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The Things We Don’t Believe In

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Sam normally doesn’t go out, and when he does it’s not with work colleagues. He’s never liked to overlap his worlds; instead, preferring to keep his social and professional lives comfortably separated. But the guys from the finance department have been on his case for months, begging him to join them in their weekly outing. They all agreed to come in and work on a Saturday in preparation for the quarterly review; so when they invited him to join them, he couldn’t say no.

And to his surprise, he’s actually enjoying himself.

It’s not that he’s antisocial. While he doesn’t have many close friends, he enjoys the few he’s acquired over the years. It’s hard to know who to trust. His father built an empire, of which he and his brother, Dean, are the heirs to. And someday, when the old man retires, Sam will be the one running the Institute. But for now, he’s still young, just biding his time. Only twenty-five, he’s overseeing the guys in finance to learn the ropes.

The Winchester family is powerful and one of the richest in the country, and Sam learned a long time ago that with privilege comes drawbacks.

Tonight, Sam found himself out of excuses. Frankly, after the week he’d had, drinking a few beers and shooting the shit didn’t sound like a bad option.

“Right, Sam?” Keith asks eagerly, raising his beer in the youngest Winchester’s direction.

“I don’t know what the question was but I learned a long time ago never to agree with anything you say,” Sam chides and the table erupts in laughter.

“He’s full of shit anyway.” Jeff pipes up. “There is no way that Lola from reception wants anything to do with him.”

“She’s so into me.” Keith rebuts, patting his chest with his palm. “She’s all over this.”

“Get out of here with your delusions, man. She’s a solid eight and you’re not even on the chart.” Snickering, Jeff clinked his glass with Kevin who’s sitting beside him.

“Fuck you,” Keith flings a stack of napkins that flutter across the table.

“How about you Sam?” Jeff inquires, lifting his beer in his boss’s direction.

“Me?” Sam grins tipping back his beer. “I’m boring. All work.”

“You dated Sarah from billing last year for a while didn’t you?”

“Yeah, learned my lesson there. I won’t make that mistake twice.”

He would have preferred that his short-lived relationship with Sarah Blake stayed private, but she’d been eager to tell anyone who would listen. Besides, her questionable judgment notwithstanding, she was a Beta and he’d found himself less than satisfied in the bedroom.

“How about your secretary, Amelia? She’s not bad-”

“Nope,” Sam interjects, hoping to quell the speculation then and there. A conversation can quickly go from rumor to gossip in the blink of an eye, and he knows full well Amelia’s been vying for his attention. He doesn’t want to give the idea legs. “I keep it strictly professional. Anything more is asking for trouble.”

Boring,” Keith smirks and Jeff joins.

“Sam’s a saint.”

“Not even close.” Sam laughs, his line of sight shifting to watch you behind the bar, pouring shots of tequila, looking up just quick enough to catch him. He hasn’t been able to take this eyes off you all night.

“What about her?” Sam gestures in your direction.

All three guys follow as he points.

“Y/N. A total ten.” Kevin whistles as he twists in his chair. “Good luck with that.”

“Ass for days. I’m pretty sure every guy in here has tried to take her home. She doesn’t shit where she eats, either.” Jeff jokes and the conversation moves on, but Sam doesn’t. You brought them a round of drinks before the bar got busy, and he caught your scent up close and personal - unmistakably Omega and like nothing he’s ever encountered before.  

His parents would be mortified if they saw him sizing up a bartender at some shit hole bar on the Lower East Side. His mother has been trying to set him up since he presented. And his father…well, his father thinks he’s too young to focus on anything other than his career. He’s happy to encourage a one night stand over a relationship any day of the week.

Sam’s been in a couple relationships, but nothing too serious. He’s never found anyone that felt compulsory, that is until he smelled you. Now that he’s set his sights on you, he can’t back down. There is something inside him, something long dormant that’s flickering to life like a piece of forgotten machinery. Sam knows he needs to act before this feeling builds into something he’s not in control of.

“I’ll be back,” He slides out of his seat, moving toward the bar, as Keith slaps on him on the back with an ill-fated good luck.

The way he’s looking at you should make you uncomfortable.

It’s still early on a Saturday night and most of the guys at his table are regulars, but he is definitely not. You’d remember an Alpha with that face and those mesmerizing eyes. Those eyes that you can feel boring holes into your back as you walk away.

It’s not unusual for men to show you attention. You’re attractive and fit and unmistakably an unclaimed Omega.

It takes a lot to peak your interest. After five years working in bars throughout New York City, you’re used to the attention and adept at carefully sidestepping any precarious situations.

There’s been a low hum in your belly all night, ever since you first laid eyes on him. Your heat is weeks away so you have no reasons to keep suppressants on you.  But as this gorgeous specimen of man approaches the bar, you wish were better prepared.

“Hi,” he smiles like a cat who just ate a canary, with dimples that give him a false, boyish charm. It might be easy to mistake him for harmless, but you can tell just by the way that he moves he’s far from it.

“Hey,” you nod, placing both hands on the bar. “What can I get for you?”

He chuckles, eyes shining as his tongue darts out to lick his lips. There’s no pretense - you both know exactly why he’s here and it’s not for another beer.

“Why don’t you tell me. Anything on special?” His eyes trail over the entire length of your body from head to toe, making zero attempt to conceal his blatant lust.

You could smell him earlier, but his scent must be getting stronger because it’s all you can concentrate on. In fact, you’ve never been around an Alpha with a scent as powerful as his. You wonder if he’s close to his rut.

“What do you like?” You inquire, squeezing your thighs together. There’s no way he can’t smell your arousal, the wet heat between your legs making you slightly comfortable as you try to act casual.

He smiles again, leaning forward. You indulge, bending over the bar so that you’re within inches of each. He’s even more beautiful up close. “I’d like to take you home with me.”

Well, so much for subtlety. But you can appreciate a direct approach. Plus, you decided you wanted him before he ever made a pass.

“My shift ends at two.” You find yourself staring directly into his eyes, stuck in the moment as you breathe hitches. His hands are huge and you wonder if the rest of him is proportional.

“Fuck,” he shakes his head like you’ve just said the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard. “That’s five hours, you really wanna wait that long?”

You glance over at Jesse, the other bartender who’s already struggling to keep up with the rush. Normally you would be horrified at the impulsiveness of the entire situation, but you can’t help yourself. He smells too damn good and looks even better. Not to mention it’s been a long damn time since you’ve had an orgasm from something other than your own fingers.

“No, I don’t.” You confess, watching as his palms the crotch of his dress pants. “You live close?”

Sam has you pressed up against the wall of his apartment in twenty minutes flat. Your skirt is bunched around your hips as he grinds his erection through the layers of his suit against your soaked panties.

“I don’t normally do this,” You gasp as his mouth pops from yours. He looks at you thoughtfully, like a dying man eyeing his last meal.

The corner of his mouth pulls, just a hint of a smile as his eyes drop from your lips to your cleavage, his tongue darting out.

“Me either.”

You aren’t sure if he’s being serious or just trying to placate you. It sure seems like he’s done this before as his tongue slides back over yours, drawing a moan from your throat directly into his mouth.

His mouth is relentless, kissing you so hard you think he’s going to bruise your lips, his tongue dipping and swirling.

Sam is all muscle under his dress shirt. You can feel how powerful he is as he presses the entire length of his body into yours, pinning you in place.

“Shit,” He pants, pulling back, yanking his tie loose. “You smell so good Omega, makin’ me so hard.”

“Alpha,” you moan, rolling your hips to find some relief. His kisses don’t stop as he struggles to rid himself of his shirt, then his pants as he swiftly unbuckles his belt and drops his slacks to the floor.

“Jesus,” he warns, reaching down to hold your hips in place. “You’re wearing too much. Take your clothes off.”

And with that he steps back, rubbing his cock through his underwear while you scramble to comply. You pull your shirt off, reaching behind your back to unhook your bra. Sam grunts in approval the sight of your bare breasts and hard nipples as you shimmy out of your skirt and slide panties down your legs at lightning speed.

Before he has a chance to act, you step forward and sinking down onto your knees. He watches you like a hawk, his mouth falling open in anticipation. Pulling his boxer-briefs down his thighs, you’re pleased to find his cock is just as big and beautiful as the rest of him. You’re not entirely sure he’ll even fit in your mouth, but that’s not going to stop you from trying.

Wrapping your fingers around the length of his bobbing cock, you waste no time taking him into your mouth, sucking on his thick head as you stroke him root to tip. Glancing up, you find him staring down at you with an unnerving intensity. His eyes locked on your mouth wrapped around his cock and twist his fingers into your hair.

You’ve never minded sucking cock, yet now, with this massive Alpha, you can’t imagine wanting anything more than to choke on him. To take him so far into your throat you’ll be horse afterward. The very thought of it makes your aching cunt clench, clit throbbing between your legs, despite him barely touched you.

With a newfound determination, you lunge forward and swallow him until he’s lodged so deep your eyes begin to water, fighting the urge to gag. Sam shouts, a deep throaty exclamation as you hear him panting above you. You bob back, glancing up to get a look at him before swallowing him again. His head is tipped back, pink lips open as his forehead scrunches in concentration.

You work his cock as best you can, only able to take about half of his length into your mouth despite your valiant efforts. You can taste his precum on your tongue when your cheeks hollow out, sucking around his sensitive head and cupping his sack until he’s breathing out of his nose like a bull.

“Come up here, Omega.” Sam pulls you off his cock, spit hanging from your lips as his dick springs free. He pulls you quickly to your feet.

Sam’s hand slip over your hips to cup your ass before lifting you into the air, bringing your legs around his waist. He kisses you hard, lips scraping over teeth as you moan against him. Your body is practically vibrating, humming with arousal as you rub your pussy over his stomach in an utterly desperate attempt to get some relief.

“Please, fuck me,” You beg, one hand holding on his shoulder while the other grips the meat of his thick bicep. “I want you inside me.”

It’s true, you find yourself needing him in a way that you’ve never even come close to experiencing before. Yeah, you’ve fucked your fair share of Alphas, but Sam is something completely different. You’re aching for him right down to your bones.

And judging from how hard he is, twitching between your bodies, he’s feeling it too.

He’s not entirely sure your slick little pussy is going to be able to take him, at least not the way you’re begging for it. He knows how big his cock is, and if he just goes for it, plows into you hard and fast, it’s going to hurt.

You don’t seem the least bit concerned.

“Please, Alpha,” you plead, tipping your head back and grinding your clit over the hard muscle of his belly. “Sam.”

You resort to using his name and that does the trick. He growls, lifting you up and he slams your back against the wall. Reaching around he spreads your thighs and you reach between to line up his cock.

Looking down, you have a bird’s eye view of his ridiculously thick shaft and the wide, leaking head pressing into your slick channel. You’re wet enough that, despite his significant girth, he slides inside in a single thrust, rutting up into your body until his balls rock into your backside. You were afraid he wouldn’t fit but as he slides home, nestling to the root, and your pussy takes every last inch.

Somewhere in the dizzy, pleasure-soaked part of your brain, you’re aware that you never felt so full or stretched. And you’ve definitely never taken a cock this deep before.

Sam drops his head forward, biting your shoulder as he gasps into the sweat-soaked skin. His hips stutter as he pulls back, and as he rams back inside to the hilt you cry out.

Fuck, I don’t wanna hurt you,” he grits. His mouth finds your neck to nip at the hollow of your throat. “But I wanna fuck you ‘till you can’t walk. Wanna knot you.”

You’re having an effect on him that he’s finding hard to control. He’s normally a master of self-restraint, never once thought he wouldn’t be able to stop if he needed to, but as your thighs tighten around his waist he couldn’t pull out even if he wanted to.

“Doesn’t hurt,” you gasp, rolling your hips trying to get him to move. “I wanna feel you fuck me.”

That’s all the encouragement he needs. Sam braces himself with both hands on your hips and begins to piston up into you with a power and speed that make your eyes roll back in your head. You lied, it doeshurt. His cock is fucking huge and every plunge of his shaft is a test in how much you can take. But you’ve always liked a little pain, as long as it comes with pleasure. And the pleasure he’s giving you is bordering mind-numbing.

Omega,” he groans, drawing his teeth down the center of your throat, starting under your chin and not stopping until he reaches a collarbone. “Gonna knot you, make you come all over my cock.”

You can’t speak. He’s fucking you so hard that every thrust knocks the air from your lungs. You just whimper and hold on. Your hand moves to the back of his neck before several fingers find his hair, grabbing a handful. He seems to like it when you tug on his scalp. You pull him back to look at you before kissing him between hurried breaths.

“You want my knot?” He demands an answer, his entire body, every powerful muscle, flexing in unison with each plunge of his cock. It occurs to you for the first time that neither of you thought of birth control, but you’re so far gone that now it’s almost comical. You’ve never wanted anything as much as you wanted his knot splitting you open and the feeling of him cumming inside you.

For the first time in Sam’s life, he feels completely out of control, practically feral, as you moan and beg him for the all the things he already wants to do to you.

“Yes, Alpha, want your knot.”

Jesus,” He grunts, feeling the ring of muscle at the base of his dick begin to swell. He’s close now, rutting faster and faster, deeper and deeper. And then a new urge overtakes him, slamming into his senses as he fucks you earnestly.

He wants to mate.

With his knot swelling, you begin to cry out every time he forces it into your cunt, clutching around him like a dying woman.

“Gonna claim you,” he promises, his open mouth pressed to yours as you both pant and writhe against each other.

Sam!” You scream as his knot pops as he forced it inside you with one long, hard grind until you feel as if he’s going to split you in two. You cum harder than you knew was possible, your body shaking and tightening as you tip your neck to the side, offering every last part yourself to him.

His cock is shooting thick, hot ropes of cum inside you as his teeth sink into your neck. Sam tastes blood - the taste of you is all iron and warmth. It makes his cock pulse, spilling everything he has until his balls are empty and he’s rutting slow and deep into your body.

Both of you are still moving but it’s all soft and slow. His lips kiss the swell of your breast as his hips rock shallow, up and down, slowing with each pass. When he finally stops, he buries his face into the slick sweat of your neck. He kisses his bite before holding you tight against his body while you catch your breath.

You rub his back, letting your hands press up and down his spine as he squeezes your hips, again and again, groaning when your pussy clenches around his knot. One hand slips under your ass, the other wide over your back as he walks you both to the leather couch. He sits carefully with you stuffed full of his cock.

Straddling him, you’re able to push forward to press your breasts into his chest. You want every inch of his skin sliding over every inch of yours. You want to feel him, not just inside, but around you.

Sam nuzzles under your jaw, nipping and licking his way to his bite. His knot is slowly fading but his cock is another story. He’s just as hard as he was before he came, the enormity of his length still deep inside your belly. Having just come like a force of nature, you should be satisfied. Instead, you find that your need is coiling, building quickly as you rock on top of him.

Once his knot is fully subdued, you entertain a maiden stroke. You lift your body up the length of his shaft, careful to keep the head inside. When you sink back down, Sam grits his teeth and makes a deep guttural sound that spurs you on. You find a rhythm, riding him at a comfortable pace as his cock fucks his cum out of you. It makes a mess of everything, including his very expensive sofa.

Your hazy brain looks around his apartment for the first time. You already know you’re on the top floor of the building from the elevator ride up, but you failed to note the sweeping view of the city from his enormous living room. If you were of sound mind and body you’d have a lot of questions, but all you can concentrate on is the way he feels inside you. He rubs lazy circles over your clit with his thumb as he arches up to kiss you.

It doesn’t take either of you long to cum again. You plan to keep your weight off his knot, giving your cunt a break because you’ve got a vague idea of how sore you’re going to be. Instead, he pulls you down onto him as his knot thickens and you happily take him, letting him knot you a second time.

The next twenty-four hours are a blur of sexual gratification. Any logical thought is overcome by this preternatural need for each other and Sam makes good use of the time fucking you until you can move hardly move.

He bends you over the dark granite of his kitchen counter, sliding into you from behind as your breasts slide across the stone. You make it halfway down the hall before you’re sucking his cock, letting him cum over you chest. And once you make to the bedroom, he’s got you on all fours, rutting into you like a caveman, grunting and knotting you as many times as his body will allow.

Unsure of how much time has passed - and not really caring - you whimper as you grab the cheeks of his ass while he slides inside you again and again. Face to face, he’s staring down at you. You could see the muscles in his neck straining as he struggles to keep going. When he reaches between your bodies to find your clit, you smack his hand away.

“I can’t cum again.”

He doesn’t argue, instead, he braces his hands on either side of your head and pumps faster.

Everything is wet, sweat soaked and stinking of sex - from your skin to the sheets beneath you. Sam’s dripping with perspiration, the slick sound of your bodies coming together bouncing off the walls as his drenched hair framed your face.

Fuck,” he moans, burying his head against your neck, his mouth gaping open as he cums for the final time.

He flips you both over, letting you rest over his chest, your thighs wide around his waist as the minutes tick by and his knot recedes. Exhaustion doesn’t begin to express how drained you both are.

“I never thought this was a real,” you mumble, unable to lift your head.

“What?” Sam slides a hand up your back.

“True bonds. I thought it was some love-at-first-sight bullshit. But this is…I don’t even know.”

“I didn’t believe either,” he huffs, a hand finding the back of your skull, finger tangling in your hair. “Never felt anything like you before.”

For the first time that night you feel his erection fading, cock softening as the uncontrollable urge to bond with his mate equalizes. You’ll have a lot of questions in the morning, but right now you just need to sleep.

“Shower?” He asks, lifting his head to look at you.

“Yes, please.”

He only joins you for a minute, washing himself before giving your backside a squeeze and kissing your shoulder before stepping out. You watch him through the glass door as he dries off and hangs the towel back on the hook, his buttocks flexing as he walks away.

You stay under the warm stream of water until your legs are jelly and can’t stand any longer. Wrapping yourself in a plush robe that smells of his scent, you walk back into the bedroom to find fresh bedding. Your Alpha is standing stark naked against the backdrop of wall-to-wall windows overlooking the New York City nightscape.

He sets his phone down when he notices you, grinning like a wolf.

“Feel better?”

“Much. I don’t suppose you have a pizza somewhere around here?”

“There can be. I’ll get you whatever you want.” He slinks toward you with a predatory stealth, his head tipping to the side as he cups your face with his hands.

“I just wanna sleep.” You’ve never been this tired, or this satisfied. Every inch of your body is relaxed and ready to hibernate.

You’re compliant as he uses his grasp to tilt your head, exposing his fresh bite. He runs his thumb around the edge of his mark, grunting in approval. Leaning in to scent you, he drags the tip of his nose along your jawbone until it meets your earlobe.

“You smell like me now, Omega.” He smiles softly, kissing your temple.

You want to melt. Everything about him triggers a physical response in you.

“Let’s go to bed.” He unties the robe, letting it pool at your feet. Sliding between clean sheets, you lie on his chest, one leg over his hip. You might not want to fuck but you’re still in need him touching you everywhere possible. Within moments, your eyelids are closing.

Sam’s not far behind you, refusing to think about the series of repercussions he’ll have to deal with in the morning. Right now, he just wants to be here and that’s his last thought as he follows you into sleep.

“Where the hell is your brother?” John Winchester checks his watch, closing his leather-bound notepad and removing his glasses.

Dean looks up from his phone to his father who’s sitting rigidly behind a grandiose desk.

Sam missed the ten o’clock meeting, which is unheard of.

Sam’s never late. Never sick. Never plays hooky. He’s the son John wishes Dean could be, at least when it comes to the business. But, even inside these walls, Sam’s perfect performance is never enough for their father. Dean’s forever the golden boy and everyone knows it.

“Hell if I know.” Dean wiggles his phone in the air. “I’ve been calling him all morning.”

“We need the quarter three projections before the end of the day.” John taps his thumb on the arm of the chair. “Did we send someone to check on him?”

“Carol went over to his place; she said he didn’t answer.” Dean gets up, shoving both hands into his suit pants. His dad’s been in a terrible mood all morning and this is the icing on the cake.

Sam and John have been at odds for as long as Dean can remember. And while his father knows that Sam’s work is beyond reproach, it doesn’t mean they see eye-to-eye. In fact, Dean’s sure they’d find a way to argue about an agreement.

“We’ll stop by his place on the way to lunch. Your mother would kill me if she knew he was MIA and I didn’t check on him.” Reaching for his briefcase, John methodically organizes his papers and laptop before plucking his suit jacket off the back of the chair. “You ready?”

“Always,” Dean nods.


Sam’s apartment is on the forty-second floor of a Manhattan high rise. Dean gives his best cop knock, calling his brother’s name but there’s no answer.

“I don’t know.” Dean shrugs, turning to his father who’s already on the phone to the manager. John owns the building so when he requests security to unlock the door there’s someone arriving within minutes, handing John a spare key.

The second the door swings open, both Alphas can smell the overpowering scent of sex. The place stinks of pheromones and there’s no question - Sam’s had a good weekend.

“I swear to God, Dean if he missed our quarterly review to fuck some little bitch I’m going to lose my shit.” John’s jaw ticks as he steps inside.

What their father is implying is out of character for Sam. Both he and his brother have had their fair share of hook-ups, but Sam’s never been on a bender before. But he has to admit, it doesn’t look good.

John saunters around the empty living room, tilting his chin toward a pair of panties on the arm of the couch.

Dean winces.

He watches his father stalk down the hallway toward Sam’s bedroom, pulling off his gloves and shoving them into the pockets of his overcoat. It’s not a good sign. John pauses in the doorway before entering and Dean follows because he might as well be part of the drama if he’s going to have to deal with the fallout.

Sam’s sprawled out in the middle of the bed, naked with the sheet pulling just past his cock but not quite up enough to cover his nest of dark pubic hair. He’s sleeping soundly, chest rising and fall as you lay tucked into his side with the crack of your ass on full display.

“Sam,” John bellows. Dean has no idea how either of you sleep through his booming voice, but neither of you so much as twitch.

Walking over to the bed, John reaches down and slaps Sam on the bottom of his foot. This does the trick because Sam springs to attention, dumping you on to the pillow as he bolts upright.

“What the fuck-” He blinks, staring at his father who’s standing over him. Completely bewildered, his eyes find Dean by the door. His brother makes you’re-in-some-real-shit face, but Sam’s too out of it to get a handle on the situation.

Get up,” John spits, looking from Sam to you. “Put some clothes on. I’ll wait in the kitchen.”

You have no idea what’s happening. Blinking awake, you can hear muted yelling from somewhere outside of the bedroom. You’ve no idea how long you slept but it wasn’t enough because you can barely move. Taking a moment to collect yourself, you find Sam’s robe and put it on before following the sound of the argument.

When you round the corner from the hall to the living area of the sprawling apartment, Sam and two other men stop to look at you. Sam’s bare-chested, a pair of pajama pants hanging low on his hips while the two guys he’s talking to are dressed to the nines in suits and wool coats.

The older man looks you from head to toe before turning back to Sam. “I hope she fucks as good as she looks.”

“Hey, this isn’t about her.”

“Apparently it is.” John’s eyes narrow back to you. “If she’s got you in bed at noon on a Monday, she’s part of the problem.”

“Dad,” The third man interjects.

“Stay outta this, Dean,” John warns. “I needed you there today, Sam. We’ve got investors showing up tomorrow and now I’ve gotta put my whole day on hold to go over your numbers. It’s unacceptable.”

“I’ll handle it.” Sam moves to get between you and his father but John’s already spotted it.

John looks back and forth between you and Sam, even turning to Dean as he chuckles dryly, glaring at you. “Un. Fucking. Believable.

Sam swallows, standing his ground.

“What?” Dean asks, stepping forward.

“Look at her neck.” John turns to him. “He claimed her.”

All three of them turn to look at you as you tug at the soft white collar of the robe.

“Seriously?” Dean tilts his head.

“Let me explain-” Sam starts but his father is having none of it.

“Explain what?” John grimaces, inspecting you like a zoo animal. “Your mother is going to be heartbroken.”

While you’re not privy to the details, you’re getting the gist of where this conversation is headed and anger starts to build.

“What do you do, sweetheart?” John asks, smiling tightly.


“I hope you at least have a job. Do you work or were you just waiting for a meal ticket?”

His hostility is so blatant it’s almost comical, so you answer him honestly.

“I’m a bartender at Mick’s over on-”

“Oh, wonderful!” He doesn’t let you finish, clapping his hands together dramatically. “I can’t wait to break the news to my wife that her son’s claimed a bar slut.”

“Enough!” Sam squares himself off, stepping in front you. “You can be mad at me, say whatever you want about me because I fucked up today. But she’s off limits.”

While you can’t see his father’s response, you hear him hiss.

“We came over here because I was afraid you were hurt. This shit is the last thing I expected to find. Disappointment doesn’t begin to cover it, boy. Your brother and I are going back to the office. Why don’t you join us when you’re done playing house.”  

He stares daggers at you as he passes by, whipping out the door as quick as he came. Sam’s brother just runs his tongue over his bottom lip looking like he’s got something to say. He looks from Sam to you and then back to his little brother before silently walking out.

“What was that?” You breathe as Sam turns to you, his face stoic as he eyes the bite on your neck.

“That was my dad.” Sam snorts. “Welcome to the family.”

“He’s always like that?” You inquire, still stunned.

“Did you know who I was when I tried to pick you up?” His eyes narrow and you recoil.

“I still don’t know who you are.” His implication settles in and now you really are mad. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean? You approached me.”

“I know,” He grimaces. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to - I’m being a dick and you don’t deserve that. I just - I wasn’t expecting my father to show up.”

You want to be more upset with him, but you’ve still got a million mating and bonding receptors going off at the mere presence of your Alpha. And he is your Alpha now.

“Who are you, Sam?”

“I’m a Winchester.”

The name swirls around in your head, you’ve heard it before.

Then is comes to you.

“Winchester, as in, The Tower Winchesters?”

The Tower is a nickname given to the massive white bio-research facility not far from where you are now. It’s a modern white skyscraper dominating the city skyline, people use it as a reference point when giving direction to tourists because it’s visible from so far away. It’s real name is Gilead Science and Research. Even you, who knows nothing about that field, is aware it’s a titan of the industry.

And the Winchester family’s reputation precedes them. You don’t have an instant recall but you’ve read about them before, you know it.

“Yeah. That’s us.” Nodding Sam places both hands on the counter, leaning forward to a breath. “I have to go clean up my mess before my dad goes ballistic.”

“Okay.” You’re suddenly apprehensive. From the second you laid eyes on him you knew you wanted to be with him but now-

“Hey,” He can see the wheels turning in your head and walks to you, pulling you into his arms just as easily as he did last night. “We’ll sit down tonight and talk about how we move forward from here.”

“I need to go home.”

“You should just stay here, get some sleep.”

“Trust me, I feel like I could sleep for a week but I need clean clothes. I can’t wear your robe for the rest of my life.”

“I’d argue that I actually prefer it.” He smirks, reaching for the tie. “It looks good on you and it’s easy to take off…”

He leans in to kiss you with a gentle press of his lips, smiling against your mouth.

“I have to go, Omega.” His eyes linger on your face as he musters the self-control to pull away. “I’ll see you in a few hours.”  

If he wasn’t in charge of the investor’s presentation he’d take his sweet time. He’d gladly spend another hour making love to you - just to spite his father - but this is bigger than family dysfunction.

He knows he’ll never live this down. Dean’s made a million mistakes but they all seem to be forgotten in the wake of Sam and John’s ongoing feud. If they weren’t family they’d never have a working relationship. And, despite John’s constant criticism of his youngest son, he knows Dean wouldn’t be able to handle the business on his own. The boys work best as a team and there’s no denying it.

John was right about one thing - Mary is going to be beside herself and Sam knows it.

For a woman that wasn’t around for most of their childhood, she’s making up for her absence by overcompensating. Sam was twenty when Mary moved back from London, reconciling with their father and moving into the family home as if she’d never been gone. Like she hadn’t dropped her family like a hot potato when a more enticing offer came long.

When she moved home, Sam was the son that welcomed her with open arms. He put the past behind him, forgiving old grievances, moving forward, just happy to have her in his life. It was then that she started her desperate search to find him a perfect mate. She’d always meddled from afar, but now that she was live and in person Sam found himself being offered a buffet of eligible women.

Not that he minded. He is, after all, a red-blooded Alpha male. But Betas never did the trick and Omegas were few and far between, so he played along with Mary. Letting her set him up on blind dates and showing up for Friday night dinners religiously. She’s always had an idea in her head of what Sam’s life should look like and now he’s thrown a giant wrench into her master plan.

His mind wanders to you.

There’s no doubt that you’re meant to be his mate. Whether he wants to think of it as kismet or pre-determined biological destiny, what happened between you two is the single most intense experience of Sam’s life.

He doesn’t regret claiming you, in fact, he’s never been so satisfied with a choice, but Sam’s also a realist. He doesn’t know you outside of the wonderful whimpering sounds you make when he gets the angle of his hips just right.

On queue, his phone buzzes. Your name pops up on the screen and he swipes it open.

Y/N:  I’m going home

Y/N: But if you’re lucky I’ll let you buy me dinner

Y/N: And you can make me forget all those horrible things your dad said


Sam: When I’m done you’re gonna forget your own name

Sam: I’ll call you later

While Sam’s words are playful, he feels anything but.

John Winchester can smell a weakness from a mile away. He never hesitates to use it to his advantage, regardless of family ties. Sam knows his father, he knows John will find a way to use you to get what he wants from Sam.

It’s only a matter of time.