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Punching a dinosaur

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“what are we watching?” Lena asked. Gracelessly she flopped onto the couch next to Kara.

“Jurassic World" Kara answered popping some popcorn in her mouth.

Lena groaned “again?” she asked swatting Kara’s hand away from her popcorn and handing her a bigger bowl.

“Yes again, because somebody” Kara stared at Lena “keeps falling asleep during it"

Lena just shrugged pulling a blanket around her “I run a company, I'm tired"

“And I am a superhero, what's your point?”

Lena rolled her eyes throwing popcorn at Kara, “start the movie”

Kara looked offended anyone would dare disrespect popcorn that way. “How dare you” she gasped.

“Oh I am so sorry" Lena replied sarcastically.

Kara smiled and pushed play. She leaned back snuggling into Lena.

“She looks like me" Lena frowned seeing Zara on the screen.

“Really? Huh haven't noticed” Kara felt her cheeks redden. She was glad Alex wasn't here, she'd never hear the end of it. Sure she had a mild crush on the woman who looked like her girlfriend. But, who wouldn't?

Lena just looked at her, rolling her eyes.

“awe come on" Lena cried out seeing the Mosasaurus eat Zara. “That is totally unfair. I liked her" she crossed her arms pouting.

“I know" Kara exclaimed throwing her arms in the air.

“Where are you going?” Lena whined as Kara stood heading towards the window.

“Gonna go punch a Mosasaurus” she said seriously.

Lena stares at her at her a full minute before she burst out laughing.

Bent nearly in half she couldn't catch her breath “babe" she wheezes “they are extinct” she finally managed.

Kara pouted making her way back to the couch.

Still chuckling Lena cuddles into Kara kissing her cheek.

“Come on let's watch something else"

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“She really wanted to punch a Mosasaurus?” Sam asked as Lena retold the story.

Lena laughed nodding her head, “she looked so serious too. It was adorable” she sighed smiling at the memory.

Sam laughed “hey her earth birthday is coming up right?” She asked.

“Yes" Lena said slowly wondering where this was going.

“I have the perfect gift” she said leaning in to whisper in Lena's ear.

“Perfect” Lena told her already planning.

Three weeks later everyone was gathered in Lena's penthouse. Alex and Lena got together and decided to make it a surprise party.

“CAKE" Winn yelled for the fiftieth time that night.

“WOOOOOO" everyone heard as a blonde blur zipped past them.

“Damn it Kara, almost made me spill my drink” Alex yelled following her sister into the dining room.

“I heard cake" was all she said shrugging. Alex rolled her eyes shoving her sister as she passed her.

“Calm down you two, or no cake” Lena warned.

Kara gasped “you wouldn't dare" she narrowed her eyes at her girlfriend.

“Try me" Lena challenged crossing her arms.

Kara pouted even though she knew it wasn't going to work. Lena had nerves of steel.

“I'll behave” Kara finally sighed. Lena nodded calling everyone over.

“Blow out the candles" Lena said after they sang.

“Gently" Alex reminded her as Kara leaned forward. Kara rolled her eyes but did as told.

After everyone left Kara was lying on the couch with her head in Lena's lap.

“I have one more thing for you” Lena told her standing.

“Nooo, come back comfy" Kara whined.

Lena just laughed walking down the hall.

“you already got me something though" Kara called sitting up.

“I know, this is just a little something else" Lena told her.

Kara signed as Lena came back into the room with a box. It was just slightly bigger than herself.

“What is it?” Kara asked staring at the box.

“Open it and find out” Lena told her.

Kara opened the box and felt her face heat up “no" she said looking up at Lena.

Reaching in she took out the giant Mosasaurus. It looked just like the one from the movie.

“Now you can punch one to your hearts content" Lena explained.

Kara looked between the animal and Lena before shrugging and hitting the animal.

Lena laughed watching as Kara very softly but with lots of enthusiasm punch the thing around the room.