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Welcome to modern Derry, Maine, where a group of seven teenagers roam the streets, causing the most chaos humanely possible.

Bill Denbrough, the strangely bashful boy with an affinity for photography and missing out on typical teenager activities.

Beverly Marsh, a girl who’s hair and soul seemed to be comprised of fire, who couch surfed between her friend’s houses.

Richie Tozier, the lanky, snarky, and chaotic boy, who had less of a filter than the sewers, but was still filled with love for his loser friends.

Eddie Kaspbrak, a tiny yet powerful force of a boy who had proven himself to be quite the easy target, even if everyone adored him.

Stan Uris, a surpisingly strong boy, who’s talent for painting and love for nature was as endearing as his curly hair.

Mike Hanlon, an undeniably levelheaded and intelligent boy, who seemed to always have a witty comeback and a solution to a problem.

Ben Hanscom, a silly boy who was never completely on board with his friends schemes, but was always able to provide his utmost support and good friendship.

While these kids were very prone to chaos and trouble, there was an unbreakably strong and trusting bond between each and every one of them. Their vastly different backgrounds and personalities didn’t affect their relationship, instead, seemed to strengthen it.

No matter how strong their bond, they were chaos magnets. Everything they did had some wild element to it. They had to deal with it all together, and did a damn fine job of it.