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So maybe I like you but it’s your fault

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It was a joke, it had to be. How else would you explain this-this-this travesty! How else would you explain universal role reversal, where Bakugo was an omega and Midoriya was an Alpha. How else would you explain that?

It was torture. His life went from the constant uproar of ‘You got this Bakugo!’ to a never ending cycle of alphas trying to scent mark him. As if it was their place to tell him that he wasn’t going to be a hero.

Where do they get to decide that?! Where do alphas have the authority to say ‘get an apron and cook something good’?! Where do any of them get off on that?

Bakugo brought his knees closer to his chest and swallowed the uprising bile. It was getting worse. If he used his quirk to fend off Alphas, he would surely get in trouble with the middle school for the final time. But all the days he spent not doing anything, mateless, equaled up to the big picture.

He expected to be an alpha, and therefore didn’t try to preserve any bridges. The damn nerd was the only alpha around him that wasn’t objectifying him, and his only chance to get people to leave him alone. It was something Bakugo had known a long time ago. He had known the day he presented that this was what it was going to come to. He had known that he was going to have to ask for the nerds help.

Maybe a little scenting here and there, growls every now and again, basically pretend to be mates even if they aren’t even friends. Because Bakugo knows that Midoriya won’t turn his back on him, and call it what you want, but Bakugo could use that.

Pushing himself off the ground, Bakugo stood up straight and looked a ways past the beach. It was clean now. Someone had done a real clean up job on it after all the years, unexpectedly too. It was nice being able to reach the ocean for once. Bakugo took a final breath of sea air and made his trek back to the main road that would take him to the all-too-familiar apartment complex.

Inko answered the door, looking curious before she gasped. “Katsuki! What a nice surprise to see you here after- what has it been?”

“Years.” He replied and took a look around. “It’s been years since I’ve been in this place.” He nodded and Inko faltered a little but kept her smile on.

“Of course. Come in and I’ll get Izuku.” She said and Bakugo nodded. He realized, vaguely, that his steps were slow with dread. Inko didn’t even need to call Izuku out, he smelt the distressed omega and came out. He was calm compared to most Alphas their age. He probably had grown up smelling negativity in the air with the amount of time his mother spends worrying.

“Kacchan-“ his eyes widened and Bakugo looked at Deku. It was hard to believe this little quirkless ball of irrelevancy was his only chance at getting some quiet.

“We need to talk.” Bakugo said in return and Izuku winced at the tension in the air. He merely nodded and walked Katsuki back to his room and shut the door after Bakugo came in.

“What is it, Kacchan?” Deku asked nervously before Bakugo could even comment on the tacky as fuck All Might fan merch. Katsuki took a deep breath and looked at Deku,

“Be my alpha.”

“Huh?!” Deku jumped back and held his hands up in the defensive position. Bakugo snarled And little sparks went off.

“Did I fucking stutter?! You’re the only godforsaken alpha that still believes I can be a hero!” Bakugo said and his cheeks tinged pink. It was the estrogen that was apparently flowing inside his body. Hormones he didn’t understand and shit.

Midoriya slowly got out of the defensive position and looked at his childhood best friend. “Will this make you stop hiding closets and the bathrooms?” He asked softly and a boulder dropped in Bakugos stomach. The damn nerd had noticed and suddenly the moment was too intimate.

“Yeah, it’ll make me happier. You don’t have to do much. Just scent mark me and growl at other alphas when they get too close.” Katsuki said and Deku raised an eyebrow.

“Do you want me to mate you too?” He joked and Bakugo went quiet. That was not what he wanted but it would be a permanent solution. No, no, no, what is he thinking?

“Fuck no, you useless nerd!” Bakugo screeched and Midoriya pursed his lips. Late reaction, makes you wonder what Bakugo was really thinking. Midoriya shrugged and looked at his childhood friend.

“Yeah, Okay. C’mere.” Midoriya said and Bakugo reluctantly went forward. The effect was immediate. A wood-sy, nature smell filled the air and engulfed Bakugo. You could still smell the caramel scent on him, but it was faint now. Drowned out by the suspiciously strong scent that was purely the nerd. It but his omega to ease and Bakugo couldn’t help but feel relieved.

Bakugo left the apartment that day somewhat content with the situation. Maybe it was because the nerd had a calming scent but Bakugo felt safe in a way. No one bothered him on his way home and Bakugo snuck in through the backdoor. Unfortunately, his mother still smelt the alpha on him and they called Midoriya over the next day to give them proper anatomy classes.

If his own mother didn’t notice they weren’t actually together, Bakugo was assured that most probably couldn’t either. And that was fine, for awhile. Deku did his part, he wasn’t the problem. Or, he was, but in what he was doing. He scented Bakugo every other day, growled when another Alpha came up, basically put his claim on Bakugo. At first it didn’t set right. The whole being claimed thing, but then everything just kind of melted down.

They had graduated middle school, and Bakugo was thinking of how to do one of two things. Break it to Deku they had to stop or ask him to court Bakugo for real. Both were equally as embarrassing and it was his damn omega pheromones that made him want Izuku anyways.

They were both trying for UA. The top hero school and while Bakugo was a little angry for the quirkless nerd standing in the same ring as him, if Midoriya got accepted, they could continue this facade for a little longer. And then the small break passed by and it was time for the entrance exam and Bakugo hadn’t told Deku anything. And he was forced to go into the fight knowing the nerd wouldn’t get in. It was robots, there was no way.

Then by some miracle, he did. He gained some quirk out of nowhere and he got accepted into UA. Somehow, Bakugo had ended up walking toward the apartment complex, ready to break it off. The trek to the building was slow and dreadful, because truth be told, he never realized how much Deku had grown up.

Bakugo had always seen him as this whiny little snot nosed four year old who followed him around. He never realized that Deku had grown up to be a very muscled, young man. He was still just as kind and happy-go-lucky. He still cried over basically everything, but Deku was more than that.

He was witty and clever. He wasn’t afraid to talk back and he was sarcastic. He was what Bakugo wanted in a partner, which was why it hurt so much when he knocked on the door. Izuku opened the door and immediately his face dropped. “I can smell your pain, what’s going on?”

“Deku-“ a hot flash. Bakugo was caught off guard and looked over to see Deku grabbing his arm. “What the fuck are you doing?!”

“I’m doing anything!” He exclaimed and Bakugo ripped his hand away, holding his stomach. He felt queasy, his head hurt, he felt heat engulf his body like a thick blanket on the hottest day of the year.

“You’re obviously doing somet-“ Bakugo cut himself off when he looked up. Deku looked angry, but not a mad angry if that made sense. His brows were furrowed and his teeth were clenched together. He was growling lowly and his pupils dilated. Bakugo felt heat pool where heat wasn’t supposed to be and Inko came rushing in.

“Oh this is no good.” He said and took Izuku by the shoulder and put him in her room before Bakugo could even think. Inko came back and grabbed her phone while Bakugo felt another pang of heat, this one painful and took him to his knees. “Hello?...yes, Mitsuki?...Katsuki went into heat over here.” Bakugo stopped listening after that.

So that’s what this was. It was his first heat. His omega had been screaming at him to be mated for weeks now, but Bakugo had ignored it. So this was his ungodly retribution? His thoughts were cut off by another painful dousing of heat. He was losing his mind, his body converting itself to fit an alpha. He had listened to the omega anatomy lessons, but he didn’t think a heat would be this painful.

Thoughts of being mated and bred were ebbing away at his mind, drowning common sense out. Bakugo curled up on the floor, panting and whining until he heard the door open. There was suddenly another scent thrown his way. It smelt of flowers, he recognized it as his mother’s. The heat died down a little and he was being lifted into his mother’s arms. He felt weightless, and Mitsuki frowned.

“It hit him hard on the first try. The only thing to do is wait it out I’m afraid.” She said and looked around. “Is Izuku around?”

“I locked him in my room.” Inko responded and Bakugo shut his eyes for a minute. Mitsuki nodded and swallowed.

“You don’t mind if he stays here? To carry him all the way home isn’t safe.” She said and Inko nodded.

“Katsuki is welcome to stay in Izukus room and Izuku can stay with me for the duration of the heat.” Inko said and Mitsuki hummed her approval, taking Katsuki to Dekus room and setting him in the bed. Inko left to her room and Mitsuki shut the door and undressed Bakugo.

“What are you doing?” He managed weakly and she gave a reassuring smile.

“The less clothing you have on, the less hot you’ll feel. Plus, you’ll have a lot of slick and there’s no need to ruin any good clothes.” She said and folded the clothing and set them in the chair behind her. “Are you and Izuku mated?”

“No.” Bakugo opened his eyes a little.


“No. It was a ploy to make people leave me alone. The nerd and I aren’t together.” Bakugo said and that didn’t set right with him. Mitsuki must have seen.

“But you want to be with him?”

“I do.” Bakugo admitted for the first time and he turned his head. “I want him as mine.” Katsuki said and his mother chuckled.

“Get through a heat first.” She said and left only to come back with water. Bakugo downed it and passed out.

That’s how the first two days went. His mother would come in and give him water and food. She would talk with him and he was asleep a lot to avoid really feeling the heat. On the morning of the third day, Bakugos heat was unbearable. He felt so sick he wanted to puke and his mind was completely filled with the need to be full of something. Mitsuki sighed.

“It helps if you masturbate. You’ll get something and it should calm your heat.” She said and Bakugo whined.

“Is there no other way?” He asked and Mitsuki bit her lip.

“Your heat will end immediately if you take an alphas knot. But your body won’t accept an alpha you aren’t bonded to.”

“So I’m stuck here for a few more days.”

“Not necessarily. Your body formed a bond with an alpha when he continuously scent marked you. He staked his claim and believe me when I say that he’s going crazy with the need to make you feel better.”

“You want me to give my body to the Deku?!” Bakugo looked incredulous and Mitsuki clicked her tongue.

“It’s an option for you. Not anything more or anything less. You can be knitted or you can do it yourself and hope it works.” Mitsuki said and Bakugo frowned.

“I guess I’ll do it. I’ll take the nerds knot.” He said and Mitsuki pursed her lips.

“I’ll have to prepare him for that. Ya know, teach him self control.” Mitsuki nodded and stood. “I’d prepare yourself though. Alphas can be big.” She nodded and left.

Bakugo swallowed and looked down at his naked form. He was painfully hard and leaking slick all over his thighs and the sheets. Bakugo bit his lip and shut his eyes, embarrassment radiating off him as he slid his hand down and pressed a finger against his hole.

The reaction was instantaneous and he moaned. Teasing himself wasn’t gonna work this way, so he pressed his finger in to the knuckle. He moaned and immediately started moving, the slick making it easy and much more pleasurable. Soon enough, Bakugo was shoving three of his fingers inside of himself, embarrassment forgotten as he felt relief. He continued, rolling his hips down onto his fingers until it wasn’t enough. He curled them and tried to find a good position, and whined when he couldn’t. Bakugo added a fourth finger, but that brought no relief.

Still, Bakugo kept his fingers moving and moans tumbled from his mouth. He didn’t even register the door opening and closing until there was a feral growl in the air. Bakugo looked up and saw Midoriya inching closer. Bakugos heart pounded and his movements stopped as he watched. It was at this point Bakugo looked down and realized that Izuku didn’t have any clothes on. Before Bakugo could process just how big Izuku was, a moan was ripped from him as Izuku forced his fingers out of himself.

No sooner did Izuku push Bakugos legs apart and put them on his shoulders and lower his head, sniffing. “Kacchan smells good, I wonder what he tastes like.” He said briefly and Kacchan was rendered nearly speechless.

“Please-“ Bakugo said and was awarded by a tongue pressing to his thighs first, lapping up all the slick. He squirmed, not nearly enough friction being where it’s needed. Somehow the presence of an alpha- his alpha as he learned- really heightened his heat reactions and lowered his vocabulary. Bakugo wrapped his fingers into Dekus hair and tugged him to his entrance.

Izuku gladly fulfilled Katsukis request and went to work on his entrance, cleaning up all the slick and thrusting his tongue inside. The build up from his fingers and now Izukus tongue inside him, Bakugo tightened up and came. A new wave of slick exited him and dropped onto Izukus chin as he lapped up what he could. Finally, when it wasn’t enough, Bakugo pulled on Dekus hair again and the male looked up.

“Breed me, alpha~” Bakugo whined and how was Izuku supposed to say no? It was slow, obviously Izuku had enough sense to know that Bakugo was a virgin. Gradually Izuku pushed in until he bottomed out, the weight of his dick making Bakugo squirm around. “Please-!” He begged and Izuku clenched his teeth.

“I want to be gentle for Kacchans first time.”

“I’m not a girl, Deku! Fuck me!” Bakugo barked and there was a growl before he was being pounded into mercilessly. Bakugo nearly screamed as he arched his back off the bed and came again. This-this was what it meant to be filled. Bakugo rolled his eyes back and pushed his hips down as much as he could with his legs perched on Dekus shoulders.

Then Deku did this thing. He changed the angle he was thrusting from and hit this place inside of Bakugo that make him screech out Dekus name. Izuku smirked and made an effort to abuse that place until Bakugo had cum dry and tightened up around Deku. Izuku groaned and let his head drop and gripped Katsukis hips. “Shit, I’m gonna blow.”

“Knot me~” Bakugo moaned and Izuku frowned.

“You could get pregnant.”

“I’ve taken contraceptives since I presented. Now knot me.” Bakugo demanded and Izuku was always a sucker for what Bakugo wanted. A few thrusts later, Izukus knot began to swell and finally caught onto Bakugo. Deku groaned as he came deep inside Bakugo and panted. Izuku leaned down and sunk his teeth down into Bakugos shoulder. Bakugo winced and blinked himself awake to look at Deku. “What was that?”

“Its a pseudo-mate mark.” Deku said and looked up at Bakugo.

“You’ve marked me.”

“Is that not what you wanted?” Deku asked. Bakugo blushed and looked away. “Oh, you didn’t think I could smell it on you did you? You bonded me to you, I can sense when your distressed, when your happy, and when your conflicted.” Deku said and Bakugo glared.

“Do you knew and you let me contemplate breaking it off?”

“Whoa. I’m not a mind reader. I couldn’t tell you if your contemplating what to eat from who to be friends with.” Deku said and sighed as he knot deflated and he pulled out.

“Whatever you shitty nerd. You’re mine now.” Bakugo crosses his arms and Izuku smiles fondly.

“Of course Kacchan!”