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Legends of Purgatory

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“Temporal scattering will commence in 10, 9, 8,” Gideon’s voice counted down as Sara bolted through the hallways towards the bridge.

Just as she rounded the corner she ran smack into Ava. Ava grabbed her around the waist and dragged her back the way she came.

            “There are too many of them,” Ava panted as they ran.

            “The team has the jumpship on a mission. Can you open a portal?” Sara dragged Ava into an open doorway.

            “5, 4, 3.”

            “Whatever they used to disable your defenses short circuited my courier.”

            “2, 1.”

            “Hold on. Never let go Jack,” Sara wrapped her arms around Ava’s neck.

            “I’ll never let go,” Ava whispered as she wrapped her arms around Sara’s waist and she felt herself being ripped into the temporal zone.

Then darkness.

            The first thing that Sara noticed upon waking was the dust. Small particles of it dancing and flitting in the light rays streaming through the wooden slats above her head. When she tried to shift a pain shot up her left arm. Her eyes darted around taking in the surroundings. She was in a barn somewhere; piles of hay surrounded her, and old rusted farm equipment sat in the corners. She gently eased herself up on her good arm noticing Ava lying next to her. She leaned over examining the blonde quickly before gently cupping her cheek.

            “Ava, babe wake up,” Sara whispered but froze when she heard footsteps coming towards them.

Her hand reached to for Ava’s shoulder holster and was grateful when her fingers met cool metal. She heard Ava beginning to stir next to her and pressed her free hand to Ava’s chest grounding her as she regained consciousness. Suddenly a red-headed woman burst around the corner gun drawn. Behind her stood a brunette brandishing an old model long barreled revolver. Both were aimed at Sara’s head. Sara noticed the badge shining on the red head’s chest and lowered her weapon slightly.

            “We don’t mean any harm. My friend and I were dumped here. I think she has a concussion,” Sara said trying to keep her voice calm.

            “Who are you?”

            “Sara,” Ava’s voice cracked as she tried to fully regain consciousness.

            “I’m Sara Lance. My friend is an agent with the FBI. I’m assuming you’re a sheriff deputy in this town?” Sara lowered her gun and placed it on the ground next to them.

            “Officer Nicole Haught. Your friend have any identification?” the red-head said.

Sara reached into Ava’s jacket slowly and pulled out her badge pressing the small nick at the top that switched the logo to that of the FBI. Sheriff Haught examined it carefully before nodding to her friend. Sara turned her attention back to Ava who was having a hard time opening her eyes. Suddenly Ava’s eyes bolted opened and she sucked in a deep breath her eyes darting frantically until they settled on Sara.

            “Hey there. Breathe. I’m right here. We’re okay.”

Ava stared past Sara at the two other women in the barn. Her eyes narrowing and waiting for Sara to tell her if they were friends or foes.

            “I think we were dumped in their barn. They’re going to help us.” Sara said keeping her voice even.

            “Right. God my head hurts,” Ava winced as she sat up and touched the back of her head.

Her hand came away bloody. Sara’s hand immediately went to the back of Ava’s head; she swallowed hard when she felt the gash running along the base of the woman’s skull.

            “How did you end up here?” Nicole extended her hand to help Sara off the ground.

            “I’m not sure, I don’t remember much before waking up here,” Sara winced as she moved her left arm.

When she finally looked over at the arm she noticed that it was hanging limply at her side. It wasn’t broken but it was definitely dislocated. She kneeled again and helped Ava to her feet. The taller blonde swayed heavily and sucked in a breath through her teeth.

            “Let me help. That’s Wynonna. It’s her barn,” Nicole said as she lifted Ava’s other arm around her shoulder and helped Sara support her weight.

The four of them exited the barn and both blonde’s squinted against the sunlight. They were on a homestead. An honest to goodness homestead. It was warm and inviting; a small patch of serenity steady amongst the rolling hills of grass around it. It seemed like endless hills of grass slowly swayed in the slight breeze blowing around them. The smell of hay and freshly cup wood tickled their noses. Once they entered the homestead, they sat Ava on the couch and Sara sat down next to her gently rubbing her thumb over the back of her hand. Ava looked over and seemed to notice for the first time that Sara’s shoulder was handing limp. The woman that had identified herself as Wynonna joined them again followed by a cheery woman who upon seeing the two battered women rushed over with a first aid kit in her hand.

            “Hi. I’m Waverly. Looks like you took a beating. Your shoulder is dislocated. That has to hurt. Can I help you?” Waverly stumbled over her words.

            “Are you always this…chipper?” Sara squinted.

            “Yeah. You get used to it after a while,” Wynonna answered as she leaned against the doorway.

            “Don’t mind Wynonna, she’s just a grump,” Waverly shook her head at his sister before looking towards Sara again.

Sara nodded, and Waverly moved to stand over the small blonde’s shoulder. She gently felt along Sara’s shoulder and gripped the arm and shoulder tightly.

            “Ready?” Waverly asked.

            “Yep,” Sara said calmly.

            “Count of three. 1, 2,” Waverly popped Sara’s shoulder back into the socket with a loud pop.

Sara didn’t flinch and slowly stretched to test out the shoulder. When it didn’t slip back out Sara turned to Waverly and smiled.

            “Thank you.”

Waverly then turned her attention to Ava. She gently parted the woman’s hair but couldn’t hide the grimace on her face when she saw the large gash on the back of her head. Ava’s hair was matted with a thick layer of blood and some of it was clinging to the ragged edges of the cut. Waverly began gently cleaning the wound so she could get a better look.

            “I think you fell on one of the old tools lying around the barn,” Waverly said as she finished cleaning the wound and taking a better look.

            “She should go to the hospital. Get stitches. Maybe a tetnus shot,” Nicole said from the corner.

Sara and Ava’s eyes met quickly having an unseen conversation. They didn’t know how long they would be stuck in this town so they had to blend in, but it was going to be difficult to keep up their story when the hospital asked them to fill out paperwork.

            “I can do stitches. Ava doesn’t really like hospitals,” Sara said sweetly.

            “Purgatory has a top notch medical team,” Nicole chimed in.

Ava reached over and took Sara’s hand in her own. Her eyes met hers and she nodded slightly. Sara’s grip tightened around hers and they turned back to the door.

            “I’ll drive you,” Nicole smiled.

Sara helped Ava to her feet. Both women sharing surprised but warm looks when Waverly kissed Nicole gently and whispered for her to be careful. Ava and Sara stepped out on to the porch and looked out at the town around them. Sara smiled thinking of the last time she had been scattered in time. Salem was quite the adventure but it definitely not one she wanted to repeat. She unconsciously placed a hand at her throat thinking about how she was almost hung. Nicole  joined them a moment later with Wynonna at her side. She helped Ava into the squad car and raced towards the hospital.

An hour later Ava sat propped up in a hospital bed; the pull of fresh stitches raced along her scalp as Sara sat next to her rubbing circles on the back of her hand. They were waiting for the results of the test they insisted on giving Ava because of the obvious concussion. Both women insisted that blood tests and a urine analysis wasn’t necessary but finally yielded. Ava leaned over to rest her head on Sara’s shoulder.

            “What’s our story?” Sara mumbled as she kissed Ava’s head.

            “We were kidnapped from a neighboring down and dumped here. We want to recover first before going home. We’ll just find a motel and lay low until the team can recover us.”

Sara nodded and Ava snuggled closer to her just as Nicole and Wynonna joined them along with a steely-gazed man they hadn’t met. Sara tensed under the man’s gaze; her eyes darted around for anything she could use as a weapon.

            “Long time no see Sharpe,” the man said stepping towards the bed.

Ava’s eyes slowly opened and then went wide. She sat up abruptly, clutching at her temple from moving so quickly.

            “Dolls?” Ava frowned before a huge smile broke across her lips.

The man walked over and pulled Ava into a side hug. Everyone else in the room looked on confused as the two began throwing inside jokes and phrases at each other.

            “Well someone has to ask. How do you two know each other?” Wynonna huffed.

            “Ava and I were in the same academy class for Black Badge, but she quit mid training for some fancy job offer,” Dolls explained, his face going back to an emotionless mask.

            “Black Badge?” Sara raised an eyebrow.

            “They’re kind of a subgroup of the DEO,” Ava squeezed Sara’s hand.

            “Now Ava. You answer something for me. The smashed watch on your wrist. Time Bureau?” Dolls folded his arms over his chest.

Ava stared at him for a moment before pulling out her badge and holding it out for the man to take. He looked at it carefully then nodded.

            “Nicole can you call Waverly and ask her to meet us at the office,” Dolls began before turning back to the two blondes on the hospital bed, “What do you know about a demon that goes by the name of Malice?”

            Sara stiffened and gripped Ava’s hand tighter.

            “He’s dead,” Ava said matter of factly.

            “Not quite,” Dolls replied.

            “I’ve killed a lot of demons, but that guy is a special breed of dick,” Wynonna shook her head and moved closer.

Ava clutched Sara’s hand tight in hers as they stared into each other’s eyes. Both of their minds racing back to the last time they had encountered the demon. This time there were no totems or fluffy blue monster to defeat the demon that had a desire for Sara’s soul.