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All I Wanted

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"Hi." Was all it said. A one word text and that was it. She wasnt in his phone anymore but he knew that fucking number well. He had stared at it when it first showed up, he had been lying next to his girl and felt like she knew. He had never spoken of Evie to her but he felt like she knew, his paranoia crept over him. His fingers paused over the keyboard, should he reply? Something in him wanted to. He wanted closure with her.

"Hi." He finally replied and put the phone down, glancing at his girl. She was lost in a magazine and he had just been paranoid. His phone went off and he looked at it.

"You were in Africa,right?" He smiled, she must've been questioning it.

"Yes, you were too right?: he asked.

"I was, I thought I saw you but my boyfriend came out too quickly for me to say hi," she said and he smiled. She had wanted to say hi.

"You should've come to the autograph signing," he said.

"I couldn't, I was being hounded by press," she said.

"Yeah, I noticed, is your dad famous over here?" He asked.

"Lol, no. They were there for my boyfriend, I just got caught in the crosshairs," she said.

"Is he an actor?" He asked.

"No. Look. I wanted to apologize for what a cunt I was, that's not who I am really and you were such a nice guy. You didn't deserve that shit," she said and he smiled.

"I'm just glad you're doing better," he replied.

"Who are you texting so furiously?" His girl asked and looked up at her.

"An old friend, she wasnt doing so well and she just texted me to let me know shes doing better," he said.

"Oh that's good," she said and he smiled.

"I am, much. Louis has been a lot of help with that but you were he catalyst and I wanted to thank you," Evie tested and Travis smiled again.

"Dont worry about it, hopefully we run into each other again," he said. He genuinely meant it too. She seemed to have her head on straight and she had a boyfriend so he didn't have to worry about her wanting to get back together.

"I'd like that.Thank you again," she said and he smiled, he would leave it at that. He put his phone down and went into the bathroom to take a shower. He wouldn't lie, he cranked one out thinking of her, she may have been crazy but that carried over to the bedroom as well, she was insatiable. something he thought only he was but she had been his match. She met him at every kink and pushed him further than any other girl. She was his nymphomaniac.