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The Invitations

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500 years ago the five ruling houses fought over who would rule as the head family of Yuuie; The houses Todoroki, Iida, Bakugo, Yaoyaroza, and Aizawa all took serious damage during these wars. After seeing so many die in the pointless battles another royal house rose up to unite the houses; this house in question was Toshinori  and the way to unite was simple; On the 16th birthday of every royal child invites were to be sent out to not just other ruling families but to commoners as well.

That was why today the  royal families sent out courting invites; Each royal family had their own coloured envelope to signify which family was sending the invite. The seal signified which royal had authorized the invites.

Red invites were sent by the Royal house of Todoroki, the main family seal was a Phoenix, but each family members seal had a flower behind the Phoenix. King Enji himself authorizes the courting invites and had been known to be rather horrible in the past but as he aged he has slowly mellowed out to the point where he just wants to retire and see his grandchildren; five children, four of which have long since come of age and yet not one grandchild in sight, not to mention his oldest and heir has disappeared of the face of the earth.

Blue invites were sent by the Iida family; they ruled a small country, the oldest of the two sons having already taken up the title of King, their seal was that of a horse, unlike the Todoroki family it was hard to tell the seals apart due to the differences being very subtle with the ruling having a full moon and the heir having a half moon.

Purple Invites were sent from the Kingdom of night ruled by the Aizawa family; the whole family used an Owl behind a Bat, the family itself was rather illusive despite the king consorts rather loud nature. The only child of the house was adopted due to the Kings unfortunate illness as a child leaving the poor man barren.

Orange invites where sent out by the elusive royal dragons; the Bakugos, since the family is slowly dying out due to low fertility rates and lack of omegas being born into the family their hopes were solely on the one and only Alpha son to find an extremely fertile omega to mate and marry; they were also the only family permitted to use any form of dragon imagery in the entire land so it was a given that the royal insignia and seal would be a dragon.

The last invites to be sent out where White in colour whit a gold seal, on the seal was an eagle. The King himself whilst he was strong in his heyday; he was now weak and frail, his one child from an ill-fated affair from 18 years ago now resided within the castle and thus caused a slight panic when they realized that he had yet to find a mate, the young blond was now being taught how to take the reins of the kingdom.

It always caused a bout of excitement amongst the common folk especially when there is coloured envelopes that hadn’t been seen in decades. The richer of the common families seemed to think that the invites where just for them and would often hire people to gather the invites and withhold them from the rest of the public, this was especially true when it came to invites from the rarer families. To combat this the Royals often sent trusted guards to make sure the invites where distributed evenly amongst the people.

The invites themselves where simple and basically the same in wording:

                                To whomever has received this invite;

                                                By orders of the six families you are cordially invited to

                                                The Mating Ball.

                                                To qualify to attend this ball you are either: 16 years or older or

                                                The parent or guardian of the proposed intended.

                                Please bring this invite to the Irrilia Gardens at dusk on the first full moon

                                Of the 12 month.

With the invites sent and the preparations underway, no one realized the slight unease permeating from across the sea as a new kingdom was about to reap havoc upon the uneasy peace that the lands of Yuuei provided.