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PoV Brian

It was a Friday night, my parents were traveling and I invited the guys to spend time with me .

We always have a lot of fun when we were together

Last summer I and Sal started to have a 'thing' it was nothing serious just sexual i would say
Do not get me wrong, but when you're 17 you're like a pool of hormones and studying in a school only for boys does not help much.

PoV Joe and Muur

"Ferret you ta trying to cheat again? " ...James laughed while takes over a slice of pizza, "Well I'm still playing, look at those two?! ...are kissing the hora

"You're right, Hey you two i know you are happy and in love but James and I don't want to watch this ok?!... is the night of friends just friends

Sal is a little stained, while a hand passes in the corner of the mouth to take the rest of saliva " we must seize; because we do not have much time alone right?!

"Joe you and James need not be jealous has Brian for all "

All laugh with the joke, the climate is always very pleasant among us, that is why we're always together

"In the next game i'll play, going to the bathroom" sal climbs the stairs up to the top floor
PoV Brian

"Joe you and James has to go now"

Muur pulls face without believing in what he heard "dude did you say we could sleep here? " ...

"It is but I changed my mind, what is bro, i want to spend some time alone with Sal please, please,please.."

Joe snorts ..."everything well just do not get pregnant my boy ok "

James rolls his eyes "ok let's go, but this pizza goes with me" ... james picks up the pizza box and runs out the door.

"I'm going after this idiot before he gets hurt" joe says going to the door i accompany "Good night to you and remember to use a condom "

"shut up Joe, good night" I close the door and listen to Joe laughing and shouting in order that Muur hoping for him, they're idiots I'm really laughing when I see Sal coming down the stairs

"Where are the guys? It's my turn to defeat Muur"

"the mother of Joe called and told him to go..." smiling stretch my hand to the sal when he gets close to closing my hands around her waist It involves the hands on my neck

"Mr. Quinn something tells me you're lying ... you spoke to them go right?!"


I walk away raising my hands up in redemption sign "everything well i did it yes, but only because I wanted one time only for us"

Sal of a smile half embarrassed
"Bri, we had sex last week"

"I know but my parents are not at home today and I wanted to enjoy it" Sal comes up to me and we kissed, it was amazing to feel the taste in my mouth

We went up to my room and fell on the bed and between sighs and kisses we loved each other that night

"We're getting good at this in" I lean a little to look at sal

PoV Sal

I give a weak smile and push Brian again in bed I put my boxers going until the window "Bri, you have cigarettes ? ".. I watch him walk to the backpack that was in the corner of the room and hand me the box
"thank you"whisper to him
I bring the cigarette and I feel the taste of nicotine invade my mouth let my thoughts wander I remember the day that Joe told me to tell Brian how i was feeling, yes i was falling for him.

I feel brian kiss my neck I close my eyes and sigh "... are you quiet I hurt you?!" I open my eyes and find those beautiful eyes the color of chocolate staring at me in a way so cute that my heart melts

"I'm fine, I'm just thinking "I take another drag on the cigarette and I release the smoke

"And I can know what?" Brian says biting his lips."

"Bri you're in love with someone ?! " My question seems to catch him by surprise
he thinks a little scratches his head ... "love? I do not know Sal
He laughs "i think not, still have not found the right girl or boy " He looks at me and flashes
" Why are you asking this ?! You're liking someone?!"

At that time see how my question was an idiot, it was obvious that Brian did not like anyone much less than me, I felt an idiot talking and thinking in love, Brian was staring at me for some time with mistrust

"Sal we agreed it would be just sex, remember?" ...
"I know bri, let's go, let's go to sleep, I'm tired"

Brian looks at me once more and kisses my forehead "How do you want to just let me change the sheets" ...

I didn't sleep that night lost in my thoughts

The days pass and I talked with Joe again about my situation with Brian and he told me the same "count for the Brian, will be better " I decided to follow the advice of Gatto, at the end of the class I asked for Brian to find me in the small store that was in front of the school

When I got there I saw that he was talking to a girl who worked in the shop, she was a bit older than us but always flirted with Brian ... I watched the two for a while until they kissed I felt my heart break into pieces as if the world had fallen, i know that i and Brian we had nothing serious but i loved him .... I ran home crying.

I promised myself to never get involved with Brian, he came up behind me a few times I lied I said that I had met a nice girl and that I was falling in love, at first he did not seem to believe
But with time he ended up forgetting .

We are still friends of course but my promise is still the same i will never get involved with Brian Quinn