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Tears of blood

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Narrator prov:


Cordelia Sakamaki was pregnant, her belly was bulky and painfully large

she thanks to be a demon woman because a multiple pregnancy was dangerous to culminate

Cordelia's husband has more wives. She is not the only one. The damn Vampire King had 3 wives.

Cordelia hated her husband's other wives she wanted to be the only woman

Cordelia's demonic blood boiled with rage with the jealous and possessive thought of being the only woman of Karl Sakamaki

Cordelia had given birth 2 little girls and a boy

Cordelia had called her triplets with the names of Laita, Kanata and Ayato

Karl clearly had everything coldly calculated but did not expect his demon wife to have two girls and a boy, Karl's scientific calculations implied that the sex of the babies would be male

Karl was certainly fascinated that his scientific calculations had failed