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When We Were Young

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Travis had done what she had told him to do, he had fucked off. He had his heart broken before and he wasnt prepared to do it again. So instead he enveloped himself in his work, disappearing to Australia and then flying out to Africa for an event. He was on a different continent and she was the furthest thing from his mind. He was enjoying talking to the people and interacting with the locals. After this he would fly out to Italy and then London.

He was seated at the autograph table happily engaging with people when he caught sight of her out of the corner of his eye. She was guided by a large man in a black suit, cameras followed her and she shielded her face from them, looking thoroughly annoyed. She quickly passed, never looking his direction and he was quickly brought back to reality.

The autographs were done and he stood, drinking from his water. His eyes roamed the floor, trying to see if she was hanging about but found no sight of her. He was invited to lunch by someone and he agreed, quickly texting his girl. He had met her in Australia, she was cute and easy going. She quickly replied she'd meet him at the restaurant and Travis started out of the building.

He exited the building and with a turn of his head, there she was again. She had a black trench coat on, her brown hair slicked back and large black sunglasses on, texting furiously. She seemed to be waiting for a car, the man in the suit stood close behind her. Suddenly her head lifted and she looked in his direction. She stared at him, as though she couldn't believe it was him either. The moment was broken with the exit of someone from the building, a tall blonde man who immediately brought an onslaught of photographers and he wrapped an arm around Evie. She looked away from Travis as he guided her into the car that pulled up and shut the door behind them. And just like that she was gone again. Just like before she had spent enough time in his life to taint it and then disappeared again. His lunch date called to him and he quickly followed them in the car, shutting the door. She fucked him up even when she didn't say a goddamn word to him.