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A Dangerous Game

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"Um...Hello Hannibal." Will greeted as his student stepped out of his way. "Hello William!" He nearly dropped the keys to his classroom at Hannibal's bubbly reply. He turned his head side to side quickly, checking to make sure no one heard them, thankfully though, the halls were empty.

Will sighed as he got into his room. "Hannibal I told you not to call me that in this school, and, and stop calling me William. You can call me Will." Mr. Graham flopped into his desk chair to sort out papers, but didn't get far because Hannibal decided to make the desk his seat. Will stared up at his defiant little student, but didn't make him move.

Hannibal leaned in slightly, "I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for being such lovely company last night."

Will's face heated at the memories of dinner with Hannibal.


He never imagined the boy to live in, practically, a mansion, nor did he ever imagine the boy would have such refined tastes. Surprisingly though, he was not all that shocked. It seemed very...Hannibal-like. He remembered the exquisite candle light dinner they shared in a dining room bigger than Will's living room. The meat did not taste like pork, as Hannibal had said, but it was good either way, he figured the seasoning was the culprit that disguised the heavy flavor pork should have. He remembered Hannibal leading him to a sitting room when they were done, remembered how Hannibal was so eager, how he climbed right into his lap, straddling his thighs, playing with the buttons on his shirt.

Will had tried to slide Hannibal off of him, but the boy was persistent. He recalled wanting to take things slow, as he had told Hannibal the day before their date, but apparently his student had other plans. Hannibal once again had drawn his hands to his hips, untucking the pressed shirt from his slacks, making Will hold on to his slender hips. 'No thong this time.' Will remembered thinking with a grin, until realization hit, that Hannibal wasn't wearing anything underneath the black pants. "Hannib-" Hannibal shushed him with a deep kiss, nothing like Will had ever experienced.

Through his daze he had faintly felt the outline of Hannibal's bulge grinding against his own, he knew where Hannibal was wanting this to go. He'd have to break it softly to the boy, he didn't want Hannibal to be upset but- Oh, that was new. His student's hand traveled between them, stroking Will through the fabric of his clothing, squeezing and sliding up and down the clear outline of arousal. But then it stopped.

"Hannibal?" Will had asked confused, feeling dizzy from the blood rushing to his groin. The blond boy jumped up off of Will with a terribly devilish grin. "I do wish you'd not have wanted to take this so slow, Mr. Graham." Hannibal drew out, his teasing voice only securing Will's beliefs that the boy would be the death of him. He had nearly whimpered when he realized Hannibal wouldn't be continuing his ministrations, but two could play at this game.


"Honey?" Hannibal snapped his fingers in front of Will's face, pulling him out of his remembrance.

Will coughed, "Oh, sorry Hannibal, I-" Hannibal shushed him with a finger to his lips. Then, very exasperatedly said, "It's okay Will, I know I know, you were thinking about last night and how you didn't kiss me after our date. Do not worry, I was just as devastated as you are, but don't worry, you can make it up to me right now." Will couldn't help but let a laugh slip out. Hannibal could be such a drama queen. He almost said no, but glancing behind Hannibal, he realized no one was lingering outside of his door yet. "Alright." He sighed with a little smile, leaning forward in his chair, pulling Hannibal by his shirt collar down to meet his lips.

He meant for it to just be a quick peck on the boy's full lips, but Hannibal once again had other ideas. Long legs wrapped around his waist, resting against his chair, long fingers tangled his curls while the boy sucked on his bottom lip. He pulled back abruptly, having to pull away twice before Hannibal would finally release his grasp. "Hannibal!" Will warned. Hannibal knew how worried Will was about being caught, but he couldn't help but have a little fun with his poor teacher.

He hopped down off the desk, "Yes, Mr. Graham" he asked in a challenging voice.

Will tilted his head and gave him a murderous look. He grinned as he ran out of the classroom, just before the first bell rang.

Will rubbed his face, decided he'd need to shave tonight, and tried to not look so disheveled as students began to pour in.