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WeiLan! Ever To You.

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He looks up to the man he once loved dearly. His eyes though doesn't hold the love and adoration like a moments ago. He know this is it. He have done this.

"I love you xiao wei. Please let's keep going together, we can do this."  Zhao Yunlan plead for his  love. Searching for the eyes that is set on the floor only.

"Yunlan, this is the best for both of us. I don't want our future to be destroyed by this." Said Shen wei, still facing down unable to lift his head to see the pain he had caused in Zhao Yunlan's eyes.

Yunaln sigh and shake  his head. "Okay..if this  is what you want.I want to fight but I'm tired alone xiao wei."

From now on Zhao Yunlan and Shen wei will never be called as one.

He get up to leave the hospital room. As he reached the door the voice stopped him.

"Just do me a favour, next time we meet be a stranger to me." 

He left and he never turn back.