After they had ordered drinks, their conversation remained mostly pleasant small talk, inquiries into each other's hobbies and interests without much flirting from either side. Kiryu preferred it that way; it was painfully obvious when hostesses were trying to appeal to their patrons by acting overly affectionate and coy.


He heard the managers voice, and glanced towards the entrance of the club; he immediately regretted doing so, when he spotted a familiar figure speaking to the manager, the words not audible over the club's music and the chatter from the surrounding booths. Majima. Kiryu quickly looked away again, hoping Majima didn't see him. "Something wrong?" Ayako asked, leaning forward. "It's nothing." Kiryu reassured her, though he was proven wrong almost immediately. "Kiryu-chaaan!~" The voice made Kiryu audibly sigh, and Ayako looked with wide eyes at the man that had entered their booth without warning, especially staring at his eyepatch, and the visible tattoos creeping forth from his shoulders. "Excuse me miss, I'm here to speak with this gentleman." Majima said slyly, and Ayako looked at Kiryu for confirmation, obviously nervous. "It's fine. I know him." Kiryu leaned back again, and Ayako timidly stood up and left the booth, Majima sitting down where she was just a moment before.


"I didn't expect you to be a frequenter of cabaret clubs, Kiryu-chan! But I guess you have needs like everyone else, even if you do your best to hide them!" Majima said, taking Ayako's glass and downing the whiskey in it. "I've never been here before. Why are you here, Majima-san?" Kiryu inquired, annoyed at Majima's abrupt appearance and subsequent interruption. "Ah, I've always been a cabaret-club enthusiast. I know them all, been to them all, owned most of them at some point." Majima leaned back, one arm on the back of the seat, and thus around Kiryu's shoulders. "You know, Kiryu-chan, you don't need hostesses. With a face like yours, you could pick up any cutie off the streets, for free!" Majima said unabashedly, refilling both their glasses, despite Kiryu's still being half full. "I'm not interested in that." Kiryu answers, dryly, taking a sip of his drink and avoiding eye contact with Majima. "Tsk! Always the gentleman, eh? If ya don't let loose, you'll burst! Take my example, I let go of those kindsa restrictions and turned out fantastic." He sounds like he means it, and Kiryu is internally baffled, but doesn't let it show on the outside. "I'd rather not turn out like you." He's aware that such a slight could very well anger Majima, but he feels he's lost his inhibitions a bit after drinking. Majima's smile twitches for a moment, and Kiryu looks at him, prepared for anything the man might do. To his surprise, Majima's posture relaxes quickly, and he laughs.


"Don't try me, Kiryu-chan..." His voice is low, and Kiryu knows that he means it seriously. Kiryu lifts his glass to his lips again, and Majima seems strangely fixated on the action, hand grasping Kiryu's shoulder. "...Or I might get tempted to teach ya a lesson." Majima has leaned closer, face some inches away from Kiryu's, smirking devilishly. "We fight on a daily basis anyway. I don't see how 'a lesson' would work in your favor." Kiryu says, stoic as ever, and Majima's brows raise. "You can't seriously be that naïve!" He says, amused, and Kiryu shoots him a slight glare. "I'm only naïve because you don't explain yourself." He snaps, looking away from Majima again. He looks into his glass, the remaining alcohol mixing with the thawing ice. He isn't sure how much he's drunk at this point, but he feels somewhat dazed. "Well, how about I do that then, hm?" Majima says, resting chin on his palm, giving Kiryu what could only be defined as a sultry look. "Hm?" Kiryu answers, brow furrowed. Majima gently lowers Kiryu's arm, forcing him to set down the drink, and proceeds to place a hand on his thigh, mimicking the hostesses. "It's not like anyone can see us..." Majima whispers before he leans in closer, other hand turning Kiryu's face towards him. "You're drunk." Kiryu says, flatly, smelling the alcohol on his breath. "I pregamed a bit, so what?" Majima answers, starry-eyed.


The next moment, their lips are joined, Majima pushing Kiryu closer with his hand, an underlying desperation in the way he clings to him, tasting his skin, feeling the heat of his body, taking it in. When Kiryu feels Majima's teeth and tongue graze his lip, he pushes him away, but not as roughly as he could've. Majima's brows lower, him frowning slightly at the rejection. "Aw, just when it was getting good..." He pouts, not having removed his hands from Kiryu, who elects to do it himself. "You should be leaving." Kiryu states, his lips still tingling. "Hmph! I'll find a hostess for myself then, if you aren't letting me be yours!" Majima retorts bitterly, standing up from the booth and turning to look at Ayako, who had been waiting at the bar. "All done 'ere!" He says to her, loudly, before leaving.


Ayako quickly returns, eyes wide when she sees how little whiskey is left in the bottle. "...Who was that, if I may ask?" She questions, and Kiryu shrugs slightly. "An acquaintance of mine." He says, wanting to drop the subject of Majima. They resume their previous chat, but Kiryu occasionally glances at the booth where Majima has situated himself. Their eyes meet, and Majima smirks while Kiryu looks away, face heating, though it isn't visible in the blue light.





"Thank you sir." The employee says, after Kiryu has paid for his plate. He sits down with the sushi he has purchased, the quiet atmosphere of the restaurant competely contrasting the nighttime city outside, loud and busy. The other patrons quietly eat, a few chatting with their partners or friends, whilst Kiryu is left to stare at the empty chair in front of him. He isn't even that hungry; he just needs some peace and quiet for once. He dips a roll into soy sauce, and twirls it around with his chopsticks. Kamurocho is finally giving him a break, it seems. He looks outside, and the lights are blurred behind the window panes, the restaurants softer, natural lighting much easier on the eyes. Traditional music plays from the speakers in the corners of the ceiling, but it's so quiet you'd have to focus to even hear it. The quiet is unfamiliar to him, almost uneasy. 






The whispered words nearly make Kiryu jump out of his chair, and he immediately turns his head towards the origin of it, and sees Majima standing at the opposite end of the table, slamming down a tray of sashimi on the wooden surface. The other customers quickly turn their heads back to their own meals. For once, Majima is actually wearing a normal suit, and Kiryu assumes he is attempting to disguise himself as a citizen. The atmosphere seems to be shattered at this moment, replaced by a tense, thick air. Majima leans over, hands gripping the table's edge. "Did I surprise ya?" He says it quietly, at least not attracting attention, but Kiryu feels that that minor politeness doesn't quite make up for Majima's decision to startle him. "I didn't hear you come in." Kiryu glances at the door, and wonders how he hadn't even noticed Majima entering. "Obviously! That's what ten years in the hole does to ya; ya get dull and slow. That's why you need to fight me, Kiryu-chan, or you'll never get your old instincts back!" Majima smiles that unsettling smile of his, and Kiryu's brows furrow at the mention of a fight. "What?" He asks, curtly.


"Ehh? Ya didn't think I was gonna let ya pass just because you're on your lunch break, did ya?" Majima raises a brow, as if that was the most obvious thing in the world. Kiryu looks around at the other customers, just trying to have a nice evening. He doesn't have it in mind to ruin it for them, nor himself. "I'm not fighting you here, Majima-san." He answers, and this time he means it. Majima's eye widens, a dramatic expression of shock and horror crossing his face. "Whaa? Kiryu-chan, don't break my heart! I was lookin' after ya all day, waitin' for an opportunity, and now ya say no? You know what happens to men who disobey me, don'tcha?" Majima sits down, smile darkening. Kiryu doesn't let it phase him. "I do. But I'm not fighting you here. I have nowhere I need to be, so you aren't an obstacle at the moment. I've no reason to beat you." He's still held onto that philosophy, ten years and counting, no matter how hard Majima tries to make him break it. Kiryu watched Majima go from confused, to murderous, to mildly amused in the span of a few seconds. 


"Hmhm. What a predicament." The amusement on Majima's face intensifies. "Guess we'll have to do some tradin', Kiryu-chan..." Majima says, voice slithering. "What kind of trading? I don't have much money, if that's what you're asking for." Kiryu responds, and is surprised when Majima seems offended by the very idea. "Money? No amount of cash is worth as much as a fight with you, Kiryu-chan! Selling yourself short like that, where's ya confidence?" Majima chuckles, stabbing a piece of sashimi with a chopstick, proceeding to bite it off, staring at Kiryu all the while. "No, Kiryu-chan; I have plenty money, but I've only got one you! That ain't a fair trade." Majima's voice softens as he says that, and he rests his head on his intertwined hands. "What do you want, then?" Kiryu asks, beginning to worry that Majima's price will be one he can't afford. Majima thinks for a moment, then smirks.


"How about... a kiss?" He's quiet enough that the other costumers can't hear him, something uncharacteristic of Majima, who never seems to have a proper idea of his surroundings, nor the ability to read a room. 


"...What?" Is all Kiryu can answer with. "A kiss. Ya still gotta touch me, dragon-boy. Ain't no getting out of that, when I've been so patient all day." When Kiryu doesn't respond, Majima continues. "That's my price for bein' conflict-avoidant, Kiryu-chan~" The smugness is what annoys Kiryu most, but he knows that something as inane as a kiss is better than beating Majima to near-unconsciousness in a public restaurant. "Why a kiss?" Kiryu asks earnestly; he can't see how it would replace the supposed euphoria Majima gets from fighting him, when it's such a gentle thing. Previously, Kiryu had thought that the recent affectionate behavior Majima was exhibiting were either accidents or effects of his unconventional personality, but politely asking him for a kiss was neither of those. "Because..." Majima starts, tapping his chin. "I want one from ya. It's tirin' just being the giver, ya know?" He smiles sweetly, gazing at Kiryu without the usual aggressive undertones. 


A moment of hesitation. "...Fine." Kiryu says, and Majima grins with glee. He beckons Kiryu toward him with a finger, and Kiryu leans forward towards him, Majima doing the same. Kiryu's heartbeat quickens, less because of anticipation, and more the fact that there were people that could see them do this if they looked. He glances at the patrons, but none have their gazes on the two yakuza. Majima grabs Kiryu's lapel, raising a brow, waiting for him to initate the gesture.


Kiryu swallows his bemusement, and kisses the prolific Majima first. It's warm and soft, a gentle ghost of touch, and rid of sensual intentions, at least from Kiryu's side. Majima reciprocates, easing into the innocence of it. Kiryu draws back after a short few moments, and Majima's expression is calm, yet there is a glint in his eye that Kiryu cannot place an emotion on. "You kiss like a shy schoolboy, Kiryu-chan~" Majima says, and Kiryu's face reddens, though he only scoffs in response. "Are you satisfied now, Majima-san?" He asks, hoping that the answer will be yes. "For now, at least." Majima answers, and Kiryu ignores the ominous nature of the reply. 


They eat their meal together, and Kiryu awkwardly avoids eye contact with Majima during, though feels a certain peace at being in contact with Majima without physical violence being a necessary part of it. 




"What, can't- can't keep up anymore, huh?" One of the thugs says mockingly, despite panting and holding onto his likely dislodged arm after Kiryu kicked it out of place. Kiryu has to admit that he's exhausted, and that the hit he sustained from a metal pipe probably fucked up his kidney, and he isn't sure if he can take any more. There are still four guys standing, ready to beat down. Under normal circumstances, Kiryu could've eradicated them in seconds, but they caught him by surprise when he had already suffered through an attack just a few minutes earlier. There's blood on his hands, and he can feel some dripping down his chin, but he isn't sure if it's from the guy he just knocked unconscious, or if it's his own. Doesn't matter too much anyway. He won't give in to a random pack of rats. Before he can straighten himself up, he hears someone stepping up next to him, dress shoes clacking agsinst the wet concrete, and he sees the thugs' eyes widen in bewilderment. Kiryu looks to the side and sees Majima, a metal baseball bat behind his shoulders, head cocked to the side.


"Who the hell are you?!" One of the guys, likely the leader, blurts out, clutching his own bat tightly, knuckles whitening. Majima chuckles, dropping the bat from his shoulders and grasping it by the base. "Me?" Majima asks, brow raised, and the gang of hooligans seem very visibly intimidated. "I'm the mad dog of Shimano; and you'll have'ta get through me to touch the dragon of Dojima!" Majima charges forth, spinning and striking all four men at the same time with the bat, the sickening crunch of broken teeth and torn flesh making Kiryu flinch, the blood spraying onto Majima's bared chest, and he laughs loudly as he continues the merciless slaughter, completely unhinged, dodging all attacks with uncanny speed and precision, Kiryu watching as the thugs collapse and cower after only a few hits from the captain. It strikes him just how powerful Majima really is. It's only a few minutes after, and the group is on the run, bruised and bleeding. 


Majima turns towards Kiryu, wiping some blood off of his face. Kiryu takes a deep breath, leaning against a brick wall, tasting blood in his mouth, finally realizing that's where it was coming from. "Majima-san..." His voice is raspy and raw. "You didn't have to do that. I can hold my own." He knows he could've, even though he's aching all over, muscles strained and stinging. "I know. But I just can't stand to see those brats thinkin' they can have their way with ya." Majima kneels down in front of him, eyes drifting over his face and neck, eyeing the bruises and bleeding cuts there, spotting the trail of blood still flowing from Kiryu's lips. "They'll regret touchin' what ain't theirs..." Majima hisses through his teeth, Kiryu clutching his side, the ebbing pain making him wish more than anything that he had a Staminan Royale on him. "I think they've regret it already." Kiryu hates Majima's opinion that he is, somehow, his property, but it's what's keeping Majima from letting him get killed by whomever. 


Majima smirks, the rage contained within his expression threatening to burst out. "They'll regret ever being born, I assure you that, Kiryu-chan... They'll know never to touch ya again..." Kiryu's vision blackens in the corners of his eyes for a moment, body not listening to his brain. Majima leans his forehead against Kiryu's, breath somewhat shaky. "Cause you're mine." He says it completely genuinely, obsessively, and he closes the gap between them, tasting Kiryu's blood on his tongue, practically drinking it from the wound, Kiryu unable to stop him, knowing there'd be no point in doing so, anyway. It was a show of power. A show of dominance. Majima strokes a blood soaked hand down Kiryu’s cheek, smearing the red on his skin. Kiryu feels hazy, strangely light, meekly putting a hand on Majima’s chest. He could push him off if he wanted to, but he eases, and Majima slides his tongue into his mouth, the iron taste still beading on his lip drowning out the actual taste of him. 


Suddenly, Majima moves back, blood on his mouth, and Kiryu furrows his brows, especially when he sees that Majima’s previous seriousness has been replaced by his usual grin. “Well, I’ll see ya later, Kiryu-chan. Gotta chase down those bastards for ya health.” He gets up and runs off in the direction of the thugs, Kiryu taking a deep breath before he gets off of the wall, the pain having subsided somewhat, though an ache in his chest remains.




Kiryu takes a last drag of his cigarette, the smoke drifting upwards, slowly. He drops it to the ground, stepping on it to extinguish it. It’s a sunny afternoon, and the streets are scarcely traversed, the atmosphere calm and tranquil without the buzz of neon signs and nocturnal businesses. He steps out into the street, eyeing the small groups of people around him, hands in pockets and expression not showing signs of his thoughts, as usual for him. 


A few turns, and he spots a small group of Yakuza, Majima family, who only greet him with a sharp glare. Kiryu stops in front of them, and they turn to him. “I’m looking for Majima-san.” Kiryu states bluntly, and the men share glances. “What? I thought he was the one always looking for you. What’s your business with him?” One of them asks, equally brusque in tone, though he makes no move of aggression, knowing his Patriarch would punish him for it. 


“It’s a personal issue. When did you last see him?” Kiryu dodges the question, and another of the men decides to answer. “He was going somewhere with a few guys. Headed towards the theater plaza, I think.” He shrugs, and Kiryu turns around to leave when the first guy speaks up again. “Hey, Kiryu-san.” Kiryu turns his head, though doesn’t make eye contact. “If I were you, i’d arm myself. The boss has been talkin’ about you. More than usual, that is.” The guy says, and Kiryu nods. “I see. Thank you.” He walks off, ready to confront the mad dog, even if they have to fight first.



Before he has even reached the plaza, he spots Majima, back turned to him, still with the group he apparently left with. “Majima-san.” Kiryu says, and Majima immediately turns to face him, along with his entourage. “Kiryu-chan! Ya managed to surprise me, that’s a first! I’ll let ya have the first strike then.” Majima is beaming, and Kiryu can feel a smile pulling at his lips. “Majima-san, I didn’t come to fight. I need to talk with you.” He looks to the burly yakuza, who eye him suspiciously. “In private.” He adds, knowing that the subject matter isn’t exactly something to discuss in public.


“Huh? Came ta’ talk? Need help with somethin’?” Majima raises a brow, likely expecting Kiryu to ask for assistance in some Yakuza related case. “Guess you could say that. Can I trouble you for your time?” Kiryu inquires, and Majima narrows his eye, seemingly suspicious, though his expression clears soon after. “Well, anythin’ for you, Kiryu-chan.” He turns to his men, waving them off, and they obediently leave. Kiryu steps closer. “Your men really respect you...” He observes, and Majima laughs. “That’s cause I make myself worthy of it! If they know it hurts to wrong me, they ain’t doin’ it.” He smirks, and Kiryu lets a small smile slip. “You’re about as stubborn as me regarding your methods.” He says, tone soft. 


“Tch. Anyway, what did ya’ wanna talk about? I’m all for a nice chat with ya, but I’m a busy man, Kiryu-chan.” Kiryu can tell that Majima is curious, and he nods to him before he begins walking, the bemused Majima following him into an alley, safely hidden from the eyes of those passing by on the street. “There’s been something on my mind for a while, Majima-san.” Kiryu says, and Majima’s interest is piqued. “Yeah?” He asks, leaning against the wall, arms crossed. “For the longest time, you’ve been intent on fighting me. Initially, you did it to test my ability, and my hold on my own beliefs. But now, it’s only because you like doing it.” Kiryu says, and Majima cocks his head to the side. “What’re ya gettin’ at?” He asks, tone more serious. 


“You like me, don’t you, Majima no Nii-san?” Kiryu asks. Majima seems somewhat thrown off by that. “Aw, of course I like ya, Kiryu-chan." His smile returns, Kiryu taking a step forward. "Seems to me that you like me more than you should." Kiryu responds, and Majima's brows raise. "What happened to the good ol' straight forward Kiryu-chan I know 'n love? Ya lost me." He giggles, though it's not as crazed as it usually is. "I'll be straight forward then, if it helps." Kiryu says before he closes the gap between them, Majima looking at him, intrigued, when Kiryu kisses him; this time, he actually puts effort into it, trying to get across his point. He sneaks a hand up to the side of Majima's face, mimicking their last encounter, albeit with their positions reversed. To Kiryu's surprise, Majima wholly accepts the sudden touch, kissing him back with about twice the fervor and passion, hands wrapping around Kiryu's neck. They part for a moment to catch their breath, and Kiryu feels just how hard his heart is beating, a burning heat in his chest, quickly spreading through his limbs. "Ya got some practice in since last time?" Majima asks, teasingly, and Kiryu shakes his head. "No. I just know what I'm doing now." He kisses Majima again, this time allowing their tongues to collide, the kiss now warm and wet, chests pressing together, Majima's heartbeat about as fast as his own. Kiryu can't deny how good it feels, Majima biting his lower lip, though Kiryu is used to Majima hurting him much worse, and responds by doing the same to him. It earns a low groan from the man, whose excitement is plain to see lower down his body. Kiryu pulls away, Majima staring at him with a dazed look in his eye, breathing quickly.


"Kiryu-chan! Here I was thinkin' you were a pacifist, and now ya go and attack me like that!" Majima grins widely, licking his lips briefly. "You've done the same to me. This is only fair." Kiryu states flatly, and Majima draws a finger along his jawline, and Kiryu finds himself not minding it. "Now ya get it." Majima says, gaze drifting downwards before flicking back up to Kiryu's eyes. "Ya got my clothes feelin' a size too small, I gotta admit, Kiryu-chan... How about we get me outta them, eh?" Kiryu is only mildly astonished at Majima's urgency, when it's only now he's found out his feelings are requited, and suddenly he feels a bit awkward, glancing off. "...I haven't done this before, Majima-san..." He admits, shamefully, to a man who likely sleeps in a different bed every few days. Majima turns his head to catch Kiryu's gaze again, smirking. "Don't be shy, Kiryu-chan~ I hadn't expected more from ya, when all you have on your mind is women. I'll be gentle with ya, so you're lucky i'm your first guy out of all those meathead yakuza." He misses Kiryu's point entirely, who has to sheepishly look back at him. "Majima-san... I didn't mean it like that." He states meekly, and Majima raises a brow. "How then?" It's perhaps with a tinge of jealousy that Majima asks. 


Kiryu smiles, though it's barely noticeable. "I haven't been with women either." He feels strange admitting it, when it would be expected for a guy his age to be a pure womanizer. Majima looks completely and utterly blown away, jaw practically dropping. "What?! Kiryu-chan, ya gotta be kidding me! No way you ain't had your cherry popped, or never fooled around with a chick before!" He blurts out, Kiryu shaking his head slightly. "Fooled around, maybe, but never gone all the way." His sexual encounters had been limited to the very few girlfriends he'd had, or some of his one time dates, but it had never gone too far. Somehow, he is afraid Majima will reject him because of it. The patriarch's expression firms, a look of absolute determination in his eye. A smirk creeps onto his face, and he leans forward slightly. "Tell ya what, Kiryu-chan. I don't think I mind that at all... In fact, I much prefer havin' ya all to myself." His voice is low, and once again, their lips connect.





Kiryu stands in front of the motel mirror, his shirt somewhere on the bedroom floor, baring his upper body completely. His back is covered with deep red scratches, somewhat obscuring his tattoo, and his neck is littered with bruises of varying size and color, indentations from teeth visible on the ones more vibrant in color. He touches them, and the skin is sore and tingling, not unlike the wounds he sustains in street fights. "Majima-san, why is it you always have to mark me like this?" Kiryu asks, and Majima sneaks up behind him, arms wrapping around his abdomen, pressing a kiss to one of the deeper lines he had left with his fingernails the night before. "Ya know me, Kiryu-chan, I can't help but fight ya. It'd be unfair to just let ya have me submissive like that." Majima is already dressed, black gloves making his touch feel cold and impersonal on Kiryu's skin, though he doesn't find the sensation uncomfortable either. "And, I gotta make sure all those pretty girls ya meet know ya already got someone... Who doesn't like sharin'." Majima makes eye contact with Kiryu in the mirror, smiling as he usually does. "I guess so." Kiryu says, running a hand through his hair. "I'll need to button my shirt up more..." He mutters, the lovebites Majima has graciously giving him almost reaching his jaw. "And i'll make ya wear a turtleneck eventually!" Majima adds, turning Kiryu towards him and kissing him, withdrawing soon after. "I'll see ya soon, Kiryu-chan~" He turns around and leaves the room, Kiryu smiling warmly as he watches the man slam the door shut on his way out.