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Jimin wasn’t really interested in going at first. It was his second season since he reached maturity and frankly, the first had left something to be desired, had been unpleasant in a way he hadn’t expected.

His siblings had talked about it like it was the highlight of their year, going to the gathering and seeking out a partner for the mating season, but the festival had left him with an itchy feeling and he’d purposefully made sure no one chose him, that no alpha’s came near.

His mother had admonished him for warding them off like he had been, radiating “Do Not Approach” from where he sat in a far corner of the gathering. His parents were obviously disappointed when he returned home with them the next day instead of staying behind like his siblings.

His mother had given his hand a squeeze,

“It’s okay, sweetheart. The first time is always nerve wracking. You’ll meet someone next year.”

And Jimin had nodded, but he’s not sure he wants to meet anyone this year, not even the thought of alpha Min looking for a partner is enough to get him excited, not like his siblings who are still primping even as they make their way to the gathering, all of them trying to look their best and catch the pack alpha's eye.

Clans from all over were going to be at the gathering this year specifically for that purpose and honestly, Jimin wasn't sure it would be worth it to even try -- not with such stiff competition, so he keeps to his corner again for the most part, sticks his parent’s side much to his mother’s chagrin, but it’s not like they’re going to force him to mingle.

He's honestly not having too terrible a time -- the food is always good and the music is better, so he treats it like any other festival they go to; this one is just full of horny werewolves looking to breed.

"That's a pretty important difference though, don't you think?”

Jimin is startled by the voice at his ear, the sudden warmth at his side, a scent like wind before the rainstorm enveloping him.

He swallows hard,

"Only if you're looking to get mated or bred."

"And you're not?" asks the alpha next to him and Jimin refuses to turn his head to look, but he knows the man has taken a seat on the bench beside him, feels the shift and hears the creak.

"Not really; my parents made me come." he pauses, embarrassed suddenly, "It's only my second season."

Ah, I see. Well this is my first."

Jimin's head whips to the side at that, wide-eyed and breath caught in his throat; the alpha is smiling at him gently, a little rueful,

"I avoided it for a while there, but pack alpha can only go so long without heirs before people start getting pushy."

The alpha - the alpha oh god - shrugs.

Jimin likes the way his shoulders look when he does that.

He blushes.

"Oh." is all he can think to say.

Jimin has never met their pack alpha before, but he’s younger than expected, more handsome. His ears tingle with heat and his heart is beating faster than before; he’s sure the other can hear it.

Min Yoongi is still smiling at him, a peek of teeth,

“Do you mind if I ask your na-”


The alpha closes his eyes, visibly frustrated.

“I wanted to ask your na-”


Jimin can see the man’s jaw ticking. He smiles a little, giggling into his palm,

“My name’s Jimin-” he says.


“-and you should probably go.”

“You’re probably right.” the alpha sighs, “It was nice to meet you Jimin; I’ll see you later.”

It sounds like a promise.

The next person to approach him is a beta Jimin has never met before, never seen at any other gathering.

He assumes they must be from one of the clans on the outskirts of the territory, those who don't often come inland. He walks with grace and a decided sashay to his hips, clearly on the prowl for a partner for the season and Jimin knows it can't possibly be him, so the question is: why is he coming over at all?

"I saw you talking with Pack Alpha Min." The beta says and Oh. That explains it.

Jimin can't help the light blush that dusts his cheeks,

"What of it?" he tries for indifferent and misses by a hairsbreadth.

"Just wanted to warn you off of it -- pretty much everyone is after him and there's no way he's going to choose someone as inexperienced and shy as you." the beta says, "He'll want someone more seasoned than a virginal little omega from the south who probably can't even carry pups yet."

Jimin chokes on his embarrassment and outrage, flushing bright and hot. He can't get any words out to argue, instead he stands chest puffed out and proud.

The beta laughs at the display, "Honey, I promise you don't wanna fight me. I'm just stating facts -- maybe for your first go try someone your own speed."
He points across the field where a group of young alpha's are roughhousing, clearly still young and newly matured.

Jimin makes a vaguely outraged noise in the back of his throat and the beta smirks at him before sashaying away.

Jimin makes a vaguely outraged noise in the back of his throat and the beta smirks at him before sashaying away.

He forces a deep breath and stalks off into the woods surrounding the gathering, hoping a walk will clear his mind and rid him of these too strong emotions.

“Not like I was even interested.” He mutters to himself along the way.

When he returns later, he avoids speaking to anyone, shrugging his mother off when she tries to ask him what’s wrong, still mad that he hadn’t been able to say anything back to the stupid beta that insulted him.

He’s so ruffled and ready to put that beta in his place that he moves without thinking when he sees Yoongi across the glade. He walks with a false confidence up to the alpha, smiling and waving and calling his name from a few feet away.

One of the people the alpha is speaking with moves to usher Jimin away, but Yoongi smiles and the man stops,

“Jimin,” yoongi says, gums on show “it’s good to see you again. Have you eaten?”

And the omega flushes, unsure what he’s doing here now that he’s actually in front of the other were.

“Oh um, no I haven’t. I was-”

“Here,” the alpha shoves the plate he’s holding into Jimin’s chest, “you can have the rest of mine.”

Jimin grips the plate in dumb fingers, face hot. He can see the tips of the alpha’s ears reddening.

Yoongi just offered him food -- gave him his own food; that’s-

The pack alpha just gave his food away to Jimin.

The omega feels a little faint.

He waits for a moment to see if Yoongi will take it back, explain it away as a reflex -- it’s his job to take care of the pack after all -- but he doesn’t and Jimin can see by his stare that he won’t, so he eats.

He picks up a piece of meat between his thumb and forefinger and brings it to his lips, gaze flicking up to the alpha and holding; he thinks Yoongi might be holding his breath. His friend is snickering. Jimin parts his lips around the meat and takes the first bite.


The alpha stands a little taller in front of him, watching the omega eat until he’s full and passed that until the plate is clean.

By the time Jimin is done they’ve gained a small audience; people who saw the exchange happen are watching closely. Jimin can see the beta from earlier at a distance with his arms crossed, brows pulled together and arguing with the person beside him, but his eyes never leave Jimin’s face.

He smiles, first at the beta, then more shy at Yoongi, cheeks a dusty pink -- he hasn’t stopped blushing since he was handed the plate.

Speaking of,

“I should probably, um, take this to the trash now.”

“I’ll come with you!” another snort from Yoongi’s companion and the alpha elbows him. Jimin giggles.


So Yoongi escorts him through the crowd to the trash to get rid of the empty plate, Jimin smiling down at his feet the whole time, giddy and amused at the ridiculousness of it; he can tell the alpha feels the same. Yoongi keeps smiling over at him and then looking away.

Their excuse is gone quickly but they linger, standing awkwardly and missing each other’s glances until the alpha says,

“Walk with me?” his hand held out like another offering.

Jimin takes it and lets himself be led.

They end up in a meadow in another part of the forest and the view takes his breath away; it is smaller than the glade where the gathering is being held and carpeted in wildflowers instead of grasses. It’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

He stands there, taking it all in for a long moment and then he turns to the alpha beside him, lifts a hand a places it gently on Yoongi’s arm,

“You’re it.” he says and then takes off at a sprint into meadow.

He hears the alpha growl behind him, the sound of Yoongi’s footfalls following his path through the flowers gaining as the omega’s meager headstart is eaten away, Jimin’s laugh ringing out in the clearing as he zig-zags in an attempt to make the chase last longer.

He’s not surprised by the impact of Yoongi’s body on his, pulling him down and pinning him to the ground; he is giddy and breathless, breathing harshly face down in the dirt, the alpha’s body a heavy weight on top of his.

“Got you.” he says and, laughing, Jimin tries to turn over underneath him, but the alpha prevents him, keeps him pinned.

Jimin feels the cold press of the alpha’s nose at the back of his neck, the soft spot behind his ear, and his breathing picks up, an unfamiliar heat running through him.

His breath catches.

He can feel a slight hardness against his lower back and lets out a whine before he can stop it, grinding his ass up against the alpha’s body automatically. He hears Yoongi suck in a sharp breath and feels the alpha grind down against him, breathing “Jimin” against the back of his neck.

It has the lilt of a question to it and the omega nods frantically, chin digging into the dirt before turning his head in an attempt to bring their mouths together. The alpha shifts to oblige him, pushing up onto his elbows and knees so he can lean forward and kiss him, can catch the whine Jimin lets out at the loss of his body weight with his lips on Jimin’s lips.

They kiss for a long minute laying there in the grass and Jimin can feel the tickle of flower petals against his bared skin of his arms, his legs, his neck.

Jimin mewls when he feels Yoongi’s hand on his skin, rough palm on his back, rucking up his shirt and sliding smooth up his spine; he presses into it like a cat, following the movement with the arch of his back. He can feel the alpha’s warmth on top of him, surrounding him along with that scent of rain, so much stronger now he could drown and he wants so suddenly it almost scares him

He can feel the alpha’s warmth on top of him, surrounding him along with that scent of rain, so much stronger now he could drown and he wants so suddenly it almost scares him. He flips over onto his back and the alpha cages him in, looking down at him and studying his face.

Jimin can feel how wet he is, his own hard cock in his shorts lining up perfectly with Yoongi's, their hips pressed together and Jimin can't help but moan, flushing immediately after.

He's never done anything like this before.

Yoongi seems to sense that, leaning down to kiss him again while running a soothing hand up his side; the alpha's hands wander slowly, carefully, just feeling warm skin and testing the waters. Jimin wants him everywhere at once, but he doesn’t know how to say that so he just takes what is given to him, shivering at the alpha’s touch.

He whines when Yoongi hooks his fingers into the waistband of his shorts and tugs, wriggling in embarrassment, but the alpha shushes him, leaning in to quiet him with a kiss and pull his shorts down to his knees and passed his feet. He flings them somewhere in the clearing and Jimin has the urge to curl up on himself, to hide away but the alpha stops him, his hands on Jimin’s skin, skating down smooth thighs and strong calves.

He slips between them easily, pulling his own shirt over his head and Jimin’s breath catches in his throat again at the man bared before him, broad shouldered and backlit by the sun; the omega can't help but reach out and finally touch, finally get his hands on smooth, warm skin, pale and black-lined with the ink that shows the alpha's ranking. He traces a line from Yoongi's rib to his the circle of his nipple, hears the alpha's breathing stutter and can't help but linger over the bud, thumbing it experimentally and drawing a low rumble from the alpha's mouth, Yoongi's dick twitching where Jimin can feel it pressed against his hip and he finds a kind of power in it - in knowing he's making the alpha feel good too.

He wants to get his mouth on it, doesn't know where the urge comes from but he desperately wants to follow it, pushing up and surprising the alpha enough that he can push him down into the dirt, so he can sit on top and straddle him, leaning down without any warning to wrap his lips around the nub on the alpha's pec and feel the full-body shudder that runs through him, the way his grip on the omega's hips tightens briefly before going slack.

Jimin flicks his tongue experimentally and gets the same response again, the shuddering and tensing, a muttered "fuck" when he sucks and all the while he can feel Yoongi's cock hard and snug against his ass where he knows he's leaking slick and wetting the back of his boxers.

He kisses his way up the alpha’s chest to meet his mouth, Yoongi’s hands in his hair and tilting his head to meet him. Jimin reaches down between them, kneeling up while they kiss to blindly fumble at the alpha’s pants, eventually getting the button undone and the zipper unzipped; he pulls Yoongi’s cock out of his jeans, lets it bounce free and starts pushing down his boxers, ready to sit on it, to feel full for the first time in his life, like he desperately needs and

Yoongi stops him. Pauses.

“Are you sure about this?”

Jimin leans down and presses another hard kiss to the alpha’s mouth,

“Never been more sure of anything.” he says and then he sinks down.

The stretch is almost too much but Jimin breathes through it, head thrown back and tears pricking the corners of his eyes, Yoongi's hands running soothingly along his thighs, saying "you're doing so good Jimin, look how well your taking me baby." while the omega adjusts to fit.

Lip between his teeth and eyes closed, Jimin rolls his hips experimentally, trying to get a feel for it.

Yoongi guides him into a rhythm and soon they're both moaning, Jimin breathless and the alpha low and rumbling from his chest as the omega rides him clumsily, but earnest, chasing the feeling of the alpha's cock sliding against his prostate.

Jimin comes on the alpha's stomach long before Yoongi's orgasm hits him but it feels too good for the omega to be embarrassed, riding out his orgasm by grinding down on the still hard cock inside him, the oversensitivity is good, has Jimin trembling on top of the alpha's thighs

It doesn't take long for Yoongi to flip them, have Jimin back on his back in the dirt fucking into his oversensitive hole like his life depends on knotting the omega, muttering "fuck"s and "so good for me"s over the sounds of Jimin's whimpering moans.

Their sounds are loud in the quiet of the meadow

Jimin comes again between them, a weak trickle that dirties his t-shirt even further and the clench of his body around the alpha's cock is what pulls the alpha over the edge, orgasm ripping through him and knot expanding until he's locked flush with the omega's ass, pumping come inside him that gets pulled further in with every shudder of Jimin's body below him.

They lay panting in the meadow after, waiting for the knot to go down in the cool dusk, cold come on their stomachs turning sticky as time goes on.

Jimin feels dazed, full in a way he's never been before but he finds he likes it, legs still hitched around the alpha's waist and small pudge to his stomach that shows how full he is; his breathing hitches and reaches tentative fingers out to feel it, mewling and wriggling when he puts a little pressure on it and he can /feel/ how full he is.

"You like that baby?" Yoongi says from above him, panting and watchful, "Does it feel good? knowing how well you've been bred?"

Jimin flushes at the words but nods, shy. It does.

Yoongi leans in and brushes the tip of his nose against the omega's neck, presses a kiss to the soft skin, makes his way from the juncture between neck and shoulder to Jimin's ear and says, while grinding into him,

"Gonna breed you every day Jimin, gonna make you feel so good, so full baby until you're carrying my pups and everyday after that too"

Jimin whines, embarrassed and aroused, spent cock attempting to twitch back to life but unable to yet; he tries to cover his face with his hands but the alpha doesn't let him, leaning in to kiss him on the mouth, his arms bracketing the omega's head.

When they walk back into the gathering they are both a mess.

Jimin has his boxers balled up in his hand and the alpha’s shirt is come-stained, both of them covered in dirt, pieces of grass and flower petals in their hair.

It is painfully obvious exactly what they’ve been up to with the bright blush on Jimin’s face and their dishevelled state, Yoongi’s chest puffed up in pride.

He has his arm around the omega’s waist, but it does nothing to hide the slight limp in Jimin’s walk. The omega is mortified, but he also can’t help the tingle of pride in him -- he’s the one Alpha Min has chosen.

He is glued to Yoongi’s side for the rest of the festival, pressed close and always touching, a low rumble in the alpha’s chest when another approaches -- they leave early, Jimin saying an embarrassed and shy goodbye to his parents while Yoongi bows their way, knowing he wouldn’t see them for a month at least, maybe longer if he conceives. Another thought that has him blushing.

Yoongi bows their way, shaking his father's hand before they take their leave.

The moment the door of Yoongi’s home shuts behind him he is cradling jimin's face in his hands and pressing their lips together

the omega whines, fisting his hands in the front of the alpha's shirt and tugging him closer, kissing back with everything he's got. They stumble back until Jimin's calves meet sofa and he lets himself fall to sitting, Yoongi standing between his legs;

they are both staring at each other, panting and breathless from the kiss.

Jimin scrambles to his feet running blindly for the first door he sees and breaks into laughter when it’s a linen closet, trying the next one and finding a bathroom, by the time he makes it to the last door Yoongi has caught up to him, pressed up against his back and laughing low

Under his breath, his hands on jimin's waist something electric; the omega turns the doorknob and is relieved to finally see a bed, leading the alpha to it and climbing on with a bounce.

His fingers leave a streak of dirt behind and he winces.

"Don't worry about it," Yoongi says, "We're gonna have to clean it all later anyway."

and Jimin's breath hitches.

That night is a series of firsts for Jimin, all happening under Yoongi's gentle, guiding hand, showing him how to move, how to lay, showing all the ways a body can be made electric. The alpha's mouth explores every inch of Jimin's body leaving him embarrassed and aroused by turns.

He learns as the night goes on and bleeds into the next what he likes and what he doesn't, what the alpha likes and what he doesn't; something new every time they come together.

He learns he likes it best from behind, braced on his knees with his chest pressed to the mattress and one of Yoongi’s hands on his hip while the other presses down on him, fucking him into the mattress.

He learns he like it when the alpha’s a little rough, when he marks him up and Jimin can still feel it later; he learns he doesn’t like being in control of things.

He learns a lot about himself as the month goes on but most importantly he learns how he looks with a baby bump.