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I Really apologise for what you are about to read this is really awful please no seriously don't read this you have been warned

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He was in. After years of studying the layout of the place, he had figured out how to get in. Soon enough, he was standing in a bedroom. His target was in sight, lying there, in his wrinkly naked skin. His orange face glimmered in the moonlight and his hair looked as it usually did. The red haired clown had wanted to be with him ever since he saw him on celebrity apprentice. Now he was there. He could feel his pale white member hardening. He pulled off his jumpsuit, revealing his pale chest. He began lubing up. He pulled back the sheets to reveal Trump's Rump. He penetrated deep inside him and began thrusting. He thrust and thrust and thrust some more. Then, someone walked in.

"What are you doing?" The man asked. The red headed clown flipped around. It was Trump.
"What?" Ronald yelled.
"Ahhh, well, you see, Melania told me to go fuck myself so I made a sex doll of myself so I could." Trump explained. Ronald McDonald was confused at what was going on. Then, the real Trump pulled his pants down, revealing his nineteen inch long dick. He was already hard because he fucked Mike Pence's ass up real good. Damn, he was a hot boy. Then, he shoved it dry up Ronald's ass, tearing it clean in two. He died immediately upon impact of Trump's mega dick.