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I'm The One I Should Love, But I Love You More

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How to describe Kim Seokjin?


To himself he is the typical college student, struggling with deadlines, worried about under eye bags due to the lack of sleep, juggling to keep a social life and school life, and he knows that’s only the surface of his persona while deep inside he is more than eager to meet his soulmate, his other half, the one who is supposed to help this world suck a little less.

To his parents he is the most kind hearted boy they’ve seen as they’ve see him put up and raise Tae despite Tae being bratty to the elder.

To his brother Taehyung he is the best hyung there ever was.

To his best friend Yoongi he an overly dramatic teen, always put together, the cause he didn’t fail high school since he was busy writing lyrics in class and the cause he didn’t starve during those days, he considers Seokjin someone who’s always seeing the better side of things even if there is none, someone who he can share his thoughts and worries with, someone he can trust.

Kim Seokjin | 김석진

A kind soul ever since was a little boy who could every night only imagine who his soulmate would be and what he looked like, always modeling him after the idols who were trending at the time.

Dreaming about his soulmate didn’t stop even in his teens and when one day telling his mom about how he wondered if his soulmate was as ‘handsome’ as him not noticing when the word ‘handsome’ slipped out of his tongue referring to wanting his soulmate to be a boy, to this he was pulled into a tight hug by his mom and was told that handsome or not his soulmate would be perfect in his eyes. After hearing this he realized he didn’t need an idol-like soulmate, he knew he would be okay with whoever his soulmate was and what he looked like as long as he could only love him.

Seokjin himself has been waiting for this moment for since he can remember, naturally, after hearing his parent’s stories about how magical it had been once they met and how it only got better once they were together.

There he was, Seokjin, as responsible as always waking up 2 full hours before his first lecture of the day, as he made his way to the calendar crossing out one more day, one day less of waiting, his birthday was getting closer, in only a few weeks’ time Kim Seokjin would know the name of his soulmate and begin his search for him, he hoped it was someone in the campus or at least in town.

The next weeks went by relatively fast as he managed to turn in any assignments right before due date and finishing any exams with hopes of acing them, when suddenly he realized it was the night of his 18th birthday already, '''Already ?''  he thought to himself, "It can't be, yesterday was..... oh yeah it is today... " he said with confusion as he sat up in his bed, he found himself  alone in his room when  it started happening, they started coming in, the letters 'Kim Namjoon | 김 남준 '  started appearing one by one into his wrist causing very little discomfort but barely noticed by his excitement soon to be turned into sadness.

While the name of his soulmate did appear onto his wrist the letters had come in really faded and could only be seen from certain angles, this meaning his soulmate wasn’t of age yet, he could only hope his soulmate was a year or two younger than him since he was eager to meet him and share a life with him.

He snapped a picture of his newly marked wrist and posted on Instagram with the caption ‘Ready when you are’.

As college and life without his soulmate went by not getting easier as he hoped but still managing to pull through, thankfully his classes were taking up most of his time and he was left with very little time to think about the name engraved into his wrist, so before he knew it Yoongi’s birthday had already passed by, ''When did it happen ?!? '' Seokjin thought with sadness and confusion as he wasn't there when his best friends soulmate would appear into his skin.

It was only a few days later when he ran into Yoongi on campus and to Jin’s surprise Yoongi's letters had come in with the same faded look as Seokjin’s ‘’How sad’’ he thought as he watched Yoongi just shrug it off as if it were any other day ‘’Well… I won’t be meeting mine or your soulmate any time soon” he said with a sad smile and while Yoongi showed very little interest in meeting his soulmate he only replied “Well I only hope this ‘Park Jimin |박 지민 ’ doesn’t take his sweet time aging’’

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Who is Kim Namjoon | 김 남준 ?

A reserved straight A’s student, secret music composer and rapper on the side, someone who’s life orbited around school, that is until he enrolls college and life does a whole 180° on him, is he eager to meet his soulmate? ehh maybe not, but who knows she might be what he needs to spice up his not existent love live.

For Namjoon life had always been about studies and music, he knew he couldn’t rely on the music he composed if he really wanted to live the life his parents had envisioned for him, don’t get them wrong his parents have always fully supported him, but if he chose college over this music thing they would support him a whole lot more, only making them happier when he did decided to do college full time and maybe music on the side.

A soulmate though? To Namjoon a soulmate has always been the least of his worries, no, he is not disgusted by the idea of the universe’s sneaky way of giving you the name of the person who you will be spending the rest of your life with and yes, he does wants to give his parents grandchildren but if he wants a successful life, a soulmate would only come after he achieves his parent’s expectations, then he could do whatever he pleases and maybe drift into music full time once he has some kind of college degree, only then.

Once Namjoon gets to college it’s a whole different story, since having the general course is nothing he can’t handle, he is left with a lot of spare time and what does he do? He starts to become the outgoing person he never was since his studies were his main focus back at home.

At home his parents would have been quick to give him some chores to do or put him in some after school school, but they are not here anymore and since he is turning 18 soon he would hope the let him have a little more freedom. Since half semester has already gone by and has barely challenged Namjoon at all he decides to venture out into the typical college party lifestyle his newly made friends, Hoseok a dance major who he keeps running into and sometime had tried inviting him to and Jackson, Hoseok’s loud and close friend.

Namjoon quickly learns alcohol is a confidence booster for him since he can now actually talk to girls!

Dancing still was an unknown realm into this new path he was trying to follow, how did Hoseok do it? He looks like he has no bones in his body when he is on the dance floor, but talking to girls? This had never happened before, Namjoon and his social life were going places, he managed to get a few numbers the first college party he went to with Hoseok.

And without him knowing this party lifestyle quickly became his lifestyle he wasn’t an inhibited person any more with or without alcohol in his system.

Thank god if he was real for giving him Hoseok and for making him get out of his shell, luckily his grades never slipped by, to Hoseok’s amazement since he could never attend the number of parties they did and have the same grades Namjoon been keeping up.

September came by and with September also his birthday came by he only found out his birthday already passed by the moment his parents facetimed him and asked him why he hadn’t contacted them every week like he said he would.

Eventually their chat drifted and they asked to see his wrist hoping to see his soulmates name, a shocked Namjoon looked at his wrist not recalling to have gotten a name on it only to find out his soulmate’s name was some person named ‘ Kim Seokjin | 김석진 ‘ quickly hanging up on them, then it all came to him ‘When did the mark came through ?’ he thought to himself kind of panicking, once he calmed down million more questions popped through his head.

‘The fuck you mean my soulmates name is a ‘ Kim Seokjin | 김석진 ‘ ? who names their daughter that?’ were some of his first concerns, had he been given a male soulmate? He could not believe it, not a fucking man, when has he fucking been into men? It has never crossed his mind the thought of being sexually with a man let alone have one as a fucking soulmate. This Kim Seokjin | 김석진 had to be messing with him.

A few days passed by, you would think he at least would be kind of interested in knowing who this ‘ Kim Seokjin | 김석진 ‘ guy/girl was, he was still hoping it wasn’t a male soulmate but who knows.

As soon as he remembered his soulmate possibly being a male he was googling ways into removing the mark, maybe a chemical peel, maybe a tattoo.

Calling Hoseok was Namjoon’s first option obviously.


Incoming call: Joonie

“Hey Namjoonie, I’m at the dance studio sorry if it’s too noisy”

said Hoseok panting as he had been dancing for a while


“Hyung, my birthday already passed by…”


“Aw, I’m sorry, Happy birthday though, we should totally celebrate later!”


“No, that’s not it! I got my soulmates name on my wrist…”

Oh, OHHHH! Congratulations Joon-ah, I didn’t know you were so excited about this

as we’ve never talked about the whole soulmate thing…”


“Hyung! it’s not that!”

A frustrated Namjoon said as he hung up the phone on his hyung.



(1) New text message

From: Hoseok Hyung


Is everything okay Joon-ah?

You should come over

as soon as practice is over??

                           3:37 p.m.


Okay, thanks hyung, will do.

3:42 p.m.


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Kim Namjoon | 김 남준


Namjoon found himself waiting outside Hoseok’s door for several minutes now, ‘Where is he’ muttered an impatient Namjoon, ‘I hope Jackson doesn’t tag along’ ‘By the way, what is going on with those two? They seem to be really close’ he thought as he pulled his phone out to call his hyung.

As soon as he pulled his phone out he heard Hoseok screeching in the distance, he could only cringe at the sound his hyung emitted, just as he had predicted Jackson was behind Hoseok and they seemed to be laughing at perhaps a highlight of today's practice or something.


As they made their way into the living room Hoseok could only ask

‘’Well Joonie who is the lucky one’’


Namjoon didn’t say nothing, as he showed his hyung his wrist his nervousness to the others response came in and got a little shaky.


‘’Ohh it’s a Kim Seung Seok yeon Seokjin, Kim Seokjin! Kim Seokjin!’’ Said an overly excited Hoseok

‘’Joon-ah why don’t you look excited?’’ Hoseok said as he frowned,

this was happy news, why did Namjoon seemed frustrated about it ?



‘’it’s a fucking dude!’’ cried Namjoon.

‘’a. fucking. dude. what am I going to tell my parents?

it’s embarrassing! how am I going to tell them

that my soulmate ended up being a faggot’’

said Namjoon as he reached for his hair.


Hoseok look thrown at the words Namjoon had just used… ‘had Namjoon really said that?’


‘’What is wrong having a male soulmate?’’ Hoseok said softly

loud enough for Namjoon to hear,

Hoseok reached for Jackson’s hand squeezing it as reassuring him

that there was nothing wrong with the both of them being soulmates.



‘shit’ Namjoon thought, he had crossed the line,

he knew he crossed the line,

‘is this why Hoseok hyung had never brought up the whole soulmate thing

or Jackson hyung being his soulmate?’.



‘’Namjoon, I think it’s best if you leave’’

Jackson spoke up, stepping in between Namjoon and Hoseok,

he was aware of how hard the other’s words

had affected his soulmate and he wasn’t going to let it happen again.



‘’Hobi hyung, I’m so sorry i didn’t know you were a thing’’ Namjoon said expressing regret

he did not know how bad he had just hurt his hyung.



‘’Namjoon please leave’’ said Hoseok as a tear had just escaped his eye.


‘’Hyung, I’m really sorry I didn’t know…’’



‘’Would you have referred to your soulmate being a guy in a different way?

had you known Jackson and I were a ‘thing’?’’



Namjoon stayed quiet, did he regret it? maybe, was he planning on an excuse to use on Hoseok and hopefully mend his faults? Perhaps.

Namjoon had certainly landed a low blow on Hoseok, he absolutely hadn’t meant it, but to Namjoon’s defense he already had envisioned a life plan and a soulmate wasn’t a huge part of it let alone a male soulmate, sure he was being a little homophobic, ‘little’ being used lightly, but he undeniably didn’t mean to stomp on Hoseok’s relationship.



“I’m just sad Joon-ah... disappointed more than anything…

I could have never asked for a better soulmate,

I’m grateful I get to share my life with Jackson.

He is my everything and I’m sure I’m his.

Your soulmate is out there probably looking for you as we speak,

Keen to start a life with you, and yet you are here calling him a ‘faggot’

Probably not wanting anything to do with him.”




‘’Hyung… please believe me, had I known of you and

Jackson hyung I would have expressed my

feelings differently and while I do respect you both

I would like to explain myself and make sure

you understand it’s got nothing to do with

you, your sexuality or the relationship you have with hyung.

 I have never in the slightest have had thoughts

about spending life next to a man in any kind of way.

I just hope you can let me redeem myself with you and hyung, please? ’’





‘’Okay, Joon-ah, I think I understand…

please don't say those words... ever again''

Hoseok said, still not able to look Namjoon in the eyes


''just promise me you'll try to find and maybe try to get to know him?’’

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Kim Seokjin | 김석진

Jin sat in the middle of one of his Friday lectures, struggling to stay awake, a fight he was losing for sure.

God, his professor talked in the slowest manner.

Jin was pretty sure the universe slowed down its pace as soon as Jin crossed this very same class room’s door, it happened every time! He was slowly falling asleep when is phone started vibrating inside of his pink backpack as soon as he dug into his backpack to find it he felt a sharp sting on his hand.

He knew his backpack was messy but didn’t expect some kind of creature living on the inside, the moment he got his phone out he inspected his hand to see what kind of damage had been done, to his surprise his soulmate marking was as visible as any other soulmate mark was, still no color though.

‘This can only mean good news!’ he thought as he sighed, he wondered if his soulmate was out there searching for him as much as he and Yoongi were searching for theirs.

‘ah yes! My phone’ he was reminded as once again his phone vibrated now in his desk.


(2) New Messages

From: Yoongi

Hey! I might have a trail on this guy

                         12:45 p.m.


u there?

                       12:48 p.m.


Seokjin was ecstatic. It wasn’t the first time they thought they had a ‘trail’ on his soulmate, he didn’t want to get his hopes up for nothing, he knew he couldn’t, not yet, it’s already been almost 2 years since he got his marking, he thought to himself as he unlocked his phone and started typing a reply to Yoongi’s text


Are you sure? I’ve looked all over sns

and have never found a profile under his name…

12:53 p.m.


50/50 chance

Not sns though (;

Closer than you think,

here on campus actually

                    12:56 p.m.


I’m at the studio rn,

soooo I’ll tell you more when I get home (;

                    12:56 p.m.


Yoongi noooo!

Don’t leave me hanging like that ;/

12:58 p.m.


He spent the rest of class caressing his marking, not even paying attention to whatever his professor was talking about ‘Joonie I hope it’s really you this time.’

Thankfully it was a Friday and his lectures ended pretty early, he was already planning on what route to take to his and Yoongi’s apartment while making a stop at a convenience store for some quick groceries, he was wanting on Yoongi already being home by the time he got there, he knew he was working on some minor verse tweaks and wouldn’t consume too much of his time and he also knew how didn’t like being in the studio till late, especially on a Friday.

When he got home, Yoongi wasn’t there ‘Well, that’s a first’ he thought as he set the groceries he needed on the counter and placing the rest of them in the fridge.

He had already cooked and cleaned after himself and Yoongi was still nowhere to be found.

He made his way to bed he started thinking ‘Yoongi knew he was weak for soulmate information, his or anyone else’s to be completely honest, he simply was in love with love’ ‘why had Yoongi left him hanging on his soulmates whereabouts?’ before he noticed he started slowly drifting into a deep sleep, god this week surely got the best of him.


“yah! Kim Seokjin!” Seokjin heard as he was shaken in his sleep,

“Kim Seokjin!” Yoongi repeated, “why have you been ignoring my calls and texts”


‘’Sorry Yoon I set my phone on vibrate since class’’ a disoriented Seokjin said still confused about been woken up

‘’You said we would talk once you got home but-‘’ interrupted by a yawn.

‘’you weren’t here when I got home’’ he said as he put the blanket over his head hoping

he could go back to sleep before he was disturbed again.


‘’Well, then we can talk about your soulmate once you fully wake up’’ Yoongi said making his way out of his hyung’s room


‘’Yoongi nooo!” was heard from underneath the blankets

“I want to know, is it really him?’’ Jin said, now poking his head out of his little blanket fort


‘’Might be’’ Yoongi said, he clearly was still behind Jin’s door

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Kim Seokjin |  김석진


Okay, he gave in, if Yoongi thinks it’s really Namjoon he might as well give it chance.

Jin creeped out of his room still wrapped in blankets slowly making his way to the nearest sofa curious on what Yoongi’s information on his soulmate might have been.


“Whatchu doin’ Yoongs?” said Seokjin


‘’Eating your left overs if you don’t mind’’

mumbled Yoongi as he ate stuffed his mouth with kimchi


“help yourself...”


“if you want to know about your soulmates whereabouts just ask“

Yoongi cut Jin off before he could say something else


“what did you hear this time?”

Jin asked trying to show no emotion just in case

Yoongi’s information on his soulmate led them nowhere


‘’well actually I wasn’t the one doing the hearing’’


‘’but a friend of a friend did’’ a hoe of a friend actually, my friend Jaebum’s got hoes I mean’’



“Yoongs stop beating around the bush”


“well we are being impatient are we today, aren’t we?”

Yoongi smirked, he enjoyed teasing the older


Jin could only roll his eyes knowing that an angry Yoongi would never spill whatever information he had on Namjoon


“okay so the thing is… Jaebum has this Mark friend

who was hooking up with this Jinyoung guy,

But he actually turned out to be his soulmate, weird right?

Anyways this Jinyoung guy is friends with a Jackson guy

who was telling him about how some Kim Namjoon dude

was being an asshole to his soulmate”

as soon as Yoongi finished he patted himself on the back,

he was so proud he got all that right in the first try.

“crazy right ?!”


Jin was still trying to process this information,

He couldn’t be attacked with so much information

right after waking up.

“So, is Namjoon my Namjoon or Jackson's Namjoon?”

Jin asked still confused about who was sleeping with who

And who was whose soulmate,

‘was this a riddle?’ he asked himself.



‘’No, wtf, Let me go again,

Jaebum is this guy who goes to the same studio I do,

pretty chill guy actually. He and Mark are friends,

Mark was fucking or being fucked,

he didn’t mention that part, by this Jinyoung guy,

they ended up being soulmates.

This Jinyoung guy has an acquaintance named Jackson,


the soulmate was the one who Namjoon was being a jerk to.

Do I need to go again?”



“Well, did you ask Jaebum if he knew if Namjoon already had a soulmate?”



“Well no… I was too busy trying to get all this Information right, I did pretty good if you ask me’’

Yoongi was never letting go of how good got all of that down.



“mhm, it might not be him"

Jin said recalling the time they tried calling every Kim Namjoon in the phone book

“thanks for the gossip though”

he had already gotten up from the couch and was making his way back to his room.



“we aren’t trying? Hyung? Let’s try giving this Namjoon guy a chance

He goes to the same university we do, I don’t see why we shouldn’t,

I would be in Jimin’s pursuit but since his name is still looking fade He mustn’t be of age yet.”


Yoongi said while looking at his own marking

wondering what color it would turn once his and Jimin’s skin made their first contact.


‘’we can’t lose hope hyung,

if I don’t help you find your soulmate then who will help me find Jiminie?”

Yoongi was now pouting


“ well, set us up then… but you have to come with”

Jin tried saying conveying no emotion,

Something he failed as a smile was taking over his face.



As soon as their conversation was over Yoongi had tried getting a reach of Jaebum with no success, he figured the other had gone out since it was a Friday night and that’s what a Friday night was all about in university getting shitfaced, ‘alright I’ll do it on Monday then’.

Finding Namjoon would be easier since they already had some friends in common, so he was pretty confident it would his best friend's soulmate would turn up rather quickly.

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Min Yoongi | 민윤기

Daegu’s very own Suga, a boy who started rapping in his teens who was forced to give underground rapping up for this thing called university.


To anyone with outside perspective would tell you Min Yoongi is this no-fuck-giving guy, someone with a very cold look to him. To anyone except Seokjin.


Min Yoongi is someone who talking to is considered to be intimidating and for this everyone saw Jin as some kind of lion tamer when the two would be seen hanging together.


To outsiders Yoongi is someone no to be fucked with. To anyone but Jin.

Or at least to anyone but Jin AND Jimin, he just has to meet him first.


To Jin he is the epidemy of a tsundere, the two somehow became really close during their first semester despite not sharing courses, they even agreed to roommate in a place that sucked less than the university’s dorms

And whether he likes to admit it or not he is gotten pretty-protective over Seokjin, he is the kindest human being he’s ever met and deserves to be protected at all costs.





Monday rolled by and as it would be expected from Min Yoongi after a weekend of not leaving home or his bed for that matter, he was pretty exhausted.

In a normal scenario Yoongi would let his fingers do the walking and probably the talking. But since this scenario we are talking about includes his best friend’s soulmate he is planning on giving in a little more effort.   

‘God dammit’ Yoongi mumbled as he searched for his studio keys in every pocket his clothing and backpack had in existence with no success in finding them.


“Let me help you with that hyung”

Jaebum said as he twisted key

and opened the door to the studio they both shared.


Since the university made the music production students share studios they both got a key of their own, they were pretty lucky, some studios had up to 4 people in them, they were lucky it was only the two of them, it made working next to each other somewhat pleasant


“awfully good timing”


Yoongi was relieved, he was already behind on some demos that soon needed to be turned in for this semester’s evaluation and a day less at the studio would only be setting him back way more.



“The corner of my memory
A brown piano settled on one side
In the corner of my childhood house
A brown piano settled on one side”




“I thought the piano thing was a metaphor…

you are actually rapping about a piano,

pretty badass.”

Jaebum was blown away at his hyung’s work,

he was going places being this talented at this age.



“yeah I told you it was a thing”

Yoongi said shying at Jaebum’s compliment.



“You actually play?”


“Used to”

He was so immersed in his work

he had forgotten asking Jaebum for Namjoon’s contact

or someone’s contact who had Namjoon’s contact.


And just like their day went by, both so deep into their assignments, complementing each other once they made a noticeable tweak or making small talk on the sound or on the lyrics.




It was Wednesday, half of the week gone by just like that and as Yoongi had already made great progress on his assignments and so little progress on setting Jin and Namjoon up, as he was more relaxed he definitely was asking Jaebum on Namjoon’s contact.

When Yoongi tapped Jaebum on the shoulder he was so deep into his work Yoongi actually felt bad about killing his vibe.


“Sorry about that”

Yoongi chuckled

“Don’t worry hyung,

I kind of needed a brake”

“yeah… hey this might be weird

but… do you remember last week

when you were telling me about your friends

knowing a guy named Namjoon”

Yoongi was nervous hopefully Jaebum

wouldn’t think he was being a creep


“I think I do, yes”

He laughed a little recalling

Mark’s expression while

narrating such thing


“well the thing is… Namjoon might be

my hyung’s soulmate”


“really? ah the world works in such mysterious ways”

“I guess so…”


“so do you happen to have his kakao

or happen to know where I can find him?”


“actually no, I’ve yet to meet him,

he is like a friend of a friend… I think”


“but I could get a word on him from Mark, lemme call him”

As Jaebum was dialing Marks contact he was interrupted by Yoongi




“Oh, it’s okay

Not know though

don’t bother your friend”

“Nonsense, it’s fine.

Mark hyung won’t mind

we are talking about soulmates here

It’s mean to happen, let’s just rush it a little”


Yoongi didn’t mean to be such a nuisance to Jaebum but it was all for Jin’s sake, so it was understandable right?




On call: Mark

Hello ?

Ah, Mark hyung !

Hey, Jb

what is it ?

Remember our talk last week ?

Yeah, why

I need you to give me everything you have on Namjoon

His soulmate is looking for him

Aww cute,

I don’t know him though,

He is Jackson’s friend

But I’ll get Jinyoung to ask him

I thought you did… well

I’ll leave you to do me this favor

 text me his digits later

Sure, anything to help a fellow soulmate couple


Call Ended.



‘well that was fast’ Yoongi thought, he’s never seen Jaebum talk so much at once, ‘he must be good friends with mark’


“It’s done hyung, I’ll text you whatever Mark sends me”



“ah thank you, Jin will be grateful”


“don’t worry bout it, Mark owes me

plus he just found his soulmate,

I’m sure he’ll be happy to help other soulmates”


“well… thanks! I guess I’ll see you tomorrow

I’m pretty much done with everything I need to turn in.

If there’s anything you need help with just ask”

Said Yoongi offering a gummy smile to Jaebum as he left the studio


“will do.”

Chapter Text

Min Yoongi | 민윤기

It was the next day and Yoongi had yet to receive a text from Jaebum.

As Yoongi got to the studio he saw Jaebum was accompanied by one guy who seemed helping him work on something, he couldn’t recognize the sound since it didn’t hear like what he had been working on the day before.


Yoongi said as he bowed to Jaebum’s guest



“hi Yoongi hyung,

meet Mark hyung and Jinyoung”

Jaebum said setting his hand on his friend’s shoulder


“hi, I’m Mark’’ said a brunette guy


Said Yoongi noticing he didn’t see Jaebum’s other friend


“Jaebum calls you hyung, so… ’92?”


“‘93 actually, March”


‘oh, he has an accent, American?’

he could only guess it would be rude to ask

the first time they’ve met



“Oh, so you are also my hyung”

said Mark



“Hi, Yoongi hyung, I’m Jinyoung”

Said the guy who was stepping out of the recording booth



he said as he bowed back to Jinyoung



“Sorry I didn’t tell you about them coming beforehand but

they wanted to see what I was working on and offered

to help, we actually started recording Skyway… want to hear?”

said Jaebum nervous about his hyung’s reaction to his friends

being in the studio with him


“already recording? That was fast”

 Yoongi said as Jaebum started playing Skyway,

he must have been at the studio till late



“Turn on the engine, let’s do it my way
Run fast, just do it my way
Fly high, skyway
I will take you to skyway”


“Ooh the engine sound and the voice effect are good”

Said Yoongi over the instrumental of the song



“Really? I was nervous about it being to gimmicky, I’m still finishing the lyrics, but some parts are already done’’


Mark’s rap was about to start so Jaebum turned up the volume

to make sure he had Yoongi’s attention since rap is his



“Lock my fingers with yours, that’s your seatbelt

Close your eyes and it’s the next level up, level up that

My arms and legs are a off-roading four wheeler

Rough roading makes the quality of the ride a hundred

times better – Put your ear on my chest, it’s a six-piston

heartbeat – Safety first, I will take care of you for real

There’s no on-flight announcement

But I’m a microphone checker

So sit tight you better”



“Wow the rap is good’’



Mark blushed upon hearing Yoongi’s comment he was always nervous about feedback.



“So what do you think hyung?”



“I think it’s great, are you and Jinyoung doing vocals?”

He said pointing to Jinyoung


“Yes, my part is already ready for recording, but I’ll do it last since

I want to focus on them since they’re here”



“You should record it now since I’m here and not working on anything anymore

 I just came to see how you were doing”



“ah, thanks hyung”

Said Jaebum as he passed the controls to Yoongi as stepped into the booth


As Jaebum started warming up and vocalizing the verses he had meant for him Mark elbowed Jinyoung’s side, something Yoongi pretended not to notice.


“So Yoongi hyung… Jaebum said you’re looking for

Kim Namjoon” finally said Jinyoung


“Ah yes, not for me actually.

For my best friend Seokjin”



Marks opened wider, ‘Seokjin as in  Kim Seokjin, it is him’ he said to himself, he was sad already knowing what Jackson had said about Namjoon not wanting to meet his soulmate.



“Ah well, Namjoon isn’t really my friend to be honest

He is kind of my friend Jackson’s friend I could set you guys up with him

and see where you go from there”

Jinyoung said hesitantly, it wasn’t his place to tell Yoongi

how Namjoon felt about his soulmate



“Sure, I’ll take what I can”

Said Yoongi as Jaebum signaled thumbs up to

Yoongi meaning he was ready to record



The rest of the afternoon was pretty chill as the three of them had actually good voices and could carry a beat or hit a note, which only made Yoongi’s work easier. In the end he did end up getting Jackson’s number and was planning on sending him a text once he got home from the studio which would not be taking long.

Once he got home Jin had to be sleeping by then since every light was turned off, he microwaved whatever leftovers Jin had hidden from him in the fridge and made his way to his room.

He was planning on what kind of text he should send to Jackson, what should it say or how long it should be. He ended up choosing a typical Min Yoongi text.



To: Wang Jackson

From: Min Yoongi


9:38 p.m.



‘Well that was vague’ he thought. ‘definitely should add more’



I’m Min Yoongi

9:40 p.m.

I’m looking for Kim Namjoon

9:40 p.m.

Well, not me.

Yes me, but not me?!

His soulmate Seokjin

9:41 p.m.

Ah, btw, I got your number from Jinyoung-ssi, sorry to bother

9:43 p.m.

Chapter Text

 Jung Hoseok | 호석

The sun’s radiant energy incarnated into a human being if that was even possible, dancing machine, soon to be discovered rapper, Namjoon’s best friend or at least he thought, a happily paired soulmate.

It had been a few days since Yoongi messaged Jackson, of course Jackson did get the messages, he didn’t ignore them, he just chose not to reply right away or in the next few days for that matter.



“Hobi hyung… if Namjoon’s soulmate were to find him… what do you think he would do?”

Jackson tone showed he was worried.


“I mean it’s not like he was to wait for him, his soulmate’s name appeared once Namjoon turned 18,

he was already there when Joon turned 18, who knows how long he’s waited.”



“I know, I’ve been thinking about that too.

Joon can only avoid him for so long”

“I’m wishing Joonie comes around to the idea that

having a male soulmate is not bad at all,

he has been hanging at our place more often… I think he’s trying”



“Yeah… but what if his soulmate already tracked him down?”



“I don’t think so, he’s being hiding from his soulmate

years before getting the mark, that’s why he has no SNS

he’s pretty much non-existing to today’s society,

I mean convincing him to get a phone was a journey itself”


Jackson walked up to Hoseok who was leaning on the counter and hugged him from behind


“Hyung, he is here” 



Hoseok’s eyes opened wider as he broke the hug


“Who’s here,

here where?”

searching the room for

anybody waiting for them to pop out


“Jackson who’s here?”


Jackson wasn’t saying anything, he was just holding up his phone with Yoongi’s conversation tap open.


From: Unknown




   9:38 p.m.

I’m Min Yoongi

   9:40 p.m.

I’m looking for Kim Namjoon

   9:40 p.m.

Well, not me.

Yes me, but not me?!

His soulmate Seokjin

   9:41 p.m.

Ah, btw, I got your number from Jinyoung-ssi, sorry to bother

   9:43 p.m.






“Shit… Jackson!

Why would you hide this?”


“When was this?”


“I’m sorry, I got scared…

I was here when Namjoon went off on his soulmate

I was scared for his soulmate meeting Namjoon, I’m sorry”


“it was 4 days ago”



“You could’ve at least told me…

Why didn’t you reply? they already know Jinyoung

It won’t take them long to find us and therefore

find Joonie”



“Reply and tell them what?

That Namjoon is a fucking self-centered asshole

who has no interest in meeting his soulmate?

Oh, did I forget to mention he is homophobic on top of that?”



“he apologized…”


Hoseok felt wrong it felt so wrong sticking up for Namjoon, but he is his friend he would keep on doing it, but right now he couldn’t argue his way out of this one, everything Jackson said had been correct


“he’s trying to change, he told me,

he told me he will give the guy a chance”


“Hobi you know he won’t.”


“He said he would, I believe him

I also forgave him, you should too.”


“Whatever. I’m blocking Yoongi”


“I want to meet him…

him and Seokjin”


“they deserve to know”


“Up to you”



Jackson was angry, how could Hoseok have forgiven Namjoon? He basically dissed their relationship just for being men, Hoseok might forgive him but he sure wasn’t going to letting it go this soon. He still caved in to Hoseok’s request to meeting Yoongi and Seokjin giving him his phone, so he could be the one to reply



To: Min Yoongi

From: Wang Jackson


Hi, sorry for taking so long

Could we meet you?

 for lunch perhaps?

11:44 a.m.


Just you…  please?

11:45 a.m.


It didn’t feel right to Hoseok going behind Namjoon’s back.

He was hoping meeting Yoongi and Seokjin first could be used as a lever to talk Namjoon into meeting him right after he did. 



Without Jin?

U sure?

      1:02 p.m.


Namjoon isn’t coming either

1:04 p.m.

Mhm, k?

Where at?

1:07 p.m.

You pick, our treat

1:11 p.m.


Mhmm, let’s do the café next to the music department

1:14 p.m.

Ooh nice, is this afternoon ok?

1:16 p.m.


Let’s do 4

Is it ok with u ?

1:19 p.m.


Sure, we’ll manage

See you then.

1:20 p.m.



‘Namjoon is going to be pissed’ was the thought that kept spinning inside Hoseok’s mind he kept repeating ‘we didn’t look for him, he found us’ trying to override the other thought but somehow ‘Namjoon is going to be pissed’ won every time.


“Well Hoseok now you just gotta figure out what you are going to say to him and that poor guy” Jackson said as he took his phone back from Hoseok and put his towel over his shoulder making his way to the bathroom



They were on their way to the café Yoongi had chosen, it was the café most music and art students attended since it was close to their faculties, a nice artsy vibe with fixtures and designs right out of Pinterest. ‘’god I hope he doesn’t actually bring Seokjin” “Wait do we even know what Yoongi looks like?”

Jackson was about to text Yoongi when he spotted Jaebum waving at him from the inside of the café

“There’s Jaebum” he said as he poked on Hoseok’s shoulder who was in the middle of a crisis “Jackson, how are we going to tell him?” “Well see, don’t worry hyung” Jackson said as his hand intertwined Hoseok’s leading their way in Jaebum’s direction.


“Hey Jackson, what are you doing here?”


“We are supposed to be meeting a guy,

but we don’t know what he looks like”


“Yeah, I know

He’s in line for coffee right now so let’s wait for him”


“Min Yoongi?

You are here with Min Yoongi?”


The world was a such a small place, this campus specially.

 Sometimes people’s soulmates are in a different country, sometimes in a different continent.

That’s why people developed social networks to help people find their soulmate even if they happened to be across the world. But if they happened to attend the same campus and still, they hadn’t run into each other it was such a crazy scenario to think about, Joon took his hiding very serious.


“Yeah, he’s my hyung, we actually share a studio.

If any of you both would have helped me out when I needed

rap vocals you would have met him by then”


Jackson sighed, it really had been a lot of times JB had asked them to record rap for his assignments, but it was in the early stages of their never-ending honey moon stage so not one of them ever had time to do it.


“He actually told me he was meeting you, that’s why I came” as Jaebum said that Hoseok shot a panicked look hoping Jackson would notice, but subtle was not a word Hoseok’s book contained.


“Don’t worry Hobi, I won’t be eavesdropping today into your conversation

with Yoongi hyung…. doesn’t mean we won’t talk about it in the studio”

Jaebum said as stood up from the booth and reached for his bag.           


“Well, I present to you, Min Yoongi”

Jaebum said as Yoongi finally arrived at the table with his coffee in hand.

Chapter Text


Soulmates. Soulmates were a just another step in the human evolution track, no one knows when it started or who were the first ever pair of soulmates. But since anyone can remember everyone’s always had a soulmate. It was a concept treasured by mostly everyone, a part of their everyday lives.

The universe worked in mysterious ways, picking souls that would always be a missing piece in each other’s puzzles and putting them in the bodies of people the moment they left the womb, just like painting an empty canvas.

The fact someone made the choice to reject their soulmates it was such a taboo people knew it happened, but no one addressed it, why would someone reject their soulmate?

They were meant to be, that’s what children were always taught, right?

So why did someone made their choice to swim against the current and reject their soulmate?




“Hi, I’m Yoongi” Said Yoongi as he bowed and proceeded to take

a sit across the table from the couple.


“Hi/Hello” was said in unison by both Hoseok and Jackson, they sure looked nervous.



“yeah…. Well I’m here to talk about Namjoon and Jin.

Why couldn’t they come here instead of us?

Is Namjoon shy?”


“No Yoongi, Namjoon isn’t shy he’s just- “


“at home sick! Namjoon is at home sick”

Hoseok cut Jackson

Right before he could finish whatever sentence was going to say.

They had already planned on telling Namjoon was just not interested

and go on about their lives, Hoseok was being just difficult.


“Oh, so when can we arrange for them to meet?”


‘probably never’ thought Jackson smirking


“Can we meet Seokjin first?”

Hoseok said almost begging


“I want to tell Joon about him, y’know since he is sick”



“Well he would have been thrilled in meeting his soulmate’s friends

But you didn’t let me bring him”

Yoongi was annoyed

there was something off about Hoseok.

Yoongi knew Jackson knew,

Jackson knew that Yoongi knew

And Yoongi also knew that Jackson knew about him knowing.


“I guess I could just show you a photo of him”

Yoongi said as he pulled jin’s Instagram on his phone



“ooh, handsome”

Hoseok was in awe as to how fast Jackson had just

called Joon’s soulmate as he scrolled down his Instagram page



“I guess, well do you have any Namjoon material I can

take back to Jin? He is being in the best mood lately

And If I come home empty handed I won’t have a home any more,

So, what do you got?”



“well we don’t have anything Joon related

with us right now.

But what I can tell you is that

he is this a smart guy, way too smart I might add

he turned 18 this past September,

has really cute dimples and he is from Ilsan

ah, he also writes music and is really tall”



“tall, writes music and dimples. Got it.

I think Jin will be pleased with my intel on



“When did you say they can meet?

I mean Jin has waited for 2 years

I’m sure he won’t mind if Namjoon happens

to be sick the moment they meet

they are soulmates after all.”


Yoongi was getting impatient, every time he mentioned Namjoon Hoseok stuttered and Jackson seemed alert. He could see right through them. Something wasn’t right


“ah I don’t know, Namjoon looked pretty sick last time I saw him”

Hoseok blurted out nervously


“There will be a small gathering on Friday at our place,

Joonie probably won’t be there but you can bring Seokjin”


“I’m sure Jin will say no but I guess I’ll try”

By this point Yoongi was angry, Hoseok was tip toeing around and Jackson had barely said a word, they agreed to meeting him and barely gave him any information on Namjoon to go on.


“Listen, I’m not here to socialize. My friend has been waiting to meet Namjoon for a while now,

I can't tell you how many times I remember Jin telling me the fairy tale his life would become once he met this fucker and I also can't tell you how many times I fell asleep while Jin was telling the fairy tale his life would become once he met this fucker. Yet you are here making it hard for any of them to meet”


Hoseok was about to speak up not being able to look

 Yoongi in the eyes when he was cut off by Jackson.


“Yoongi, we actually have something to tell you…”

Jackson spoke up as he held onto Hoseok’s hand


“Tell me what now?”

Yoongi was curious now as he arched an eyebrow and waited for Jackson

to finish his sentence.

“Joon-ah is not interested in a soulmate”


 “What do you mean he isn’t interested in a soulmate?”

Yoongi blurted out unaware of how loud he said that now that everyone was looking at them


“does he already have a boyfriend? Is he married?

 How can he say he doesn’t want a soulmate?

he hasn’t even met Jin yet, I’m sure

he’ll reconsider once they’ve met”


“he’s just not into men, and when his soulmate’s name turned out

to be a guy he was just thrown I guess, I really hope he comes around. I really do.”


“he’s going to like Jin, I mean they are soulmates!

He has to its natural they like each other, it’s basically

Second nature at this point to gravitate towards your soulmate

Even if they are not marked.”


“whatever, just give that asshole a call and tell him to show up

I’ll make sure to bring Jin”

Yoongi said as he angrily stormed out of the café

He felt baffled? He didn’t know what was going on.

It was almost unheard-of people rejecting their soulmates, but it was always once they already met

Sexuality is more of an idea when it comes to soulmates, people should be grateful regardless the gender of their soulmate, there are people who are born with no soulmate at all.

Namjoon was a lucky bastard to be paired with someone like Seokjin.

Chapter Text


@ H oseok’s dorm

It took a while, it took determination, it took insisting and it took bribing, but after all Seokjin agreed to go to this guy Hoseok’s reunion it had definitely been a minute since he’d been out, he felt uncomfortable with his outfit since Yoongi insisted in choosing for him, it consisted of a pair of black skinny jeans ripped from thighs to knees and a tight black dress shirt, a body conscious getup, he wanted to wear a jacket but Yoongi said it would ruin the outfit and there was no arguing with Yoongi tonight, he was set on taking Jin.


Jin agreed but as soon as Yoongi were to be drunk Jin was walking through the door and towards their apartment.


‘Did Yoongi ever said how he met Hoseok?’ was the first of Jin’s thought when they stepped outside the dorm room Hoseok lived in the other being ‘There’s no music’.

“Well Yoongs knock on the door” “I Think is best if I call him and tell him we are outside” Yoongi said “Well shit Yoongi, let’s just get this over with” Jin said as he aggressively knocked on the door




(Hours before the so called ‘Party’ at Hoseok’s place)

To: Joonie

From: Hoseokie

I might have done something

1:43 p.m.

And you might need to come over…

1:43 p.m.

What did you do?

      1:47 p.m.

Whatever, omw

    1:48 p.m.


“Shit, shit shit! Namjoon is going to kill me, Jacksonie promise you’ll protect me” Hoseok was pacing around his room on the verge of a panic attack  “Calm down Hoseokie, what’s the worst thing he can do? you said he was going to give the guy a change, he said so himself” Jackson said trying to sound as calm as possible, trying not to give the slightest hint that he also was midway into a panic attack.

A few minutes passed when they heard knocking on the door, Hoseok’s eyes widened and he ran straight into Jackson as they both went into hiding “Well Hoseok someone has to open the door”  “Fine, you go Jackson” in the end Jackson ended up giving in to his soulmates request he had to talk to Namjoon sooner or later, “hey joon” Hoseok said trying to figure out what kind of mood Namjoon might be in, it might give them time to cancel the gathering if Namjoon happened to be in the ‘Don’t fuck with me mood’

“hey hyung, how are you, where’s Hobi, he said he needed to tell me something” as he stepped in to the couple’s room “Check behind the couch” Jackson said as Hoseok popped his head out of the couch “Hiding Hobi hyung ?” “Cleaning, actually no hiding here” Hoseok lied obviously, “well so what is it this time?”


“well Joon, let’s just say love came knocking to our door, but it wasn’t looking for any of us”


“um yeah, I’m not sure I’m getting it”


“okay, let’s just say love’s friend came knocking at our-“


“Hobi, what the fuck. Don’t waste my fucking time and tell me what is it that you did”


“Okay, let’s just say- “

Namjoon was already rolling his eyes and about to interrupt Hoseok


Just promise you won’t get mad… or try to impale Jackson and I

With whatever object you find closest to you”


“Okay I promise, let’s get this over with”


“Let’s just say a friend of the guy that happens to be your soulmate met up

With Jackson and I, and we happened to have invited him here tonight for a small reunion

I just wanted you to know so you won’t think I’m conspiring against you,

You don’t have to be here if you don’t want to so there’s that”


“Um, sure I’ll be here

No need to bind me Hoseokie

I will not resist.”




Ah Namjoonie you came around

You are going to like him, he is tall and handsome”


“I’m just meeting him, not doing anything more.

I told you I would meet him and well I can’t avoid him forever”


“Well that’s better than nothing I guess”

“so who’s coming?”

“Well Seokjin, Yoongi hyung, Jinyoung, Jaebum

Mark and that’s it”


Hoseok was on his toes, Namjoon had taken it so well, he might even be as excited as Hoseok was. Hoseok was still not hoping the best knowing how much of an asshole Namjoon could be, he even agreed to stay for this party thing.




Now at Hoseok’s door Yoongi had still yet to tell Seokjin the reason of the reunion at Hoseok’s place, he knew Jin would just make up a million scenarios in his mind all ending with him and Namjoon horseback riding into the sunset the moment Yoongi said they were Namjoon’s friends and he might be there.

At this point he is just hoping for the best get some drinks and head home into an eternal sleep.

“Well Yoongs knock on the door” “I Think is best if I call him and tell him we are outside” Yoongi said “Well shit Yoongi, let’s just get this over with” Jin said as he aggressively knocked on the door

“Coming” they heard from the other side of the door, as soon as the door opened they saw eight guys just hanging in the living room of a surprisingly big dorm room, Jin felt intimidated, it took a lot to make him feel this way, he felt his body shake but it wasn’t nervousness, it was a feeling that wasn’t pulling him in or pushing him away, it almost felt like being attracted by a magnet or pushed by one. He had to get away.

“Yoongi, I’m overdressed, everyone is in sweatpants or denim, I’m going home” Jin said as he turned around and tried getting away “Hyung they already opened the door don’t be rude” what kind of Min Yoongi would call out someone else for being rude? Not the kind Jin knew.

As Yoongi pushed Jin into the living room everyone was in staring the boy up and down some eyefucking him regardless if they had a soulmate or not.

“Well look, what the cat dragged in… literally” Said no other than Kim Namjoon as he smirked.

Chapter Text

As Jin and Yoongi took place on the couch they were already being handed cups reeking of alcohol by Jackson, “well hyungs since you are the last ones to arrive you better catch up with the rest of us” and so they did, everyone was staring at them, well everyone was staring at Jin mostly, everyone knew who he was and the situation of his soulmate status.

“Well Yoongi hyung and Seokjin Hyung, since you are the newest addition to our social circle I’ll guess well introduce” and they went down the line starting with them, “Min Yoongi, 19, second year Music Production”

“Kim Seokjin, 20, second year Visual Arts” now that he got that out of the way he poured himself another cup, “Jung Hoseok, 18, dance major” Hoseok looked to be a friendly guy but Jin didn’t seem to be interested in any of the guys in the living room, however, the guy standing behind the kitchen counter certainly caught his eyes, tall guy with a smirk that never left his face, showcasing those killer dimples and the eyes they had a look to them almost like he knew something everybody else didn’t.

Seokjin knew he had to make the first move. Seokjin always made the first move which is to make no move at all, probably a slight glance at the guy he was interested in, the guy would eventually find his way to Seokjin it was always the same routine it became almost a dance of some sort a dance he excelled in.

Men and women always gave in into this routine Seokjin had developed over the years, they didn’t seem to care about the marks they possessed in their wrists and they definitely didn’t care about the one in Seokjin’s, he never engaged with these men or women though, he did it because it amused him, he like the way his psychology courses had paid off but this guy wasn’t falling for his charms he was uninterested, which only made Jin more amused in him.

This was all Seokjin’s doing, not Jin’s he liked to believe there was a difference between both.  Jin is this kind soul the boy who read every soulmate book there is on the topic, the boy who will always be a child at heart, someone who loves making jokes, collects figurines and puts up with Yoongi’s shit with a smile on his face, Seokjin was the one who came out when he was in social setting or just alcohol was present, seductive, and imposing. However, Yoongi knew the only difference is, is that ‘Jin’ didn’t imbibe and ‘Seokjin’ did, Jin always managed to catch anyone’s attention, he is an attractive guy and whether Jin admitted it or not guys and girls liked him.

As the guys went on with the introductions he collected that Jackson and Hoseok were paired and so as Mark and Jinyoung, Jaebum is Yoongi’s studio cohabitant and already know who his soulmate is.

“what do you mean you already know your soulmate” Yoongi cut Jaebum off  “ah, I got registered in this soulmates website, and we actually met actually… his parents brought him to Seoul for a weekend and he is already thinking in applying here” said Jaebum showing the mark on his wrist being colored a green tone, it was beautiful the way marks would turn the moment soulmates make contact, some people said they turned according to their favorite color, others said they would turn according to their soul color it was such an uncertain science but a beautiful metaphor.

Jin’s thoughts were interrupted by a cough, a fake cough coming from the man who was now sited on the kitchen counter and had everyone’s attention “Kim Namjoon, 18, no major yet.” Said the guy with a proud smirk resting on his face.

Jin felt the air in his lungs go extinct. Everyone was thinking it, but no one was saying it.


‘god dammit’

Kim Seokjin | 김석진’s P.O.V.

I knew it. I knew it, the moment we stepped into this room I felt a weird vibe, then I felt the air in my lungs get sucked out the moment this man said to be Kim Namjoon, I feel a little light headed but that must be the alcohol, why isn’t he approaching me? Should I approach him? Someone has to, I mean I’ve waited for two years of my life to be united with this man, I’ve dreamt about this man since I was a kid, and now we are here it’s not the way I envisioned us meeting but I guess it’s better than nothing. Shit. He is looking at me now. His penetrating gaze makes me feel like the smallest being in this room, all the confidence the alcohol inside of me was building up has now evaporated leaving me disoriented and sloppy. Please talk to me Namjoon, I love you.


The clock was ticking, and no one was saying anything… there was so much suspense in the room, everyone could feel it, everyone except Jin who was at the moment still shocked this man just presented himself as Kim Namjoon this wasn’t the way he planned on meeting his soulmate, not when he had indulged in alcohol like he had just did, and not looking like this. What was Namjoon going to think of him?

He was brought back into reality by Yoongi who was squeezing his thigh and whispering in his ear not as quietly as he thought “Do you want to leave?” everyone heard, and everyone was now looking at Jin wondering what his next move would be, when a voice once again made everyone turn around “Leave? We barely finished introducing ourselves” said Kim Namjoon, that man commanded the energy of the entire room, “Yeah Yoongi, you guys just got here, besides we haven’t even played drinking games” Jackson tried to shift the conversation in order to break the tension in the room, “ooh yeah I just downloaded an app of drunk roulette today” Hoseok said pulling out his phone and throwing Namjoon a look motioning Jin, that was his cue to come out of the kitchen.

“Sounds fun” Namjoon said stepping out of the kitchen and sitting in one of the stools remaining in the living room. Jin who was now looking at him was admiring how thick Namjoon’s thighs are. God, he was worshiping him already, Jin couldn’t stop staring at Namjoon admiring the man he was bound to spend his life with when he heard a fake coughing noise coming from Namjoon, he was staring right back, Jin was so embarrassed he proceeded to chug down the contents of his cup and Yoongi’s.

Hoseok’s app ended up being the typical drinking roulette so that helped with Jin’s nerves he was so drunk, he wasn’t supposed to drink tonight, the plan was to ditch Yoongi once he was drunk but I guess it’s the other way around now.


(Hours later….)

Yoongi’s perspective


“Grab your stuff Jin, it’s time to go” Yoongi said tapping on Jin’s shoulder, Jin was a little sobered up by now but he’s still to talk to Namjoon and Namjoon’s still to approach Jin.

“Joon-ah take Yoongi and Jin hyung down to the lobby” said Jackson picking up a drunken Hoseok from the couch and carrying him bride style “I’ll put Hobi to bed”

“Sure, let’s go” Namjoon wasn’t even drunk, and if he was he had a pretty good control over his alcohol if Yoongi said so himself.

Yoongi and Jin were now following Namjoon down the stairs, not a clever idea when you are half carrying someone drunk while being drunk yourself, once they reached the lobby Namjoon was holding the door open for Jin and Yoongi but Jin who was now standing below the door frame refused to move, “Jin hyung let’s go” Yoongi tugged on Jin’s shirt, it was a chilly night but of course Jin wouldn’t feel it being in the state he was in.

“Seokjin hyung let’s go” Yoongi repeated he was scared of what Jin might do to Namjoon now that they were alone, well alone plus Yoongi.  “Seokjin your friend is talking to you” Namjoon addressed Jin for the first time in the whole night, Jin must be over the moon.

“Namjoon, can I please have your phone number?” Jin said while offering his phone to Namjoon so he could add his contact in, Jin was such a brave man, he was never the one to ask for numbers or to approach men, hopefully a step on the right direction.

“Perhaps next time, you are too drunk right now” Namjoon dodged the question and pushed Jin’s phone back being careful to not touch Jin’s skin and make the marks change color.

‘there won’t be a next time’

Chapter Text


Seokjin woke up the next day after Hoseok’s reunion, kind of freaking out, feeling disoriented he didn’t know where he was, he couldn’t remember anything after staring into Namjoon’s eyes only to find out they were staring right back at him.

He remembers drowning in alcohol right after that, he didn’t know what he did, and he didn’t care. He met the man he was bound to, Kim Namjoon. And that’s all it mattered.

He was way deep in his thoughts when he suddenly realized he couldn’t recognize the room he was in right now, he didn’t know if he was still in Hoseok’s dorm still or sequestered by a creep, his thoughts were all over the place when he heard a grunt from above, he then realized he passed out on the floor.

But who was the man on the bed above? ‘No’ was his first thought, ‘I probably spent the night with Namjoon’ he blushed at the thought, he could feel the blood travel to his face ‘why didn’t Yoongi stop me? I probably was a mess’ here it was, moral hangover.

He heard Namjoon grunting again, shuffling in bed, he was probably awake by now, he started panicking again ‘I haven’t even showered, where is the shower? I should probably get up and make him breakfast’ sleeping on the floor wasn’t the best of ideas, ‘I probably fell out of bed, maybe Namjoon isn’t used to sleep next to someone’.


“Jin, what the fuck”

“stop fucking giggling so much down there”


The voice coming from the bed above knocked him out of his daydream, it wasn’t the voice or the man he wanted to wake up to. It was a voice that paralyzed him leaving him scared to move.

It wasn’t Namjoon, it was Min Yoongi, Min fucking Yoongi.


“Since you are conscious now get out of my room”

“I expect breakfast after your shenanigans from last night”

Min Yoongi said still from bed.


He’s never gotten up faster in his life, what the fuck was he doing in Yoongi’s room and where the fuck was Kim Namjoon at.

He sprinted out of Yoongi’s room running into the back of the long couch that took most of the space in the living room flipping over it.

“Yah! Yoongi what the fuck” He said getting up from the floor once again noticing he was still in the clothes from the night before, reeking of alcohol and cigarette smoke ‘I’m pretty sure I didn’t smoke last night, god. I fucking stink’ he was now making his way to the bathroom, when it hit him, now that the adrenaline from waking up next to Yoongi evaporated his body was in so much pain, and the throbbing on his head, it felt like his head was inside a washer machine.

When he opened the bathroom door I looked like a tornado had passed right through it, there was toilet paper all over the floor, the tooth paste was also on the floor and it looked like some stepped over the tube leaving it empty of its content and leaving the floor full of tooth paste, and the worst of sights, the toilet bowl was full of vomit and it reeked of alcohol it didn’t even smell gross, it looked gross but the smell was just of pure alcohol.

He was about to wreak havoc and Yoongi was going to pay.


“Min Yoongi! What the fuck happened to the bathroom!”


He said as he knocked open the door to Yoongi’s room. He was yelling, despite being so early in the morning, actually, no, he didn’t even know if it was still morning, where was his phone?


“Ask yourself, asshole!”


Yoongi shouted back, springing out of bed, he looked like he was possessed, he’s never seen Yoongi move so fast, his hair was a mess and the dark circles around his eyes looked so severe. ‘What the fuck happened yesterday’ Jin thought as he ran for his life, from Yoongi’s room and into his.

His room was just as he had left it before going out to Hoseok’s place, why was the rest of the house in such state?  He stayed in the safety of his room for a few minutes until the smells coming from the kitchen caught his attention making his stomach growl, ‘damn it, I was supposed to cook Yoongi breakfast’.

He slowly opened his bedroom door catching a peek of Yoongi sitting on by the counter eating noodles from a cup, he felt compassion towards Yoongi ‘He must be so hungover right now, he probably drank a lot. ´ he was now stepping outside of his room heading straight for the stove opening cabinets and doors on his way, getting a pan, a packet of meat and some containers with side dishes from the fridge.


“Don’t eat noodles in the morning Yoongs, let me make you breakfast”

He said softly and hopefully calm Yoongi a bit.


“After last night, breakfast is the least you could do”

Yoongi’s voice was as sharp as the knife Jin was using to cut the meat into thin slices.


“Yeah, about last night… what happened?”

Jin said shyly as he waited for the pan to heat up.



“well, where could I begin Jin”


“when we were leaving Hoseok’s place, Namjoon walked us out

And you refused to leave unless he gave you his number”


“he just said you were too drunk and to try again next time”


“you kind of just melted with his voice and it all went to shit from there.

Hoseok’s dorm is nothing but a hop from here, really.”


“It took us less 15 minutes to get there, but on the way back it took us about 45

You should really stop drinking for a while hyung”


“and well when we got home I put you in your bed and I thought you were really asleep

but when I was in my room taking of my clothes I heard you in the bathroom having the

hardest time throwing up and knocking things down, so i kind of just knocked and asked

if you were okay but you didn’t say anything, so I went in

and you had already passed out on the floor and the bathroom was already a mess,

so, I once again took you to your room and put you to bed

but you came crawling into my room crying because you missed Namjoon

your cries turned into small quiet sobs real quick, so I knew you were still drunk

and in less than 5 minutes you were already snoring.”


“so, I let you sleep with me, but on the floor since I know you are kind of clingy

I almost broke my heart seeing you like that… it ALMOST did”


“the whole thing ended about 2 a.m.

since everyone was already shitfaced since we got there,

And we got home at around 3,

I really couldn’t sleep since I was worried about you choking on your own vomit in your sleep,

so, I slept at like 5, I wasn’t even drunk anymore.”


“so yeah, you’re welcome Jin.”


The meat was now burning in the pan, and if Jin couldn’t snap out from the events of last night the meat was about to be far from edible.



“Yah! Kim Seokjin you are burning the meat”

He quickly started taking the meat out of the pan and placing it in a plate in front of Yoongi.




Was all he could say, he was always sorry about something,

always messing up stuff even when he tried his hardest.

He understood why Yoongi was furious and he didn’t blame him.




“Shut up, you don’t realize how loud your thoughts are”


“Just tell Hoseok you want to meet with Namjoon again,

and hopefully get his number this time”


Yoongi stood up and walked around the kitchen counter and giving Jin a tight back hug.


“I know you wanted it to be special hyung, but sometimes things are best when left unplanned”


 Yoongi was smiling, he wanted to be angry at Seokjin, but he knew how important was for him to meet his soulmate and if alcohol did the trick in getting through the night then so be it, he was going to be here for Jin.

Jin hugged back, knowing Yoongi would always have his back.



“well I did meet him, and I guess you were behind it, so thanks Yoongs”

He was grateful, Jin was so grateful for having Yoongi on his side.



“yeah, well at least try to be upfront next time you ask for his number”

Yoongi said breaking out of the hug, Min Yoongi doesn’t do sappy.



“I don’t know how he resisted giving me his number though,

 Have you seen me?

Have you seen all of this?

I don’t think he was ready”

Jin recovered, and in typical Kim Seokjin fashion,

 he enjoyed flaunting his good looks, he does have them.



“Some of us are immune to ‘all that’ “

Yoongi rolled his eyes as he pointed Jin up and down, they were back to normal.



“No one is Min, I’m everyone’s sexuality

boys, girls, maybe even plants Yoongs,

who knows”



“Well Jin, what if he is straight?

Hoseok never mentioned Namjoon having ‘male’ boyfriends before”



“What does straight even mean? No one is!

I’ve never met a straight person these days

It’s not even a thing anymore”



“It is a thing Jin, they still walk among us.”



‘what the fuck does being straight even mean’ In all the books Jin has read about soulmates vain things such as ‘sexuality’ never mattered to soulmates, it wasn’t even a thing, the universe links your soul up with the soul of someone who you are compatible in all aspects, being soulmates it’s not a coincidence, even if you think you are completely different, you are perfect for each other, almost like it’s woven into your DNA.


Yoongi’s way of telling Jin that Namjoon was straight and not wanting a male soulmate was absolutely subtle, but he knew the capacities of Jin and his charms and he had faith in them, Jin could do it, he knew it, or at least he hoped.


“c’mon Jin, I’ll help you clean your mess”

Yoongi lied.


He spent the entire day sitting on the couch as Jin put the whole place together.

Chapter Text

Kim Namjoon | 남준 ‘s POV

At Hoseok’s reunion, he was there, Kim Seokjin | 김석진 the man the universe had paired me with, the universe was such a cruel asshole, not for me though.

I’m not the one getting their heart broken, I’m not the one who is childish enough to think their soulmate is supposed to love me no matter what, I’m not.

As soon as he and his shorter friend entered Hoseok’s place I knew what I had to do, no matter if all these fags thought he was the most gorgeous being to walk through the door, he had no effect on me, and if he didn’t accept the fact that I was planning on rejecting him I already made plans on toying with him until he decides for himself to back the fuck off.

I noticed him looking at me every time he drank from his cup, hoping the cup would conceal his eyes, look at him trying to be subtle.


It’s so funny how this thing on my wrist works, I knew who he was right before Hoseok decided we should introduce ourselves, and I bet he knew who I was right when he walked through the door.


He is tall, has pitch black hair, fair skin, really good skin if I’m honest, and he’s got some broad shoulders, he also seemed to be so confident with himself as he walked through the door looking like a male hooker.

I knew what I was doing, I glanced at him, showed my dimples here and there, I even faked laughing, every time I faked coughed he turned and looked at me, I even think he blushed, at least I now know my looks work on men as well.

Alcohol barely had an effect in me anymore, so I wasn’t worried about my drinking, I was worried about his.

I tried behaving myself so fucking much, I’m doing it because I really fucking care about Hoseok, how could I not catch Hoseok being a with a man? Oh well, I’m just glad he found his soulmate before he even tried doing something with me, he is my friend and he’s never tried anything weird around me, so I guess it won’t be necessary to establish boundaries between us.


Actually, right after breaking Hoseok’s heart I felt so bad about it I went to my mom and talked to her about it, it really kind of affected me as well, that day I left Hoseok’s and now Jackson’s dorm feeling angry.

Angry and confused, I didn’t know why, she gave me so much shit after I told her how I felt about my friend having a male soulmate, I sort of went back to my old insecure self from before college, it didn’t last long, after a while of reflecting on it I realized I was more sad that Hoseok didn’t share with me the fact the he already had a soulmate, regardless of being with a man I think I would of treated him the same as before, my reaction was something to be expected from me right? I don’t know if I could’ve reacted differently.

The other guys in Hoseok’s living room were somewhat interesting, I think I befriended Mark, he was pretty chill, turns out he is from the States, but he ended up finding his soulmate here in Seoul, the world works in such mysterious way, I wish I was as lucky to have my soulmate across the world, but no, he is sitting right across me.

I found out Jinyoung was Mark’s soulmate, but according to him he wasn’t into dicks before finding each other, he even looked happy to be with a man, but I like Mark, so I guess I like Jinyoung as well.

Jaebum was pretty chill so I have no issues with him, he is into music, so I guess we have something in common.


What is with all these guys having male soulmates? None of them were bad looking and if they ever wanted to ditch their soulmates for some pussy I’m sure they would have no problem in getting it.


I hope Hobi notices how much I’m fucking trying to like his friends, none of them are half bad to be honest, but Seokjin is here and I’m honestly trying to keep my cool, unless he tries getting weird, then I’m out.

Mark and Jinyoung left dragging Jaebum along, turns out none of them can make it past 8 shots, Hoseok on the other hand was trying to follow my pace but I could see Jackson being pissed off about it, right from across the living room, he was still talking to Seokjin and his friend, I wondered when they were going to leave, Hoseok stopped himself at 10 shots, props to him for self-control, I was feeling pretty tipsy by this point, turns out Hoseok shuts down after drinking, we actually had a good and heartfelt conversation.

I ended up apologizing to Hoseok again for belittling him and Jackson. This time I did mean it as it did tear me not having my Hobi for a while.

Jackson took Hobi back to their room as he had just passed out on the counter, I think I even cooed a little.

I was sent to take Seokjin and his friend back to the lobby, as if they would fucking get lost, the staircase was just at the end of the hall.

As we made it to the front door I actually held it open for those two, but Seokjin insisted on playing statue and didn’t want to move, I didn’t register what was happening until I saw him offering his phone to me, I panicked a little, I looked up to his friend who was looking at me with furious eyes. I felt a little intimidated, the hatred in his eyes was real, and he didn’t look that drunk to be honest, I bet Hoseok told him about me not having inclinations for men.


“Namjoon, can I please have your phone number?”


He said offering his phone once again, his head down, at least he was polite about it, I bet he was in the verge of tears.

He was asking for my number, god dammit, what’s the best way of telling him to fuck off avoiding his friend having to kick my ass?


“Perhaps next time, you are too drunk right now”


Was the best shit I could come up with right in the spot, pushing his phone back, I was so careful to not make skin to skin contact, if we ended up touching this night was going to end real sour.


‘there won’t be a next time’


The next few days after the reunion I felt sick to my stomach, how could I be such an idiot, I should have made things clear right that second, I should’ve ended them right before they started, and now I gave him hope of there being a next time. Fuck.

I was feeling confusion and anger, mostly anger, so much anger inside of me, I actually distanced myself from everyone else for a few days, I was afraid I could’ve snapped at any given moment, Hoseok ended up reaching out to me, he knew how I felt.

It’s not my fault, and it isn’t Seokjin’s either, the universe fucked us over big time.

Every time I made a scenario in my head of really giving Seokjin a chance like I had promised to Hobi, my thoughts drifted and became distracted with the smallest things, It didn’t feel right, I knew it the moment I saw him, I had no interest in him, there was no spark, there was no invisible string pulling us towards each other, I felt nothing, just anger.

I can’t change who he is and sadly he can’t me. I just hope he is mature enough to take the blow of living a soulmate-less life.


Chapter Text

A Week after Hoseok’s party.

Now that Jin knew Hoseok was a dancer he was planning on stopping by the Dance Department’s studios, so he could run into Hoseok and ask him to set him up with Namjoon once more, but at the moment that would have to wait since he was drowning in assignments, please wait for him Kim Namjoon.

It had been the moment he had been waiting for ever since getting his mark, he couldn’t help but think he had screwed it all up, he was engulfed in anxiety  Yoongi said otherwise but deep in Seokjin’s gut he felt that Namjoon was put off by the drunk mess he embodied while at Hoseok’s place, who would want a drunk for a soulmate, Jin was far from a drunk, he needed to clean his name and get to work on winning Namjoon over.

It thrilled him knowing that Namjoon was just a call away, the thing was that Jin didn’t have Namjoon’s number, so he also had to work on that

As for Min Yoongi, the students from his music production course had been given the same sample and had to turn it in to a song of their own, this task was not hard for someone with the talents of Min Yoongi it was something he did quite often, taking beats from already existing songs, tweaking it here and there making it his own, a product completely different from what he began with.

On the other hand, he was getting kind of tired of only having his voice being featured in his works, he knew that if he wanted to make it as a producer/songwriter his pieces had to showcase something different each time, that and that he just didn’t want to go through the trouble of signing or rapping through parts that needed a someone with a different voice that contrasted with the heavy rapping he liked including in them.

 Min Yoongi | 민윤기 @ Studio

Yoongi was already done with the tack, he came up with about 5 different versions. He was frustrated, he made so many elaborate songs with beat drops he was sure they would be a hit if they ever got out into the world and he made one so simple but yet so different from the sample he was given, he was about to give up he wasn’t even going to try and write lyrics for his assignment decided it was best if he recycled one of his old lyrics from his rapping days.

He was so immersed in his work he almost forgot he wasn’t alone in the studio when he caught Jaebum from the corner of his eye quickly getting up from his seat, Yoongi removed his earphones when he heard there was knocking on the door, Jackson and Hoseok where the ones coming through the door, he was so embarrassed, Jaebum never said there was going to be company and he wasn’t looking exactly his best, he quickly put on his beanie as he had been just tugging his hair out of frustration from working on the track, he wiped his face with the sleeve of his sweatshirt and hoped there he looked as best as he could in the current situation.


“Hi Yoongi”

Hoseok greeted Yoongi taking off his jacket, placing it in one of the hooks by the door, I was his first time coming by the music production studios on campus, he expected tiny rooms with laptops and microphones, but this was far from the truth, the university loved the arts and it sure looked like they enjoyed investing in the studios as they were well set up, almost a little too well set up.

‘Hobi-ah don’t get distracted, you are here on business’  

Hoseok was planning on becoming friends with Yoongi and poor little Jin, he was about to infiltrate their social circle, if they even had one, if not he was going to add them into his.

Hoseok was the first one to make contact with Yoongi, ‘when is this dude not happy’ was Yoongi’s first thought as he gently bowed back to Hoseok and Jackson who were now taking place on the small couch the studio came with, the same couch were Yoongi had spent so many nights trying to come up with rhymes or beats for his assignments or his own works.


“Jackson, do you wanna go first?”

Jackson was stepping into the recording booth ‘oh so they are helping him out’ Yoongi went back to his work putting his headphones back on so he wouldn’t interrupt their session.

He was arranging the lyrics, tweaking them here and there, writing down adlibs where he felt they were needed, he was about to call it a day, since Jb was using the recording booth he could only get so much work done, so he decided it was best if he did a quick guide for the song so he would know where he left off for when he recorded next time.


“what are you working on Yoongi”

Hoseok poked Yoongi’s shoulder startling him


“Oh, the same assignment as Jaebum-ssi actually, we are supposed to make a song out of the same sample”


“well that sounds complicated, you are doing it solo?”


“yeah actually, I would ask Jin, but I didn’t include any singing parts and I doubt he would like to be featured as a rapper”


Yoongi was making small conversation with Hoseok and actually enjoyed having his company around the studio, when he heard Jaebum play his work now including his and Jackson’s verses.


‘Never Ever’


“mani gominhaetteon mankeum ijen hwaksilhae
All in naui modeun geoseul bechinghae 
gyeolsimhae jigeumbuteo yeongwonkkaji
I’m yours you’re mine woh” 


“As much as I thought about it, now I’m sure
All in, I’ll bet all of me
I promise, from now until eternity
I’m yours, You’re mine woh”


‘woah, Jackson’s voice gets so much deeper when he raps’ Yoongi was just as amazed as he was when he first heard Mark and Jinyoung’s voices from ‘Skyway’, Jaebum had such talented friends it made Yoongi feel a little insecure about his works only featuring him and mostly rapping.

‘maybe if I add lyrics for Jin to add some vocals in I might be able to bring it up a notch´ in his mind he was already producing a whole different song and writing lyrics from scratch, something totally different from the simple track he was so proud of coming up with just a few minutes ago.

His projects were always among the top of his class but even if he was making the best grades that meant nothing to him if he wasn’t proud of his own creations.

He looked to his side to find Hoseok smiling from ear to ear, eyes glassy, even if Jackson’s verse didn’t contain meaningful and deep lyrics Hoseok was so touched by his soulmates rapping, that’s the power music has on people, he can only hope his lyrics can reach someone like that.



“How’s yours coming along hyung?”

Jaebum said talking in Yoongi’s direction.


‘god, he’s talking to me, I have nothing recorded yet’

Yoongi was always amazed at Jaebum’s work, and from hearing the little preview of Jackson’s rap he was now insecure in his producing, composing and writing skills.


“ah, um, well it’s coming along nicely I think”

He lied.

“I might tell Jin hyung to let me use him for some vocals, I rarely ask people to help me out’


“I’m no singer, but I volunteer as tribute”

Hoseok chimed in putting his hand on Yoongi’s shoulder giving him a light squeeze.


“ah, really? I actually have no lyrics that need singing as of now,

if you would like to help me out with rapping I do have lyrics for that”

Yoongi’s face brightened up the moment Hoseok, offered his help, he didn’t have to ask people now and that mean he wouldn’t get rejected, one of his biggest fears in life was human interaction, and now Hoseok had relieved him from that pain, Hoseok was godsent.


“well with rapping I do kind of have an expertise in that, show me what verse you want me to do and let’s give it try”

Hoseok was happy to help, he came to the studio because he was supposed to help Jaebum, but he looked like was all set just with Jackson, besides working along Yoongi might help them become closer and develop an actual friendship.


“you can choose, I have the lyrics structured in 3 main verses, with a chorus we can both try and some adlibs here and there”

Hoseok walked over to Yoongi’s desk taking the notepad from his hands, as he went over the lyrics he noticed they were simple, they were the kind of lyrics you would do in a club or a rap battle.

Yoongi looked like he knew what he was doing when he wrote this, he couldn’t wait to step into the recording booth and try them out, but that would have to wait since Jaebum and Jackson were still taking turns in the booth and Jaebum became frustrated at how much Jackson changed his part every time he went over it.


“since I don’t think we can record today I can play the track for you since it’s already finished and maybe make a vague guide of what if should sound like”

As Yoongi played the track Hoseok the first thought going through Hoseok’s head was

 ‘I thought there would be an upbeat to the song or a severe bassline, but it sounds really chill, can we really ‘rap’ through it?’

As he let that sink in he was sort of wanting to retract his help, but he really did want to get closer to Yoongi and hopefully Jin.

He was actually kind of hoping Jin hyung would stop by the studio, so they could mingle about Jin’s thoughts on Namjoon.


“Well Hoseok, since we won’t be working today on the track I should be leaving now, letting you guys work without interruptions”

He said as he saved his work and logged off his work computer, tidying his desk a little.


“Don’t be so formal hyung, just call me ‘Hobi’“

Hoseok smiled at Yoongi, leaving formalities behind would hopefully bring them closer and make the more relaxed around each other.


“Okay, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow to get our verses in ‘Hobi’”

He smiled back, and gently walked out of the studio.

Chapter Text

Kim Seokjin |  김석진

‘Gosh this semester really has it against me doesn’t it’

For the third time this week Kim Seokjin woke up late, his alarm was ringing on his phone and on his alarm clock and yet he didn’t wake up in time, it was his third time being late to his first morning lecture.

He ran out of the apartment he shared with Yoongi, trying to brush his hair with his fingers, taming it down and getting rid of any knots it probably had.

He wasn’t getting much sleep these days and today’s homework was definitely lacking so it was probably a good thing he wasn’t on time as he would save himself the embarrassment of his professor reading a half-assed paper.

His professor had no rules set as to what time they could get in the lecture hall after the class had started, students walked in all the time, the thing was that his professor always collected the assignments due that day in the first 10 minutes of class, so if you were late, you were fucked. And Kim Seokjin was now 35 minutes late.


‘well, I guess I didn’t make it on time this morning as well’

 He muttered under his breath just as he arrived on campus and checked the clock on his phone, 7 a.m. classes were no issue for him in the past but now he wasn’t waking up on time, his creative juices stopped flowing and his papers lacked originality, his mind was in a different place.

His mind was still giving him shit for fucking up the moment he met Kim Namjoon, his soulmate. Only if he had done something different or wore something else, maybe not have drank as much, his mind wouldn’t drift into oblivion at night and he could get some sleep on time to wake up.

Truth is, he didn’t know if he could have done something differently, this had been a topic he and Yoongi have been going over back in their apartment, and every time Yoongi assures him he was on a good behavior, even when he was shitfaced he managed to keep it together.


‘gotta go back home and change now’

Was his reaction when he caught a glance of him in one of the windows in front of the building he had his first lecture in, he had grabbed Yoongi’s sweater on his way out as it was the first thing he stumbled upon in his path to the door back in his apartment, Yoongi was going to be pissed if he ever caught Jin wearing his stuff.

He was now walking back home from the building and through the main grass field in the middle of campus it was such a gloomy day, too cold for autumn, the trees were the only thing he enjoyed about autumn, the beautiful cycle of watching leaves go from green to yellow and to brown in the span of a few weeks, to then fall to their inevitable death and start their cycle all over again.

He found himself to be distracted as he was no longer moving, he was lost just staring at the trees watching their leaves fall, the leaves seemed to be endlessly falling into their doom and they seemed happy to be doing it, dying so new leaves could grow back in the spring.

He didn’t know how long this lasted until he found himself distracted again as an oddly colored leave ended at his feet, it was a beautiful color, such a shame its fate was to turn black and die just like the others, a dusty pink colored leave, It was probably too weak to turn into a beautiful red or brown like the others, maybe the sun didn’t shine on it like it did on the others.

But Jin liked it, he reached down to pick it up, but a gush of wind came his way blowing the leave away, nature wasn’t his to keep.

He kept walking, smiling to himself, he’s always been an optimist at heart and now he could only remember the leave and its beautiful color as part of his memories.

He didn’t know how lonely the main field of grass was so early in the morning, he was always in time for his classes, of course he wouldn’t know how lonely the field is in the morning.

Of course there were a few students here and there, mostly in the coffee stands and no one he knew in particularly, his heart started racing when he saw a man walking towards him, he was too far and Jin without his glasses is too blind to see who it is from the distance, so he kept walking, he could only make out it was a tall, dark haired man who was looking at the screen on his phone, walking in a straight path with his backpack carelessly thrown over one shoulder.

Jin knew who the man was but he was too slow to react when the man looked up from his phone screen locking eyes with Jin for a split second and abruptly changing his path.


‘He probably didn’t see me’

Jin repeated under his breath, over and over until he got home watching Kim Namjoon walk away was the most painful thing Jin has ever felt in his entire life, he somehow was kind of grateful for having his parents take such good care of him in that aspect.

Once he got home it was already 8 and Yoongi was surprisingly up and about this early in the morning, he also was eating breakfast, another shock for humanity, Min Yoongi wasn’t a morning person and therefore not a breakfast person, he despised it.


‘oh god, how the roles have reversed’

Jin wasn’t having a good day and he hadn’t even stepped foot in a lecture hall yet.


“The fuck are you doing with my sweater on”

Yoongi shot at Jin, aiming to kill.


“I’m sorry I grabbed it on my way out”

All the hope Jin had of telling what just had happened to Yoongi vanished into thin air, he put his head down, letting his bangs cover his eyes if a tear drop were to come out, he let his backpack drop from his shoulders to the ground, not caring about whatever contents were in it, he was so out of it. He took of Yoongi’s sweater neatly folding it and placing it on the arm rest of the couch, he was trying so hard to keep it together, failing to do so, he felt a tear coming, Yoongi’s words were that little push he needed to knock him down.


“wah, what’s with you”

Yoongi said as Jin rushed past him locking himself in his room, he wasn’t quick enough to react and confront the little shit for taking his sweater, at least it was back now and Yoongi could attend his lecture in time.


Jin ended up locking himself in for the whole day, not attending any of his lectures, his sadness was turned into anger by Yoongi, but he chose to turn it into creativity as he now had something to inspire him to write in the papers he was late on or had close due dates.

Days like this he was glad he used his courses assignments as an outlet for his pent-up emotions he was too weak to release.

Chapter Text

Min Yoongi | 민윤기

It was the next day after Yoongi agreed to have Hoseok work on his project with him, he felt really good about it, he actually woke up right in time for his morning lectures, Jin had being a little weird this morning but he didn’t let that take away from the fact that he was excited, he got to use another voice in his assignment, he had big plans the recording session he planned with Hoseok for today’s afternoon.

He ran to the studio right after his last lecture for the day had ended, he picked up a few beverages from the cafeteria on the way to the studio just in case Hoseok wanted something to drink when they were in the recording booth, when he got to the studio it was empty, since he and Jaebum didn’t share the last lecture of their day he didn’t get to ask him if he was planning on working at the studio or at home.

He got to work on his assignment for a few minutes, getting back into his groove, messing with the pitch in the portion of the track he planned on rapping over, making a few adjustments to the tempo where he thought it should speed up or slow down.

He was feeling good about his track overall, as for lyrics he already planned on using something he wrote back when he was into rapping in the streets of Daegu, ‘those were the days weren’t they?’ thank god he kept his notepad from back in the day, containing everything from back then, thoughts, memories, feelings and even diss raps, some pages where scribbled through from when he used to write thoughts about his soulmate but would get embarrassed right after he read it back.


‘Yah! ‘Park Jimin | 지민when are you turning 18? ‘

He asked himself, everyone around him was finding their soulmates, even Jin and that made him feel a little on the lonely side, that’s what he’s been used to most of his life, but still, he wants to find Jimin.


‘this must be how Jin hyung felt like for the longest time’

He leaned back into his chair, letting the thought sink in, his hand could only satisfy him so much and Jimin was nowhere to be found, well he was yet to look for him, but still.


‘what does he even look like? ‘

He was startled by the sound of the heavy studio door being opened and a shuffling of plastic bags


“Hey Jaebum”


“Hi, Yoongi hyung”

Jaebum bowed to Yoongi offering one of the takeout bags he was carrying,


“I brought you take out hyung, since we’re pretty busy these days

we barely get to leave the studio and get to eat, besides Hobi and Jackson are coming”


“Ah, thanks, I’ll make sure to treat you out when we are done with this assignment”

Yoongi was moved by Jaebum’s gesture, he was such a kind guy

It kind of bothered him not being closer to him since they shared the same studio


A few minutes passed by, they were both working with the same beat sample, yet their tracks were so different you couldn’t even tell they had the same foundation since they added many layers of sound effects or tempo changes and vocal could make the tracks total opposites from one another.

Jaebum was playing the guide he set out for himself, letting Yoongi hear and hopefully get helpful feedback back from him.



‘Never Ever’

“mani gidaryeotji I’m so sorry
na ije gyeolsim haetji Are you ready
kkwaena gireotji naui banghwangi
ijen geokjeonghajima dasin gaji aneul teni”


“You waited so long, I’m so sorry
Now I made up my mind, are you ready?
I was lost for such a long time
But don’t worry now, I won’t ever leave again”

Yoongi was impressed by Jaebum’s work, this being the first time he listened to the song now with lyrics over it he was impressed in how good they went together, now paying close attention to the lyrics he now understood. The song is about soulmates.  Jaebum blew it out of the park in Yoongi’s opinion.


“(Never Ever) Ever gonna let you go
dasi neoreul tteonaji ana geokjeonghajima
Baby you’re mine mine mine”


 “(Never Ever) Ever gonna let you go
I won’t ever leave you again, don’t worry
Baby you’re mine, mine, mine”

‘Woah, this kid is really good’ and ’the song is really about soulmates coming together’ were the first thoughts Yoongi could gather aside from noticing cold the studio was, they hadn’t changed the air conditioning setting since getting back from summer, he was just glad he brought the sweater Jin tried stealing in the morning.

He was almost choked up from how beautifully the lyrics were written, Jaebum had such good understanding of soulmates and it definitely translated well into his work.


“Never Ever) Ever gonna make you cry
dasi ulliji ana geokjeonghajima 
Baby you’re mine baby you’re mine”

 “(Never Ever) Ever gonna make you cry
I won’t ever make you again again, don’t worry
Baby you’re mine, baby you’re mine”




This verse in particular caught Yoongi’s attention, there was something wrong about it, well not wrong. Different. It was a voice he hadn’t heard before not from Jaebum’s friends. He couldn’t put his finger on what was different about the verse, when it suddenly clicked it.


“Who is this?” he pointed out to Jaebum, but his voice was drowned out by the music, he repeated his question hoping to catch Jaebum’s attention while at it.


“Who is singing this verse?” he caught Jaebum’s attention who shot him with a smile.


‘He noticed’ was the thought spinning through Jaebum’s mind, he was so happy Yoongi noticed.


“His name is Youngjae”

Jaebum said lifting up his arm and uncovering his wrist from his long sleeve hoodie uncovering the name ‘Choi Youngjae | 최영재 ‘  the name was already tinted in a nice, earthy green tone and Jaebum was glowing, radiating happiness.


“Oh yeah, you mentioned at Hoseok’s place that his parents brought him to Seoul, so he could meet you”

Yoongi was jealous in a good way, he couldn’t wait for Jimin to become of age, a few weeks since October started Yoongi felt the mark get deeper and a lot more defined, but it didn’t look that way, Jimin was still to turn 18.


“Yeah, we’ve been talking nonstop actually.

I told him that I couldn’t reply to his texts on time for a while,

since I would be busy on a project for some time.

He told me he wanted to help me out, so,

I sent him the lyrics since I didn’t have the track made by that time

he sent me an audio file singing it how he imagined it being,

I was shocked when I found out he had such a sweet voice,

so, I kept his sample and just built the song, around

what he sent me since it was so perfect,

even the rhythm and the tempo matched well,

I really like it”


Jaebum was so proud of his work, he worked alongside with his soulmate and best friends, if this song ever was released Yoongi was sure if would be a hit amongst soulmate couples, just what music companies aim for. Jaebum was going to be a successful producer/songwriter and maybe even singer if he wanted to try out for that.


Yoongi was touched, this is the effect soulmates have and Jin is such a lucky man to have Namjoon by his side now.


“You’re whipped I see”

Was all Yoongi could get out, he’s never been good at showing feelings.


“I’m not gonna lie, I really am”

Jaebum said, it was already 3 p.m. and Hoseok and company were about to get to the studio and since Yoongi and Jaebum were already done with the framework they just spent the next few free minutes they had talking about soulmates.


“So, what did you say the website you used to find Youngjae was?”

Yoongi asked trying to be subtle about him having a fire from within that wanted him to meet his soulmate as soon as possible.



Jaebum was scribbling on a sheet of paper and passing it to Yoongi





Yoongi said, the website sounded a bit sketchy, but if it got the job done then so be it.


“yeah, it’s pretty popular amongst the younger generation,

your soulmate of course has to be registered so you can find him

you don’t really have to be of age yet, since Youngjae is about to turn 17 and

doesn’t have the mark yet, but if yours is soon to be 18 he might already be in there

I guess I was lucky to find Youngjae there”


Jaebum said as a loud screech interrupted him from the other side of the door, it turned out to be coming from Hoseok when Jackson tickled him from behind, and they were accompanied by Jinyoung and Mark, the studio was going to be packed.

Chapter Text

Min Yoongi | 민윤기

The studio had never been this packed, so many people in not so big place kind of overwhelmed Yoongi so he just took Hoseok to his side of the studio so they could hopefully get something done.

Yoongi decided it was best if Jaebum recorded whatever he needed first while he worked with Hoseok on his verse, pronunciation, rhythm and adlibs, Hoseok was no stranger to rap and so far Yoongi was impressed.

Since Jackson and Jaebum had already finished their parts, Jaebum wanted to focus today on Jinyoung and Mark they had never heard the song before or practiced any verses so Jaebum only played them the track a few times and gave them the verses he had set out for them, rap for Mark and vocals for Jinyoung, after that they managed to convince Jaebum into going out since he had been working nonstop on ‘Never Ever’ it was one of his best projects if he said so himself.

Working in the studio alongside Hoseok turned out to be a pretty refreshing experience, Yoongi appreciated Hoseok’s input, he had a pretty good instinct with music and rhymes, he is a dancer so he knows what works in a song, Yoongi puts trust in his judgement and no matter how many times Yoongi made him do a verse over and over he took criticism really good and applied it to the verse improving significantly each time, Yoongi was pleased with the outcome, the tack was finished.

They finished the track on just a few hours of recording, it was almost unheard-of Min Yoongi, one of the top students in his course and a perfectionist at heart to finish a song in a few hours, he knew that a song couldn’t be finished in less than a day, but he had done it, he couldn’t find anything wrong with the song. Hoseok had a different opinion and didn’t seem completely satisfied with the ‘finished’ result.

With his rapping and Yoongi’s he was okay, but he knew just what the song needed.


“You know Yoongi hyung, I think I know what your project needs

don’t get me wrong, it’s your work and you have the last word at the end of the day,

but a third voice would work so much more with us”


Yoongi rolled his eyes internally, Hoseok probably wanted Jackson to be featured in the track.


“I don’t know Hoseok, I think it’s pretty great as is”

Yoongi tried not to be rude or sound like an asshole, he was so grateful Hoseok volunteered to help him out, but he wasn’t going to let Hoseok change the song.


“I’m not saying it’s bad hyung, please trust me on this, I know the right guy for this kind of track.

You said the song was written in three main verses, if we just split them up between three of us

each verse is still going to have the same but a different vibe, you know?

 Kind of like pieces to a greater puzzle!”

Hoseok had a plan, everyone else was getting along and becoming friends, there was only one outsider to their friend circle.


“Will Jackson agree though? He is already working with Jaebum,

I think I will look like a jerk if I use Jackson when he is already working with Jaebum”


“I wasn’t talking about Jackson”

Hoseok said shooting up pretentious smile



Namjoonie, regardless of being a total brain he is also a rapper on the side

a pretty damn good rapper, I learned from him actually”

Hoseok was set out in changing Yoongi’s mind, besides, if Namjoon hanged out with Yoongi he would learn about Jin and hopefully warm up to him in no time.


“Ah, I would never guess that from him

I don’t think he would agree, he doesn’t look like a team player”

Yoongi’s first impression of Namjoon wasn’t the best one and he was hesitant to work with him, but if Hoseok said he actually had something to offer rap wise then he was going to give him a chance.


“Yeah, he needs a while before he feels comfortable around people, he is such an introvert”

Hoseok lied. Yoongi knew Hoseok was lying, but what is he covering up?


“I don’t know, ask him if he is interested

If he isn’t then ‘oh well’ just don’t make him do it if he doesn’t want to”


Yoongi said, turning around in his rolling chair and now facing his desk, he grabbed the lyrics he had print out for Hoseok to take to the recording booth and started highlighting what parts he thought it would be nice if rapped in Namjoon’s husky and low tone voice, he didn’t know what his rapping style was, he could still make changes if Namjoon turned out to agree to work on the track.

Yoongi walked a few steps back on his rolling chair before turning around to face Hoseok who was sitting in the couch playing with his phone.




Yoongi handed the sheets to Hoseok, they were now highlighted in three different colors, green for Hoseok, blue for Yoongi and now pink for Namjoon.

Hoseok was surprised to see that the song was starting with Namjoon as he had the first chorus, Hoseok had the first verse which he already recorded, He and Yoongi took the second chorus, then it was Yoongi’s verse followed by Namjoon and Yoongi in the third chorus and then Namjoon’s verse, ending with Hoseok and Namjoon in the fourth and last chorus.

 ‘Oh god, now Namjoon really has to be a part of this’ Hoseok was in so much trouble, he noticed that Yoongi was pretty fair about the distribution of their lines.

Namjoon had to agree either way, Hoseok was going to make sure of that by whatever means he had to recur to. He didn’t know what those means were, he just knew he would be recurring to the if Namjoon were to refuse.


“The track is due a few days before winter break, so if he isn’t really into doing it

we still have time to make improvements or get someone else”

Yoongi was already preparing for Hoseok to be turned out by Kim Namjoon.


“He’ll do it, I promise”

Chapter Text

Kim Seokjin |  김석진

It was finally Saturday, just a few days after Jin’s semi breakdown.

He was set on putting his life back together, he turned in his assignments, he didn’t ace any of them, but he sure did better than the class average, things were looking good, or at least better than they did the past few days.

Saturdays for Jin are the day when he truly got to decompress and unwind after a stressful week, and this Saturday he really needed it, life and college were getting tough, but he was planning on having a long therapeutic shopping session, so that should help, maybe even get some takeout and have the pleasure of truly getting to leisure for the whole day.

These days Yoongi wasn’t around the apartment that often ever since snapping at Jin, quite frankly Jin didn’t know if he felt remorse or truly was busy and applying himself at school since he was out all day doing god knows what.

He was getting better these days, getting more than 4 hours of sleep for a college student is almost unheard of and he was getting 7, the sun was finally shining on him.

He already made peace with the fact that Namjoon didn’t recognize him and Yoongi snapped at him, it isn’t in Jin’s nature to hold grudges.

He figured Namjoon didn’t recognize him that one day because he looked like shit, far from the look he had on at Hoseok’s place, or at least that was what got him through the day, and as for Yoongi he just figured out he had being having a bad morning, Yoongi wasn’t a morning person, so that was probably the reason he snapped at Jin.



Jin was already awake but he didn’t move while still in bed hoping he could fall asleep, after 20 minutes of not getting any sleep he decided it was best if he got his morning started, once he rolled out of bed to start with his morning routine, cleansing his face, brushing his teeth and other 20 procedures each being typical and crucial steps before he was ready to start his day. When his phone started ringing.


Yeah, can you see me now, huh?
Black dress”


‘god dammit’

His phone started ringing in the middle of him cleansing his face.

He ran back to his bedroom, stubbing his small toe on the edge of the bed, sharp pain soon taking over the lower region of his foot, while his face was still covered in foam, he rubbed it off with the towel wrapped around his neck but the foam from his forehead started getting watery again and ran down his face seeping into the corner of his eyes burning as it entered and spreading even more as he blinked and tried to rub it away.

He was trying to find where his phone was by following the sound, his hearing was drowned out and taken over from the pain on his eyes and foot, once he recovered he found his phone but it wasn’t ringing anymore, it all had been for nothing, so much for the day he got to pamper and take care of himself.

He was now on the floor tending to his poor toe, a victim in this disaster, he went back to the bathroom rinsing the remaining soap his face with lukewarm water, it was past the set time for his face wash, he still didn’t even know who was the one behind this morning catastrophe as the phone call had been under an Unknown Number.

He was now out of the bathroom with a clean face when the phone started ringing again.


Yeah, can you see me now, huh?
Black dress”


Incoming Call: Unknown Number


Who is this”


Jin screeched right to the microphone hole in his phone

before someone could answer he heard a giggle and heavy breathing

coming from the other side of the line,

it added fuel to his anger as it was a prank call.


“wrong number



He was about to hang up

when a voice finally interrupted him.




A voice mocked his greeting from earlier still giggling.


“I’m not a pervert hyungie!”


Jin knew who the voice belonged to, he calmed down a little, he was still angry about stubbing his toe and getting face wash on his eyes.


“who are you giving your number to

If you are scared of perverts calling you,



‘Yah! Kim Taehyung,

Why did you change your number?

and why are calling so early in the morning”



“early Christmas gift”


“you only change your phone, not your number

It’s not even December yet!

and why don’t I get anything”



Having Taehyung as the younger sibling meant it was Jin’s duty to baby him and protect him from the world, he had been doing it ever since the younger was born, he had been the older brother Jin would of liked to have, but ever since he left home to come to university in Seoul, his parents started babying Taehyung taking over Jin’s duty.



“I told the same to dad, but he didn’t listen”


“well thanks for the notice, I will now save you to my contacts, bye”


Jin took the phone from his ear and was about to press the End Call button when Taehyung spoke up.



“you do get something early for Christmas”

“ooh, what do I get”


“You get, me!”


Jin rolled his eyes, it did end up being a prank call after all, Taehyung sounded so excited it was going to be almost heartbreaking to hang up on him midsentence.


Call ended



Jin barely finished adding Taehyung to his contacts under the name TaeTae when his phone started vibrating again, this time he answered before his ringtone came on.


Incoming Call: TaeTae

“Kim Taehyung, it’s too early in the morning

and I have stuff to do, if you are done showing off your phone can I get to my day?”


Jin was angry and a little jealous that Taehyung got a new phone, but he really was trying to start his day.




Stop talking, dead skin cells are coming out of your mouth”


Taehyung snapped at Jin, shutting his older brother down quick and leaving him speechless, maybe now Seokjin payed attention to whatever Taehyung had to say.


“Let me finish before you hang up on me”


Taehyung said trying to calm himself down.


“Since I finished school early dad and mom

thought it was best if I got to stay a few days with you in Seoul”



Jin’s week kept getting worst as each day passed, he still had a few weeks in school, ‘What am I going to do with Taehyung around’ was Jin’s first and only thought, it would have been nice if his parents consulted him about the subject in matter.



“I want to check out the campus since I’m thinking of applying there too,

It will be easier for dad and mom if we are both in the same University,

besides I’m only doing it for the art department”


‘he is REALLY sticking around’ and ‘god dammit’ were the thoughts that took over Jin as he tried to process the information, he didn’t really want Taehyung coming to study with him in Seoul, he knew he would have to watch over his younger brother constantly and Jin just didn’t have time for that.


“Hyung are you still there?”


“ah… “


Jin was speechless,

he didn’t know what he was going to do with Taehyung

or where he was going to put him.


“Uhm… “


“well apparently I’m the one with the looks and the brain”


“Fuck You”

Was all Jin could get out before hanging up once again on Taehyung.


Call Ended




Jin plummeted down on his bed hoping it would soon swallow him, never letting him see the light of day again,

Taehyung coming over to Seoul was just the icing on the destruction cake Jin’s life was becoming, he would have to stay with Jin and that mean he had to stay with Yoongi as well, the did share apartment, he didn’t know if Yoongi would agree to have a pubescent teen roaming around his apartment.

He finally decided to get dressed, he had a whole agenda planned and even if Taehyung was coming over he didn’t let it ruin his day.


New Messages (3)

From: TaeTae

 Hyung did you not like your present?

                                                      10:31 a.m.


Anyways, I don’t have my train tickets yet,

Sooooo, expect me to arrive sometime next week.

                                                         10:31 a.m.

Chapter Text

Jung Hoseok | 호석

Bribing Namjoon about working on Yoongi’s track had taken less than Hoseok expected, actually, WAY less than he expected as it took no bribing at all, Yoongi gave him 3 weeks to get Namjoon in the studio but Hoseok spent the first week and half of the second week panicking just from thinking of Namjoon’s possible reaction.

But after Hoseok mentioned to Namjoon that his rapping skills were needed for Yoongi’s project Namjoon showed true interest in collaborating, music has always been a passion of his and maybe if Yoongi showed him the ropes around the studio Joon would finally chose a major.




Min Yoongi | 민윤기

It was now the due week of Min Yoongi’s music production course, the project was due next Friday and today was Saturday, the track was beyond done but Yoongi had promised Hoseok that Namjoon would record the parts they’d had agreed on but Namjoon wasn’t giving Hoseok the time of day so Yoongi was just planning on turning it in as is without Namjoon’s part, it is grade after all.


New Message

To: Jung Hoseok

From: Min Yoongi

Hey, I’m turning in the track on Monday

Sorry, he didn’t show

9:15 a.m.


Perhaps next semester we can work on something together

9:16 a.m.


Yoongi texted Hoseok right after waking up, he already had plans to go to the studio and work on some tracks for a mixtape of his own, he rolled out of bet and made his way to the bathroom, Jin had made a mess with his products on the counter and Yoongi wasn’t going to be the one to clean it, he stepped in the shower taking some of Jin’s shower gel, it was something he always did, he would take Jin’s stuff and Jin pretended not to notice, it was part of their friendship.

After stepping out of the shower and patting himself dry he heard Jin having a heated conversation on the phone, Jin seemed pretty agitated from what Yoongi could hear, he saved himself the trouble of asking who was giving Seokjin a hard time, so he quietly got dressed, put his belongings in his satchel and stepped out of the apartment.


New Messages (3)

From: Jung Hoseok



                10:05 a.m.


I talked to him, He’s doing it

               10:05 a.m.


Can we meet today?


Umm, Sure!

10:20 a.m.


I’m omw to the studio,

come over.

10:21 a.m.


Turns out Jaebum had beat him to the studio, and was already working on something along with Jinyoung and Mark, Yoongi was relieved there was going to be company in the studio and he wouldn’t have to be with Jin’s soulmate alone while they worked together actually bringing Jin didn’t sound like a bad a idea.

He snipped the track and only left the instrumental in the parts he had cut out for Namjoon, he had already recorded the parts of the chorus they shared but he might be needing to step in the booth with Namjoon just in case he needed to adjust his tone to Namjoon’s, hell, he didn’t even know what Namjoon sounded like.

Yoongi tried not to stress about it too much, he practically still had a week, but who know if Namjoon might need to record for a few days and leave him with little time to edit and set everything in place.

Jaebum and his two friends looked like they were having a serious conversation when Jaebum turned his rolling chair 180° and faced Yoongi.


“So, hyung, did you talk to him yet?”

Jaebum talked to Yoongi but Yoongi was confused, he didn’t know who Jaebum was talking about.


“Talked to who?”

Yoongi was truly confused.


“Well, your soulmate, you did ask for the website”

It all made sense now, but Yoongi was still to talk to Jimin, he was still to find him, he was still to look for him, he’s been so immersed in his school work he hasn’t even thought about looking for Jimin, or even to apologize to Jin for being an asshole, but he was planning on doing both, his mind just needed to be clear first and be done with school work, winter break was just a few days away.


“Ah, not yet, I haven’t signed up yet, I was planning on doing it during the break, in case we planned on meeting”

Yoongi gave him an honest answer, he was getting too comfortable around Jaebum and his friends.

He actually spent a few minutes talking to them, taking a small break from his mixtape until Hoseok and Namjoon decided to show up.



Mark, Jinyoung and Jaebum had gone out to eat leaving their belongings in the studio they invited Yoongi to tag along but he refused, his mixtape was his baby and he couldn’t afford to leave it unattended, he did wake up early for this.

All the framework was done, this was his lifelong project, something he had worked on since his time in Daegu, it was ready for recording.

Just as Yoongi was about to step in the recording booth he heard a knock on the door, ‘Jb must have forgotten his keys’, he stepped out to open the door to find Hoseok and Namjoon waiting outside with coffee cups and a few patisseries.


 “Hi, Yoongi hyung”

Hoseok entered the studio handing Yoongi a cup of coffee

Namjoon greeted him, bowing and saying ‘hi’ quietly but loud enough for Yoongi to hear.

Namjoon was in heaven right now, the studio had been nothing like he imagined, he imagined a dirty basement, half ass,  makeshift studio, but this wasn’t that, it was as professional as a university studio could get, top notch if you asked him, the thing was, he didn’t know what exactly did what, he just knew this is where he belonged.

Yoongi seeped coffee from his cup, Hoseok had asked if he wanted a packet of sugar or a cup of cream but he refused, black coffee is just what he preferred, besides he was too busy watching Namjoon being star struck just by being inside of a studio.


“Do you have your lyrics?”

Yoongi broke into whatever thoughts were distracting Namjoon.


Namjoon was eager to start, he wanted to record but he was also interested in how the controls worked, he closely watched as Yoongi pushed buttons and turned dials, he was watching everything.


“Well, we should get your verse out of the way, step in the booth

I’ll send Hoseok in once you get it correct and move onto the chorus”

Yoongi switched to work mode, he was only hoping Namjoon’s rapping was as decent as Hoseok said it was.




“Let’s do it again”

Yoongi spoke through the speaker on the recording booth.




“Okay, I think we got it, let’s just double on, and add adlibs”




“Do that part again”


“Once more”


Yoongi was impressed, Namjoon was taking the feedback Yoongi was giving him and actually using it, and his rapping wasn’t bad either, ‘his voice would be popular amongst teens if he were to be an idol’, he wanted to test Namjoon and see what his capabilities were, but he had gotten his verses right so there was no need for that as of now.


“He was really excited to come here, he really wants to learn and go for music production major as well”


Hoseok spoke up, he had been on his phone the entire time Namjoon was recording so Yoongi didn’t think he was paying any attention, but he had been and now was telling Yoongi how Namjoon was interested in doing the same thing he was.

Hoseok just wanted the two to get along and maybe if Yoongi was in a good mood he might show Namjoon how to use the controls or something along those lines, he just wanted Namjoon to get closer to Jin’s circle.


“Yeah, I figured, he looked pretty ecstatic once he stepped in”

Yoongi replied, trying not to sound impressed or excited, his ‘cold character’ was a reputation he was proud to upkeep.


“Okay, I’ll send Hoseok in and you can both go through the chorus”

Yoongi spoke up through the speaker once again.


Hoseok and Namjoon had good synergy while in the recording booth, even if their styles didn’t completely match the contrast between both of their styles was refreshing to hear.


Just as they were on their fifth trial to get their timing right Jaebum, Jinyoung and Mark stepped in the studio once again, they were startled once they found out Namjoon was recording Namjoon had a reputation around campus for not taking anyone’s shit, but he was so submissive when Yoongi commanded him through the speaker.


“I think you guys got it, you can step out now”


Yoongi placed his hands on the back of his head leaning back into the chair, sinking in into the foam that had accustomed to his body, he was glad to say the least that Namjoon agreed to do this thing, Yoongi would be happier if Namjoon decided to stick around and let Yoongi use him for future projects.

As soon as Hoseok and Namjoon stepped out of the recording booth Hoseok went back to his phone, probably to text Jackson on their progress or something else soulmates text about, and Namjoon went straight for the couch where Mark and Jinyoung were almost cuddling in, they separated once Namjoon sat next to them, greeting them both, they seemed to be acquainted with Namjoon but not comfortable enough to show skin ship around him.


“Do you want to hear the progress?”

Yoongi asked, of course he didn’t care about an answer, he was already playing the track with a smirk well set on his face.


 “One-eight one-three three-eight ddaeng”


Mark lightly pushed on Namjoon’s shoulder “You are really something Joon”

“U wrong me right look carefully ddaeng”
Ring the school bell brr brr ddaeng
This life is all wrong for you, ddaeng”



Everyone on the couch turned their heads around, finding Namjoon blushing, he couldn’t hide the fact that he is a bomb ass rapper, the not so secret was out to the world now.




“Hip-hop? ddaeng
Rap style? ddaeng
Just rapper, ddaeng
Bangtan = ddaeng
But reality, bang
Worldwide, bang
Above chart bang bang, ddaeng
Got money, woo
AP, woo
Nice house, woo
Someone's dream life, woo
How about you? uh
I like you! uh
This success, uh
Is all thanks to you, uh
Isn't it funny, isn't it funny? ye
Don't you feel dumbfounded? ye
To be honest, think calmy, ye
About why they, ye
Are making such a fuss, ye
Not enough time, ye
This is homework, homework, ye
If you can't solve this, then your problem is ddaeng”


Namjoon’s mouth gawked open once he heard Hoseok rapping, he knew he dabbled with rap, but he didn’t know Hoseok was this good.


“Okay, now we just need the chorus with you and I, then Hoseok and I”

Yoongi cut off the music and was talking to Namjoon


“I don’t think we will take long

after we are finished I can show you around the control panel..

if you are interested”

Yoongi already knew the answer, he was just taunting Namjoon hoping to hear it from him.

Chapter Text


Once in the recording booth Yoongi felt Namjoon to be tense, probably from being trapped with Yoongi in a tight space, they got through their part of the chorus getting it right in the first few tries, once out of the recording booth Yoongi wanted to bring Jin into the conversation but he couldn’t find the right segue way so he just kept to himself watching everyone talk with each other.

Yoongi watched as Namjoon mouthed over the verse before performing it for the mic, he could tell Namjoon knew what recording was like, he didn’t know if he had picked it up from previous experienced or was just natural at this, he didn’t even notice himself staring at Namjoon when he peeked at the name on the younger’s wrist Kim Seokjin | 김석진, they were really soulmates, but Yoongi didn’t know how to work his hyung into the conversation without looking too forced.

Namjoon fake coughed and pulled the sleeve of his oversized black sweater down his arm, completely covering his mark, he wanted to say that he was angry, but he was having too good of a time to tell Yoongi to politely fuck off.


“Are you guys ready?”

Hoseok alerted them through the mic in the booth, he was recording them with the help of Jaebum.


“Okay, cut”

Even from inside the booth, Yoongi was letting Hoseok know he was still in control.


“Let’s do it again”



“We got it”

They stepped out of the booth, both a bit tense but trying not to show as the ambient on the studio was really lively, everyone was having a good time hanging out just a few days before the end of the semester and going home for the holidays.


“You guys are crazy good”

Jaebum spoke with a moth full of takeout black bean noodles.


“Want some? Jinyoung brought extras”

Mark offered the takeout containers to the two guys stepping out of the booth.


“Yeah, let’s eat”

Yoongi took the container and went to sit on his rolling chair, he took his phone out opening the message app.


New Message

To: Jin

Guess who I’m with rn

2:06 p.m.


He texted Jin, it was the first time in two weeks that he reached out to his hyung, hopefully Jin replied soon so Yoongi could tell him to get to the studio and hang out with his other half, but there was no reply, Jin always replied five seconds after receiving a text.


“Namjoon, come here”

Yoongi called out to Namjoon who was in the small couch sharing laughs with Mark and Hoseok.



Namjoon was respectful of his older, still keeping his distance.


Yoongi was showing him the basics of the panel controls and the computer commands, after all, all Namjoon would be doing as of now would be recording and cutting the audio.


“Did you get it down?”

He asked the younger if he was ready for Yoongi and Hoseok to step into the booth and quickly record their chorus.


“I think I do, if I get stuck on something I’ll ask Jaebum for help”


“Okay, Hoseok let’s go into the booth”

“Not until you call me Hobi”


“Ah, Yoongi hyung”

Hoseok whined as he dragged his feet to the booth.

“Okay, we are ready”

Yoongi shoot Namjoon with a thumbs up as he and Hoseok got their headset in place, he didn’t know if the speaker was on but Namjoon got the signal as the track started playing.






Yoongi didn’t think if his and Hoseok’s voice really matched to do a verse together, he could take it out of the end product if he didn’t like the sound of it but he didn’t want to make Hoseok feel bad.


“Let’s take a break”

Yoongi said as he sipped from his water bottle, Hoseok had forgotten his outside so he stood out of the booth to retrieve it.


“You can take a break Joon”

Hoseok told the Namjoon as he sat on the control desk.


Yoongi didn’t even notice he could listen to what was going on outside of the booth since they were taking a break.



Namjoon slid back on Yoongi’s chair, reaching for his takeout container and emptying the contents of it.


“What made you want to record Joon”

Mark asked him still from Jinyoung’s side.


“I’m still making up my mind about my major, but I think this is it honestly”

“I had a recording mic back at home, but my mom was pissed I spent more time recording stuff than I did at school, she ended up breaking it in half and I ended up acing every fucking test”


Namjoon pulled his phone out giving it to Mark


“I have some of my recordings in there”


Yoongi realized he was hearing everything that was going on, Namjoon was telling the other guys about his time in high school but Yoongi didn’t react as he wanted to learn as much as he could, thank god Hoseok was clumsy and had his butt on the speaker button.


“Ohh Joon who is she, she is gorgeous”

Mark said as he scrolled down the kakao on Namjoon’s phone.


“Hyejin, ah she’s such a good fuck,

we were on the general course together on our first semester, but she chose vocal course

so now only see her on the weekends”

Namjoon smirked.


Namjoon wasn’t even done with his little story when Yoongi felt the fire cruising through his veins, he wanted to stab Namjoon with whatever object he could find closest to him, but he didn’t, for Jin’s sake he didn’t.

He had to keep cool, he had to talk to Namjoon about it eventually, he just couldn’t do it in front of everyone else, it had to be in private, he didn’t want witnesses in case of murder.

He needed to distract himself before snapping, he already knew the number of foam panels inside the booth, he already knew the number of wooden boards on the floor of the booth, if he wanted to calm down, he wasn’t going to find it here.


“Okay, break’s over”


He spoke from the booth, the speaker worked both ways, so he knew he was going to be heard whether they were aware or not of Hoseok sitting on the button.

They all heard Yoongi, but the conversation had already shifted from earlier, they weren’t even aware of the fact that they had talked about the girl Namjoon was sleeping around with, or that Namjoon had already a soulmate who spent a few years waiting for him, or that said soulmate had a friend who was willing to kill for him and who was standing right here, it must be normal for them to speak about this since they didn’t seem phased by none of it.

Yoongi stepped out of the booth, he is a pretty self-aware person, he knows that once he was angry is best if he removes himself from the situation if the other party doesn’t want to get harmed.

Once out of the booth he didn’t bother looking or talking to any of the guys in the studio, to him it was guilt by association, he loaded the recordings and tracks into his usb and headed for the door but not without getting a last word in.

“I think we are done here, I’ll just go and let you have your conversation in peace.”

He furiously stomped back home, he counted every step, it was an old habit of his, he liked to believe it made him keep control, once in his building he counted each step on the stairs, it was always 73 steps he didn’t know why he kept counting them, the number never changed, he secretly hoped he did, but it didn’t it was always 73.

There was no one home, strangely.

Seokjin always stayed home on the weekends, in fact, if he wasn’t at school he was at home, he was a homebody, it had been a week since he lashed out at his hyung and he was kind of missing him at the moment, home wasn’t home without Seokjin, there was no music being played, there was no awkward dancing going on and there wasn’t any delicious cooking scenting the living room and filling Yoongi’s senses with joy.

He sighed in disappointment, not from Seokjin, but in himself, he dragged his feet all the way to his room and started putting his project together he was truly dedicated to his work, he knew he would be amongst the top grades, but he wasn’t doing it for a grade, it was a matter of pride in his own work.

He finished sooner than he expected with his work, the clock read 7:32 p.m. and Seokjin wasn’t home yet, there was nothing to do, he wasn’t hungry and he wasn’t tired enough to go to sleep, the only good thing had been that he wasn’t angry no more.

He was about to close the laptop on his desk when he remembered Jaebum’s words.

“Have you talked to him?”

Yoongi couldn’t go to sleep just yet.

He has a soulmate to look for, he looked down at the name etched on his wrist Park Jimin |지민  the name in his wrist itched as Yoongi ran his hand through it, he could only wonder what color his wrist would turn once he and Jimin made contact.

“let’s do this”

He opened his browser and typed away ‘’, the website looked pretty legit and self-explanatory, he started setting up his profile.

 Min Yoongi

Name: Min Yoongi (Male)

Age: 19

Soulmate: Park Jimin | 지민 

Location: Daegu/Seoul

Interests: Music Production.



‘Your profile has been set up, expect to get a match soon’


‘If your soulmate has yet to be marked feel free to browse through our registered users with the name ‘Park Jimin | 지민’ ’


‘Registered users under the name ‘Park Jimin | 지민’ (8)’