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Since That Day

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Chapter 1

“I bet this is going to be so much fun” Octavia excitedly said as they entered the dorm room. Clarke and Octavia had been incredibly lucky to be each other’s roommates. So when they found out they couldn’t be happier.

“Except for all the studying” Clarke noted as they both claimed a bed and started unpacking their things.

“But the PARTIES CLARKE!!” Octavia nearly yelled, Clarke knew Octavia had been excited about college parties since they were in high school. Admittedly Clarke also was very curious about it, she might have not been as excited as Octavia but college parties were part of the ride. She couldn’t wait to make new memories and possibly forget a few. College was supposed to be a new start, a new start with her best friends. That did not sound bad to Clarke at all.

“I wonder how Raven is doing with her roommate” Clarke shrugged, Raven hadn’t had the luck of having a roommate she knew. Unlike Octavia and Clarke who both still couldn’t believe they were roommates.

“I still think it’s the weirdest thing that Raven only got the girl’s last name.” Octavia realized as she put her clothes in a closet in the room. Clarke nodded.

“The girl might be very private, maybe she has a rich family who doesn’t really want people to know one of the family members is studying here” The college was a good college but definitely not a school where rich people would put their children.

“As long as she’s not a snob! Imagine befriending a rich girl, she could help us host parties” Octavia grinned mischievously. Clarke put away the last of her belongings and turned to Octavia with a raised eyebrow.

“I didn’t realize we are going to host parties now”

“Oh come on! Don’t ruin the fun! It’s college” then at the same time their phone pinged. They both grabbed their own phone to find out Raven had sent a text message in their group chat.

Raven: Guys can we get some food I AM HUNGRY

"Why did I not expect anything else” Clarke laughed, Octavia smiled as she quickly sent a reply.

Octavia: We just finished unpacking! Let’s meet in the cafeteria?

Raven: Meet you there!

Both girls quickly made their way over to the cafeteria. Raven already was waiting for them at a table. When she saw her friends she excitedly waved them over!

“Guys have you heard about the tech lab in this school?” Raven asked them, she had already got her food.

“No but I suppose there’s a tech lab?” Clarke guessed the obvious. Raven nodded excitedly.

“Yeah! And students are allowed there after classes to work on projects, how cool is that” she stuffed a fry into her mouth. “I’m happy for you!” Clarke smiled before she and Octavia grabbed some food for themselves and properly sat down with their friend.

“so how’s the roommate?” Octavia asked Raven. Raven shrugged a bit before eating some more food.

“Honestly I haven’t seen her. Seems like she had already unpacked her stuff before me” Raven honestly replied.

“Ooh that’s very mysterious” Octavia smirked.

“Look who we have here!” Before the three girls knew what was going on Jasper and Monty had joined their table.

“You guys already settled in?” Monty asked. The girls smiled at the boys, their group was nothing without these two.

“We are talking about Raven’s mysterious roommate” Clarke said. Jasper and Monty shared a look before they both turned to Raven.

“A mysterious roommate… cool! Can you get us her number?” They grinned. Raven frowned.

“You don’t even know who she is” “Doesn’t matter, I like mysterious people” Jasper smiled.

“Like that other mysterious girl?” Monty grinned before Jasper jokingly smacked him on his shoulder.

“She will be my girlfriend I will tell you this” Clarke and the other girls were confused now, were they still talking about Raven’s roommate?

“Who are we talking about now?” Clarke asked, with Jasper and Monty something was always happening.

“When we walked out of our room Jasper bumped into this ‘mysterious’ girl and he’s totally into her” Monty explained

“I already have her name and I only just met her so seems like it’s very much possible for her to be my girlfriend” Jasper smiled proudly.

“oooh you know her name how special” Octavia teased him making them all laugh.

“Shut up we had a connection I can feel it”

“You had a connection” Raven grinned as if she was talking to her younger brother who was telling her about his first crush. Jasper just sent a glare her way.

“What was her name anyway?” Clarke asked curiously, she was happy for Jasper.

“Maya” he smiled proudly.

“Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise if Maya turns out to be my roommate?” Raven realized.

“That would be a big coincidence” Octavia tuned in.

“Well if Maya is your roommate then you should tell me immediately!” Jasper grinned suddenly really excited about something that might not even happen.

“Anyway I’ll go and see if my roommate has finally returned to our dorm” Raven concluded as she stood up and gathered her left over food to throw it away.

“Remember movie night at Clarke and I’s room tonight!” Octavia called out after Raven when she walked away. The group all ate the rest of their food and once they had finished Clarke and Octavia went back to their dorm to chill for the rest of the day, mentally preparing themselves for the upcoming semester.




“Maybe we should start movie night this year with bringing back nostalgia, lets watch a Disney movie?” Clarke suggested as she was laying on her bed trying to think about what they all should watch tonight.

“We’ll have to suggest it to the others” Octavia answered from her side of the room, she was sat on her bed texting her brother Bellamy.

“GUYS” a random voice called out followed by hard knocks on their dorm room. Clarke quickly sat up right and Octavia opened the door to see what’s up. They discovered that Raven was standing in the doorway. Raven looked out of breath as if she had run towards their dorm. Once the door was open Raven stormed into the room immediately going over to Clarke and stopping right in front of her.

“You won’t believe who my roommate is” Raven said looking terrifyingly serious. Clarke got the chills, who could make Raven this serious about a roommate?

“Is it your dad or something because you look way too shocked” Octavia noticed. Raven shook her head. Not even acknowledging the joke and staying dead serious.

“Of course it’s not my dad! It’s uh…”Raven looked over at Clarke, as if she was unsure if she really should tell her.

“Who is it then?” Clarke really wanted to know it now.

“It’s Lexa” Raven whispered loud enough for her friends to hear. Clarke froze. No. This was not possible at all, it couldn’t be.

“Not Lexa Woods right?” Clarke asked, her voice wavering a little. Raven sent her a sad look before nodding yes. It was Lexa Woods… her Lexa… She shook her head no, not her Lexa. Lexa wasn’t hers.

“But I thought they had told you the last name of your roommate was Richards?” Octavia realized just as much in shock as the other two girls were.

“I don’t know why her surname is different. As soon as I entered the room I saw her sitting on her bed. Before I could even ask something she had already left the dorm. I am certain she recognized me though” Raven explained a little. Of course she would’ve recognized Raven. They had been close friends a few years back.

“I’m going to hunt her down” Octavia suddenly said, a glare developing on her face as she tried to make her way to the door. Raven quickly stopped her by standing in the doorway while Clarke was still frozen to her spot.

“No, you’re not” Raven said. Octavia was angry now,

“You know what that bitch did to Clarke” she yelled out. Clarke flinched. She slowly felt old memories starting to resurface. She blinked rapidly and quickly blocked out the memories before she fell back into the hole that came by remembering those times. She forced her legs to move and quickly went over to Octavia.

“It’s been years O, let it go” Clarke calmly said, Octavia angrily looked over to Clarke but once she saw how calm Clarke was and how she knew Clarke was trying to do everything from remembering those times, she slowly calmed down.

“I don’t want you to get hurt again Clarke” Octavia told her friend. Clarke nodded “I know” she hugged Octavia.

“Oi! I’m not third wheeling” Raven exclaimed before nearly jumping on her friends and joining in the hug.

“We should just let it go for now, maybe she’ll have forgotten us anyway” Clarke said, letting go of the hug.

“How could anyone forget us” Raven said, before she seemed to realize something.

“Maybe we should watch a Disney movie, those always make things better” Clarke sent Raven a small smile, both of them knew it was a fake one but they didn’t want to continue the Lexa subject. Lexa was a thing of the past and they were in the now.




Raven Reyes was her roommate! Raven REYES was her roommate! RAVEN REYES! Lexa could feel the anxiety building up in her.

This wasn’t good. She felt a panic attack coming up. If Raven was here then the others must be too. Clarke was possibly here! Clarke?! She hadn’t seen Clarke in 3 years. She knew it was 3 years because she had counted every day since she left. It had been the longest 3 years of her life. Lexa knew exactly where she was going right now, her legs could walk the way even when asleep. She NEEDED to talk to Anya.

Her breathing became unsteady and she desperately tried to calm herself to prevent the panic attack that was about to happen. Raven Reyes couldn’t be her roommate… but she was. Lexa groaned inwardly, she should’ve gone to a college way further into the country. She was already at risk here at this college but especially with her old friends and Clarke here her cover might be quickly discovered. She made a mental note to call Titus about the witness protection program.

Before she knew it she had arrived at her destination. She was glad it wasn’t a long walk from her college. She made her way through the gate and walked over to where she knew Anya was. She was hyperventilating now, she stopped in front of the gravestone. Before any words came out she broke down in front of it.

“Anya” she said in between deep breaths. This wasn’t going well. Lexa knew she needed to stop panicking.

“Anya” she called out again, as if she needed her sister to calm her down. She looked at the gravestone, Anya’s name written on it. The flower in front of it was only a few days old but it already showed signs of decomposing.

Then suddenly out of nowhere a sense of calmness fell over Lexa. Her breathing slowly steadied and she started to calm down. Once Lexa was sure the panic was gone she sighed. She still felt so much anxiety in her chest that she knew wouldn’t just leave but she already felt better than a few minutes ago.

“Clarke is back” Lexa spoke to the gravestone.

“I haven’t seen her yet, but Raven is my roommate” She smiled sadly, Lexa knew how much Anya had liked Raven. They always goofed around and Lexa was sure there had been a spark between the two. A few days before Lexa and Anya had left Anya even had been on a date with Raven, their first date… and their last. Lexa’s heart broke when she realized she should probably tell Raven about Anya, she owed Raven that.

“I don’t know what to do” Lexa spoke, she knew that wasn’t true at all. If Anya had been here she would’ve told Lexa exactly what she should do – Call Titus. Lexa drew her phone out of her pocket and dialed Titus phone number. She brought the device to her ear and waited for him to answer.

‘Lexa?’ Titus sounded a little confused, it had been months since Lexa had called him.

“Hey” She answered, trying to think how she was going to tell this. Titus noticed the silence.

‘Did something happen?’ Oh only my friends and ex who I’m not supposed to see because it might be dangerous for them happened Lexa thought to herself.

“Have you already found Nia?” Lexa asked trying to sound like she was only checking up on the case.

‘You know I’m not supposed to give you any details about the case Lexa’ Titus answered honestly, Lexa nodded before realizing he couldn’t see that.

“Clarke is here” There. She said it.

‘At your new school?’ Titus’ voice was soft, he knew all about Clarke through Lexa.

“Yes, actually, I’m roommates with one of her friends” Lexa explained leaving out the fact that Raven had been her friend as well.

‘Do you want to go to a different college? Or I can make sure you get a different roommate?’ There was no hurtful intention in Titus’ voice, he just wanted make sure Lexa was okay in the only way he could.

“No” Lexa said quickly, maybe too quickly.  “I need to know if the case is moving along so I-“ Lexa stopped herself, but Titus finished her sentence.

‘So you can go back to Clarke?’ Lexa was silent, she wanted to go back to Clarke, she has wanted to go back since the day she left but she couldn’t go back.

‘Lexa, you know it might endanger Clarke. We don’t know if Nia’s got any undercover spies following you. They can’t know about the people you care about’ Because otherwise they could be killed… like Anya.

“I know” Lexa silently said.

So she should try to avoid Clarke, how was she going to do that if Raven was her roommate?

‘Do you want me to change your roommate so there’s less chance you walk into Clarke?’ Titus asked, saying what Lexa had been thinking. Yes is what she should say. She shouldn’t endanger Clarke and the others for something as stupid as being roommates with Raven. She shouldn’t be near any of them. To be completely save she should even go to a different college. Lexa looked at the gravestone, this is what Nia did to Anya. For 3 years it had haunted her. She had tried to use her head over her heart. Logic above love, love IS weakness. Yet for the first time in 3 years Lexa decided to be selfish.

“No” Lexa answered Titus, she didn’t need another roommate.