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Why Not?

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Park Choongjae didn't expect that he'd ever be doing this, but maybe it could help.

He’d moved to the United States at a rather young age all-alone, only having turned 18 when he flew over. It was to become famous. As for his name, he went from a Choongjae to a John. Why John? He saw it on an ad. As much as he wanted to become an idol after having been a trained for quite some time, he found he wanted to head for something more in his life. He really wanted his fame to be international.

All of that led him to be living in the saddest, tiniest apartment in Los Angeles whilst living off of small odd jobs as he tried to look for work. It had been months since he'd moved.

Anything that would’ve required any performance such as singing or dancing, he’d try to do. Even with his lack of English, he even attempted to get into small acting roles. It seemed that even when he was accepted into what he wanted, it’d always go wrong. It’d get canceled; they’d always find someone better; he’d mess up and end up crying. The few things he were in which included dancing in a few small music videos and sitting in the background of a show barely helped though. It seemed nothing would help him and it hurt. Despite that, he pushed on. He knew he'd find something eventually.

Now, as he sat on his bed late at night, he was on his phone. He had spent the day sitting around the house and moping but also reading through some of his English textbooks. Sadly, the information he tried to retain wouldn't stay in. On the other hand, he could say supercalifragalisticexpialidocious perfectly. His longer than usual hair was up in a small bun just so it wouldn't get in the way. As for his clothes, it was only a giant shirt and boxers. As for his phone, it was a hand me down iPhone 6 from a friend he’d made rather quickly who had much more money than he’d ever wish to have. While the other would often offer to give him some help with food, he'd always refuse as he felt too ashamed to leech off of them that way.

As he got into odd angles to connect to his neighbor’s wi-fi better, he started scrolling through ads for any type of work he could get into. As much as the money he made from walking dogs and housesitting for random people got him by, it wasn't enough. He needed much more if he wanted to be in a truly comfortable situation. With his mess of an apartment that was so bad he'd sometimes find himself waking up next to a cockroach, he wanted to move out soon. Very soon.

Choongjae sighed as he looked at his choices, not finding much that could apply to him. A lot of what appeared on his phone seemed to be acting roles at that moment and he looked through each one. Most of them asked for a white guy which immediately ruled him out, and everything else paying far too little for so much work. The ones that seemed completely perfect for him ended up being duds for him, as he still didn't speak English too well. As he scrolled and scrolled, he swore he was losing hope to find anything. Maybe I should just move back, he thought. Maybe I should be back in Korea right now. I should've debuted with that group.

Then, a new advertisement popped up.

He blinked as he saw the ad, one he didn't see often in his ventures, but he found himself curious. It only read 'Young Asian boy needed! 18+ only!!' on the link and not much else to it, unlike the others which overly specified it with words he barely recognized. He would've chosen to simply skip through it but at the same time, he hadn't really seen ads that specifically required someone Asian yet. He couldn't help but be so curious as to why it would be a job that would be restricted to certain ages. When he pressed to see what it exactly was, his eyes went wide when he read over everything that was written there. He read it again just to see if he was reading this right. He, in fact, was, and he felt himself getting flustered.

It was one for gay porn.

Choongjae couldn't help but bite down on his bottom lip as he read over the details, finding the requirements fit him rather well. At least he thought he did. They needed someone around 18-21 (which he found a bit weird) who was on the taller side with a more athletic build to them and nice pale skin. They also needed someone a bit more on the inexperienced side, which he certainly was without a doubt. The only two times he'd ever had sex with men was within those first few months in America and every time, he'd been left feeling sore and limping when he tried to walk back to his apartment. As much as he hesitated, he had to think of the fact that he barely had any money left after paying his rent and all the bills every time. He didn't even dare think of not taking the job though as he saw how much it paid.

While $350 wouldn't be much to anyone else, it would be a saving grace to him at that moment. Especially since the pay could get raised if he does even better than expected, even up to $600. He saw the requirements which simply required for him to send some professional pictures over, write a little about himself, and wait for a response. He looked through a few folders, though he eventually found some headshots. While his hair had grown a little longer since then, it'd still work. Now, he opened his email after copying the link. As he attached the pictures to his email, a lot of thoughts ran through his head. One of them included, You will hate yourself. Too bad the side desperate for money was too busy to listen to those thoughts. He then went on to write about himself, introducing himself with his Korean name (he really didn't use his American name too often since John didn't sound too sexy) and going on about how he moved from Korea and his experiences in the country. As soon as it was all typed down, he didn't hesitate at all in sending it over. "Shooting will be a week from now when I'm accepted. I hope I am," he murmured to himself before he put his phone to the side.

As he let it sink in that he really sent it, he became more and more confused with himself. He did want to do this, yes, but it felt so sudden that he could do that. He didn't know if it was because he was drowsy (especially as it was so late), but he was baffled by himself. How am I sure I want to do this? He then came to a conclusion. He wanted to talk to someone about this. After messaging someone to meet up with him the next day, he fell right asleep.




It was the next day and Choongjae was waiting in a cafe for a friend. As much as he loved his other friends he spoke to who supported his decision, he did want to hear what this one would say.

Unlike the night prior, he tried to make an effort to look good by slipping on a nice sweater and jeans. His hair was still up in its little messy bun though, which was a nice contrast. He stayed silent as he watched people in the busy cafe move around, it being around lunchtime, and he kept on sipping his latte as he waited for the other. Something on his face made it clear he wanted to stand up and run away but at the same time, he felt like he couldn't just do that to a friend. Not at all. Thankfully, the friend had arrived as soon as Choongjae was ready to start getting anxious.

It was Steve, but he was allowed to call him Pilgyo. He was one of the other few Koreans Pilgyo knew, after all.

A smile immediately appeared on Choongjae's face as the other suddenly stood by his table, getting up from his seat to give him a small hug. "I already got you your chocolate frappe, I know you like that," he said, feeling comfortable as he got to speak in Korean with the other. As he moved away, he then sat down with the other sitting right across from him. While Pilgyo wasn't exactly the wealthiest boy in the world, he did have enough to look fancy. In what was basically his own outfit but elevated with fancier materials and darker colors, he stared at Pilgyo for too long. Well, at least until he suddenly started to speak.

"You never ask me to go somewhere so suddenly," Pilgyo started before he took small sips of his frappe, not hiding the fact that he thought something was odd about this. "Don't tell me you've gotten in some sort of trouble again.

Hearing those words, Choongjae didn't know what to say. His instincts told him to spill it all out though and that's exactly what he did.

Immediately, he beckoned his friend closer, shaking his head when a confused look had appeared on his face. "Don't ask me anything, just come closer," he said with a frown. When the other leaned in closer, he did that as well, cupping his hands around the other's ear. While the first attempt to speak ended up with Pilgyo flinching away thanks to air in his ear, the second attempt ended up much better. There was clear hesitance when Choongjae spoke, but he couldn't help it. He was nervous.

"I'm going to be filming something by next week." No reaction yet. His hesitation grew stronger. Well, he thought it did. He then just let it slip. "It's gay porn, you know." There was most definitely a reaction there.

"You're doing what?" Pilgyo asked as he suddenly moved back onto his seat, a tad too loud too as people suddenly stared. He kept himself silent though until everyone looked away, not liking the attention, then clearing his throat before he spoke once again. "You're doing that? I didn't even know you liked boys- Ah, actually it's a bit obvious." Choongjae would've asked about that but Pilgyo continued to speak on anyway. "Either way, are you sure this is safe? For all you know, you'll get fifty different illnesses or someone could hurt you," he said, that being his main concern out of anything as he sipped his drink.

"Everyone gets tested and everyone seems nice.. I'll be fine. Why assume something like that? That's horrible," Choongjae replied, completely confident and defensive in his words. "You just don't get it, you don't-"

"Relax," Pilgyo said, his hands raising up in defense, his eyebrows furrowing. "It's okay, I didn't mean to upset you or anything." There, he suddenly moved a hand forward, placing it right on the other's shoulder and smiling, though it was small. "I just worry about what you do, who you work with. People have been doing some really shady business recently and I don't want you to be part of any of that, okay? You're the only other Korean person that I actually live close to so I can't help it." He paused for a moment to take a sip of Choongjae's drink. Then, he carried on. "What would happen if I find out some creepy people suddenly took you and swept you away from me? I'd miss you." There, he gave a pout and Choongjae chuckled.

"I'm sorry, I'm just.. desperate to make some money. I-" Seeing Pilgyo suddenly reach for his pocket, he reached over to slap his hand. "Don't even try to give me any of yours, I'm doing just fine," he said with a huff despite his words prior disproving that. He also moved to sip the other's drink before he proceeded to sink back into his seat. Something about the place's chairs made them so comfortable it felt unreal, so he sank in deeper than he thought he would. Despite the other's disapproving eye, he continued to speak in his position. "But listen. I understand your concern and if anything, I'd be concerned if you wanted to do something like this because someone would burn just by touching you." Seeing Pilgyo raise his drink as if it was going to get thrown at him, he shook his head and covered his face, laughing. "I'm being serious though! I get your concern but I'll be fine. Promise."

While Pilgyo hesitated to even accept anything he heard, finding a bit more of a parental side of all things appearing, and he had no idea how to feel. He was just about ready to go on a long rant about how the other should stay safe while he did what he wanted. Then, he saw Choongjae pulling the phone out of his pocket.

Choongjae blinked as he felt the phone's vibrations, unlocking it as soon as the screen was on and having to go directly to his emails as his notifications were hidden even to him. As he waited for the page to reload, he glanced up at Pilgyo, blinking. "Were you going to say something?" he asked with curiosity before looking down at the phone, his eyes going wide. He saw that a new email had appeared there, one simply titled 'regarding the porn shoot', and it seemed they made sure to make it unclear if he had been accepted or not. At that moment, he couldn't even dare read over the email. He was afraid that he was going to be rejected, but at the same time scared that he could have been actually chosen.

Pilgyo was confused as to why the other had spaced out like that. "Are you okay?" he asked as he stood up to actually stand next to the other, finding that leaning in had hurt his stomach since the table dug into his stomach too much. He gasped as he bent down and immediately saw the email though. "Well, aren't you going to look at it?" he asked the other, a part of him sounding bitter that the other could be so reckless to do this suddenly. Inside though, he couldn't help but hope he'd get accepted since he liked seeing the boy getting accepted. When he thought about it in those few moments, he came to the conclusion that no matter what Pilgyo did, he'd support him every step of the way. Whether it be a small movie role, a modeling gig, or a porno, he loved seeing him succeed.

Eventually, Choongjae did get out of small trance staring down at the phone, mostly thanks to Pilgyo's worlds. Gulping as he glanced up the other, he pressed the email and watched as it loaded. It took a bit too long because of the cafe's wi-fi speed but when it did load, he was quick to read over it. His face went from a look of confusion to disbelief to excitement mixed in with a bit of being terrified. The same could be same for Pilgyo, though that terrified expression was much more clear. Choongjae looked upat Pilgyo and when he noticed the expression, took the other's hand. What else would he do? "So," he started. "Do you trust me to do this or what? You know your opinion matters to me."

Pilgyo looked over the boy as soon as the question was asked, then to the screen off his phone, then to his coffee. After a moment, he was back to sitting across from Choongjae and continued to drink down his frappucino. After drinking it down and nearly getting an extreme brain freeze, he sighed.

"Well," he started, feeling Choongjae's gaze grow more serious which made him anxious to speak. Just a little. "I care for you a lot you know and.. who can stop you? I honestly doubt I could," he said, sinking into his chair as the other did. "But look. I completely support you no matter what you do, just remember to not be a complete mess when you film.. whatever you need to film, okay? I don't want another instance of you getting nervous and being fired. How many times has it happened?"

"Three," Choongjae answered, actually flustered that the other would remember those instances. Then, Pilgyo held the other's hand.

"I'm still hesitant so all I'm going to tell you is to stay and have fun. That's all I ask of you and it won't be too much, right?" Not even waiting for an answer, Pilgyo smiled. "How about we do something else to ease some tension. I know it's early, but do you think we could go get a drink?"

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea at all."



It had been a week since Choongjae spoke to Pilgyo and the conversation ran through his mind as he waited for the people who were going to pick him up.

He stood in front of his worn down apartment, having a plain black shirt and jeans on, as it was what the email said he should have on. Underneath those clothes though was absolutely no underwear, but it was a requirement too, so he kept shifting his position as it got a bit uncomfortable. After a few minutes though, a minivan he'd expect to see a family with five children in had pulled up, and the door opened. From there, he realized that these were the people supposed to pick him up.

A friendly looking woman had come up to him, looking him over and asking, "Uh, Choongjae, right?" For once, the pronunciation wasn't butchered and that made the boy smile, nodding. At his confirmation, he found himself being lead into the car. From there, he sat in the front and the man driving smiled at him. The smile on his face grew wider. There was anxiety in him, yes, but the group in this car seemed like great people. As the driver had started to drive on, the woman in the back spoke.

"So, Choongjae, I'm Kimberly," she said, a smile on his face. "The people in this car right now are just a few of the people helping with the lighting. The rest of the crew is already in the area and so is your partner. Got that?" With Choongjae nodding once again, she hummed. "We're just going to put a little bit of makeup on you before the shoot actually starts and be aware that we're gonna ask some questions before any fucking happens. I suggest you start using a fake name now." And with that out of the way, the car fell into silence again, though the vibe wasn't awkward. There were the occasional murmurs from the crew in the back but it didn't go beyond murmurs. Thanks to that, Choongjae couldn't listen in on anything side.

As they drove on, the view went from the sadder looking buildings within Choongjae's area to fancy houses he'd expect perfect white families to live in. With nice fences, fancy looking porches, and a questionable amount of garden gnomes, he found himself growing a bit jealous. Well, not jealous when it came to those garden gnomes. He'd certainly leave that out of his future home. He didn't think much his jealousy though, as he knew he still had a lot of time to reach something as nice as that. That's what he told himself every day.

Eventually, they drove up to what seemed like a beach house that was put in the middle of this neighborhood, though it was a bit farther away from the other homes in the area. "Is this where we're filming?" Choongjae asked, this being the first time he spoke during the ride, and Kimberly nodded. He also noticed a small smile on her lips.

"I like your accent," Kimberly said after a while. This made Choongjae's cheeks flush and it refused to disappear as they walked out of the van.

Choongjae took a moment to pause before following everyone on, looking around in awe. He had no idea if the people he was working in had rented the place out or owned it, but just the front was exquisite. With plants growing everywhere, with fruit-bearing trees and bright flowers spread around the area, he found himself overwhelmed. Forget those garden gnomes, I want this, he thought as he slowly moved ahead, then looking to the front of the house and standing with everyone at the front door. After what felt like forever, it was opened by what Choongjae could only think of as the most attractive man he'd laid his eyes on. They glanced over the other, trying to analyze him. All he got, in the end, was the fact that they probably weren't far off in age and he might've been Korean too. He liked that. Then, all of them entered.

"Well, Choongjae, this is Eric," Kimberly said, motioning over at the boy. "You two can chat a bit before we get your makeup done if you want. I just have some things to look over." And with that, she disappeared to work with the crew and the two boys were left staring at each other for a few moments. Eric eventually did speak up though, taking note of how shy the boy was.

"Is this your first time shooting porn?" Eric asked, looking over the boy with a hum. It seemed his hair had grown a little longer from the headshots he sent and, if he had to be honest, Choongjae had gotten cuter. He liked that a lot.

"Yeah. I'm.. nervous," Choongjae said, nearly forgetting that the word 'nervous' even existed. This lead to his next question which was, "Do you speak any Korean? Or is it just English?"

"I speak a little. It's mostly basic words and lots of complaining," Eric said, earning a chuckle from Choongjae. He couldn't help but reach over and squeeze the other's chubby cheek as he chuckled too. It was charming the way he smiled. "But, uh, it's your first time doing this on camera so I just want to say that you can tell me stop whenever, okay? It won't ruin the shoot, I won't be mad. No one will be angry at you. If anything, it'll be worse if you're uncomfortable and not be enjoying it. You got that?" Choongjae gave a nod and he was pleased. The problem was common when Eric had to work with inexperienced people and it made him feel horrible afterward. That's why he liked to establish it as early on as he could. "You still remember what your role is supposed to be?"

"Act like a straight virgin, basically." As much as Choongjae wanted to speak more though, he was suddenly called for makeup and he rushed on over. Eric, on the other hand, was talking to the cameraman and director. As he was sat down in the chair, he couldn't help but give an occasional glimpse to Eric who was sitting around the set. He seemed to be discussing several positions that would be good for the camera, or at least that was what he heard. In the end, his cheeks would've ended up flushed anyway and the makeup artist covering his imperfections smiled.

It didn't take too long to cover anything up on the boy, his skin nearly flawless with only small scars and no sign of any acne, and he found himself walking to the set in just a few minutes. Then, the director was suddenly speaking to him. Everything was going so fast and he was overwhelmed.

As he was made to sit down on the leather couch (which was extremely soft, Choongjae might add), the director spoke to him.

"We're just going to ask you a few random questions, okay? Basic stuff. You'll get to fucking right after. That's fine, right?" Choongjae immediately answered with a nod, feeling his heart start to beat fast. This is it, he thought to himself. Time to disappoint my parents. There, he heard someone count, and the camera was suddenly rolling. Quickly a smile spread across his lips and he seemed more comfortable sitting there. With that, their director had started to ask questions.

"Can you tell us your name?"

"Uh, John," he said, looking up at the camera as if it was a person. His smile simply grew wider.

"How old are you?"

"Just turned eighteen a few months ago."

"Well, belated happy birthday to you." That earned a few chuckles from Choongjae, he didn't know why, but the way he laughed made him look sweet. That probably helped a lot. "First time, right?" There was a nod in response. "So, why don't we let your costar in? Get you two comfortable?"

Eric suddenly moved in, flopping down onto the couch next to Choongjae. Exchanging sweet smiles, Eric introduced himself and they rambled on about random, useless things. Well, until the producer on the side suddenly motioned for them to start.

There wasn't even any hesitation in Eric's next movement since he knew they were going to do a small cut, his lips pressed against Choongjae so suddenly as he made the boy lie down on the couch. He felt the other tense and to calm him down, his hand moved to hold the other's. Thankfully, he felt the other relax before starting to kiss back. He couldn't help but be so amused with how gentle Choongjae was compared to him though, the other trying so hard to be sweet while he kept it rough.

Eric eventually pulled away though, making the boy move up from the bed for a moment so he could pull off his shirt. He appreciated seeing how hot Choongjae's cheeks were getting as his eyes glanced upwards. "Too much?" he asked, though nodded at the shake of the head in response. If anything, Choongjae was still trying to get comfortable with the fact that he was having sex with a camera in front of him.

From there, he started to give teasing licks and sucks around the boy's chest area, taking note of how pretty and pale his skin was. He suddenly started to suck hard near his nipple, wanting to ruin the perfection, feeling Choongjae tense a bit as he sucked a hickey onto his skin. Then, he moved away. He didn't want to do much more to Choongjae.

"Why don't you strip the rest of your clothes off? Just for me?" Eric asked, eyes watching Choongjae closely as he stood again.

Choongjae looked at Eric before looking to the camera as his hands fumbled with his jeans, struggling to pull down his zipper since it got stuck. This led to him letting out awkward chuckles as he was trying his best to not be a mess the entire time. He gasped when he suddenly felt Eric's hand move around and pull his jeans down quick though, his decently sized cock on display. He grinned the whole time despite the fact he found it odd to be on display like this. "Thanks, dad," he said in a joking tone, earning a smack on his ass that just made him laugh. For some reason, this small moment made him incredibly comfortable. Before he knew it, he was thrown back on the couch.

"How about I make you feel good, hm?" was all Eric said before he took a moment to pull off his shirt. Then, he reached a hand down to start stroking Choongjae, watching his face twist up in pleasure. It amused him to see this pleasure too, seeming so intense for the boy already despite this being the simplest thing he could do. While he was used to the overacting some of his partners could do, he could tell with Choongjae it was all real. This lead him to go from his slowest pace to his absolute fastest in just a few seconds, grinning at the loud moans he elicited from the boy. "Feels good, right?" he asked, only seeing quick nods in return, loving how overwhelmed the boy seemed so quickly.

As Choongjae was just about ready to beg for more, Eric pulled his hand away and he gasped. "More," he whimpered out, thrusting upwards out of his desperation as if he'd get anything out of it. What he received in return was instead a small kiss on the forehead.

"I'll give you more later, okay?" Eric said before standing up, pulling his jeans down and revealing he wore nothing underneath too. The sight clearly overwhelmed Choongjae, considering Eric was a decent bit bigger than him, but he wouldn't let the boy gawk for much longer. "On your knees, in front of me," he said, guiding the shocked boy the best he could. It did seem to take a while for those words to sink in though, as Choongjae only followed the instruction a few seconds after.

While Eric expected he'd have to guide Choongjae through this too, he was pleasantly surprised to feel lips suddenly wrapped around the head of his cock. Looking down, he watched Choongjae bob his head slowly, but already taking him as deep as near his throat. Surprisingly, he hadn't heard any gagging just yet and all he could feel was the boy skillfully taking his cock, biting down on his bottom lip as the other looked at him with pretty eyes. "You're doing so good," he murmured, running his hand through Choongjae's hair, giving it light tugs. That earned him whimpers that, in return, sent light vibrations against his cock. It made everything feel even better.

Choongjae was pleased to see that Eric was enjoying this, basically forgetting there was a camera as he was now completely focused on making Eric feel good. Hell, he wanted to feel good. Yes, he was inexperienced with sex, but he knew he was skilled orally. As to why, even he didn't know, only doing what he felt would be good for his few partners. He had to pause for a moment to shift his position but when he continued on, he decided to push on and suddenly take Eric all the way down his throat. It was only there he started to gag and, shortly after, he started to choke too. He didn't dare pull away though, his eyes shifting to the side for a moment to see their director looking extremely pleased. Instead, he looked up at Eric with eyes that stayed so pretty as he choked. Tears slid down his cheeks, drool dripped down his chin, and he seemed as if he was in a daze.

When Eric could feel the boy couldn't take much more, he made Choongjae pull away and watched as the boy gasped and groaned. He watched closely as Choongjae crawled up onto the couch and at the words that left the boy's lips, it made his hard cock twitch.

"Just fuck me already, please."

Eric could only watch in awe as Choongjae spread his legs wide open on that couch, giving him a good view of the boy. He could tell that the other had grown comfortable quickly. He appreciated that. Slowly, he moved onto the couch as well, looking down at the pretty boy who had the most desperate look in his eyes. "You want to get fucked, right?" he asked, smiling at the shy nod he received in return. He didn't hesitate in moving away to the side for a moment though and from there, the camera stopped shooting for a moment. The director told him they'd simply cut into the next scene, wanting Choongjae to get fucked already. When Eric came back, he had some lube in his hand.

"You really want to do this right?" Eric asked as he moved back down on the couch. "You're not uncomfortable?" Seeing nods and a small smile, he simply nodded as well. Then, after that, he opened up the bottle of lube and got some on his fingers.

"You're really.. nice to me," Choongjae said after a while, just then coming to his senses. "Aren't porn people supposed to be all rough? Aren't I doing it wrong?"

"No, it's fine. There are lots of first timers that appear and we have to be kind of soft, you know?" As Eric smiled, he pushed a finger into Choongjae and he chuckled as the boy gasped. He did give him time to adjust though before he started to move his finger slowly. "You're doing great though. I had no idea you could.. suck me off like that."

"Even I didn't know I could do that," Choongjae replied, though his voice was softer as he let out soft whimpers. He tried to move back against Eric's finger after a while, mostly so he could adjust quicker and actually get another one in him. He liked how it stretched him out.

Eric immediately understood that, pushing another finger in slowly alongside the other. He couldn't hold back a chuckle as Choongjae's hands moved to hold a pillow, tempted to give him a kiss on the cheek. Instead, he watched intently as Choongjae let out small and pretty moans at the movements. "Feels good, right?" he asked, the smile on his face growing wider at a small nod. "Once you're comfortable enough, the camera will be back on and I'm going to fuck you, okay?" With another nod in return, he then went on focus on fingering Choongjae open. What really pushed him on were the moans that gradually got louder with each movement and each finger added. He didn't know if it was the way he eased the boy into this but he was shocked to see the boy could take four fingers so quickly.

While Choongjae was still his shy self at that moment, the pleasure he was feeling was too much for him to sit still and let out little noises. By the time four fingers were in him, he was moving back against Eric. His head tilted back slightly too and, if he wasn't the mess that he was, he was sure he'd start to beg for Eric's cock. It seemed his movements alone told the other what he wanted though, as he watched the other move away, pouting at the loss of fingers. Seeing that Eric had started to lube his cock up though, he knew he wouldn't complain. Not at all.

Just as Eric moved closer, he heard a signal that the cameras were on again, and he was back to having that shy yet needy expression on his face. It's not that it wasn't there, but it just wasn't as obvious. He bit down on his bottom lip as Eric positioned his cock right at his hole, maybe tensing a bit since the other seemed larger than he could take. With one smooth movement though, the head of the other's cock was in him and his head tilted back as a sweet moan left his lips.

"Feels good, right?" Eric asked as he started to thrust while moving deeper, trying to keep it a bit slow yet also a bit rough. While he didn't get a response, he did get moans in return, and that was all he needed to take as a yes. Not even hesitating, he started to thrust faster, one hand sneaking down to stroke Choongjae's cock at the same speed.

As Choongjae took the thrusts, his moans grew louder. Needier. Hell, even sweeter. All his anxiety from earlier was guaranteed gone now as the pleasure took over and along with that, a feeling that he needed to look his best for the camera. For the first time throughout the whole thing, as soon as the cameraman drew close, he looked right into it as he let out precious moans one after the other. He did his best to look as pretty and soft as when the cameras started to roll and it seemed to be doing well, the camera lingering on him for a bit of a while before moving back out.

He let out a loud gasp as he felt a tight grip on his hips and Eric pulling out for a short moment, getting pushed so he'd be lying down on his stomach. Without any hesitation once again, Eric pushed himself back in. This time though, he pushed it all the way in, not even letting Choongjae ease into it. Despite that, he heard a cry that held more pleasure than pain. He started to thrust slowly again but he was shocked to hear an objection from the boy.

"Come on, go hard. I can take it."

Eric paused for a moment, leaning down to whisper into the boy's ear. "Are you sure?" he asked, his eyebrow raising.

"I'm sure, Eric. Please."

Before Choongjae could even prepare, he was being pounded into and his hands gripped hard onto the edge of the couch. Eric couldn't hold back any pleasured noises.

While earlier he tried to let out moans that were sickeningly sweet, he couldn't focus as he was being fucked hard. What left those lips of his ended up turning into loud cries and groans with a whimper of 'fuck' thrown in. He'd never been fucked like this before and as sudden as it was, he got used to it quickly. It especially helped when Eric's cock brushed up against a certain spot. "There, right there," he managed to say in between all his desperate moaning. He was glad the other caught on quick too, immediately feeling the other shift his position just so all his thrusts could hit the right spot. It barely took longer until he was whimpering out an 'I'm close.'

As he heard those words, Eric flipped Choongjae onto his back and was quick to start stroking his cock once again. "Cum for me, baby."

Within a few more moments, a few more strokes and thrusts, he came hard. He let out small cries as he came all over his stomach and onto the other's hand, thrusting up into it while also wanting to move back against his cock. He was practically in tears by the time his orgasm was over. He couldn't even speak when Eric had pulled out and came all over his thigh, couldn't tell the other that he loved how his groans sounded the entire time. He couldn't even look into the camera as it zoomed into the scene, only showing two tired boys that had had the most intense orgasms of their lives. At least that's what it felt like to both of them.

Maybe I could do this again, Choongjae thought to himself.

Then, the camera was off.