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Scorpius Malfoy is a Good Kid

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Draco never wanted to be a father, well that is not true, he wanted to be a father. He was just always worried that he would be like his own father. Harsh and cold, that he would screw up his child like he was. So while Draco wanted a child or even children, he never expressed his wishes with his wife; he was perfectly happy with just her in their little house in the countryside.

Draco was caught off guard when Astoria said she wanted a baby, it was out of the blue. He remembers it clearly being a rainy day, they were inside watching some muggle television that both of them enjoyed when she announced it

“I think we should have a baby.” Astoria quietly whispered during a commercial for a minivan, the image on the screen was of a mother placing a car seat in the back seat. She looked at her husband whose face had gone blank and was now frozen.

“I wouldn’t be a good father,” Draco responds not looking at his wife and focusing on the wall near the t.v.

“Nonsense. You would be an amazing dad, just like you are an amazing husband.” She paused to see him focusing intensely on the wall, “you are nothing like him,” she added solemnly.

“How do you know that?” He was subcourses picking at the sleeve that covers the mark.

“Because I know you. You are the man I love, and you are amazing.” She leaned over the couch to plant a kiss on his cheek.

He smiled at her and turned to kiss her on the lips and wrap his arms around her. “If you really want too. Then I want too as well.”

She smiled brightly at him, “really?”


After that, they tried to conceive. And tried. And tried. After four months of trying is when they decided to consult a doctor.

“You need to stop stressing my love,” Astoria told Draco as he pretended to read a magazine in the waiting room. His shoulders were tight, and he face was scrunched ever so slightly.

“Sorry.” He relaxed ever so slightly.

“Everything is going to be fine.”

Draco wasn’t so sure. He was afraid there was something wrong and that he would never be able to give Astoria a child.

“Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, the doctor will see you know,”  a nurse called out for them.

They walked through the little hallway into a small clean medical room that was somehow more unnerving than the waiting room.

“Relax.” Astoria reminds him as they waited for the doctor.

Once the doctor finally came in, he looked over their test results.

“Well, it seems like everything is normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Some couples just take longer to conceive. Now if you two are still having problems after a year or so come back and we can discuss other options.”

Draco finally relaxes more knowing that there was nothing wrong and that it was normal. The doctor discussed how they can increase the chance of getting pregnant and gave them some pamphlets as well.

After another six weeks, Astoria went to buy a test, without telling Draco, she didn’t want to get his hopes up.

Draco came home from working at a small potions shop, he refused to use any of his inherence, and this place was willing to hire him.

He was greeted by his wife giving him a hug at the door. “Hey, how was your day?”

“Good, not too many orders and the one that was needed to be filled were pretty basic.” He saw how brightly she was smiling, “what about yours?”

“It’s been good. I have some news.” She smiled as walked over to where placed the two test. “I think I am pregnant.” She all but screamed excitedly at him.

He looked at the tests and then at her and hugged her lifting her up.

“I went to buy one and then purchased two just in case. I already scheduled an appointment for later this week to confirm.” She told him excited tears falling down her face. “You are going to be a daddy.”

“And you are going to be a Mommy!” Draco smiled at her as he kissed her. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Later that week.

“Well congrats you are two are having a baby.”

Draco and Astoria smiled at each other.

“We are having a baby,” Draco repeated with a smile.