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How Long Can Aizawa Keep a Lie?

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      Aizawa groaned as he walked into his class for the day. Class 1-A was already alight with hushed and frantic whispers. Why was it always his students with the crazy rumors? As he walked up to the desk, he prayed for a quiet day. He was already in a bad mood due to losing his ring, but he would probably find it in the teacher’s lounge. Aizawa’s wishes for the day weren't granted though, for as soon as the class started, four hands shot up instantly. Aizawa rubbed his face with a groan.

      “Yaoyorozu,” Eraser said simply, wanting to move on his class already.

      “Mr. Aizawa, we were wondering if you had lost a black ring along with a chain?” She spoke with confidence, but Aizawa could tell the students were sweating under his tired glare.

      However, his student’s question did shock him, but he kept up a face of indifference, “Yes I have, why?” He scowled out, glaring at Mina, who still had her hand raised.

      Yaoyorozu smiled, then marched up to his desk, taking Aizawa back quite a bit. His eyes had widened slightly, but no one in his class has learned to read him yet.

      “Jirou and I found this in the class while we were studying,” She proclaimed while handing Aizawa exactly the ring that he had lost this morning, “No one in the class had a lost ring, so we decided to ask you.”

      At least he hadn’t lost it on patrol, Aizawa thought as he took it from her. He set the broken chain and his ring on his desk, not wanting to lose it again. Eraser nodded his thanks. Though he was grateful on the inside, he couldn’t afford to express his gratitude. “Sit down.” He instructed.

      Aizawa breathed a light sigh at relief. It seemed today his student’s wouldn’t be too loud, and he had found his ring. Now to make this day perfect, Hizashi wouldn’t wake him up on his break.

      However, right as he was going to start his lesson, one of the student’s with their hand up shouted out.

      “Mr. Aizawa are you married?” It sounded like Uraraka, which added to his shock of the day. She usually wasn’t the first to speak about rumors.

      Luckily, Aizawa was somewhat used to these question from rare classes which had seen his ring, “No.” He deadpanned.

      Once again, when he tried to get his lesson going, he was rudely interrupted, but this time Kaminari, “But you have a ring! And it has the inscription ‘Sunshine’! What is it if you aren’t married Mr. Aizawa?”

      “I’m not married. The next person to ask about it again will get expelled.” He stated. Well that one seemed to shut them up.

      Aizawa went back to his planned lesson without interruption. All the while he mentally cursed Hizashi for begging for some sort of personalization of their plain rings. If it was just a black band, then it would be much easier to explain away some jewelry.


     Mina was sitting in English class with a shocked expression as their teacher went on a rant, luckily in Japanese.

      “-and I had to spend an entire hour cleaning up my partner's scratches! They claim to be a cat whisperer, but even I know that bathing a cat is idiotic!” Mic laughed, making expressive motions.

      Thankfully he was talking to the whole class and Mina didn’t need to try and sneak her phone out. She did however, frantically raise her hand at his pause.

      “Yo whatchu need?” Mic asked.

      “Mic-Sensei, you have a partner?” She asked excitedly, hoping that he answered, partly because of the drama, and partly to waste time in English.

      Her teacher chuckled, “Yes I do, in fact I’m married!”

      “Really?” Yayorozo asked, “But wouldn’t it be bad to be married as a Pro-Hero?”

      “Yep!” Mic replied, absolutely beaming with every word, “And that is a good point, about being married to a pro, but I say follow your heart! Though maybe that’s just me being a huge sap for my spouse!”

      Mic was still chuckling a bit when he called on Hagakure, “Is this the person that you dedicate a song to at the end of your show every night?!” She was bouncing up and down in her seat, well, her outfit was.

      “Yes they are!” Mic exclaimed, also bouncing a bit, “Y’know, if the class is so interested in them, then I’ll let you all ask questions for a bit!” He pronounced. The class seemed to get even more interested at this, but Mic wasn’t done, “However, all questions must be in English! We have to get some learning done today after all!”

      Mina let out a small sigh of disappointment. She could listen to English pretty okay, but she would hardly be able to ask any questions of her own.

      Jirou, however, raised her hand excitedly, even if her English was rusty, “ How long is your marriage?”

      “I’ve been friends with them for fifteen years, together for eleven, and married for eight!” Mic answered smoothly, still making excited gestures. “How about you all get three more questions?”

      The class frantically nodded, and despite her very bad English, Mina’s hand shot up, “What place is the ring?” Mina saw her teacher cringe a bit at her wording, but Mina was too excited to care.

      “I keep my ring at my home during school and patrols, but it is usually on my ring finger! Unless I have special outfit on of course!” Their English teacher seemed to be just as happy as the students were to talk about his partner.

      Mina glanced around at 1-A’s concentrated faces, like they were all trying to work their questions out first. Then she gasped a bit as Midoriya raised his shaking hand with much less vigor than the last two students.

      “W-what are th-they like?” The boy stuttered out, seeming to shake and flush more with every sound out of his mouth.

      Mina let out an excited squeal at the way Mic absolutely lit up. The man jumped down from his desk and started dancing around the room. Sadly, he was talking in very rapid English, “Well he is about the best person in the world! He’s so smart and hardworking and talented! Oh and you should see him dance!” Mic squealed, and the student’s close to him had to hold their ears, “He claims that he can’t, but he’s so good and graceful! And he is such a softie, and a total nerd for cats you wouldn't believe !”

      Some of the girls in the class were blushing or giggling or both, and some of the guys seemed very shocked about the fact that Mic had a husband.

      Soon enough, Mic finished his gushing rant about how sweet, caring, hot, and cute his husband was. Mina was still confused though. Somehow in his rant he managed to stay pretty vague in his description of thirty minutes.

      Mic clapped his hands together at the end of his spiel, “Well, enough about my darling,” He got a few awws from the girls with his pet name, “and lets get back to the lesson!”

      Mina let out a gasp and shot up in her seat, “Wait! Sensei! We still have another question!”

      “Oh, right! My bad I just get so distracted when it comes to my husband!” Mic chuckled. Hands in the class shot up, everyone wanting to get in the last question, “Hmm lets see, Uraraka?”

      Groans sped through the class, but the girl called on just beamed, “Who are you married to Sensei?” It was in Japanese, but Mic didn’t seem to mind.

      “Ah! Can’t tell you that! Sorry!” He chirped, walking back up to his desk, “Now that’s all the questions, let’s get back to class!”

      Mina pouted a bit before pulling out her phone to conspire.

AlienQ: Yo, who we think he is?

Pika: Idk, someone awesome

Pika: Myb All Might :p

RockyRoad: dont b stupd

heartbeat: Wait, he might be married to another pro-hero

AlienQ: Oh yeah!!!

staples: but who?!?!

Creation: Someone in the staff?

heartbeat: Momo why are you here?!

Creation: I learned this subject last year at my summer courses in London.

AlienQ: What?!

RockyRoad: it wold make cents

ClassPrez: That sentence is extremely incorrect Kirashima.

AlienQ: Iida!! You here too?!

ClassPrez: Yes, to tell you to pay attention to the lesson.

ClassPrez:Also it would make the most sense that he would be married to another pro, so that they understand schedules and injuries.

      Mina was about to type out another text when she heard a voice she didn’t know that she was dreading.

      “Ashido, Jirou, Kirashima, Kaminari, Sero, Yayorozu, Iida, get off your phones while your teacher is teaching.” Mina jumped at the deadpan voice of Mr. Aizawa.

      Iida was also startled, for he jumped up from his seat, “Sorry Mr. Aizawa! I was instructing them to get off their phones Sensei! It won’t happen again!” He bowed then slammed himself back into his seat.

      Mic was simply smiling, “Well what does my humble class owe the pleasure Eraser!” He chirped, swinging an arm around Aizawa’s shoulder.

      Mina was still a little startled from her teacher’s sudden entrance, but she was mostly surprised that he didn’t push off the English teacher. He actually expelled a kid last year because he patted the man on the shoulder. At least that's what she heard, but Mina didn’t doubt it at all.

      Mr. Aizawa scoffed, but didn’t look extremely displeased, “First, you should expel those seven.” Mina had a collective gulp with the rest of the culprits, “But it was loud and I came to see who I wanted to blame for me not getting a nap.” Aizawa grumbled, finally moving out of Mic’s embrace to glare at him.

      The English teacher just let out a little chuckle, and it sounded almost fond, “My bad Eraser, my students just wanted to know about my wonderful husband!”

      Aizawa simply rolled his eyes then started to walk out, “Well, keep it down so I don’t get woken up again.” And he left.

      This time Mina was really shocked. She expected that Mr. Aizawa would yell at him for being unprofessional, but he almost seemed amused! It seemed that the rest of the class was confused as well, because Kirashima shouted out.

      “Why was Aizawa-Sensei not yelling at you?” The spiky head boy asked, his other students nodding along.

      Mic let out a booming laugh, making sure he was still being quite, “Oh he gets it when I get all excited about my husband.” He said with a dismissive hand gesture, but elaborated when he saw the students’ confused looks, “Eraser is the only other person in UA who is married, it’s not really something many heroes do, especially as a Pro!”

      “MR. AIZAWA IS MARRIED!?!?!” The class yelled, well almost the whole class. Todoroki and Bakugou didn’t seem to care, and Midoriya was busy mumbling to himself.

      Mic let out another laugh, “Of course! He hasn’t told you? Ah, what was I expecting, he’s always been so gruff! Now enough with interruptions, let’s get back to class!” Another collective groan went around the class.  


      Aizawa loves his husband, he really does. He doesn’t usually regret his marriage. Usually. But right about now he wanted to kill that loudmouth. As soon as he walked into his class, his student’s were much rowdier than this morning. He let a groan escape him. Aizawa was mostly expecting them to ask about Hizashi’s husband, because they had to ask the last questions in English. What he wasn’t expecting, but honestly should have been, was his students badgering him about his marriage, which they weren’t supposed to know about.

      “Mr. Aizawa who are you married too?”

      “What do you and your spouse do?”

      “How long have you been married Sensei?!”


      “Do you have any kids?”

      “What inscription is on your spouse’s ring?”

      “Sensei, are they a boy or girl?”

       Aizawa groaned louder before slamming his head onto the desk. Thankfully, that finally caught the attention of Class 1-A.

      “We are not talking about my spouse.” Aizawa ground out, glaring harshly at those who shouted out, “And didn’t I say the next person to speak about it would get expelled. That would be you Ashido.”

      The girl let out a squeak and seemed to shrink into her chair a bit. Usually Eraser would take some amusement in how nervous his students would get around him, but he was much too tired and upset for that. He really wished that English hadn’t woken him up, or that he didn’t go check in because of his paranoia after the USJ Incident. Then he might’ve gotten some sleep and he wouldn’t have to deal with this aunslaught of questions form his students.

      Aizawa rubbed his temples, “And who even told you about me being married?”

      He pointed to Jirou as she raised her hand, “Present Mic said that you were the only other member of the staff that was married, and at the end of class he said that we were free to ask you about it.”

      Of course he did, Eraser thought to himself, groaning once again, “Well fine, I’ll answer all of the questions you asked and nothing more.” This spurted a few cheers from the class, “However, if you tell any other student or ask me again this entire class is expelled.”

      “Yes sir!” The class rang. Even Todoroki seemed to be interested, even if showing that meant a subtle eyebrow raise that would usually be impossible to notice, even with Aizawa’s constant monitoring.

      “Okay,” Aizawa sighed. He hated telling people about his marriage, or talking about it too much. He considered it his own thing that other people didn’t get the right to know about. Aizawa also wanted to keep his profession and not ruin his husband’s either, “I’ve been married for eight years to Yamada Hizashi.”

      He heard shocked gasps from Midoriya, Jirou, and Hagakure, the only people in this class that would definitely recognize his husband’s real name. Everyone else just looked to those four in confusion.

      Aizawa was about to clarify, when Midoriya popped in for him, “Yamada Hizashi is the Pro-Hero going by the name of Present Mic!” The boy muttered at a louder volume than usual before looking at Aizawa in shock, “You’ve been with Mic-Sensei for eleven years?!”

      This time, the shocked gasps rippled through the entire class, many nodding along to Midoriya’s question. It seemed Hizashi did tell them quite a bit about their relationship, which would make him annoyed, until he remembered how happy his husband had looked and sounded when Aizawa had been the topic. Thinking about this almost caused a smile to come onto Eraser’s face, but he managed to push it down.

      “Yes I have.” Aizawa deadpanned, “I don’t have any children and you can ask him what’s on his ring if you please, but I don’t even think he will tell you.” (Turns out that Aizawa was correct about this fact, because the next day after English they were begging him to tell them what it said.)

      He looked back at his class with a glare, daring them to ask something else. Technically, he didn’t answer two of the questions. However, one was obvious and the other was much too personal. He wanted to keep at least some of his love life private, and if that meant ignoring his students then so be it. After around a minute, no one seemed to be proclaiming anything else, so Aizawa spoke up again.

      “Now, we are going to be putting you through individual exams that will help to strengthen your Quirk.” He said, relishing in the exasperated sigh that the class shared. At least things could be normal for today, but he was almost certain that they would badger Hizashi and him tomorrow. Sadly some things could just not be helped.