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Under Your Skin.

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It had been 3 months since prom since Kara had felt soft full lips on hers. It had been 3 months since she told Lena see you later she often found herself looking back on the memory of that last night together no matter how better sweet it was she always managed to smile.

“This is not goodbye forever this is just a see you later.” Kara said as she wiped at a stray tear.

“Always the positive one.” Lena chuckled her breath getting caught in her throat when she felt warm loving lips on hers she closed her eyes and relaxed into the familiar kiss. They stayed that way for a few minutes just kissing Kara wanted her to remember the feelings she passed through in the kiss she wanted Lena to remember her. They broke their kiss a few minutes later pulling back and looking over each other once more before their gazed locked again this time there was no tears there was no mixed feelings it was acceptance that was the only thing either of them felt and they were more than happy with that.

“I uhm I have to go my plane leaves in 20 minutes ill uh I’ll see you around okay.” Lena said as she turned and folded the suit and placed it back in her bag along with the cape Kara nodded and waited until Lena hoisted the bag over her shoulder to pull her in to another small hug wishing her luck.
Lena smiled and told Kara to be safe and to not be afraid to ask for help they broke apart again Kara watching Lena disappear through the locker room door she let out a small sigh as she shook her head and followed a few minutes later meeting Maggie and Alex outside of the school in the parking lot a smile on the blondes face pulling the attention of both the other girls.

“What happened are you okay?” Alex asked as she pulled Kara into a hug Kara nodded and grabbed Maggie’s arm pulling her into a three-way hug squeezing the two girls softly for a moment before pulling back and launching into an explanation.

Kara looked out the car window the countryside flying by rain splattering against the glass as long streaks formed from the wind the memory was a fond one for Kara, but she always felt so heavy at the same time she knew it had been the right thing to do and honestly she really had no other option Lena had to move for her family's company. Kara had to grow up she had to start thinking of her own safety she needed to be less stubborn. Alex was the one who told Lena she needed to stop running she was the one who voiced her thoughts to the raven-haired girl. Alex didn’t have a problem per say with Lena she just had a problem with the way things had happened and the way the younger girl had always freaked and ran. A bright shot of lightning streaked from the sky and into the ground a loud clap of thunder followed 10 seconds later this is what pulled Kara from her memories. Kara shook her head and straightened her back as she leaned back into the seat looking at her sister who was driving.

“How long do you think it’s going to rain for?” Kara asked her sister whose eyes never once left the road her grip on the wheel soft. Alex just let out a little chuckle as she shook her head.

“I don’t know Kara….” Alex sighed they had been on the road for nearly an hour glancing down at her watch Alex had decided the next small town they went through they would stop for lunch.

The car went back to being silent that is until Alex had to make a sudden swerve to avoid a large four by four truck that had blindly tried to switch lanes. Alex pushed on the horn as she looked through the passenger window she shot a cold glare to the driver who had clearly been texting.

“Idiot!” Alex huffed out as she took a deep breath and fixed her attention back to the road in front of them.

“What the hell is going on?” Maggie groaned from the back seat as she sat up her hair a mess and her eyes heavy with sleep. This caught both Alex and Kara’s attention Kara smiled and bit back a laugh at the normally well put together soon to be cop. Alex glanced at her girlfriend in the rear-view mirror letting her heart soften at her adorable girlfriend. Alex focused back on the road as she let out a little huff.

“Some idiot was texting and driving, and I have to swerve to miss him.”

“Oh…. Well he is sure looking to get himself killed it’s pouring cats and dogs and he’s on the highway doesn’t he know the roads get slick when it rains.” Maggie grumbled out as she scooted forward enough to kiss Alex’s shoulder before she quickly turned her attention to Kara.

“How long was I out?” Maggie yawned. Kara glanced down at her phone.

“Uhm I guess for about an hour.” Kara answered. Maggie just nodded and sunk back into the back seat her eyes fixated on the road ahead.

20 minutes later Alex had finally come to a small town she had informed her two passengers of her plan to get lunch Kara practically bounced in her seat as Maggie gave a sleepy cheer from the back seat. Alex pulled around a corner revealing a nice buffet place the parking lot full but not too full she pulled into the closest parking spot she could throwing the car into park and shutting the engine off. Kara was practically running into the building taking a second to turn around and beam at her sister. Alex and Maggie walking at a normal pace shielding themselves with their hands at the rain falling from the sky.

They had been seated and served their drinks before they took off to the buffet to fill their plates Maggie was the first to return her plate a mixer of vegetables and fruits a tell that she was vegan. Alex returned a few minutes after her plate loaded with different types of vegetables a decent sized steak on her plate along with a dinner roll and mashed potatoes. The couple began to eat not waiting for the blonde as she normally took this chance to stuff a mountain on to her plate. They hadn’t been wrong in their assumption of the blonde when Kara made her way over a plate in each hand and a beaming smile on her face she sat her plates down on the table and slid into her empty side of the booth.

“This was a great idea Alex ill be full for the rest of the night after eating all this.” Kara said with a smile to her sister before she unwrapped her silverware and dug in her mouth simply watering at all the different kinds of food piled on her plates. Alex took a drink and chuckled her sister looking up at the noise.

“Kar we are in public please try to chew also you know no matter how much food you eat you are always hungry an hour after anyway.” Alex chuckled Kara blushed, and Maggie sighed.

They continued to eat Alex eventually getting up for a second plate along with Maggie Kara had finished her first two plates and decided desert was next her sweet tooth pulled her to the ice cream and her chocolate craving pulled her to the cookies cakes and brownies after Kara had literally stuffed two of each on her plate she returned to her place in the booth.

They had finished everything off Kara letting out a small whine when Alex had told her it was time to go. They exited the restaurant and slipped back into the car this time Maggie taking over the driving with Alex in the passenger’s seat Kara let out a happy squeal she got to sit in back well more like stretch out and enjoy the ride. Kara happily laid back and placed one arm under her head and pulling her phone from her pocket with her free hand she pulled up one of her digital books she was lost in the words eventually everything else fading out.

Kara had eventually pass out after a half hour of reading her stomach was full and she was happy she snored softly as Maggie drove. Alex had been having a soft conversation with her girl friend to pass the time and to speak about the apartment arrangement.

They had made their way to the city last week in search of a decent apartment all three women loving little things from the first 4 houses or apartments they were shown but as soon as the door swung open on this top floor open concept apartment they all fell in love with it there were two very large floor to ceiling windows in the Living Room followed by another in bedroom off on the left of the hallway Kara had already claimed that one. The second bedroom to the right side of the hallway it had 2 smaller regular sized windows and a decent walk in closet Alex and Maggie loved it. It was big enough for the both of them and the windows would allow for light but could be blacked out by curtains if necessary. They had wasted no time putting down a deposit and first month's rent right then and there the landlord was impressed by their eagerness.

Maggie had pulled into the city and headed straight for their apartment they had managed to hire a few movers and get the place furnished before they had left Midvale. So, the 20-minute ride into the city from the interstate flew by and shortly they were pulling up to a stop at their new home. Alex looked up at the four-story building her eyes shining bright and a smile gracing her lips. Maggie looked at Alex for a second before she shifted into park and cut the motor. Alex pulled her attention from her girlfriend and unbuckled herself as she climbed half way to the back seat and swatted Kara on her leg effectively jolting the blonde away.

“We’re here Kar.” Alex smiled as the blonde fixed her glasses and shot up a bright excited smile on her face. Kara was the first to exit the car she walked around the back of the car and looked up.

“Home sweet home.”

A month later.

Alex had found a job as a lab technician, Maggie was going to the police academy and Kara had her plate full with online college classes as well as an internship for the Queen of all media Cat Grant.

It had been a long day Kara had ran around so much even her Kryptonian genetics were barely able to keep up keeping her from aching all over. Kara entered her room closing the door behind her she flipped on the light and made for her bed gently peeling the sweater from the day off as she sat and slid off her flats. Kara let out a long sigh and she undid her belt and flopped her back down on the bed she closed her eyes for a moment before she opened them again.

“I hope I haven’t bit off more than I could chew.” Kara mumbled to herself. After a few moments of relaxing and calming her mind she stood and headed to her master bathroom.
After flicking on the light and taking off her glasses Kara plugged the tub and stated to run the hottest bath she could filling the tub with bath salts and lighting a few incense as she pulled the clothing from her body and her hair tie from her hair her golden locks tumbling down on her shoulders. After a moment Kara carefully lowered herself into the hot water her skin feeling the warmth that would be too much for a human to handle she shifted so she was leaning back against the tub her head facing the ceiling. Kara closed her eyes and let out a content sigh her mind seemingly blank for the moment.

Half an hour had past and the blonde had drifted to sleep the exhaustion of the day catching up with her. At first her dream had started as any other only this time she imagined she was back on krypton her mother and aunt smiling at her as they all sat about the room. Kal was just a baby rolling around on the floor as her uncle jor-el chatted away to her dad the mood was happy the red sun of Rao filtering through the Living Room window bathing the city below in a soft red glow. Kara couldn’t help but smile at the wonderful sight in front of her. Her dreams were normally of random events her and Alex had been to. But every once in a while, she would get a small taste of home she was happy she was granted a dream of home by Rao she smiled and walked to the window.

The next thing Kara knew she was engulfed in a bright searing light as she jolted awake in the tub it took Kara a minute or two to pull herself together before she shook her head and finished her bath she washed her hair and body finally pulling the plug and stepping from the tub she dried herself off and wrapped her towel around her she took a look at herself in the mirror looking her face over seeing the red tint around her eyes and the bags that had formed. Kara sighed and brushed out her hair grabbing her toothbrush and finishing her nightly routine before she headed back into her room to dress as comfortably as she could. It took Kara about a half an hour to finally emerge from her room Alex and Maggie wouldn’t be home until later so after taking a quick glance at the clock on the wall in the Livingroom Kara decided to make dinner knowing her sister and Maggie would also be hungry and tired when they returned home.

2 months later.

Kara was just returning from work when she ran into Alex outside their apartment door.

“Hey, I thought you had work today?” Kara asked with a smile as she reached past her sister to unlock the door.

“Well they were slow, so they allowed a few people to take a half day nothing exciting to watch in the lab nothing to learn so I opted to leave. How was your day today you look chipper.” Alex asked as they entered the apartment Kara smiled and shut the door behind them.

“You will never believe who made his way to national city!” Kara all but shouted her face beaming. Alex furrowed her brow and let out a small Laugh.


“James!” Kara answered this time she did a slight hop that she tried to cover up with a flourish of her hands as she sped into the kitchen pulling out a beer for Alex as she grabbed a glass of her own special drink.

“James really I thought he decided he wanted to go to metropolis to help Clark.” Alex said her face still slightly scrunched as she took the beer from her sister when she entered the Living Room. Kara sat right next to Alex setting her glass down on the table as grabbed the tv remote from the table and sat back flicking the tv on. After a minute of thinking Kara turned her attention to Alex her face serious as a smile graced her lips.

“I guess he decided to do his photography instead you know how he was in high school always wanting to take pictures.”

“Oh, wow that’s good…… wait is Lucy with him or do you know?” Alex asked a small smile forming on her face at the thought of her high school friend.

“I uh…. He told me he left her when he moved something about her dad making Lucy stay.” Kara said her lips drawn into a frown as she sighed and reached forward for her drink taking a small sip.

“Oh well shit I hope she is okay and hell I hope James is fine as well I mean you know they were practically stuck to each other’s hips all throughout high school.” Alex smiled taking a drink of her beer. Kara let out a soft snort as she shook her head.

“He seems fine and he said that Lucy would have came if she could. He uh also told me that it was for the best because some things had happened in the past that started to strain their relationship, so he had made the ultimate decision to move when he was offered the head photojournalists position at Cat co from Cat Grant herself no middle person to relay the message.” Kara informed her face bright and her eyes shining. Alex noticed this and nodded as the blonde spoke after a small cut in Kara’s rambling Alex had cut in.

“Hey, you sure do seem excited about this I’m sure James being single has nothing to do with it.” Alex teased. Kara spit her drink out and her face turned bright red as she smiled slightly trying to hide it with a scowl and failing miserably.

“I... I don’t like James.” Kara said softly as she wiped the alien alcohol from the coffee table. Alex just chuckled softly to herself as she watched her sister clean the mess.

“Okay Kara you keep telling yourself that.” Alex sighed as she quickly took a drink to stop her sister from smacking her on the leg.

Their night carried on quickly shifting topic from James to the show they were now watching a few hours went by and Maggie arrive home a few pizzas in hand Kara jumped up and went to help Maggie. Honestly her help was basically taking the pizzas and opening the top one right away, so she could start stuffing her face. Maggie rolled her eyes and headed to the fridge pulling out her own beer turning to face Alex who had retrieved a few plates from the cabinet Alex moved to Maggie’s side and stole a few quick kisses from Maggie a smile gracing both of the women’s lips Kara was too busy stuffing her face and loading the plate Alex had given her with pizza only stopping once her plate and mouth were full the blonde made her way to the couch and reclaimed her seat.

“Well hello to you to.” Maggie said as she waggled her brow at Alex earning herself another kiss from the older woman. After a moment they pulled back and broke the kiss.

“How was your day?” Alex asked softly as she snaked her arms around Maggie’s waist pulling her close. Maggie let out a little giggle as she flashed a dimpled smile her cheeks being dusted in a light red.

“It was a day just another month or so and I’ll be a full-fledged cop.” Maggie said softly as she took a sip of her drink pulling herself from Alex. Alex watched her girlfriend with a smile as she filled her plate with vegan pizza from the untouched box. Alex walked over to fill her own plate fallowing Maggie into the Livingroom a few seconds later they had all sat and watched tv relaxing and chatting about their day until finally Kara was the first to cave giving a small yawn and a rub of her eyes she bid a goodnight to her sister and Maggie.

A week later.

Kara was on doing some errands for Miss Grant around the office she was sent down to get today's layout from James she couldn’t help but smile to herself as she made her way to his office.

“Kara! Hey.” James greeted as the blonde entered his office.

“What could I do for you?” James asked.

“Hey James, uh C-Cat sent me down f-for the lay out.” Kara greeted as she fidgeted with her glasses. James smiled and went to his desk grabbing the layouts and walking them over to Kara.

“Here hopefully these will work for Miss Grant.” James smiled as he handed the item over to the blonde. Kara blushed slightly as she grabbed them from him she noticed his eyes never left hers for a moment, but she internally berated herself and slowly started to turn around stopping just before the door to say her goodbye when she was stopped by James’s voice.

“Hey Kara, what uh what would you say to dinner at my place later this week?” James asked his voice slightly shaky as she heard a sharp inhale from him. Kara smiled wide to herself before she cleared her throat willing her blush to subside as she finally turned around to look at her crush.

“O-oh uhm s-sure I would enjoy that very much.” Kara answered as she nodded. It was silent for a moment before James smiled and bid her a good day. Kara exited his office offering a wave over her shoulder as she walked away she finished out her day with a giddy smile on her face Kara hadn’t really liked anyone since well you know who, but she did have a slight crush on James ever since she met him when Alex brought them over for one of the Danvers family beach days. The first time Kara had laid her eyes upon his toned chest and bright smile she was a goner she couldn’t help but blush, but It had only gotten worse that day when he spoke to her she couldn’t answer she couldn’t do anything but smile and stare like a child lost in awe at a new movie or new place.

After a few hours Kara had managed to actually pull herself together and talk to James she started talking about how blue the ocean was and about all the wonderful things she read about or had seen they ended up talking about the most beautiful places in the world and he had told her about his dad and about his wish to become a photographer. He had offered right then and there to take her picture, but Kara had been to nervous and turned the offer down opting to continue to talk instead. She had learned that James was a wonderful and thoughtful person that he looked up to what his father stood for freedom and justice as a member of the united states army. Kara beamed when James spoke of how he wanted to help people he wanted to build them up and make everything equal for anyone and everyone. She remembered that day for the rest of her life It had always been one of her most cherished memories.

Later that week James apartment.

Kara had arrived right on time as she walked up to James door and knocked lightly after a few moments she heard as he made his way to open the door.

“Kara, I hope you are hungry I made some amazing pasta.” James said brightly as Kara nodded.

“I’m always hungry and honestly I’m surprised I had no idea you cooked.” Kara said as she entered his apartment shrugging off her coat and handing it to James who placed it over the back of the couch as her ushered her into the kitchen where the table was set two wine glasses ready to fill and two empty plates. James smiled and pulled Kara’s chair out for her offering her to take a seat Kara blushed and sat watching as James grabbed a bottle of white wine from the fridge and popped the cork filling both wine glasses half full before he placed the bottle on the table.

“My mother taught me.” James said with a smile as he made his way to the stove and pulled the pot from the burner switching it off as soon as the metal had been moved. He carefully took the pot over to the table and began filling the two empty plates Kara couldn’t help the fact that her mouth was watering from the delicious smell of the home cooked meal. After both plates were filled and James had sat down they dug in Kara holding back a moan from the first delicious bite she took she could taste all of the different seasonings he used she could practically taste the crisp from the fresh tomato’s he used and the basil and mixed great with the fresh garlic and onions. James watched Kara carefully when she took the first bite his lips splitting into a giant smile when he noticed she enjoyed it genuinely enjoyed his cooking something he sadly could never get from Lucy when they had been together. He pushed those thoughts down as he let out a soft chuckle and continued to eat. Their date night had past comfortably dinner sliding by with comfortable chit chat about what they had been up to after high school.

The date had eventually came to an end a few hours later they had just ended up talking about old memories and friends thankfully for Kara neither one of them bringing Lena up. Kara took a look at her watch and her eyes widened when she saw it was close to midnight. Kara had excused herself to use the restroom deciding that when she came out she would head home she had a long day ahead of her and she needed her sleep.

“Hey uh thanks for dinner tonight it was a wonderful date.” Kara said as she re entered the room grabbing her coat from the back of the couch. James smiled and stood nodding gently as she took the coat from Kara and offered it to her, so she could slip it on. Kara couldn’t help but smile at the gentlemanly action. After she had slipped on her coat she turned her attention back to James the air had shifted slightly her heart racing as she was engulfed in strong welcoming arms Kara was slightly dazed when James just held her for moment allowing for her to steady herself and catch her bearings.

“Any time Kara I’m just glad we could spend this time together I missed you and your sunny smile you have a way of making people feel like they are their best selves.” James smiled as the blonde couldn’t help but blush at the admission and compliment. Kara took a second before she looked up into warm brown eyes and took a deep breath.

“No problem I only try and help never hurt you know and I uhm I missed you too it's hard to believe it's been almost 6 months since graduation and I mean really look how far we have all come.” Kara smiled she couldn’t help but feel nervous but as soon as she heard the light laugh from James she relaxed her nervousness bubbling away.

“I know how you feel I mean come on I am barely twenty-one and you wow I uh just realized I just gave a minor alcohol...” James teased as he looked into blue eyes after a few moments of stillness Kara found herself being kissed his lips pressing against hers softly she found herself kissing back feeling a spark she hadn’t felt in a while her heart sored and she couldn’t help but be lost in the moment. James broke the kiss shortly as Kara blushed and stammered trying to re gain her composure. After James had walked Kara to the door he waited for a moment a question on his face.

“What?” Kara asked lightly shocked her voice actually worked. James smiled, and he scratched at his chin.

“Oh, uh I was just wondering maybe you would like to make this a regular thing like uh you know?” James stammered his cool demeanor fracturing slightly out of nervousness.

Kara couldn’t help but smile at the fact he had indeed just asked her to be more than friends she internally sighed as she took in his fumbling and rambling she had no clue she could have this effect on him finally after she took a mental image of an adorably nervous James Kara smiled her eyes shining.

“Of course, James I would love to be your girlfriend I would be delighted actually.” Kara answered watching as James let out a breath he had been holding. After a moment James smiled and nodded leaning against the door to make himself seem smooth which internally made Kara giggle and shake her head.

“Wonderful well uhm I guess i'll see you tomorrow at work and then hopefully again tomorrow night for dinner or uh we could go somewhere if you would like.” James offered all Kara could do was smile.

“We can sort out the details tomorrow. I have to be headed home I have a few things to prepare for Cat tomorrow and I need every last ounce of sleep I can to deal with her workload… have a good night James.” Kara said and with a final lean she kissed his cheek a smirk gracing her lips as she turned around and headed to the elevator.

Kara should have expected Alex to still be up and waiting for her to return. Kara unlocked the door and headed in greeted by her sister who had a wicked smile upon her face.

“How did it go?” Alex asked wasting no time and not allowing her sister an escape.

“It was great he actually asked me to be his girlfriend.”