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mooncakes, bunnies, tombstones and tears.

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bleak was the word to describe matthew's world. cold and monochrome. that was his everyday life. there was no colour, no warmth, just him and his sadness that follows him every where he goes. his interactions with the people around him are all an act. the smiles he show others are fake, the laughs he lets out in front of others are fabricated. nothing he shows others are real. 

no one will ever love him, no one will ever notice him. everyone will leave one day and they will leave matthew all alone in this unforgiving world. 

but nothing really mattered as he laid in the arms of his lover, watching as gilbert rambled on about his day and how bad or good it was, and in that moment, matthew decided that, maybe his world wasn't so bleak and colourless after all. just then, gilbert flashed matthew a bright smile, and it washes all of matthew's troubles away, leaving him slightly more hopeful.

the world may be cruel and unforgiving, but gilbert will always be there to make it slightly better and that's enough for matthew.