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mooncakes, bunnies, tombstones and tears.

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erzsébet pulled her light brown curls in a sharp and neat ponytail, quickly tying a hand band to keep it in place. her hands reached for the iridescent pearl necklace that sat on the table and brought it to her neck, clasping it at the back. 

she held up the pressed powder and swiped the cushion around her face, making sure the entire surface is coated evenly with product. she checked in the mirror to see if her lipstick was prim and proper, just the way she likes it. 

she stood up and turned on her heels, putting on her favourite pair of heels before snatching her kitchen knife that sat on the top of the cabinet and walking out the door, into the streets of budapest, ready to look for her next victim.

she wasn't just a simple, traditional housewife — she was a murderer.