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                        some friends

                                             week two – monday

the tae: can we take a moment to remember

the tae: back to when we got together before classes started

the tae: and our jin hyung told us how much he loved us

the tae: and how lucky he was to have us in his life


mochichim: yes!! it was very sweet!!

mochichim: you cried a lot


the tae: I WAS DRUNK


kookie: you cry even when you’re not drunk

kookie: anyway where are you going with this


the tae: my point is why is the name of the gc ‘SOME FRIENDS’

the tae: what’s the TRUTH


hobi: Good point Tae


the tae: I Came Out to Have a Good Time and I'm Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now


kookie: are we in 2014

kookie: what an old meme


the tae: ok meme connoisseur

the tae: are you attacking me right now


kookie: yes


the tae: YAH


mochichim: you have a good point tae!

mochichim: jin hyung shouldn’t play with our feelings like that


the tae: thank you my beautiful soulmate ilysm


mochichim: ily2 (*°▽°*)!!!


kookie: gross


mochichim: you’re jealous


kookie: of what

kookie: fake love


the tae: it’s not fake bitch


kookie: itS NoT FaK e


hobi: Is that the SpongeBob meme without the meme??


kim mom: kids stop

kim mom: I leave this gc for 2.19 seconds and you’re already fighting


kim mom changed the group chat name

                        some friends > precious family


kim mom: happy now?


the tae: yeah!!! thanks jin hyung


kim mom: I don’t like when you fight


kookie: we weren’t fighting


mochichim: he’s going to do a monologue shhh


kim mom: I know uni is stressing even when it’s only our second week

kim mom: because life itself is STRESSING AF

kim mom: but this group chat is a WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT

kim mom: and it’s FAMILY FRIENDLY

kim mom: and I just want everyone to be HAPPY and SAFE


yoongi: since when are you family friendly


kim mom: I have always been thank you very much


mochichim: hi hyung!!


yoongi: hi jiminnie


hobi: That was a good  interaction

hobi: 10/10 soft


yoongi: i literally just said hi wtf hoseok

yoongi: anyway @ jin you weren’t family friendly last night


kim dad: Yoongi, no.


hobi: Yoongi yes!


the tae: here comes hyung with the TEA careful everyone


yoongi: last night when i came home it wasn’t a ‘welcoming environment’ let me tell you about it

yoongi: first thing i hear as i walk through the door is jin screaming joon’s name

yoongi: i had to listen to that for 4 minutes while searching for my headphones


hobi: I love how my best friend doesn’t talk too much

hobi: But when he spills the tea he can text more than what he texted in a week


the tae: also you been fucking hyungs @ jin @ namjoon


kim mom: exposed by my own daegu boyfriend


yoongi: not your boyfriend


hobi: If you were he wouldn’t be screaming Namjoon’s name


kim mom: also you already know how I sound when I have sex


mochichim: excuse me????????????????


yoongi: i was just surprised how fucking LOUD you are


kookie left the chat

hobi added kookie to the chat


kookie: hyung why


hobi: We are a family so we live through traumas together like one baby


kookie: fuck me


hobi: I mean if you weren’t straight I would


kookie: what


mochichim: what what


the tae: i mean true


kookie: WHAT


kim dad: Sorry about last night @ Yoongi.

kim dad: Hey, I’m your boyfriend @ Jin. Are you aware that we are dating?


hobi: And fucking*


kim mom: of course I know you’re my boyfriend silly and I love you so much!!

kim mom: but yoongi was my first love

kim mom: I have a soft side for tired boys

kim mom: and we have been through so much!


yoongi: your ass has been through so much*


hobi changed the name of the chat

                        precious family > dysfunctional family


the tae: perfect




                        RM > SUGA

RM: Sorry about last night. I thought you were going to come in later.

RM: I can text you next time, if you prefer?


SUGA: it’s fine but please DON’T

SUGA: i don’t want to know when youre going to have sex joon


RM: Haha, right.

RM: But seriously, it was like 10 pm.

RM: Thought you were going to stay in the library until later.


SUGA: the gc of one of my classes started talking about an essay due today

SUGA: i had no fucking clue and i had all my papers @ home so

SUGA: anyway fucking second week of class and i had a 3k essay on a subject i didn’t fucking know


RM: Ouch. I’ve been there.


SUGA: now you havent mr i never forget an assignment


RM: Sorry.


SUGA: its ok i was teasing you


RM: By the way, have you started with the project?

RM: I still can’t believe she asked for a mixtape instead of an EP or a mini.

RM: And that she wants the lyrics to be done by next week.


SUGA: ughhhh don’t remind me


RM: I’ve 2 whole songs and I’m working on another one but, man.

RM: I’m thinking of using a song from last semester’s project.


SUGA: good plan

SUGA: everythings going well for me

SUGA: well enough for me to throw myself into the han river


RM: Don’t say stuff like that.


SUGA: i’m sorry but it’s idiotic like hey why not ask for 8 ducking songs

SUGA: fucking**********

SUGA: and the lyrics for next week???

SUGA: she might as well ask for the whole fucking thing mid term

SUGA: whatever i end up doing it will suck


RM: I won’t suck, Yoongi.

RM: I’m sure it will come around and we’ll have a break through.

RM: Even though you’re way talented than me when it comes to making music.


SUGA: don’t sell yourself short brat


RM: Haha, alright. But you shouldn’t either.

RM: You complain about 8 songs as if you have never written songs in 45 minutes.

RM: You put too much pressure on yourself.


SUGA: yeah


RM: Are you at the studio?


SUGA: when i finish class in 10


RM: I’ll see you there in 20 after my student council meeting ends?


SUGA: bring food


RM: I’ll see you in 40 then.




            soulmate jimin > soulmate tae

soulmate tae: are you free after class?????


soulmate jimin: yeah why?


soulmate tae: come downtown with me?

soulmate tae: the new gucci collection arrived

soulmate tae: and i NEED to see it


soulmate jimin: of course!! ill go with you to see them ugly shoes!!


soulmate tae: bitch I know were you live

soulmate tae: another word about ugly shoes

soulmate tae: and i’ll burn down your home


soulmate jimin: tae we live TOGETHER

soulmate jimin: on CAMPUS


soulmate tae: if the uni burns do i still graduate


soulmate jimin: omg just text me later


soulmate tae: sure bb!!!




                        some friends


kookie: hi does anyone want to have lunch with me


mochichim: good morning!!


kim mom: kookie baby it’s 9 am


the tae: why are you thinking about LUNCH at this hour


kookie: i was just making plans ok


hobi: We can have lunch together Kook!

hobi: Text me when you’re free


kookie: ok hyung!


kim mom: now go to class!!!


yoongi: couldd u,,, stfu


kim mom: someone doesn’t like mornings


mochichim: good morning hyung @ yoongi


yoongi: hi jiminnie good morning


hobi: 12/10 extra soft




                        Jinnie > Joonie

Jonnie : Good morning handsome.

Jonnie : Hope you have a lovely day today.


Jinnie: why are you so sappy omg


Jonnie : I literally texted you good morning.

Jonnie : And the first thing you do is call me sappy.

Jonnie : What the fuck, Jin.


Jinnie: I love you so much!!!

Jinnie: Have a good day!!!!!




            soulmate jimin > soulmate tae

soulmate tae: my class is so boring

soulmate tae: my teacher spent 20 minutes talking about politics

soulmate tae: and about his daughter and how she might be a lesbian

soulmate tae: which it’s super fuck up


soulmate jimin: im not sure where to start asking


soulmate tae: his daughter is 5 years old


soulmate jimin: ok yeah it’s fucked up


soulmate tae: ahhh


soulmate jimin: sorry

soulmate jimin: im on my dance history course

soulmate jimin: which it’s not that bad

soulmate jimin: my teacher is an old lady and she’s so cute

soulmate jimin: she’s also a nun


soulmate tae: A NUN


soulmate jimin: look

soulmate jimin: i have no idea

soulmate jimin: anyway we have to do an activity rn

soulmate jimin: txt you later???


soulmate tae: yeah bitch

soulmate tae: ill just start a discussion with mr. asshole over here

soulmate tae: about sexuality because man




                        jeon > jung

jeon: hi hyung

jeon: my friends ditched me


jung: Hello Kook!

jung: I’m in the EC39

jung: I’m done in 10 ok?


jeon: ok!!




                        Hobi > Mochi

Hobi : Jimin!!!

Hobi : Have you eaten??


Mochi: hyung!!

Mochi: no why??


Hobi : Kooks and I wanted to know if you wanted to have lunch with us

Hobi : And I know I still have to repay you so!!!

Hobi : I’ll be paying


Mochi: whoaaa yes!!! (*´▽`*)

Mochi: see you @ the spot??


Hobi : Ok my sweet Mochi!!




                        dysfunctional family

kim dad: Why did I just see Jimin running across campus?

kim dad: Please, don’t run. Don’t tempt fate.


the tae: i can’t believe hyung INVITED YOU FOR LUNCH

the tae: and didn’t say ANYTHING THE GROUP CHAT


mochichim: how did you know???


the tae: you only run when one of the hyungs pays for lunch

the tae: or anything related to yoongi but i ruled that one out


yoongi: what


mochichim: haha what


hobi: Kekeke!

hobi: You can come with us if you want @ Tae

hobi: I’m feeling generous


the tae: I’M RUNNING


kim dad: DON’T RUN.

kim dad: Can I join in too?


hobi: Yeah


kim mom: didn’t sound so excited


kookie: hyung already has his head on his hands





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j.hope: My wallet physically hurts. Thanks guys.



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g.c.f: this was the face hyung @j.hope made after he saw the bill. thanks for feeding us.

j.hope: Never again




                        dysfunctional family


the tae: i have a crush


kookie: whats new pussycat


kim mom: you two are always texting

kim mom: don’t you have classes???


the tae: you’re always texting too


kim mom: I always make time for my kids

kim mom: but you didn’t answer my question


kookie: im doing a composition practice around campus

kookie: if you see me please don’t get close


kim mom: why not?

kim mom: because we are going to embarrass you???



hobi: His silence speaks volumes


the tae: anyway

the tae: I just got out of my classes!!

the tae: They are just chill


kookie: at this point idk what you’re majoring in

kookie: do you even have homework


mochichim: he was working on something last night!!


kookie: working on what?


mochichim: ahhhhh


kookie: what’s tae major


mochichim: ok fine no idea (・_・;)


the tae: my own soulmate,,,, betraying ME

the tae: im majoring in history i don’t get it why you never remember??


hobi: Being honest it puzzles me?


the tae: ANYWAY

the tae: i have a crush!!


kookie: you have like 2 crushes

kookie: sorry 200*


mochichim: it’s kind of true tbh

mochichim: you always have a new crush

mochichim: last month was taemin


the tae: ok yes i did but it doesn’t prove kook’s point

the tae: it was only ONE (1) guy


hobi: You had a crush on Jongin too!

hobi: I mean who hasn’t

hobi: He says hi btw!!



the tae: DELETE IT


kookie: you had crushes with two of my 97’s group


kim mom: and one of the waithers at the restaurant

kim mom: reasons why you’re NOT allowed to come when he’s on shift


the tae: im–

the tae: do you want to add something hyungs @ yoongi @ namjoon


kim mom: You had a crush on our Ethnomusicology teacher and you don’t study with us.

kim mom: Yoongi adds that you had a crush on him, too.




kim mom: i mean who wouldn’t have a crush on yoongi


mochichim: yeah

mochichim: I MEAN


the tae: BITCH




yoongi: hi jiminnie


hobi: Did you… just come online

hobi: To say hi to ….Jimin???


yoongi: yeah


the tae: fuck me up fam that’s so cute


hobi: 20/10 supreme softness


mochichim: how are you??


yoongi: still alive and you?


kim mom: yoongi


yoongi: great the sky is blue and the sun is shining down on us* and you?


mochichim: i’m good haha ( •⌄• ू )✧


the tae: cute

the tae: ANYWAY i dislike you all

the tae: but yes i do have a new crush his name is bambam

the tae: and he makes my heart go bam bam bYE


mochichim: BAM BAM BYE


kookie: im done


kookie left the chat

hobi added kookie to the chat


kookie: HOBI HYUNG


hobi: What, Jeon Jungkook?


kookie: nothing I love this family bye




                        yoongie > jiminnie

jiminnie: sorry if I was a little awkward on the gc!!


yoongie: when?


jiminnie: ahhh nevermind haha


yoongie: sure thing


jiminnie: you’re @ the studio?


yoongie: yeah working on some lyrics w/ joonie

yoongie: hating our teacher you know

yoongie: the same old stuff


jiminnie: ahh right right

jiminnie: good luck with those!!

jiminnie: hope you find a muse (o˘◡˘o)


yoongie: [Draft] Think I already found it

yoongie: thanks jiminnie




                        hope > sugar

hope: Your soft side for our resident mochi is showing


sugar: why is everyone texting me im trying to work

sugar: and i don’t know what you’re talking about

sugar: he said hi and I had to reply


hope: Last time I said hi to you

hope: You replied: “Choke on a dick”


sugar: and your reply was i wish

sugar: so was your point


hope: yoongs


sugar: ok fine maybe

sugar: but why do you think i have a soft side with him

sugar: maybe it’s with all the kids


hope: Let me open my PowerPoint presentation


sugar: not again


hope: 1 – I’m your best friend and I know you well

hope: 2 – It’s painfully obvious on the gc and when we go out

hope: 3 – You were drunk once and you told me you liked Jimin

hope: And some of your words were: “I wish I could be with him the rest of my life”

hope: Followed by a “He would look so cute riding my dick Hobi”


sugar: anything else


hope: Last but most important

hope: 4 – You love me so much and you’d never kill me


sugar: im going to fucking kill you






                        YOUNG DUMB AND BROKE

little baby: btw @jimin

little baby: you should stop doing that in the gc

little baby: it’s so obvious lmao


fav child: ?????


little baby: your crush on suga hyung is showing

little baby: it’s showing HARD


middle child: i know we have the ‘never agree with the mankae’ rule


little baby: the what rule


fav child: but you’re with kook on this one


middle child: i’m with kook on this one

middle child: sorry chim but it’s true


little baby: are you going to do anything about it?

little baby: it’s getting sad to see you crushing

little baby: you should ask him on a date


fav child: ON A DATE

fav child: ME AND HIM


middle child: here comes the caps




little baby: are you kidding

little baby: jimin hyung

little baby: he adores you


little baby: he does silly things to see you smile

little baby: and he’s so PROTECTIVE of you

little baby: and have you seen how he sees you?

little baby: i have never seen so much tenderness on his eyes ok

little baby: unless hes talking about holly but you get it


fav child: stop im going to cry

fav child: don’t give me fucking hope kook




little baby: I’M SERIOUS


middle child: DON’T YELL AT HIM


middle child: open the door jimin your FUCKING SOULMATE IS HERE


little baby: sorry

little baby: btw can you change my user please


fav child changed little baby’s username


dick: oh great thanks




                        Jinnie > Joonie


Jonnie : I’m outside!!!


Jinnie: Give me 5!!







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seokjin__: i’m lucky. thanks to my one and only. i love you.




                        dysfunctional family

mochichim: @ jin hyung @ namjoon hyung

mochichim: you look so cute on ig!!

mochichim: all adorable in a date (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


the tae: couple goals


kookie: you look good hyungs!


kim mom: thank you my beautiful children!!!


hobi: I thought you had work today?


kim mom: namjoon talked to the manager aka namjoon talked TO MY DAD

kim mom: so he could give me the day off and he did

kim mom: we are now recreating our first date

kim mom: he even got me the SAME FLOWERS

kim mom: it’s not our anniversary yet but im an emotional MESS


the tae: [clap] COUPLE [clap] GOALS [clap]


kookie: i can’t believe you wrote clap


the tae: fight me


kim dad: You deserve it @ Jin!


kim mom: aw are you worried about me


kim dad: Not worried, really. I’m just concerned about your wellbeing.


mochichim: isnt that the same thing,,,,,


hobi: Shhh it’s monologue time


kim dad: @ Jin, you’re working on your theater major and helping your family with the restaurant.

kim dad: And you’re always here for the dongsaengs and when we need someone to talk to.

kim dad: On top of that, you always find time to be with me, no matter how busy.

kim dad: I’m just doing my best to take care of you, because I love you.


mochichim: THAT WAS SO SWEET!!!!


hobi: This was way too adorable!!!


kookie: Aren’t you sitting next to each each other?


kim dad: Yes, Jin’s crying. BRB.


the tae: i mean I ALMOST DID




            RM > SUGA

SUGA: so recreating your first date?


RM: Yeah, haha.

RM: A little cheesy?


SUGA: very cheesy but cute

SUGA: I love you guys and you look very happy together


RM: Thanks Yoons, we love you too.

RM: And it means a lot you say that.


SUGA: yeah yeah yeah

SUGA: i know you fucked on your first date


RM: Ah.


SUGA: so please go back to YOUR place

SUGA: i got to finish two papers due tonight

SUGA: and im not in the mood


RM: Got it.

RM: Sorry about thatttad




SUGA: give joon back his phone you fucker










RM: It’s me again.

RM: Sorry about my boyfriend.

RM: Please don’t kick him out.


SUGA: it’s okay i won’t

SUGA: have fun




                        dysfunctional family

hobi: I want to have a date too :(


mochichim: we can go out!!


hobi: Are you taking me out on a date mochi!!


yoongi: what


mochichim: haha what

mochichim: @ tae @ kookie and i were already planning on going out

mochichim: we’re going to the café with all the cute plants!!

mochichim: we were planning on asking you out!!


hobi: If this was a trick to make me pay again it won’t work


the tae: fuck we were so close


kookie: you can still come i guess


hobi: Excuse me.


kookie: please come with us hobi hyung!*


hobi: Of course!!





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j.hope: My wallet doesn’t hurt anymore. Thanks guys.



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the_v: you drown not by falling into a river but by staying submerged in it – paulo coehlo

            g.c.f: that’s such a sad quote we had fun together wtf

                        the_v: it’s called being INTENSE



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park_jimin: i love hanging out with my friends, they make me realize how lucky i am

            j.hope: Mochi that’s so cute!!!!




                        yoongie > jiminnie


jiminnie: yellow looks good on you!


yoongie: wtf how do you know im wearing yellow


jiminnie: i saw you

jiminnie: haha


yoongie: stalker


jiminnie: (@^◡^)

jiminnie: have a good day!!


yoongie: yeah you too




                        dysfunctional family

kookie: i just realized how popular namjoon hyung is


kim mom: he is the student council president??

kim mom: he got elected by the students???

kim mom: he is there to represent the students in meetings with the university authorities??

kim mom: he’s my precious busy boy??


kim dad: Please never call me that again.


kim mom: I’m not sure if my point is clear


hobi: Don’t you remember we had the student elections?


kookie: no wtf hyung

kookie: where was i????


the tae: in a hole it seems


kookie: if by hole you meant the photography lab then yes

kookie: anyway namjoon hyung is helping me with some stuff bc my faculty sucks

kookie: and we had to go somewhere else because everyone kept coming up to him


kim mom: whoa the president of MY HEART


yoongi: of your ass**


kim mom: YOU’RE AN ASS


the tae: can we take a moment to remember

the tae: our sober jin hyung telling us that this gc was family friendly

the tae: and a safe and welcoming environment

the tae: it seems that went out of the window already


kim mom removed the tae from the chat


kim mom: who else wants to fight