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The Legend Of Ganondorf: New Lands

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The Great King Of Evil was thrilled for a while with the conquering of Hyrule, finally having the lands under his steeled boot. The Hero and the Princess were now forever trapped in Crystals, each the respective color of Green and Blue. The Triforce was his to command, as he thought, however the power was slowly fading from it. It mattered not to him, as no one in the kingdom could dare stand to his might and power.
Over time, it became dull. No one rose up, and his thirst for conquest, war, and power rose in his blood. Was this the end? Truly nothing more for his domination?
It was then the message came from one of his lieutenants, Ghirahim, of a land to the far east, across the giant ocean that surrounded Hyrule. A kingdom lay there, ruled by a princess with a gentle hand. The lands were full of life, and there was a strange power there that Hyrule never seen. This intrigued Ganondorf, and his monster within him. He had a grand ship built for himself for the journey, and several others with supplies and weapons. He was going to take the land for himself, one way or another.
He was in for an adventure he isn't expecting.