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The End is Near

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That's pretty much what the future Buffy Summers was shown is like. A wasteland with many cities on the verge of tearing themselves apart and others just plain dead. Giles, Cordelia, Willow, Faith and many others were all dead. Dawn is now a vampire. What's left of Angel Investigations is under the control of Super Demon Ava. Once a candidate for Lucifer's vessel, but now his most trusted killer. And looking to stab him in the back the first chance she can get with aid from The First Evil.

Buffy fought alongside fellow demon killer, Dean Winchester, in a battle that brought down the Hellmouth and a significant portion of Lucifer's army, but not without cost. The battle destroyed all of Sunnydale and separated Buffy from Dean when they returned to the present. Neither having enough knowledge of the master plan to stop this threat alone. To make matters worse, Dawn's soul was stolen from her body and used in a deadly ritual that called forth a incredible force of power. A force that now walks the Earth in the possessed body of Jo Harvelle.

Oh and there's another Slayer now.

"I knew this 'I'm the only one. I'm the only one' thing was just an attention getter." - Xander Harris

Angel Investigations - 2009

If there is any place in the world worse than Sunnydale when it comes to supernatural activities, Los Angeles certainly takes the cake. It was much darker, came with an even bigger body count, and probably would've driven Buffy off the deep end if she hadn't been kicked out of school. Only a select few possess the will to fight back...if there was anything of the sort TO fight that is. But today, Cordelia Chase just sat at the front desk casually reading a magazine; looking up every now and then at the front door though no one came in.

"Any customers?" Angel asks descending the stairs.

"Not since you asked me five minutes ago," Cordelia says not putting the magazine down.

"Come on. There has to be something. This is Los Angeles," he says.

"Can't you just accept one day when someone doesn't need our help? Don't get me wrong. I like helping people out as much as the next sidekick, but when evil decides to give you a break, I say take it. Doubt that gypsy curse is going to suddenly stop working if you aren't brooding every second."

"I actually don't know all the conditions surrounding the curse to be honest," Angel confesses.

"That's obvious otherwise you and Buffy..." Cordelia trails off and Angel breaks eye contact with her.

"Angel...I'm sorry. I didn't mean..." Cordelia doesn't finish. Her attention is caught by a faint shaking sensation. Angel feels it too and notices a glass on the table starting to shake. A high pitched wailing noise fills the entire room.

"What the Hell!?" Cordelia screams falling to the floor and clamping her hands over her ears.

The weapons cabinet shatters apart as do several windows and a few lights. Then a devastating white light engulfs the whole room, which dies out as fast as it came.

"Angel? Are you ok?" Cordelia asks; slightly blinded by the white light.

"Yeah...just fine," Angel responds crawling out from underneath cover. "Wasn't sunlight. It was something else entirely," he groans. Head pounding from the wailing sound.

"Is everyone all right?" Wesley asks stumbling into the main office followed by Gunn.

"We're good. Sort of," Cordelia answers. "What was that?"

"Uhhh," someone moans. The A.I. team directs their heads to the center of the room.

"Oh my God, Fred!" Wesley yells and sprints down to her side.

"Hi Wesley," she groans as he helps her sit up. "Sorry about the mess."

"What are you talking about?" Gunn asks observing the destroyed weapons cabinet. "There's no way you could've done this."

"Done what?" Fred asks. The A.I. team looks up at the stairs to see Fred. Then they look back at the one in front of them.

"Hi," she says innocently.

" Fred...please tell us that you have an identical twin you never told us about," Wesley requests.

"Not that I'm aware of," Fred answers with a confused look at the double sitting in front of her friends.

"Ok I know what this looks like, but I can explain," the other Fred says. Gunn grabs a crossbow from the weapon pile and aims it at her.

"You've got thirty seconds to explain yourself," he threatens.

"Wait! I can't explain myself in thirty seconds!" She exclaims putting her hands up.

"Time's running out," Gunn warns.

"Ok. You see." She stops mid-sentence and her hair color turns blue.

She springs up and punches Gunn back into the weapon pile and elbows Wesley into the front desk. She blocks two punches from Angel, snaring his wrists, and then body slams him to the floor. She grabs his shirt and then hurls him directly at Wesley. Wesley dives to the side and Angel crashes into the front desk.

"No!" Future Fred shouts and stops attacking; hair color changing back to normal. "Bad Illyria! Bad!" She scolds then her hair color changes back to Illyria's.

"He was aiming an arrow at our head!" She shouts.

"I could've reasoned with him!" Future Fred yells.

"Before or after he impaled you!?"

"I think I know how to get through to my old boyfriend!"

"Boyfrie-what!?" Gunn yells just as loudly. Angel and Wesley both look at Present Fred as if she has the answers.

"Boyfriend? That's just silly. Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with you," she quickly says to Gunn. An arrow suddenly whizzes through the air, but Illyria catches it with perfect ease.

"Who dares?" She seethes snapping the arrow.

"I dare," Cordelia answers; crossbow already reloaded.

"Don't you think we should hear what Sybil here has to say?" Gunn asks.

"You were ready to kill her a few second ago," Cordelia reminds him.

"That was before she kicked our butts."

"Well in my experience whenever a double is around you should immediately kill it when you have the chance," Cordelia says.

"Wait. I want to hear the other me out," Present Fred comments.

"Thank you," Future Fred sighs.

"Well not exactly you, but the other, other me. Am I possessed and I just have a very strong will or something?"

"Yes your will is strong," Future Fred compliments. "But as for why I'm rooming with a demon, it's a long story."

"No it isn't. You died. I took over your body," Illyria answers.

"There's more to the story than that!"

"We aren't here to recount your death and my return! We're here to save the world!"

"Which we won't be doing anytime soon if we can't agree to peacefully co-exist!"

"SHUT UP!" Cordelia snaps. "Can ONE of you just please explain?"

"Keep it as short as possible Illyria," Future Fred requests.

"Finally," Illyria says taking control again. "My name is Illyria. One of the Old Ones. Yes my essence took over yours," she says pointing to Present Fred. "Your soul was meant to be consumed but some of it remained."

"But not enough to fully take control of my body," Future Fred interrupts. "If it wasn't for that badass blonde, I'd still be a prisoner of my own body."

"Silence!" Illyria orders.

"Wait. Badass blonde? Buffy?" Cordelia asks.

"Yes. I believe that is what they called her," Illyria responds. "She stabbed me in the stomach and the shock of the near death experience somehow brought what was left of Fred's soul back. But that isn't important."

"It is to me," Future Fred says.

"I told you to be silent. Five years from now the world as you know it lies in ruins. In fact this whole city now resides in Hell."

"What? How? Wouldn't the powers that be know about this happening?" Cordelia asks, but her group just shrugs.

"That too is a long story. But your true enemy is the Devil himself. Lucifer."

"That guy actually exists?" Gunn asks.

"Yes," Angel confirms. "When I was doing time in Hell, I had the displeasure of being in close enough proximity to see his cage without being vaporized. Not a pretty sight I can tell you that. How is he free?"

"The seals that bound him were broken and a vessel was prepared for him. In my timeline he has found his true vessel and unleashed a devastating virus that has killed millions. A band of demon hunters found a way to weaken him in the future, but someone else has travelled back in time. I was recruited to go after her. What is the current date?"

"January 18th, 2009," Angel answers. "Why?"

"That stupid angel missed the date," Illyria reprimands.

"Excuse me?" Angel asks. Future Fred takes over her body again.

"Oh no. Not you," Future Fred clarifies. "Angels exist as well and are what sent me and Illyria back from our time. Unfortunately the one we relied on was a tad out of practice so we're a little late to stop what we initially came back for."

"...why?" Present Fred whispers.

"Why what? Oh the angel sending me to the wrong time-"

"Not that. Why did I die? Why couldn't I stay...?"

"Everybody dies," Illyria says. "Some just sooner than others."

"I get rescued from Pylea to not only die, but have my body taken over. Oh that's real fair," Present Fred complains.

"I'm still here," Future Fred reminds her.

"Yeah and look how annoying that is. Constantly switching back and forth."

"You get used to it after a while," Future Fred says.

"Sorry...I...I just need some time to myself," and Present Fred runs up the stairs to her room.

"Forgot how emotionally unstable I was back then," Future Fred comments then stares at the semi-disapproving looks of her old friends. "Sorry," she apologizes.

"Besides you, Lucifer, and this other person that travelled back in time is there anything else that we need to worry about?" Cordelia asks.


Buffy Summers tosses and turns in bed then wakes up altogether. She rubs her face and looks at the clock; midnight. She groans and gets out of bed. Walking past the Scythe resting on her nightstand and to the bathroom. Willow believes there to be some great magic lying within the Scythe, but none of the Scoobies can figure out what the thing is.

Probably would've helped if I asked future Xander, Buffy thinks while washing her face.

She grabs a towel and dries off. When she looks back up, she jumps at her reflection. Her face is covered in mud; almost like in that dream she had after the Initiative incident.

"Buffy," a voice calls to her. Buffy turns around and her eyes meet a face she's never seen before.

She's almost as tall as Buffy with blonde hair, torn clothes, and mud is also smeared over her face.

"Who are you?" Buffy asks.

"You possess something that doesn't belong to you," she says and her faces flashes to that of The First Slayer.

"Sineya."And Buffy wakes up. She rubs her face to make sure there isn't any mud and sighs. "Why do these Slayer dreams always have to be so cryptic?" She asks herself.

"I've been wondering the same thing ever since I was activated," Lily says entering Buffy's room and taking a seat on the bed.

"You too huh?" Buffy asks and Lily nods.

"Yep. Any idea what she could mean?" Lily asks.

"I don't know. The Scythe maybe?" Buffy suggests.

"Well even if it didn't belong to us, it's not like The First Slayer can do much damage to us in our dreams," Lily jokes getting a laugh out of Buffy.

A Cabin in the Woods

Sineya kicks open the front door of a deserted cabin and walks inside with a dead deer slung over her shoulder. She tosses it down onto the floor.

This will do for later, she thinks.

She picks up a knife off the table top and sharpens an already sharp stake. She looks at the wall and throws the stake at it. The stake goes about halfway through it and Sineya scowls.

She grabs a second stake off the table and throws it even harder, hitting the first stake, splitting it in half, and going completely through the wall. She smiles smugly.


To Be Continued...