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M4 SOPMOD II - I am Life and Death

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“I wish you could be a new masterpiece for me, Commander, but I don’t want to lose you.”
Kalina had always said the best way to maximize the efficiency of T-Dolls was to shower them in affection, even giving them Oath Certificates to further the amount of affection they could take. Anya took this to heart with only one gun, only one that seemed to sweep her off her feet. Despite the foresight required to see that this one AR-toting android girl was the one for her, she never quite knew just what she was getting into. For the longest time, even after giving Sopmod her first and only Oath Certificate, Sopmod treated all of their interactions as strictly professional aside from her ‘hobby’ of making ‘art’ of her deceased enemies. However, when Kalina stressed the urgency of physical affection, it seemed Sopmod got the picture just as quickly as Anya did.
Of course, this didn’t mean their idea of intimacy was exactly the same. Anya pictured a nice quiet affair by a roaring fireplace atop a fancy Indian throw, passionate and slow, with the kinkiest possible addition being oil spread along their nude bodies.
She didn’t at all picture being chained down and at this sadistic android’s mercy.
But here they were.
Vibrant crimson eyes danced along the Commander’s nude form, taking in each curve, dip, valley and dimple. A mischievous giggle upon seeing Anya’s swollen cleft begging for attention despite the adrenaline pounding in her veins. “Hey, Commander, you’ve already got your switch flipped! That was really, really fast, you know?”
“I didn’t think we’d move so fast in such a short amount of time,” Anya admitted, struggling only a bit against her metal restraints. This brought Sopmod to raise her clawed hand to Anya’s bare arm, letting the tips sink into that soft flesh with little pinches comparable to bee stings.
“Didn’t you know, Commander? I always wanted to see what my enemies never could give me. I wanna see blood! I wanna see someone squirming, from pleasure or agony, I don’t care!” Light pink hairs swept away from the twisted woman’s face as she brought her lips just a negligible distance from her Commander’s, eyes half lidded as a wry smirk painted her porcelain-like features.
“I wanna see you treat my touches, my love, like both Life and Death.”
Those words sent chills down Anya’s spine, both from fear and adoration. It was a well-kept secret in Griffon and Krueger that the Commander was a masochist to an extreme degree, seeing much more of a faux sadistic side of her on the battlefield. But the only gun she ever oathed would know better, of course she would. She listened to her darling Commander on those lonely nights after far too much red wine and far too little physical contact, adding in the stress of her work for a witch’s brew that forced honesty from her lips. Sopmod listened, and it was all rewarded in time with knowing just what the Commander liked, knowing what made her tick. Knowing what made her weak.
Those claws that sunk into Anya’s flesh brought little buds of crimson to the surface, deep red staining pale white as those little beads caught Sopmod’s sparkling eyes. “Oh? Already? Commander, you’re already giving me just what I want! It’s so pretty, like Christmas ornaments that fell in the snow!” What was her fetish with Christmas? The thought couldn’t linger for long on Anya’s mind before her faithful wife and adjutant closed her lips around the little puncture words, suckling and lapping at the little drops of ichor as though it were wine on her tongue. Even though she orchestrated this play, this dance between two archetypes as old as time itself, she still seemed to get oddly drunk off of the taste of Anya’s blood, moaning into her flesh as she drank her fill. Was it just her, or was Anya starting to get dizzy?
At long last, Sopmod’s lips separated from Anya’s arm with a light pop, giving a relieved sigh as though tasting something heavenly. “It’s just as good… It’s just as wonderful as I always fantasized, my Commander. My dear… It’s addictive. I could drink from you forever, Commander, but if I do that…” She trailed off, lowering her face to Anya’s chest, giving her bountiful breasts a loving squeeze and her slightly chubby tummy an adoring lick before finally reaching her sopping core and flicking her tongue against the swollen nub of her Commander’s sensitive little bitch-button.
“I couldn’t drink my fill from here like I want to, either.”
Those were the last words Anya heard before Sopmod’s lips finally closed around her opening, her tongue probing ever so slowly into her while her lips created a vacuum seal (or something close to it) around her clit, suckling it with a sudden dire need, as though this was her only sustenance. Despite her words, it seemed she was depending on Anya just as much as the Commander depended on and grew to need her wife’s touch. The soft muscle outlined the snug cavern of the Commander’s pussy, gently tasting her walls as much as she could, drinking her lover’s fluids with the same drunken fervor as she drank those little drops of blood that were now streaming down Anya’s arm. She was bringing her so dangerously close to the edge, making her Commander squirm and buck beneath her, only to let out a displeased little hum as she released her needy little pussy with another soft pop.
“Noooo… No! Not yet, Commander! I wanna do that in a different way! This was just to lock your switch into the ‘on’ position, you knoooow?” The hand that previously drew those little beads of blood from Anya now scrambled to reach for a soft bottle. Body oil, what else could it be? As Sopmod poured the lubricant along her Commander’s body, Anya felt a bit surprised at how warm it was. Did Sopmod keep it heated all the time? Just for this kind of occasion? As though she read her mind, the android giggled as she slipped out of her armor and underclothes.
“It’s really easy to keep this stuff warm. Just putting it on top of the CPU tower of in the Data Room is enough to get it nice and toasty, and nobody ever really pays attention to it, so it’s super duper easy!” After talking to fill the void left by her hurried stripping, Sopmod was just as nude as her lover at last, letting the oil drip down her breastbone and lubricate her pale skin, like a porcelain doll. “Hey, Commander, you know how this oil kind of tingles? It makes me wonder, what’s in it that does that? Why does it make my clit so hard, why does it just soak my panties? Wait, wait… I think those last two things are things you do to me, Commander, not the oil!”
The compliments brought color back to Anya’s face, which Sopmod acknowledged by dragging her tongue along those brightened cheeks, the muscle still reeking of her lover’s cunt. “Mmh… That’s it, Commander. I’ll make you feel so good, really really good… Stick your knee out, I’ll do the same. Rub yourself on my knee, and I’ll rub myself on yours, okaaay? Maybe, just maybe, I could even try pressing our pussies together to get us to cum!”
Anya didn’t need to be told twice.
Almost instantly, her knee pressed to Sopmod’s well-oiled cunt, her lover returning the favor and letting Anya grind up against it to her heart’s content. Sopmod couldn’t even hide that her own grinding was just as feverish and needy as Anya’s-- Despite putting on a front of being in control, she was just as much of a slave to her own desires, and just as needy as Anya for an orgasm. It didn’t help that Anya’s drooling slit was knocking against her knee, staining the bare, oiled skin in her juices, just as her own knee was becoming stained with Sopmod. It was nearly too much. Sopmod moved her knee, bringing Anya to whine before she coaxed the leg that laid flat to open just enough for the android’s more humanoid hand to slide past Anya’s labia majora.
“Commander…” Sopmod was delirious and fuck-drunk at this point, but she didn’t care. She was soaking in Anya’s moans and having as much fun as she damn well pleased, because just as much as her Commander needed this, so too did she. Two fingers delved into Anya’s waiting pussy as her own continued to rub needily against her shaking knee. “Commander, I’m sorry I’m such a pervert. Every time I looked at you, I always wanted to just chain you up and drink from you, and I didn’t care how I drank from you. If I had your blood, your girlcum, your cerebral fluid… I just wanted every part of you.” There was that shock down Anya’s spine, both fear and arousal setting her nerves alight along with the climbing feeling of nearing her orgasm. It seemed Sopmod noticed, as well, and giggled even in her lustful haze.
“Are you cumming, Commander? Let’s cum. Let’s cum together, because I’m cumming, too. I wonder if you squirt, Commander!”
That was the last thing Anya heard before both women let loose high-noted keens, Anya’s walls convulsing around Sopmod’s fingers as a spurt of clear fluid came from her urethra and coated that unspoilt porcelain skin. She could have sworn, as well, that before she came down from her high, she felt the same fluid coating her knee.

It had been two hours. Two hours of rest before Anya was finally unbound, allowed to stand and guide Sopmod to the shower room. It would take a lot of scrubbing to get the oil out of their skin, or at least let it absorb and soften the skin it was spread across.
“You know, Sopmod, that was… Kind of fun,” Anya admitted, still a bit hesitant to indulge Sopmod so quickly. Surprisingly, all Sopmod did was nod as she held the shower head over her lover, letting her scrub to her heart’s content. It was almost a bit odd, how she stared unblinkingly at Anya’s body... How her eyes only widened as the dried blood on her arm was scrubbed away, as were the little scabs above the puncture wounds from her claws.
“Ugh, I didn’t think it’d start bleeding again. Hey, Sopmod, can you--” Anya was cut off in the blink of an eye by the shower head falling to the ground, Sopmod falling to her knees and grabbing the bleeding arm with both hands, a bit too tightly to induce a more steady bloodflow.
“You’ll learn, Commander. I’m a shameless hedonist!” Anya felt her heart rate accelerate, accidentally giving into just what Sopmod wanted as her blood flowed that much faster.
I am your Life and Death, Commander.