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mooncakes, bunnies, tombstones and tears.

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"prussia?" canada's soft and meek voice called out as he shifted around in the grass, getting closer to his lover. 

"hm? what is it birdie?" prussia asked, closing his eyes and wrapping an arm around canada's body, pulling canada as close to him as possible. 

"do you ever think..." canada paused, biting his lips, his eyes looking up at the stars that littered the night sky. "about what will happen if you fade completely?" he finished, intertwining his fingers with prussia's cold and pale ones. 

gilbert stayed silent, staring off into the night sky just like canada. "i try not to think about that, so you don't think about it either!" he answered, flashing canada the smile that the latter always adored and loved. 

silently, the two lovers stayed within each other's arms, under the moonlight, none of the world's faults bothering them in the slightest, and enjoying each other's company, before it was too late.