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Behind his perfect eyes, there are perfect lies

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Everyone in U.A. loved Izuku. He was perfect, the perfect hero, the perfect student.


Bakugou knew better.


He knew that Izuku was ruthless, manipulative.


A wolf, no, a monster, hiding under a sheep’s skin.


Aw, Kacchan, tired already~?” a scarred finger tracing his jawline. “C’mon Kacchan, I know you can take more.”

Bakugou closed his eyes, ignoring what Deku was doing to him, as he had so many times before.


Bakugou didn’t know when he fell asleep, when the tears had dried on his face, or when Izuku had moved him back into his own room. He didn’t know when Kirishima had opened the door, but he assumed it hadn’t been very long from the horrified expression on the boy’s face.


He tries to mutter an explanation, to pull the blankets atop his exposed body, and finds that he can’t. His arms are still bound, his jaw closed tightly by the muzzle.


Which meant Izuku would be coming back, and if Kirishima was here, he wouldn’t hesitate to put the redhead in the same position he was in. His eyes blown wide, he shakes his head as Kirishima walks towards him.


“B-Bakugou? What the...what the hell, man?” Kirishima asks “Have you been crying?” a hand touching the tear marks on his cheeks. His hands go to the buckles on the muzzle, and it falls away from his face.


“Shit, K-Kiri. You’ve gotta go. Dammit, you have to go! When he comes back...he, fuck, he’ll do this to you, too.” Bakugou says


“Man, calm down! Who did this?” Kirishima asks, clearly looking at the bruises, the bite-marks, and the hickeys littered on Bakugou’s body.


“Fuck, you’ve gotta leav-”


“What’s this? Kacchan, you let someone else see you like this?’ Izuku says, standing in the doorway.


“Midoriya? Thank god, will you help me figure out who did this? I’m gonna fucking tear the bastard apart.” Kirishima says, not noticing that his friends body had tensed the moment Izuku had arrived.


“Fuck. Fuck, fuck, goddammit!” Bakugou yells.


“See, this is why I like you better with a muzzle.” Izuku says, turning and closing the door. The lock clicks into place.


“What? Midoriya?” Kirishima asks, rocking back on his heels.


“Don’t you see, Ei-chan? I’m the one that did this.” Izuku says.


“Why? Bakugou’s your friend, Izuku!” Kirishima says.


“Friend? Oh, hell no. He wanted me to kill myself. Kacchan’s bullied me since we were kids. It’s my turn.” Izuku says, licking his lips.


“This is wrong, Izuku!” Kirishima says.


“Maybe. But...I get to be a bove Kacchan for once, get to show him how much I love him. After all, who would he tell? Who would believe that I would do this, let alone to an ass like Kacchan?” Izuku says, the green lightning of his quirk crackling around his legs, and Kirishima is out as soon as Izuku hits him.


“K-Kirishima!” Bakugou yells, straining against the leather straps buckled around his arms, fighting to free his ankles, to move from his position on his side.


“Aw, how cute. Do you like Ei-chan, maybe? Maybe I’ll have him fuck you! You’d like that, right, Kacchan?” Izuku asks.


Bakugou shudders, fighting the leather with everything he has.

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“Leave him alone, you bastard! He’s done nothing to you, damn Deku!” Katsuki yells, trying to crawl towards the unconscious redhead.


“That's true, but he touched you, Kacchan! I can’t let him get away with that, because you’re mine Kacchan! Only mine, to love forever and ever and ever!” Izuku says, eyes wide as he grins.


“Fucking- I don’t belong to you, Deku! I’m my own damn person!” Bakugou yells.


“Oh, but I love you Kacchan! And I wanna be with you forever!” Izuku says, grabbing Bakugou’s face and pulling him into a kiss. Bakugou bites the tongue trying to make its way into his mouth, and Izuku pulls away with a yelp.


“Ah! Kacchan, why’d you bite me? I only wanted to show you how much I love you!”


“I don't want this! I don’t enjoy this!” Bakugou snarls.


“Shut up! Shut up, Kacchan, stop making it sound like I’m raping you! You love this, you love me too.” Izuku yells, returning the muzzle to Katsuki’s face, despite the blond’s struggles.


Bakugou's furious red eyes glare at him, but the anger turns to fear when Izuku brings shackles out from beneath his bed, moving from him to Kirishima.


“Ei-chan is so beautiful when he sleeps! Not as beautiful as Kacchan though, don’t worry!” Izuku says, stripping the redhead with dispassionate hands. Those hands trace the boy’s muscles appreciatively, and Bakugou wants to jump out the window at the blatant lack of care. Izuku ignores the tears of frustration in Bakugou’s eyes as he chains Kirishima’s hands behind his back, hooking his hands to his ankles.


When Izuku brings a ring gag out from the stash he evidently had under Bakugou’s bed, Katsuki reaches a point in his struggling where his bonds are painful.


“Aw, Kacchan, don’t struggle! Ei-chan will be ready soon!” Izuku says.


Bakugou tries to scream through the muzzle when Izuku shoves the gag into Kirishima’s mouth. The green-haired boy lifts Kirishima onto the bed beside Katsuki.


“Now all we have to do is wait for him to wake up!” Izuku giggles, rocking back and forth on his heels as he strokes Bakugou’s hair.


Bakugou purposely ignores that hand, staring into the sheets by his face. He snaps out of his thoughts when he feels the bed shake, a muffled roar of rage coming from beside him.


Izuku claps his hands.


“Ei-chan’s awake! Now we can have fun!” the boy says, grinning like a child at the bound boys.


Both glare at him, their matching red eyes seeming only to excite him further.


“We’re gonna have so much fun together!” he says, clapping his hands.


Bakugou growls from beneath the muzzle.


“Aw, are you mad that I’m going to play with someone else, Kacchan? You want to be the only one, huh?” Izuku asks, scarred fingers touching Bakugou’s chest.


He looks down, pretending that Kirishima isn’t watching, that he isn’t about to be fucked - raped, his brain supplies- in front of one of the few people he actually respected.


“Don’t worry, I’ll play with you first, Kacchan, because you’re always first in my heart!” he says, fingers tracing the insides of Bakugou’s thighs in gentle strokes.


Kirishima groans beside him, watching his closest friend tremble with barely withheld tears, barely restraining tears himself as he watches the careless way Izuku handles Bakugou. Hardening flashes along his arms, and he struggles against the chains, trying to escape, to save them both. Nothing happens, and he bites at the ring gag in frustration, snarling as he tries to fight his way out.


A small sound escapes the muzzle on Bakugou, as close to a scream as he can manage, when Izuku begins to bite his chest. Blood wells up, and Izuku licks it away. Small ‘pops’ echo through the room, Bakugou accidentally setting off his quirk in response to the pain. Blood drips from his upper arms, where his hands had been strapped in place, and Bakugou really does look close to crying.


“One of my rules is no hurting yourself, Kacchan, only I can do that. But you’re bleeding, and I haven’t touched your arms.” Izuku says, green eyes glowing dangerously.


“I’m going to have to punish you.” he whispers, cupping Bakugou’s face with his hand.


Bakugou’s eyes are blown wide with terror - isn’t this enough?- but Izuku didn’t seem to notice, instead drawing a whip from the bag he’d brought with him - isn’t raping me in front of Kirishima enough?- . Izuku clearly didn’t think so.


The whip cracks, a bleeding welt branding itself onto his chest. His back arches, tears dripping from the corner of his eyes, screams of fear and pain silenced by the muzzle.


Kirishima sobbed beside him, watching welt after welt appear and bleed and - Bakugou’s chest is covered in blood, it’s staining his sheets- he can’t do anything to stop his friends pain. He was sure the suffering - fear, pain, anger, humiliation, shame- in Bakugou’s eyes would haunt him forever.


“This brings back memories, doesn’t it, Kacchan. You’ve been so good for me, I haven’t had to use this since the first couple of times.” Izuku says, raising his arm for another strike.


Bakugou doesn’t hear him, doesn’t feel the blow. His chest has gone numb; his mind fuzzy and calm. He likes it, when he slips under like this. He can simply observe what happens to his body, it’s no longer a big deal. Izuku usually finds a way to break him out of the trance, but he was currently too absorbed in Bakugou’s blood and the whip causing it to even notice the vacant look in Bakugou’s eyes, or the way his body had gone slack against the leather.


He stops the whip, taking the muzzle in one hand.


“Kacchan...come back. Or I’ll punish Ei-chan instead.” he says, sadistic green eyes looking down on him.


Bakugou jolts back into his own skin, the sudden widening of his eyes and trembling evidence of that. Blinding pain fills his mind, now that he's back in his body he can feel each welt, each bite mark, each bruise again. Tears roll down his cheeks.


“Ei-chan, I want you to watch. Kacchan, if you struggle, even for a second, I will punish Ei-chan, and Ei-chan if you use your quirk when I punish you, I’ll release the video of me having sex with you two to the media.” Izuku says, stepping back from the boys to take in how broken they were.


Eijiro was trying so hard to tear out of the chains that his skin bled. Drool had run down his chin because of the gag, and small choking sobs made their way past the gag.


Katsuki’s chest was dyed red with his blood, muffled screams coming from behind the muzzle. He trembled as Izuku traced the muscles on his thighs, shaking at the thought of what would be done to him - what he would let be done to him- to protect Kirishima.


The green-haired boy pulled a vibrator out of the bag, slamming it into Bakugou’s ass without any prep. Bakugou jolts forward, eyes blown wide and a scream attempting to rip free from the muzzle. Blood coats the vibrator, dripping down his thighs in slow rivulets of scarlet.


“Hold it in.” Izuku commands, flipping the switch on the vibe and taking it to the highest setting. Bakugou clenches around it, doing his best to hold it in despite the pain of his body. He couldn’t even feel the vibrations, not through the haze of pain.


He hoped that pain would stay the strongest sensation, he didn’t want it to feel good, didn’t want being raped to turn him on.


Izuku begins to pump it, in and out, and a fresh set of tears pours down his face. He forgot everything, forgot Kirishima watching, the blood covering his body, the bindings stopping him from having any control, as Izuku brutally fucks him with the vibe.


And then, he feels something else start to push its way in.  He tried to pull away from it, and suddenly, it was gone. All of it, even the vibe.


“You pulled away, Kacchan.” Izuku says.


Bakugou watches as he picks up the whip, watches when he traces Kirishima’s muscle lines with it, watches the whip snap across his friend’s skin. Thick, red blood rolls down Kirishima’s chest, and Izuku hits him three more times before turning to Bakugou.


“Think you can behave? Or do I need to do that again.” Izuku asks, drops of blood rolling off the whip and onto the floor.


Bakugou nods, not wanting to see Kirishima in any more pain than he’d already been put through.





To protect Kirishima, he’d do anything Izuku asked.

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Kirishima’s hardening tore through the leather holding the ring gag in his mouth, and he spit it out, gasping from pain.


“M-midoriya. Please, don’t….don’t do anything to Katsuki. I-I’ll take it instead.” he says.


Izuku looks at him, at his shaking body and defined muscles, before grinning.


“Beg.” he orders.


Kirishima shudders, bowing his head, knowing that he would do anything to protect the boy he’d fallen for, anything for Katsuki. Even if it meant losing his virginity, even if it meant being raped.


“Ple-please, Midoriya. Please, f-fuck me.” he says, knowing without looking that Katsuki was looking at him with eyes that begged him to stop.


“Since you asked so nicely, I will, Ei-chan.” Izuku says.


Bakugou’s eyes are wide and terrified, more fear about what was going to be done to Eijiro than there had been about what happened to him.


Kirishima shudders at the feeling of Midoriya tracing his asshole. He bites his lip as a finger pushes its way in. Midoriya preps him fast, ignoring the redheads bleeding lips and chest and shoving him face-down.


He feels Midoriya’s breath on his ear, feels the large, blunt head of the boy’s cock begin to push it’s way past the ring of muscle. He cries brokenly into the sheets, feeling his blood between his thighs at just the tip.


Midoriya slams into him, bottoming out in moments, not bothering to pause to let the redhead adjust.


“Ah, hah, fuck, Ei-chan~” Izuku moans, hands gripping his hips with bruising force. The small broken gasps and cries falling from Kirishima fill the air, choking sobs coming from Bakugou.


Izuku leans lower over the boy’s back, biting his neck and sucking. The bleeding hickey glows against Kirishima’s tan skin when he moves to the other side of his neck.


Blood smears across the sheets from his whip cuts being rubbed across them, and Izuku reaches around to grab his chest, twisting his nipples.


Kirishima lets out a broken moan, a small cry of , “M-mido-riyaaaaah”


The green-haired boy’s hips stutter, and he sheathes himself as deep as he can get, cumming with a small cry.


Kirishima looks up at Katsuki right before Midoriya came, smiling, trying to tell the blond that it was okay.

Anything was okay.

Anything, for Bakugou.

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Kirishima was unconscious. Bakugou knew that the moment his body wet slack against the bed. But it didn’t tsop Izuku. The green haired boy simply pulled out, revealing that yes, he was still hard. He flipped Kirishima onto his back with resistance.


He pushes in with a low moan, fucking into Eijiro like it was the last day of his life. Eijiro’s eyes snapped open, and he struggles frantically for a moment, before remembering why he was letting Izuku do this. Katsuki bends over, pressing his forehead to Eijiro’s.


Their eyes locked, both full of tears, and Kirishima smiled up at him.


“K-katsuki- hah, I-I’’s okay.” Kirishima says, choking with each of Izuku’s thrusts.


-It’s not okay, you bastard- Katsuki screams in his mind, his tears falling onto Eijiro’s cheeks. The redhead just kept smiling, breathing hard and crying from Izuku’s assault, but still smiling. -It’s not fine, because you’re crying!-


When this was over, Katsuki swore he would hunt down and murder fucking Deku for making Eijiro look so...broken, so very, utterly, destroyed. He couldn’t care less what was done to him, he’d earned it with years of abuse and bullying, but Eijiro...Eijiro and his fucking bright, happy, sweet, smile , he was kind and caring and sweet and everything Katsuki wasn’t. He couldn’t have deserved this less, and Katsuki would destroy Izuku for forcing him to.


And still, Kirishima was smiling, because of course he didn’t care that he was being raped , he just wanted to make sure Katsuki was okay, to be a hero to someone who was so far from deserving one it was laughable, and fuck the fact that his caring nature had gotten him into this mess in the first place, the boy just wouldn’t stop smiling.


It killed Katsuki a little (a lot) to see what Eijiro would do to protect someone as, even someone as absolutely shitty as him.


“How adorable, d-do you, hah, wanna fuck him n-next, Kacchan? Or want him to, mm, fuck you?” Izuku asks, panting as he slams into Eijiro.


“Ei-chan? Which w-would you -hah- prefer? Ah, y-you’ve been so...good for me, hah.” Izuku says.


Before Kirishima can speak, can beg for Katsuki to be left out of this torture, Izuku pulls out, flipping Katsuki onto his chest, staining the sheets red with his blood. He grabs Eijiro around the waist, pushing his horrifyingly hard dick into Katsuki, and slamming him down.


Katsuki’s back arches, lifting his face from the mattress and screaming into the muzzle. Tears break from his eyes, eyes rolling back to stare at Kirishima brokenly. Kirishima pants into his back, crying softly and whispering “sorry” over and over.


Izuku staddles Kirishima, slowly sinking into his cum-filled hole. He grabs the redhead by the hair, biting at his throat before he starts to thrust.


Kirishima moans brokenly, Izuku slamming him into Katsuki, and, despite the pain and humiliation, he still finds it in him to smile and apologize to the blond for what he was being forced to do.


Katsuki was in too much pain to really notice, the weight of the two teens crushing the air from his lungs, Eijiro being slammed into him by Izuku, ripping through dried blood and reaching places in him that Izuku could only dream of.


Kirishima’s eyes land on the straps of the muzzle, and he tears at them with hardened teeth, panting from the stimulation. Finally, the muzzle falls away from Katsuki’s mouth.


Katsuki pants, moaning brokenly into the sheets, drool dribbling past his lips, his face a fucked-out mess.


“G-god, Katsu-ki, hah. ‘M so...sorry.” Kirishima cries.


Katsuki doesn’t say anything, turning his head to kiss the other boy.


He let his head fall back to the mattress, still looking up into Eijiro’s red, red eyes.

Kirishima Eijiro deserved the world on a fucking silver platter, and there was no way Katsuki could give him that, but he would damn well try.

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Midoriya had left. He’d cum across Kirishima’s back, chained him to Katsuki’s leather so he couldn’t pull out, thrown the phone with the video of what he’d done to them in front of them, and walked out the door.


“Eijirou, fuck, I’m so goddamn sorry. It’s my….my fault, this sh-shouldn’t have happened to you.” Katsuki says, guilt in his eyes.


“N-no. There’s nothing either of us could do. I-is he gonna come back?” Eijirou says, pressing his face into Katsuki’s back.


“I….don’t know.” Katsuki says.


They fell asleep like that, utterly exhausted, bleeding and in pain.


That was how Aizawa found them, bound together and clearly having been raped, the next morning. Without waking them, he undid their bindings to the best of his ability. Without the key to Kirishima’s shackles, he’d be stuck in them for a while.


He calls up the other teachers, waking the boys to take them to Recovery Girl after someone found bolt cutters to break Kirishima’s chains.


They found the phone.


They saw the video.


But Izuku Midoriya was already long gone, laughing his way to his hideout.


He pulled out his personal phone, ficking through the photo library and settling on one image. Katsuki and Eijirou, eyes half closed, drool dripping from their mouths, blood staining the sheets beneath them.


He sets it as his screensaver with a smirk.


“Don’t worry, Kacchan, Ei-chan, I’ll come back for you soon. I just need to get our home ready.” he says to it, tucking the phone into his pocket.

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Izuku stands on the roof of U.A., watching the two third-years spar. He would wait for then to tire before making his presence known; no need to use his quirk more than was necessary.


It had been surprisingly easy to get into U.A., he’d been following the two all day, waiting for a chance to get them alone, to capture them and take them home.


When they’re breathing hard, sweat covering them -he noted that might make it hard to get Kacchan, maybe he’d only take Ei-chan home today- he swings from the roof, landing in a crouch.


“Long time no see, Kacchan, Ei-chan. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you once we’re home!” he says.


Kirishima’s eyes widen, and Bakugou steps in front of the redhead protectively, crouching low and ready to blow the villain to shit.


“Like hell. We knew you’d be back, you motherfucking disabled pair of tweezers! The heroes are all around us!” he spits, not wasting his power with unnecessary explosions.


His blood runs cold when Izuku throws back his head and laughs, calculating green eyes meeting fearful red ones.


“Where are they, then, Kacchan? Why haven’t they saved you yet? It’s just me and you two, too tired from fighting each other to possibly fight against me.” he says, smiling.


“Fuck you. We’re heroes, unlike you, deku. We go down fighting.”


Katsuki hates that he knows he’s going to lose.


He hates more that Izuku knows it too.


“We’re different, Midoriya. It’s...been two years, you can’t beat the two of us.” Eijirou says.


Eijirou hates how weak he sounds.


He hates more that Katsuki was hearing him like that.


Katsuki watches Izuku as he crouches, the power of his quirk glowing around him as he charges. Katsuki pulls back an arm, preparing to blast the boy with everything he had, and damn the consequences, only to have that arm wrenched behind his back.


“So...weak, without your bracers, Kacchan. Kneel. ” Izuku breathes, hot breath against the blond’s ear. His knees lock up, the memories rushing back as Izuku forces him to his knees.


“Get your hands off him, you bastard!” Eijirou yells, a hardened fist crashing into Izuku. The boy catches the hands, smiling at Eijirou as he twists Katsuki’s arm. The blond whimpers slightly, a sound definitely not befitting him, as the joints creak. Not quite breaking, but making it clear that he could.


Katsuki’s other hand grabs Izuku’s thigh, blast tearing through pants and skin. The muscle beneath is charred, and then, Izuku does break his arm. With a savage twist, both his elbow and shoulder are at an angle the shouldn’t be. The blond screams as Izuku drops his now useless arm to face Eijirou, who is furiously trying to escape the death grip on his fist.


He grins, tightening his hold and levering the arm behind his back, chaining it to his other wrist, despite Eijirou’s frantic struggling. Eijirou’s blood ran cold at the familiar feeling of shackles, and if Katsuki hadn’t been unconscious, he was sure Izuku would be dead.


But he was, and nothing could stop Izuku from throwing him over his shoulder and dragging him, kicking and screaming, away from the school.


Away from Katsuki.

He found some consolation in the fact that he’d been taken, not Katsuki.


But not much.

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“No, god, fuck, no!” Katsuki rages, pounding his fists against the bed in the infirmary. He wasn’t the only one there, Eraserhead, Midnight, Present Mic, Blood King, Cementoss, even motherfucking Endeavor were all on beds near him, recovering from the damage All Might’s villain successor had caused in his desire to kidnap the boys.


Katsuki had just been informed that they couldn’t find Eijirou, and with what Izuku had said, there was a high chance that he’d been taken by the villain.


He breaks down into sobs, not caring who saw. Eijirou was gone, his boyfriend was gone, kidnapped by their rapist when he lay there . If he’d been stronger, blasted the little fuck as soon as he’d seen him, it wouldn’t have happened. He should have protected him!


Eraserhead sits on his bed.


“Bakugou. There was nothing you could do, Midoriya overpowered all of us, even Endeavor. There’s no shame in losing to a superior opponent.” he says. He would know. Bandages cover his face (from being slammed into a wall) and both of his arms are in casts (Midoriya had pulled them behind his back and then kicked him between his shoulders).


“I-I let him take...Kiri. I couldn’t do anything!” Katsuki sobs, pulling the sheets up to his chest and covering his face.


“That’s just it. There was nothing that could be done, Bakugou, by you or any of us. But I swear, we’ll get Kirishima back and lock Midoriya up for the rest of his life.” Aizawa didn’t mention that his lifespan would probably be much shorter when the heroes were done with im.


“I...know. Just...he’s coming for me next, you know that, right?” he asks, sounding small and broken. More broken by Kirishima not being by his side than he’d been by being forced into submission by his rival.


“Yes. There will be a hero beside you at all hours, we can’t afford to lose anyone. Kirishma’s kidnapping is devastating, if another were to happen so soon, no one at U.A. would be left standing.” Aizawa says


“Okay.” Katsuki says.

That night, Midnight standing beside his bed, Izuku slipped through the window. His feet hit the floor without a sound. A knife flashed in the dark, and Midnight fell.


Katsuki’s eyes snapped open, seeing glowing green eyes above him before being knocked out.


The heroes found a message, written on the wall in Midnight’s blood.




I win

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Bakugou opens his eyes, frantically scanning the room he's in. He's not bound, thankfully, but that just meant that Izuku was 100% confident that he couldn't escape. Izuku hadn't half-assed anything as a hero, he doubted that had changed when the boy became a villain.


It showed in that he was able to disable six powerful heroes, and the second and third ranked hero students without breaking a sweat.


The room was no dark, dingy cell like he'd expected to be in if Izuku ever caught him again. Instead, it looked fairly normal. He'd awoken on a king sized bed (with Ground Zero themed sheets, he noticed with a shudder), his clothes had been changed while he was unconscious, he was now wearing baggy black sweatpants and a tanktop closely replicated his hero costume.


There was a chest of drawers against one wall, a desk and lamp beside it. A stack of papers was on the desk, art tools beside it (he didn't want to know how Izuku had learned about his latest hobby, sketching).


He opened the closet door, looked at the wide array of costumes and clothes, and shut it again. It was one thing to know you'd been kidnapped to be raped, quite another to see what your rapist wanted to wear while he did it.


The door is where the room looks like a cell. Solid steel, locked from the outside, and plainly designed to withstand just about anything.


Katsuki wasn't comfortable with how calm he was at the moment. He'd been kidnapped by fucking Deku, his rapist, why for fuck's sake wasn't he freaking out?


He came to the conclusion that the shitty villain had probably drugged him. He wanted to be angry, wanted to scream and blow shit up until Izuku let him out becuase he was too irritating to keep, but all he could do was scowl and pace.


Katsuki had no shoes.


He knew this was to stop him from getting very far even if he made it out the door (like that would fucking stop him, he was Bakugou Katsuki, goddamnit, shoes wouldn't be the reason Izuku kept him imprisoned), but it made pacing on the cement floor cold and uncomfortable.


A though stops his pacing.


-Where the fuck was Eijirou?-


He pushed the nitroglycerin sweat out of his palms, willing it to ignite, to make a blast so big that half the world would hear it.


Nothing happened.


It was then he noticed the thin, near invisible metal bands around his wrists. Izuku had found a way to stop his quirk. He was helpless.


A knock echoes through the room, followed by clicking as the door is unlocked.


Izuku steps through, looking more like a young businessman than the villain -rapist, kidnapper- in his white dress shirt, vest, and slacks.


He smiles.






"Welcome home, Kacchan. I'm so glad you're here."



Katsuki's blood froze.

Chapter Text

"You fucker, where's Eijirou?" he growls, glaring at the green-haired boy.


"Don't worry, Ei-chan has his own room. He's comfortable." Izuku says.


"Take me to him, Deku. Prove that you...that you haven't killed him." Katsuki says.


"That's what you're worried about? Oh, Kacchan, you're so silly. I would never hurt you or Ei-chan, I love you both too much." he says.


-Bullshit- Katsuki thinks, mentally tallying the number of scars on his body from the many times Izuku had "lovingly" raped him, and adding the whip scarring on Kiri's chest to that count.


"I have 37 whip scars, and at least a hundred other scars from the various shit you've done to me. You can't tell me that isn't hurting." he says, taking a slow step away from Izuku.


"It was necessary, Kacchan wouldn't play without pain. Don't you like pain, Kacchan?" Izuku asks.


"No! I don't like any of this, Deku! You're raping me, and no matter what I do, you won't fucking stop!" Katsuki yells, still backing away from the villain.


"Kacchan, it's not rape, because you like it. You cum every time, and you never really fought against me." Izuku says.


"How the fuck am I supposed to fight against All Might's quirk? I've given everything to stop you, and you don't. Fuck, you're never going to stop, are you? You'd probably rape my corpse if I died right now, sick fuck that you are." Katsuki says, his voice strangely quiet.


Izuku knows that he's submitting now, Katsuki had been trained over the years to be afraid of Izuku, afraid of what he could -would- do.


"On the bed, Kacchan. Maybe I'll let you see Ei-chan if you're good for me. If not, I can visit him instead." Izuku says, cunning on his face.


Katsuki gets on the bed.


"Good Kacchan. Take off the pants." he says, smiling as Katsuki slowly does, glaring at him the whole time.


Black boxers are his only cover, and Izuku takes them off slowly. He brings lube from his pocket, and Katsuki breathes a small sigh of relief. He hated it when Izuku raped him without prep. He hated it when Izuku raped him, period, but when he hadn't been prepped it was so much worse.


He felt the fingers at his rim and closed his eyes when they entered. Izuku's fingers thrusted in and out, aiming for his prostate each time. It didn't take long for him to be embarrassingly hard.


"C'mon Kacchan, tell me what you want." Izuku croons.


Katsuki bites his lip, holding back his moans as Izuku's fingers slammed his prostate. He knew that Izuku would love it if he begged, so he refused to. He'd be fucked either way, it didn't matter what he did or didn't do. This way he could preserve a scrap of dignity.


He felt the blunt tip of Izuku's cock enter him. Izuku had only used two fingers, it wasn't enough, it hurt. Tears dripped from his eyes, and he gasped for air when Izuku bottomed out. He wasn't as long as Kiri, but Izuku was think, and his cock felt like it was tearing him apart.


It didn't take long for the painful burn and stretch to begin to feel good, though, and soon he was a gasping, moaning mess beneath Izuku's heavy thrusts.


His tears and drool ran across the sheets, and he heard the 'click' of a photo being taken.


"N-noooooo." he moaned out as Izuku took more and more photos of him, from every angle.


"D-don't worry, mm, Kacchan. Me'n, hah, Ei-chan...will be the only ones, mm, to l-look." he says, thrusts becoming wild and uneven, and then he came. Katsuki sobbed as Izuku began to stroke him, crying louder when the villain forced him to cum.


"P-please, Deku. I was...I was good. Please, let me see Kiri." he says, once he's regained enough breath to speak.


Izuku kisses his forehead, brushing sweat-dampened hair out of the way.


"Okay. Let's go, Kacchan." Izuku took his hand, and Katsuki followed numbly as the villain led him down a hallway and set of stairs.


He opened a door in the maze that was his lair, and Katsuki saw Eijirou.







Izuku had lied.

Chapter Text

Kirishima wasn't moving. His form was hunched over, covered in what looked like over two hundred pounds of chain, with something wrapped around his face. It didn't look like he was breathing. His hands were locked in a steel box in front of him, and he was slumped against the bindings. A dull buzzing filled the air.


Katsuki couldn't tell if he was alive.


But there was no way he was dead, right? Izuku wouldn't...go through the trouble of kidnapping them just to kill them, right?


Kirishima wasn't dead, he couldn't be.


And then his head moved, lifting up to glare at Izuku with tears running down his face.


"Hi, Ei-chan! Look who I brought!" Izuku says, yanking the half-naked blond into the other boy's line of sight.


His eyes widened, and he screamed into the muzzle, hardening flashing across his skin. Evidently, Izuku hadn't blocked his quirk.


"K-kiri!" Katsuki yelled, trying to run towards him, only to stumble and fall.


Eijirou saw red when he saw the cum coating Katsuki's ass and thighs.


"Don't you dare untie him, Kacchan, not yet. This is Ei-chan's punishment for trying to escape me." Izuku says. He pulls something out of his pocket -a phone?- and presses something on it. And suddenly, Katsuki can't move, can't even twitch.


He growled as Izuku walked towards Eijirou, but that didn't deter the villain. He crouches behind the redhead, and throws something across the room. A slick, hot pink vibrator buzzes softly on the floor, and from Izuku's movements, he's now fingering Eijirou.


Kiri trembled, the chains holding him down clattering as he fights against them, as he fights against Izuku.


Katsuki sobs, frozen by whatever the hell the villain had done to him, but still -un-fucking-fortunately- aware of what was happening.


Izuku moves Kirishima so that Katsuki can see that no, Izuku wasn't fingering him. Instead, Izuku's fucking arm was, moving in and out to his goddamned elbow, and Katsuki couldn't stop him.


He couldn't do anything to help Eijirou's anguished cries, his sobs, or his muffled screams. Utterly helpless, all he could do was watch as Izuku, elbow deep in his boyfriend, goddammit, smirked down at him.


Izuku left eventually, bored with their reactions, and slowly the...whatever the hell it was, left his system, allowing him to move again.


He crawled to Eijirou, undoing the restraints completely and pulling the sobbing redhead into a tight hug, whispering reassuring things -mostly death threats to Deku, honestly- into his ear.


He doubted Kirishima heard anything, hugging him so tight he could hardly breathe and soaking the tanktop with snot and tears.






Katsuki loved this boy, and he was going to fuck Izuku up for daring to hurt him.

Chapter Text

Izuku had returned. 


Katsuki didn't know when both he and Kiri had fallen asleep holding onto each other.


"Wake up!" Izuku had yelled, startling both of them into fighting positions.


He simply laughed.


"Fight me all you want, even if Kacchan still had his quirk, you'd lose. You're both mine now, to do with what I wish. Isn't that great, loves? It's just us now, no one to get in our way." he says, eyes darkening.


"No one to be quiet for. Now, I can hear all of your lovely sounds." Izuku says.


"C-could you just...not rape us?" Kirishima says quietly, already knowing that there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell of Izuku not fucking him.


Fortunately, some cultrues believe that hell is a frozen waste, a place where a snowball would thrive.


"Unfortunately, I haven't the time to love either of you. I need to get you ready for the discussion I'm holding today. I must prove that I do indeed, have two UA students as ready little fuck-toys." he says, smiling down at them.


"Deku, what the fuck? i thought you wanted to be a hero, hell, All Might even gave you his quirk! Why the actual fuck would you become a villain?" Katsuki says.


"As a hero, I couldn't love you the way I wanted, Kacchan. And I still save people, I still help...just in different ways. Anyways, I need your help. Put on a good performance for my people, please? You need to be my obedient little pets. Now, come, Kacchan, I need to get you ready." Izuku says, smiling at them.


-Pets? Oh, fuck no.-


Katsuki growled at him.


"Fucking make me, Deku. I'm not gonna just rollover and let you do whatever the hell you want." he spits.


"You can say that when you aren't half-naked with my cum dried on your legs. Now, come." Izuku says with a mocking smile.


"Fuck you." Katsuki growls.


"Maybe in the future, once you're more...tame." Izuku says, walking across the room with purpose in his stride.


Kirishima body slams him into the floor, activating his quirk. Izuku kicks him squarely in the chest, One for All lighting along his leg as Eijirou slams into the wall. He wipes blood off his face from where Kirishima had hit him. Multiple small cuts are scattered across his face, and he spits blood.


"I didn't want to drug you, Kacchan, but if you refuse to be an obedient pup, I will. I'm giving you one more chance. Katsuki, come." he says, ignoring Eijirou's unconscious body slumped against the wall.


Bakugou spits at him, before stilling and falling limp as Izuku pushed something on teh phone. He tosses the boy over his shoulder, leaving Kiri on the ground and walking out of the room.




Eijirou woke up to see Bakugou beside him.


Yellow dog ears sat atop his head, a ring gag in his mouth and black blindfold covering his eyes. His hands were cuffed behind his back, only clothing a black tanktop. A black leather collar was closed around his neck, and a yellow dog-tail butt plug was sticking out of his ass. The strap attached to the blond's leg said there was also a bullet vibrator inside of him. His legs weren't chained, but he was trembling to much to move from his kneeling position.


"Your turn, Ei-chan."




He saw black. 

Chapter Text

"As you can see, I am capable of capturing even the most protected of people. I regret to admit that they haven't broken yet, but that won't be too difficult." Izuku says.


Kirishima jerks his head, whining into the ball gag as the vibrator stabs into his prostate. He could hear Katsuki's growls and whines from beside him, both of them to weak from the stimulation to stand.


"Quite impressive, Deku. Are you interested in selling them? They'd fetch quite a price on the slave market, both are very beautiful, and I know that you and your...employees need the money."


"Hm. That isn't something I'd considered, truth be told. i could never get rid of Kacchan, he's mine, but the redhead...maybe, if he doesn't learn how to behave." Izuku says. Kirishima shudders. There was no way Izuku would...then again, he never would've thought of Izuku as a rapist until the boy raped him, it was entirely possible that Izuku would sell him off if he didn't do what the boy said.


Katsuki's snarl cuts through the air.


"The blond pup seems very....possessive of him." another voice says.


"Yes. I'll fix that once I've broken him, of course, but for now, I find it...endearing." Izuku says.


"What have you planned for them, sir?" yet another voice says.


"The blond is my personal toy. I brought Ei-chan to keep him happy, but he'll earn his keep. When my men do well, he will be their reward for a night. unless, of course, he refuses to learn his place." Izuku says.


"Very clever, Deku. You're people will remain loyal indeed if such a handsome reward awaits them." the one that had suggested selling them says.


"If you wish, you can use the redhead. It can be part of breaking him. And don't bother being gentle, he isn't made of glass. Are you, Red Riot?" Izuku croons.


Katsuki growls at him.


"Don't worry Kacchan, he won't be alone, I promise, but I'm the only one allowed to touch you." he says. His hand is in Katsuki's hair and the blond pulls away as if he'd been stung.


He growled something that sounded like "fuck you" through the ring gag.


"Boss, can we use his mouth?"


"He might bite. And he has very sharp teeth. But if you so wish, I have another ring gag." Izuku says, jerking Katsuki's head down. The blond feels something  pass the gag, and he already knows what's coming next. By the firm hand in his hair, Izuku pulls his face down his dick.


The blond chokes, trying to pull away. It wouldn't be the first time Izuku had face-fucked him using a damn ring gag, but it had been mor ethan two years since that had happened.


Izuku didn't let him, fucking brutally into his mouth. He can feel his tears soaking into the blindfold, and Izuku pulls it off. His teary eyes glare up at Izuku's smug expression, cursing him as he gagged on his dick. The burn as Izuku pushed into his throat nearly made him puke, and he choked on bile.


The villain moaned, pulling out and pumping his seed onto Katsuki's face.


He turns his head, cursing the small amount that got into his mouth. In doing so, he saw Kiri.


One villain was fucking his mouth, another fucking him with the stupid tail dildo still inside him. Kirishima was crying, tears running past the blindfold, and he trembled as more cum coated his face.


He shivered, trying to wiggle away, but with the hold the man behind him had on his wrists, there was nowhere he could go. He let out a loud moan as the man behind him slammed in. Kiri came, white spraying across the floor, but the man didn't stop, fucking him even as he screamed from sensitivity. another stepped up to claim his mouth, and Kiri's tears leaked through the blindfold.


"Hey, boss, these are Bakugou and Kirishima, aren't they?"


"Yes, why?"


"They're both so pretty...what would I have to do to get a night with them both?"


"Well, after you managed to so utterly destroy Endeavor, I think you've already earned it. You can have them in a week." Izuku says.


"Sorry Kacchan, I know I said only I could touch you, but Ender got Endeavor in prison, so even though I love you, he's earned a nice present." he mutters, smiling at the sobbing blond.




Kirishima didn't know when it finally ended. When there stopped being people fucking him at either end, when cruel words were no longer whispered into his ears.He didn't know when he passed out in a puddle of cum, or when the ties had been removed, or when the drug had faded enough that he could move slightly without feeling like he was gonna vomit.


He saw that Katsuki was still unconscious, cum drying in his hair and on his face.


He sobbed into his hands, not noticing the thin metal bands on his wrists.


"Katsuki...I'm sorry I let this happen." he whispers, throat screaming.

Chapter Text

"Wake the hell up." someone says. It wasn't Izuku, which surprised Katsuki slightly.


He opened an eye to see...he actually couldn't see much of anything, his eyes were still filled with tears.


"Deku wants you ready, come on fucktard."


A hand grabs that stupid-ass collar that was still around his throat, dragging him down the halls. He stumbles, trying to get to his feet to follow the man -woman?-, only to be shoved onto his knees.


"Pets crawl, you ain't human anymore, Kacchan. You belong to Deku. And you better learn your damn place before you regret it." he -she?- hisses.


"Fuck you." he growls back, trying to stand up, only to be backhanded so hard blood flew from his nose.


"Yura! Stop that!" Izuku's voice stops the second hit before it can land.


"Deku? I was punishing your slave, he refused to crawl." the person, Yura, says.


"He might be below us, but Kacchan isn't an animal. I'm the only one that gets to touch him, do you understand me?" Izuku's voice was cold.


"Yes, Deku."


The hand on his collar was gone, and he squinted up at Izuku from where he knelt, vision still blurry from the hit.


"C'mon Kacchan, I wanna fuck you." Izuku says.


Numbly, Katsuki stands up to follow. Numb described perfectly how he felt. There were brief moments of a terror so overwhelming that he would stop breathing before returning to that quiet numbness.


"On the bed, Kacchan."


He gets on the bed quietly, still not able to see more than a few inches away from him clearly.


He wonders if he's been drugged again, and can feel rage poolin his chest beneath the numbness, but it fades as quickly as it came.


"Where's your foul moth now, Kacchan? You can't bully me anymore, not without your quirk, not without your standing. Here, you're nothing more than my slave. You don't rule anymore, Kacchan." Izuku says, sitting on the bed and tracing a hand down his jawline.


Katsuki grits his teeth. He knew Izuku was right, but that didn't mean he had to like it.


"Fuck you." he whispers.


"Behave, and I might let you." Izuku says, kissing his neck. Katsuku pulls away without a sound.


"Now, Kacchan, behave. Or do I need to let my men use Ei-chan as their toy before you'll believe that your actions have consequences?" Izuku says, smiling at the deer-in-headlights look Katsuki's face takes in the moment the threat is uttered.


"Please, Deku, don't hurt Kiri over something I did." he says, gasping when Izuku pulls his head back by the hair.


"Aw, how sweet, you'd rather I punish you instead?" he asks.


Katsuki nods as best as the hand in his hair will allow him to. He swallows when he hears the click of a pocketknife being opened, and he watches Izuku place the blade on the bed.


"On your back, Kacchan, my little slave. There won't be a punishment for you-yet. You haven't learned the rules." Izuku says.


Katsuki falls back into the blankets.


"You don't speak unless you're spoken to. You're a slave, you don't have the right to call those above you by name, you call me "Master" and anyone else you might speak with "sir" or "ma'am". You don't leave these rooms unless I call for you. You don't leave the base, under any circumstances. If I take you with me, anywhere, you will sit on the floor beside me, and you will never stray more than four feet from me. You follow any order given to you by me, and all orders from my people except those sexual in nature. Understand, Kacchan?" he asks.


"Yes." the blonds hisses.


Izuku kisses him lightly on the cheek.


"Good boy. I'll choose your clothing on a daily basis. For now, loving you here is enough. Later, once you're broken to my needs and desires, I'll have you in my own rooms. Remember, break my rules and you'll be punished. Now, strip for me, love." Izuku says, putting the knife back in his pocket.


Katsuki takes off the cum-stained tank top, and that's all he'd been wearing. His dick lay soft against his thigh, now in full view of Izuku's hungry eyes.


He takes off his belt, only pulling down his pants and boxers enough to reveal a startlingly hard cock. Thankfully, he decides to prep the boy, searching for his prostate as he fingered the blond. Slowly, Katsuki hardened between the hand on his dick and the pushes to his prostate. He both hated and appreciated that Izuku was taking the time to make this feel good. It was easier to remember how fucking wrong what was being done to him was when it hurt.


The fingers are gone, leaving him empty and gaping, a blush -from anger, he tells himself- covered his cheeks.


"Just do it already." he whispers, falling limply against the boy's -no, villain's- chest.


"Is that any way for a slave to talk? Beg, Kacchan, beg me to fuck you until you can't move, until all you can do is shake and cry my name." izuku says, brushing the blonds hair with his fingers.


"Please, Deku, d-don't make me do this. I won't fight back, I promise, I'll...I'll let you do whatever you want, but...don't make me...don't make me beg." he whispers.


The hand in his hair pulls harshly, yanking his face away from the villain's shoulder.


"What did you call me, Kacchan?" he asks.


"D-Deku." Katsuki says.


"You've already broken one of my rules, how sad. I thought you were better at listening, honestly. What did I say to call me?" he asks, growling.


"Master." Katsuki says, his teeth grit and face set in an expression of fiery rage.


"Yes. I suppose you've earned your first punishment. Since I'm so kind, so very...heroic, you won't have to beg me. It's time we christened your room. I'm going to make love to you on every surface, in every position, and I will not stop until you beg me using "Master" as my title." he growls.


Katsuki knows he's royally fucked when Deku puts a goddamn cock ring on himself so that he can do exactly what he said without tiring.


-Katsuki doubted that he would stop, even if he did beg, did grovel, did call the worthless little shit "Master".-


"C'mon Kacchan, hold your legs for me." he orders, throwing his clothes in an unceremonious pile by the door.


-There was a knife in that pile somewhere, if he could grab it, he could kill Deku and run-


Katsuki threads his hands behind his knees, knowing that this "punishment" could have been much worse. For example, Izuku employing the use of that knife.


His thoughts on what could have been are quickly shoved away, much like all his thoughts, when Izuku pushes inside. Katsuki bites his lip hard enough that it bleeds, his hands heating against his legs, not even warm enough to burn.


-Fuck Deku. Fuck Deku's quirk-stealing hands, fuck Deku's ability to do whatever the hell he wants, and fuck Deku's desire for him in particular-


"Mm, this is so much better when you're unrestrained." Izuku moans above him.


-FUCK Deku. At least Eijirou's alright.-






Eijirou was, in fact, not "all right".

Chapter Text

He lets out a weak scream, pulling himself across the cell with his arms.


"Come back, little red~" a voice croons, the villain grabbing one of his broken ankles and pulling him across the floor.


Eijirou's screams cut off when the brute of a man slams his hand over the boy's mouth. He whimpers, struggling as the man lines up and shoves in. He was larger than any of the others that had fucked -raped- him in that cell, even open and sloppy from the others, this man hurt.


The door opens; he hears it, even if he can't see it from this angle. His back presses against the rough cement, tearing away the skin in burning patches as the villain fucks -rapes- him.


 -God, please, not another one, he can't do this. All he's done is be the best hero he can, how had he earned this?-


"Well then, Deku really did get a U.A. student. I'm impressed." a grating voice fills the room over heavy breathing, the slap of skin, the whimpers and aborted screams.


The hand falls away from his mouth, and he turns his head to see...Shigaraki? No way. There was no way, he was in prison! Wasn't he?


"Let's see, you're Eijirou Kirishima, I remember you. You were part of that group that stole Katsuki from us. Not so high and mighty now, are you, as one of Deku's slaves, being fucked by anyone that wants to stick their dick into a warm hole." he hisses.


Eijirou tries to bear his teeth to snarl at him, but the villain fucking him grabs one of his ankles, and all he can do is let out a strangled scream. Shigaraki chuckles, stepping closer.


-No, don't, don't get any closer!-


A finger touches his stomach, and his blood runs cold. Was Shigaraki going to disintegrate him?


"Would you look at that, your buddy here's so big you can see him." Shigaraki says.


Eijirou looks down at his gut, seeing, to his horror, a bulge in his stomach from the villain's cock.


Said villain flips him over, his face nearly touching Shigaraki's shoes, his stomach cold against the floor. He stays limp against the ground, the cement tearing skin from his chest and cheek.


He sobbed against the floor, not trying to crawl away, that was why -second person to enter the cell, he was huddled in the corner, cum sprayed across his face. he crawled away from the man. claws tearing into his calves. ankles broken beneath sharp cat claws. screams, his screams, blend together- his ankles had been broken for trying to get away, after all.


Shigaraki's fingers were on his face, lifting it off the floor so he could meet his eyes.


The man laughed, sand rasping against bone -laughter, how many were there, how many were laughing, why were so many laughing- 


"Who's gonna save you now, little hero? Crying on the floor at everyone's mercy." he seems to notice Ejirou can't hear him, and slaps the boy  across the face. All five fingers make a brand off grey and dying skin, and he meets Shigaraki's eyes with a whimper.


"I have a deal for you, little red. Suck me off, and I'll bring you a blanket, that way you wont get all torn up when people fuck you." he says.


Eijirou shakes his head. The moment he did any of this willingly, he would break, he knew that from his classes on hostage/kidnapping situations. 


The hand hit's his other cheek, this time staying long enough for some of his skin to crack away.


"How about this then, suck me off, or I'll destroy one of your hands. Or both." Shigaraki says.


Eijirou shudders, shaking at the thought, and his mouth drops open.


-God, he hopes Katsuki is doing better than he is-




Shigaraki shoots down his throat just after whoever had been fucking his ass cums, and he falls limply against the floor, praying to any god that would listen that there were no more people waiting.


The gods ignored him, as they always seemed to.

Chapter Text

Katsuki was braced against the desk, staring at the brilliant green eyes above him, tears running from his red ones.


His back was ripped to shreds, or at least felt like it, from the edges of the desk. His legs were limp, held to his ears by Deku’s shoulders, his arms pinned to his side by Deku’s.


“Kacchan~ moan for me.” Deku croons, his breath washing across the blond’s face.


Stubbornly, Katsuki grits his teeth and glares at the villain. He knows his anger is utterly ineffectual, with the tears running down his face and the small cries that made their way from his throat.


“Mm, Kacchan, wanna cum, wanna fill you so full of my cum that you’ll see it in your stomach, c’mon Kacchan, beg so I can cum.” Izuku says.


“N-never.” Katsuki says, baring his teeth. His eyes bulge as Izuku’s dick slams into his prostate, the villain had been avoiding it until now. His mouth falls open, a wrecked moan tearing from his reluctant throat.


Izuku’s eyes bear down on him.


“Beg me.” he hisses.


“You sai-d you...wouldn’t m-ma-ngh” his sentence falls into a second moan, struggling not to give in to this madman.


“Kaaachaaan, you’re n-no fun. Fine.” the boy says. His thrusts become immediatly faster, slamming Katsuki’s head into the wall. The drywall cracked slightly, and Katsuki fell limp for a moment.


- Was this fucker using his goddamn quirk?-


“Nn, so good for me, right, Kacchan?” Izuku moans out.


Katsuki doesn’t reply, dazed from being slammed into the wall and the sudden power of the villain’s thrusts.


“Do you wanna feel good, huh, Kacchan? Just say ‘please’ and I’ll...make you feel...great.”


Deku’s breath is hot against his ear, and he hates the way his body reacts to that hot, heavy sound, hates the sudden shiver of arousal at the deep voice in his ear.


He lets outs a small, weak scream when Izuku slams his prostate, whimpering as he continues to do so.


“C’mon, say please, or I’ll stop hitting your spot.” Izuku croons.


Behind his shuddering screams, Katsuki debates actually doing so.


And then Izuku does stop, and the choice is suddenly very, painfully, clear.


“P-pleassse.” he whimpers out, nails tearing into his palms at the thought that he, Katsuki Bakugou, had just begged .


Instead of a return to hitting his sweet spot, Izuku slaps him. Not hard, of course - he didn’t want his Kacchan broken, not yet, anyway- but the hit turned his head and left a mark branded on his cheek. Maybe it had been hard, and his whole body was just numb?


- Wishful thinking, he could still feel everything, everything hurt in a way it really shouldn’t have been able to.-


“This is a punishment slave, you don’t get  to feel good, you haven’t earned it.” Izuku said.


-Slave. Slave. Slave. Slaveslaveslaveslave!-


“N-not a….fuckin’ s-sl-slave.” he groans out.


Izuku’s smile is condescending, the smile of someone who knew something no one else did.


“Yes, Kacchan, you are. You’re, mngh, my perfect little slave.” he says, leaning in for a kiss.

Katsuki turns his head.

Chapter Text

Kirishima was unconscious, Izuku noted, when he entered the cell.


He also noted that the boy's ankles had been broken, and he was bleeding from basically everywhere, not to mention that he was covered in cum.


He gathered the boy in his arms, carrying him up a flight of stairs and into a bathhouse. Izuku set they boy in the warm water, finding a washcloth and disinfectant before returning. Eijirou was still asleep, water turning pink with his blood.


When the villain began to dab at his, cleaning away the blood and cum, the redhead woke up. His eyes widened, but with the amount of injuries he had, he could barely move. He flinched away, and that seemed to hurt him.


"No, please, no more." he whimpers, sure that Izuku would use him after cleaning him off.


The villain laughed.


"Why would I want to fuck you when I've got lovely little Kacchan? You're only here to please my men, wouldn't use a slut like you, Red. But you wouldn't last long if you died from an infection, so I'm going to keep you clean." he says.


Eijirou flinches.


-Lovely little Kacchan, he means Katsuki, what's he doing to Katsuki? Slut. No. Slut. He's not, this is not his choice, none of this is his choice!-


The water stung in his wounds, though not as much as the disinfectant, or the words Midoriyia spat at him.





He woke up, at some point, back in the cell.


To mock him, someone had laid a "Red Riot" blanket on the ground.


He spent a long time crying before anyone opened the door. It hadn't been locked.





He hadn't even checked to see if it was.

Chapter Text

"Have you seen them yet?" Eraserhead's voice crackles in his ear.


"No. But I know for a fact that Red is being...used by anyone that wants to. From what I've heard, Deku is keeping Kacchan in a private cell." he reports.


If Eraserhead had a quirk that let him know when people were lying, it would be screaming at him. If he'd had a quirk that let him see wherever he wanted, he would've known just how horrifying that lie was.


But he didn't have either of those quirks, so he didn't know what, or more accurately, who, his inside man was doing.


"Try to work your way closer, Chargebolt." he says, signing off of the commlink.


Kaminari Denki took the earpiece out of his ear, looking down at Kirishima.


"That was Eraserhead. he wanted to know if I'd seen you yet. I told him no, of course. Can't you just imagine his face if he found out I'd been here every day, fucking your brains out? I know I can." he says, smiling down at the redhead.


He hadn't had access to gel, his hair hungaround his face, and he was covered in bruises and cuts. No one had fixed his ankles yet, if he wanted to move anywhere, he had to crawl.


Eijirou didn't even really hear anything the people that came in told him. He just...laid there, unless he had to use the bathroom. His eyes were dull and vacant, unless someone was torturing him, then all there was was pain.


Denki honestly didn't know if Eijirou knew who he was, he never said anything, never asked him why, never begged.


When he'd first showed up at the door (covered in pictures of Kirishima in every imaginable position, some with him fighting, others where he was just there) he'd expected the boy to beg him, or at the very least try to negotiate with him. But Eijirou had just...laid there, let Denki do what he wanted, and then passed out.


Of course, Denki kept coming back, he wanted a reaction, dammit!


Eijirou hadn't given him one, not yet at least.


"C'mon Red, scream for me!" he says, his hand landing on the boy's ass. All he does is whimper slightly and close his eyes tightly.


"What, all you can do is whimper like a dog? Unless you want to be our puppy, our good little Red, you can make better noises than that! Or I'll bring in the collar, ears, and tail!" he says.


"N-no." Eijirou whimpers out.


"Moan for me, scream for me, Red, or I will." Denki says. Privately, he'd already decided that he really wanted to see Eijirou in those again. He resolved to bring them on his next visit.


The next time Denki hits him, he lets out a strangled scream. Denki grins, finally, an actual reaction!


"Good boy, Red. What do you want as a reward?" Denki asks.


Kirishima looks up at him with hopeful eyes, and Denki nods at him.


"F-food! Please!" he yells.


The blond laughs, leaving the cell. Why not? A slave couldn't do his job when he hadn't eaten.

Chapter Text

Katsuki might as well have been dead. His mind was full of an unpleasant buzzing, and he couldn't feel anything below his waist. The bitter taste of Deku's precum filled his mouth, and there was no amount of touching, stroking, or prodding that Deku could do to get him hard.


At this point, he didn't even feel the villain's constant thrusting, not did he hear his words.


Izuku was beginning to get bored. He usually had an excessive amount of patience -he'd waited two years to retrieve his beloved, after all- but he hadn't planned for Katsuki's bullheadedness. It wasn't fun to fuck him if all he did was lie there, eyes vacant, limbs limp, and not a single trace of being turned on in his entire being. Of course, if Katsuki could've been hard, he probably would've. The villain knew his body inside and out, knew exactly what to do and where to touch. But cumming three times from being forcefully fucked in every position Izuku could think of had him drained and exhausted. 


He was past the point of being capable of begging, only letting out aborted whimpers, and Izuku pulls out. He releases the cock ring, cumming across Katsuki's face and chest with a yell.


The blond's eyes were vacant, and he laid there on the floor like some discarded doll.


"I'll be back later, Kacchan. You haven't begged me yet." he says, smiling and brushing hair away from Katsuki's sweat-slicked face.


"Don't worry, someone will bring you food soon, and water. See you soon, love." he says, waving as he walks out of the room.


Slowly, Katsuki's eyes begin to brighten, and he no longer looked like a corpse. The tears and cum had long since dried, as he crawled to the bed. He couldn't feel his legs, but he could be glad for one thing. Izuku hadn't cum inside of him, he didn't have to feel the weight of -that- inside of him.


Katsuki curled himself into a ball, covering his body with blankets, as if that could hide the shame of what had been done to him.


At some point, someone brings him a loaf of white bread and two water bottles. He ignores them, even though he was dying to drink the water as fast as humanly possible.





"Kacchan, where are...oh. Hiding under the covers? What are we, five?" he asks, pulling the blanket away to reveal Katsuki's shivering form.


"Fuck you." he hisses. His voice is raspy and dry.


"Maybe later, once you've learned how to behave, slave." Izuku says with a chuckle.


Katsuki flips him off.


"Are you always this fiesty post-sex, or is it just me?" Izuku jokes, reaching for his pants.


Katsuki rolls over, pretending he didn't know what was about to happen.


"Hey, Kacchan, I want you to wear this." Izuku says.


He looks over his shoulder, cold racing down his spine at the object that Deku held. A collar, black leather with orange X's and spikes, two inches wide. And a loop on the back to attach a chain or leash. 


"No." he says bluntly.


Izuku frowns.


"I order you to put on your collar. It's custom made for you, Kacchan, so put it on." he growls, forcing the leather into his hands.


-No,no, he can't do this. Fuck, it has a tag that says fucking "Kacchan" and another one saying "Property of Deku" like he was some fucking pet!-


Slowly, he unclasps it.


"i-I can-can't get it....on myself." he says, voice barely above a whisper as he hands Deku the collar.


Izuku smiles, taking the thick leather into his scarred hands and placing it around Katsuki's throat. His adam's apple bobs as he swallows, tears building in his eyes as the collar is closed loosely around his neck.


"Good boy, Kacchan. Now, I want you to get on you knees for me." he says, smiling and stepping away.


Katsuki crawls off the bed, falling onto what he thinks are his knees, he doesn't know, he still can't feel them. Izuku steps forward, pulling a thin chain out of his pocket and attatching it to the collar.


The blond's eyes are wide, pupils dilated, and he touches the collar around his neck gingerly. Sweat rolls down his face as Deku pushes the tip of his cock against his lips.


"Hey, Kacchan. Mouth or ass?" he asks, a hand in the boy's hair.


"M-my...ass." he whispers.


Izuku smirks, and shoves the tip into the enveloping heat of Katsuki's mouth.


"Wrong! I'm fucking your mouth first." he says.


Katsuki knows better than to bite, so he lets his jaw drop and lets his mind wander as Deku brutally fucks his throat.


His eyes have narrowed, tears spilling down his cheeks. 


Izuku pulls away, allowing him to hack and cough for air.


He's pulled by the leash back to the bed, and bent over the edge.


"Ne, Kacchan, stick your ass out more." he says, placing his hand between Katsuki's shoulder blades and forcing his face into the sheets. Katsuki turns his head, mouth in an snarl, angry tears soaking into the sheets, as he pushes himself up with his arms.


"Do you want me to prep you, slave?" Izuku asks.


-Small, weak, powerless, broken, degraded, pet, slave. He's nothing but a slave to Deku's whims.-


He doesn't say anything. He's still numb, wouldn't feel it either way.






It doesn't stop him from screaming when Izuku pushes in dry though.

Chapter Text

Someone slammed his head against the floor. He wasn't sure who, or if it was one of the ones he knew, but it hurt. They were yelling something, and he was being slammed into the floor again.


He felt blood the second time, idly wondering how much damage he would take before it was over, and let out a strangled cry.


He looks up at his attacker, recognizing the sadistic smile and blond hair. Kaminari. Oh. Kaminari's his friend, he's supposed to listen to his friends.


He forces himself back into the battered, painful shell that was his body, struggling weakly against the blond's hold.


Kaminari was laughing, that's the first thing he notices. The blond didn't stop laughing as he slammed the boy's head down a third time. Eijirou blacks out of a second, eyes closing. He was weak from lack of food and water, not to mention the non-stop torture that being here had subjected him to.


His eyes snap open again, world spinning as it struggles back into focus.


"K-kaminari?" he gasps out.


"You finally responsive, Red? Took you long enough." the blond says, grabbing a handful of Eijirou's hair and hauling him to his knees.


He groans, to weak and exhausted to support his own weight.


"W-why're you...with the villains?" he stumbles out.


Kaminari laughs.


"It's more fun this way. Better things, better people, to do.And as a villain, drug tests aren't a thing. Deku doesn't give a shit if I show up at the compound stoned." he says, bending down to Kirishima's eye level and forcing his tongue into the boy's mouth.


Kirishima doesn't bite him. Honestly, Kaminari's a little sad the fight had already been beaten out of him. He would've enjoyed seeing the redhead writhe in pain from his electricity, to see the beautiful look of betrayal in his eyes, to hear him beg for an end to his pain.


He could've broken the boy so much better, if Deku had given him to him instead of throwing him in this cell.


He retreats, licking away the strand of bloody spit that clung to Kirishima's lip.


He stands, swinging Kirishima, by his hair, into a wall. He falls to the floor with a cry, blood running down one of his shoulders.


Small currents of electricity crackled up his body, and he screamed, fingers clenching at nothing and eyes rolling wildly.


Kaminari stops the current as soon as he lays his hands on Kirishima, who flinches away from the touch.


"Sh, it's okay, I've got you." he says, running his hands up and down the boy's body.


If he had to put off hurting him, just for a while, to gain Kirishima's trust, it would be worth it.




Because then, he could see that trust fall apart and die.




So he continues to make soothing noises, calming the redhead as he plotted way to crush him so completely that there would be noting left.

Chapter Text

Katsuki walks stiffly behind Deku, not getting far enough for the leash to pull at him, but as far away as he can get. Deku had shackled his hands together, but he'd let him pull on the baggy pair of sweatpants he'd been wearing before doing so. He'd had a ring gag stuffed into his mouth as soon as his hands were out of the way.


He ignores the jeers of the villains they pass in the hall, humiliation causing the tips of his ears to burn a furious red. Even worse are the little touches that some of them sneak past Deku, brushes across his prominent muscle, soft strokes of his hair, light touches across his scars, groping at his ass and pecs.


Deku snapped at the ones he caught, but he only had one set of eyes. He couldn't see everything.


At least Deku's touching never left him feeling so...dirty, so deeply disgusting. These villains touches left traces of sin on his skin, and he wanted it off.


Finally, people stopped touching him, and he opens his eyes to stare into Deku's shining green ones.


"Kacchan...why are you crying? I know you've always had your pride, but you don't need it here. You can let go of all that stress and anger and just relax in the pleasure I give you." he croons against his ear.


God, if only it were so easy to just let go of. The stress and anger were a constant, pulsing tide behind his eyes that only went away under Kirishima's hands....and Deku's.


Could Deku really take away the constant fear? Was it worth fighting him anymore? He always won, anyway, and Deku had never hurt him unless he refused to obey.


Belonging to Deku....being Deku's slave. If he took away all the feelings, he wouldn't hurt anymore.


No! No, he was Katsuki Bakugou, dammit, he rolled over for no one! He was going to be the number one hero, and being kidnapped by Deku wouldn't stop that! 


He glares at Deku, who merely frowns.


"Whenever you're ready, then, slave. Come on, I have a meeting." he says, tugging on the leash.



Would being Deku's slave really be that bad?

Chapter Text

"Kiri? Kiri, fuck, please, help!"


Was that...Bakugou? Had he escaped, was he going to free him?


He groans weakly, the only sound he's capable of.


The cell door opens, but he's too exhausted to even turn to look.


"Isn't that sweet, Red? He cries for you."


A phone held in front of his face. Through his barely cracked eyes, he can see a video playing of Katsuki. The blond's been blindfolded, a collar around his neck, leash pulling him back into whoever was fucking him.


"Don't worry Red, you won't be thinking about Kacchan for a very long time."


Hands roll him over, and he looks up to see Shigaraki. He doesn't even twitch as the man's hands, one finger carefully lifted, run up and down his body.


He's too tired to move, and in too much pain to rest. He floats in a haze of pain and exhaustion, lying on the floor in a puddle of cum and blood.


Eijirou passed out at some point while Shigaraki was fucking him.




"Oi, sparky. Red's out of it. HGo do your thing or whatever." Shigaraki says, placing the dismembered hand back on top of his face.


Denki's face splits into a grin, and he stands from the table he'd been at, grabbing a bag off the floor and leaving.


"Irritating brat...." Shigaraki hisses, watching him run down the stairs towards Eijirou's cell.


Denki opens the cell, plastering worry onto his features as he approaches Eijirou. The redhead is still, his chest barely rising with struggling breaths. The villain puts the bag on the ground beside his soon-to-be victim, pulling the boy's head into his lap.


"Red? Red, are you okay?" he asks, softly trying to wake him.


Eijirou twitches slightly, still unconscious, and Kaminari sighs. Whatever, the boy didn't need to be awake. He removed bandages and antibiotic ointment from the bag, as well as rags and several bottles of water.


If Denki took on the role of the boy's only hope, the only one to actually show any semblance of kindness to him, it would utterly crush him when he turned around and began torturing him. Cleaning him, feeding him, taking care of his wounds, they'd all be ways to get the red-haired slave to trust him.


So he sets to work, wiping down the boy's naked body with the rags, cleaning away cum and blood. He carefully applies the mint-scented antibiotic to the open wounds, placing band-aids over the smallest ones and wrapping the largest. He binds Kirishima's broken ankles, forcing them into their proper place in order to heal.


The slave wakes up at that, whimpering and writhing to get away from the pain.


"Sh, Re, it's okay. It's only going to hurt for a little while, then it can heal." he says.


Eijirou stills, unable to control the flinching, but not protesting.


"There. I brought painkillers, and water." he says, handing Kirishima the prescription pills and a bottle.


He swallows the pills and water as fast as he can, only having been given water every other day.


"Th-thank you." he whispers, not allowing himself to relax, but to afraid not to thank the boy.


"Of course. Red...god, you look like shit." he says.


It's true. Eijirou is thin, too weak to stand up, and covered in wounds.


"I know." he says, flinching when Denki reaches for him.


"It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you." he says, placing his hand in the boys fading red hair and combing his fingers through.


Against his will, Eijirou finds himself relaxing into the touch, and breathing easier. He still flinches when Denki reaches for the bag suddenly.


"I brought a hairbrush...I thought you might want to brush your hair out, Red." he says, moving slowly to hand the slave the brush.


Eijirou stares at him as he takes it.


"Why...are you being nice?" he asks quietly.


"I can't stop what's being done to you...I can't stop you from becoming one of Deku's slaves, but for the sake of the friendship we had in school, I can make it easier for you." he says.


"Tha-Thank you." he says again, avoiding the blond's eyes.


Denki smiles.


"Of course. Do you want me to stay, or would you rather I leave?"


"C'mon, Red, scream for me!"


Eijirou shakes his head rapidly.


"P-please leave." he says, not expecting Denki to actually go.


But the blond nods, and leaves the newly bandaged boy in his cell.


Eijirou curls in the blood and cum stained blanket, clutching the brush to his chest as he finally slept, not being awoken by the agony of his wounds.


Denki poked his head through the door, once, to see the boy shuddering in the corner. It was a restless sleep, but it was sleep nonetheless.




When he ushered one of the villains into the cell to wake him, he was already planning how to twist it. Of course, the new black eye blossoming on his face would certainly help to sell his story.

Chapter Text

"Aw, he's so cute." the woman croons the moment she steps through the door.


He glares at her, growling from where Deku had forced him to kneel. It was one of the few things he could get past the gag.


-stand up katsuki, don't take this bitch's insults. don't stand up katsuki, deku will hurt you if you do-


She just laughs.


"Your slave's a pitfire! I like him." she says, winking at Katsuki.


"Mhm, he's delightful." Deku says, putting his hand in Katsuki's hair.


The Midnight look-a-like puts her hand on his cheek, and his blood freezes. He'd thought she was Midnight, maybe under cover -who is he kidding, he just wanted her to not be dead- but Midnight's eyes had never held this...unbridled menace.


She purrs, sticking to of her fingers through the gag, sharp fake nails tearing at the back of his throat. He coughs, gagging and choking, looking at Deku and hoping that the possessive villain would stop her, but Deku just watches with a small smirk as he's forces to choke on the woman's fingers.


"That's enough now, Kacchan belongs to me." he says, when Katsuki had finally resigned himself to the pain of those nails scraping flesh from his throat.


He breathes a small sigh of relief when she steps away.


"No fun. Oh well, I'll visit Red later." she says.


Katsuki's head whips to her, snarling through the gag and rocketing to his feet. His hands had been bound in front of him, and before he ccould stop himself, they were around her throat, slamming her against the wall and squeezing, growling and snarling in her face.


"Down, Kacchan." 


Katsuki ignores the pull of the leash, tightening his grip and watching her face go white, then red, and begin to turn blue.


-How dare this lowly bitch talk about his boyfriend as if he was nothing more than a toy, how dare she assault him.-


A harder tug, and his eyes shift to Deku. Ice runs in his veins, and he drops the woman.


Deku was pissed.


"Get over here. Now, Kacchan." he says.


Slowly, he steps towards the green-haired villain, watching the boy's face.


When he was within arms reach, Deku yanked the chain, pulling him suddenly across his lap. His arms are trapped beneath him, and his knees slam against the hardwood. Without his arms to gain balance, he flails uselessly.


"You don't get to ignore me, slave. You don't attack your superiors, and you sure as hell don't disobey me." he says, grabbing Katsuki's ass and kneading it through the sweatpants.


The blonds head shoots up, a flush rising on his cheeks, but the arm across his back stops him from getting up. He turns his head, fear blooming in his eyes when Deku yanks the pants down, baring his ass.


The woman had gotten back to her feet, and is coughing, glaring at Katsuki as he struggles.


"Keep your bitch in line, Deku!" she says, sitting at the table and rubbing her bruised throat.


Deku doesn't say anything, bringing his hand down on Katsuki's ass with a sound like a thunderclap.


It startles him more than it had hurt him, a surprised cry ripping from his throat.


Red blooms across his ass when Deku hits him again, and this time, it was a pained whimper. With the hand that wasn't hitting the slave, he ties the leash to the chair, forcing the boy to stay in the position.


Then, Deku's fingers are in his mouth, muffling the screams and whimpers as he spanks the boy.


Other people begin to arrive, ignoring the blond except for the few that look at him with lust. When the chairs at the table have finally filled, the hits stop, and the saliva-soaked fingers are removed from his mouth.


For a moment, he thinks it's over, but the fingers are pressed into his ass, slowly stretching him. Tears had already been running down his face, but now, choking sobs joined them. People were watching him be used and degraded like it was nothing, no one raised a finger to help him, and when his tormented eyes met any of theirs, he saw only coldness, or worse, arousal.


-of course no one was going to help him, he was weak enough to get captured, weak enough to let this go on for years before Deku had escalated to from rape to kidnapping. none of the people at this table would help, and certainly not the heroes. he wasn't worth it.-


"Apologies, Kacchan disobeyed me, and his pride's always been a strong point, so me doing this in front of people is a perfect punishment." he says. Just as he finishes the sentence, he curves his fingers into Katsuki's prostate. The full-body shudder forces his dick against Deku's leg, and a moan tears from his throat.


Shame immediatly floods him, did he just get turned on by Deku mocking and humiliating him?


-why feel shame, it didn't matter, he didn't matter-


"Good boy, Kacchan." Deku rumbles into his ear, picking up the pace of his fingers and adding a third.


-good, if he was good, he wouldn't be hurt, he wouldn't be punished-


He clenches, slowly and purposefully relaxing his muscles to allow Deku better access.


-he's just kacchan, he doesn't matter, he's just a pleasure slave-


His body relaxes, and he rocks his hips back onto Deku's fingers.


-his pride didn't matter, all that mattered was avoiding punishment and surviving-


He couldn't see it, but he knew Deku was smiling. Little moans and whimpers slipped past the ring gag, but he kept as quiet as he could. He didn't want to be punished for disturbing the meeting.


Deku releases the leash, unzipping his pants and lifting Kacchan above his cock. The blond immediately spreads his legs, not resisting in the slightest as Deku slides him down onto his dick.


He collapses into Deku's shoulder, facing the table, leg spread and showing all who wanted to see Deku's cock in his ass. The green-haired boy rolls his hips in an action that could hardly be called a thrust, before he focuses on the meeting.


"Keep me warm, slave." he growls into Katsuki's ear.


Coolness flows through his body, and his tremors stop, he falls limp onto Deku. He must've been drugged again.




He can't find it in him to care.

Chapter Text

Kaminari sprinted into the cell. He was already well aware that someone was fucking Kirishima, it was all part of his plan.


He slammed into the man on top of Kirishima, shocking him as they fall towards the ground.


"Out. Now." he growls.


The man groans, pulling up his pants and leaving.


Kaminari pulls Kirishima into a hug.


"Sorry, I'm sorry I didn't get here fast enough." he says.


Kirishima curls into him, sobbing into his shirt. He holds the redhead until he can breathe again, until his sobs have faded. Wordlessly, he hands the boy a water bottle.


"W-what happened?" Kirishima asks adter finishing the bottle, lightly tracing the black eye.


"I....tried to stop some of them didn't end well." he says.


"I-sorry." he says, crawling off Kaminari's lap.


"No, no, it's fine!" Kaminari says.


Kirishima doesn't say anything. Kaminari notes that his hair is brushed now, and that it's nearly black. The boy hardly looked like the hero student he'd once been.


Kaminari pushes some rolls to him, knowing that the boy wasn't getting nearly enough food.


"Th-thank you. So much, thank you." he says, tearing into the food as soon as the words were out of his mouth.


Kaminari felt his heart slam in his chest. Kirishima was adorable, shoving bread in his cheek like a chipmunk.


As soon as the food was gone, Kirishima turned around, leaning onto his forearms and pushing his ass into the air.


"D'you wanna...use me?" he asks quietly, as if it hurt him to say the words.


Kaminari's long dead heart felt a pang of sympathy in that moment, this was all his friend thought he was good for, now. Maybe Kaminari had entered the cell feeling that way, too, but he couldn't help but remember Kirishima laughing and grinning and helping everyone when they were sad. He wanted that Kirishima back, not this broken shell.


"No-no, not at all. Kiri, I didn't come in here to rape you, I wanted to help." he says.


"B-but everyone else that fed me wanted....why don't you wanna hurt me, too?" he asks, turning back to kneeling with frightening speed.


"Jesus, Kiri, I-I didn't know. I'm not...a good guy, but this is wrong. I swear, I'll try to get you out of here." he says, caressing the redhead's cheek.


Kirishima leans into the touch, likely one of the only kindnesses he'd received since being tossed in the cell.


"Don't put yourself at risk for me, I'm nothing." he whispers.


"No, you aren't. You're Red Riot, and you're unbreakable. Don't let Deku take that from you." Kaminari whispers.


"I...okay, Kaminari."


"Say it with me, I'm unbreakable." Kaminari says.




"Like you mean it." Kaminari says.


"I'm unbreakable!"


And Kirishima glows, grinning widely, despite the bruises, blood, and cum on his face.


Kaminari's heart squeezes. Why had he wanted to hurt this boy? What was wrong with him?


"I promise to get you out of here." he says, putting a hand on Kirishima's shoulder.


"Don' know they wouldn't hesitate this to you, too. I'm not the only one that gets raped in here." he says, shoulders hunching and head falling low.


Kaminari winces. He was well aware of what would happen to him if Deku found out he wanted to free one of his slaves. He'd be lucky to end up being fucked until he died, it was more likely he'd be tortured, branded, and sold. It wouldn't be the first time one of Deku's own men was treated like that.


So he'd make damn sure Deku never found out about his plans.

Chapter Text

"Kacchan, smile for the camera~" Deku croons.


Kacchan moans, fucking himself back on Deku's fingers and managing a trembling smile.


"Ne, Kacchan, I have an idea." he says, hand running down his spine.


"Wh-aht's your ideaaah, ma-master?" Kacchan moans out.


At the moment, he was totally immersed in his role as Deku's slave, Kacchan. Yes, there was a part of him that wanted to scream and cry and fight, but he'd buried it so far in his mind that he didn't hear it.


The fingers are gone, but Kacchan knows better than to look back at his master. He relaxes into the mattress, fists curling into the sheets as he waits for Deku's return.


"Look what I have~" Deku says, hand on the blond's chin.


He places a set of clothes on the bed in front of him. Atop the pile is a dildo dog-tail. Kacchan flushes, whimpering slightly.


"You'll wear it to my meeting later this afternoon." he says, hands running along Kacchan's shaking body. He walks around the bed, returning his attention to Kacchan's ass.


The blond lets out a scream of pleasure when Deku's tongue licks over his hole. He can't stop his hips from bouncing back and forth between the tongue fucking his ass and the hand on his cock. He's close, and he can feel himself screaming as he cums, his vision whiting out.


"Wow, Kacchan. I'll let you off with a warning...this time. Don't cum unless I tell you to." he says, wiping the cum on his hand across Kacchan's back.




Deku pushes in as he attempts to speak, and Kacchan screams at the overstimulation, pressing his face into the bed to muffle it. The villain grabs his hair, pulling his face and upper body away from the mattress.


"Don't hide, Kacchan, I wanna hear you." Deku growls, snapping his hips forward to pull a scream from the blond. He trembles from the pain of being fucked right after cumming, tears and drool running down his face. The grip in his hair is painful, and the strain on his neck makes it impossible to swallow. Screams and moans are pulled from him as Deku uses the leverage on his hand to pull him back onto his cock at the same time as his thrusts.


"You're a real sweetie, Kacchan, but Katsuki is more fun than...this. Come back, Katsuki..." he says, biting the boy's ear hard enough to bleed.


"N-nooo!" Kacchan whines, biting his lip harshly.


"Now, slave." Deku says, moving his hand to the boys neck and squeezing threateningly.


Kacchan fucking moans, his body turning to goo beneath Deku's grip. He rolls his hips back to meet Deku's thrusts.


"Y-you don't neeeeed him! I'm, hah, better!" he cries.


The grip on his neck turns painful.


"Katsuki. Now, or else." he snarls, punctuating his words with a particularly powerful thrust.


The red eyes blink shut, before snapping open in confusion. His eyes dart around, landing on the outfit before he recoils into Deku. His hands curl into fists.


"What the fuck Deku! Did you fucking drug me?" he yells, collapsing onto his face when Deku lets go of his neck.


"Hm. I don't need to." Deku mutters, hands turning to vices on the blonds hips. They would bruise, but he didn't care, not when it meant more of his slave would be marked. He flips Katsuki over, slamming his back into the bed and leaning over him.


"Stop! Deku, please, stop!" he screams, hands clawing at the sheets.


Deku slaps him, hard. Katsuki spits blood onto the mattress, glaring up at the only person to ever cause him to have nightmares, holding starring role in each one, and the only person he'd ever feared. The league of villains was nothing compared to this fuck, as soon as he'd gotten physically stronger than the blond, maybe three months after the sludge incident, he'd turned into a monster more terrifying than anyone or anything else. 


"That's 'master' to you, slave. The earlier punishment is still in place, until you beg and call me master, you're going to stay on my cock." Deku growls, licking the tears on Katsuki's cheeks.


"Fucking hell, stop! Please, just stop doing this to me!" he screams, attempting to curl into a ball. Deku doesn't let him, instead grabbing his chin and forcing his tongue into his mouth.


Katsuki gags, but doesn't bite for fear of the consequences. Deku can taste the blood in Katsuki's mouth, and he moans. Kacchan was all his now, he'd broken him to the point where there was a part of him that wanted this.


He pulls away to take in Katsuki's expression. The boy's face is flushed red, tears running from squinted eyes and mouth gaping, panting for air. Beads of sweat roll down his face and body, glistening in the light of his cell and pooling at his collarbone, just below the dip of the collar.


"Please stop...master, please, stop." he sobs out.


Deku stills immediately, pulling out slowly and running his hands up Katsuki's body. This time, he doesn't stop him from curling into a ball.


"That wasn't so hard. When I come back, i want you wearing those clothes. And the dildo. You have one hour." Deku says, standing up and pulling his pants over his raging erection. 


Katsuki doesn't reply, waiting for the door of his cell to slam behind his captor.


He rages, screaming and punching the walls. By the time his hands are too broken and bloodied for him to continue ignoring them, there are several holes in the drywall and he'd wrecked the chair slamming it into the walls.


"Fuck!" he screams, staring at his mangled hands and wrecked cell.


Beyond the drywall was cement. He couldn't destroy it without his quirk. His destruction was nothing, did nothing to quell the sorrow and rage and helplessness building in his chest.


"Fuck." he mumbles, covering his eyes with his wrecked hands and sobbing.

Chapter Text

“C’mon, turn on!”  Denki growls, fumbling with the earpiece.


The light clicks on, blue saying it was activated, red when he was linked through to Eraserhead.


Kirishima was curled into his side, the boy’s cell one of the few private places in the compound.


“This is Chargebolt. I’ve made contact with Kirishima. Still can’t get near Bakugou, Deku keeps him too close.” he says.


“Good. Anyone suspicious of you?”


“Not that I know of, if they are they have- ah, fuck.”


Dabi stands in the open door, a shit-eating grin stretching his scarred face.


“I bet Deku would love to know about this.” he says.


“Yeah, cover blown. Um...I might go cold.” he says, swallowing the bubble of fear. Of all people, why Dabi? And why here? Dabi was ranged, he couldn’t get him with his electricity without also hitting Kirishima in the process. He hands Kirishima the mic, and the redhead puts it in his ear.


“Er-Eraserhead?” he whispers.


“Kirishima? Are you alright? Can you give me anything about where you’re being held?” came Aizawa’s familiar dry rasp.


“I-he blindfolded me.” he says.


“Where are you now? What is happening, and what are your injuries? What has been done to you?”


His eyes dart up, looking at the-currently verbal- fight.


“I-um, I’m in my cell. D-Dabi and Denki are arguing….um, my an-ankles are st-still broken. I have...a lot of bites...and bruises and c-cuts. Um...I-it hasn’t been too ba...just a lot of r-rape….and some torture.” he says, eyes darting to the yelling figures at the entrance of his cell.


Eraserhead is silent, a growl coming from his end. Kirishima yelps when suddenly Denki is slammed into the ground in front of him, face the way it was after severe electrical output. Dabi grins, and snatches the comm out of his ear.


“No!” Kirishima yells, faint sounds of Eraserhead asking what was going on coming through before the piece was engulfed by Dabi’s fist.


The villain grabs the back of Denki’s shirt, dragging him up.


“Don’t worry, Red, I’m sure you’ll see your electric fuckboy again. Deku might even be nice enough to let you help break him, or let you share a cell.” he says with a cruel laugh, slamming the door behind him and taking Kirishima’s only hope with him.


He’d seen what happened to other people, seen the aftermath, knew that Deku was the big boss. His word was law, any who crossed him were doomed. Tortured, physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, it had been drilled into him that there were worse things that could have been done to him, he was only tortured sometimes.


He’d known that he wouldn’t be able to escape, but he basked in Kaminari’s companionship, knowing that there was one person that didn’t want to fuck him to death, and that person had been ripped from his grasp.

“Deku...I have news.” Dabi says, fist slamming into the office door.


“Ah, come in then.”


The man steps through the door, and throws Kaminari onto the floor in front of the desk. Deku simply crooks an eyebrow at him, trusting his right hand man to have not brought the blond for no reason, especially if it was the first thing he did after returning from his latest ‘excursion’. The dark haired man slams the earpiece onto the desk.


“He was trying to free your slaves.” he says, turning to leave without dismissal. He knew Deku would take care of the problem, and he needed rest. The new skin had yet to completely graft, and it hurt.


Deku puts the piece in his ear.


“Now, who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?” he says.


“Midoriya...I will destroy you for what you’ve done.”


Deku laughs, clapping his hands together as if the threat had simply brushed over him.


“Aizawa-sensei! So great to hear from you, tell me, how are your arms?” he asks.


Perfectly fine, scumbag. Release my students, Chargebolt included.”


“You mean my slaves? I think not. I mean, you’ll have a chance at finding Red, I think I’ll market him as...Sparky, but that won’t be for a while, and Kacchan is mine.” he says, standing from his desk and walking to Kaminari.


His eyes narrow, and he puts his foot on the boy’s neck. Stupid shit, it would be so easy to kill him and just wash his hands of this mess. He thought he’d had the blond firmly in his pocket, a perfect traitor in the hero ranks, and all it had taken was the promise of free, halfway decent, drugs.


“Explain. Now.”


Oh, right. His teacher was still on the line. He hums, looking down once more.


“Oh, nothing, really. Red is already good and broken, all it will take to break Sparky is withholding his drugs and a little push. After this stunt, I think I’ll be selling them. No hard feelings, but I can’t show weakness to insubordination, you must understand.” he says.


That the heroes hadn’t stormed the hideout meant Kaminari had kept his trap shut. This defection is recent, clearly. The blond had a mind like Midoriya’s, only Midoriya hadn’t drowned his thoughts with drugs. And he had a lovely sadistic streak.


Sell them? They’re humans, they were your friends?”


“Oh, not really. I tolerated Red because Kacchan was fond of him, but I don’t need him to ensure his compliance anymore. As such, he is now useless. What I’ll make from selling them will more than compensate the damage they’ve caused.” he says.


That sadism was why Kaminari had first sought him out, and what had brought the otherwise useless boy into his sight. The poor fool must’ve caught feelings though, such a pity, as it meant he had to get rid of him. He’d be tortured first, and branded, anyone who saw him would know not to trust him, not bearing the traitor mark that Deku would have burned into his flesh.


“We will find you, and free them.”


Deku’s laugh is harsh as he moves his foot to the blond’s chest, putting more and more pressure until he can hear ribs breaking and Kaminari writhes and cries. He makes sure that Eraserhead hears each sound.


“You’ve had two years to do that. Each time, you’ve failed, and I’ve killed more of you. Who was it last time? Right, Midnight, I killed her in Kacchan’s room. I’m too smart for you, Eraserhead, but I wish you luck in your attempts. I’m afraid I must cut our meeting short, however. Kacchan is waiting for me, and he’s been such a good boy today that I won’t make him wait any longer. Great talk, Eraserhead.” he says, turning off the comm before the other man can reply.


He looks at the whimpering mess on the floor of his office, stepping away with distaste.


“Yura, tie up this mess and take it to the room, the one by my suite. Make sure the floor is spotless when I return.” he says, dusting an invisible speck off his glove before leaving.

His Kacchan was waiting, after all.

Chapter Text

“Kacchan! What did you do!” Deku yells when he opens the door to the cell/room.


Katsuki looks up, baring his teeth from the corner he’s curled himself into. His hands bled in slow rivulets of crimson, dripping onto the floor.


“The fuck did you expect me to do? Sit still and be quiet? Fuck that, I’m going to break shit until you get sick of me and let me go.” he growls.


His voice is dry and raspy from screaming, and Deku giggles.


“It’s cute that you think I’d ever let you go. If you provoke me too much, I can just sell you….actually, no, if I sold you you’d be a sex slave for someone else, and I’m the only one allowed to touch you. If you ever bore me, I’ll just kill you.” he says, smiling like everything he’d said was normal.


Katsuki winces, curling further in on himself as Deku’s face darkens.


“Why aren’t you wearing your costume?” Deku asks as he walks towards the cowering boy.


“Fuck you, that’s why.” Katsuki growls half-heartedly.


“So eager for another punishment. Do you miss my dick already?” Deku says with a laugh.


Katsuki stays silent, choking at the thought of being fucked like that again.


“Don’t worry. That isn’t your punishment, this time. I’ve found that with you, punishments need to be severe, or they don’t stick. I won’t touch you, but Kirishima….well, Kirishima is going to suffer.” he says, grinning at the terrified look on Katsuki’s face.


“Wait, don’t! He didn’t, he hasn’t done anything!” he yells.


“Oh, he’ll hardly feel it. He’s been fucked so much already that the training process won’t be but a bat of an eye for him.” Deku says, grabbing Katsuki by the collar as he pushes something on his phone. The blond immediately falls limp in his hold, face twitching as he tries to curse and scream.


Deku leaves him on the bed, returning to bandage his shattered hands. He pulls the battered white shirt over Katsuki’s head, then the green coat atop that. Next he pulls Katsuki into the black sweatpants. The only things remaining of the costume are the ears and the damn tail dildo, both of which are forced on Katsuki unceremoniously.


“Was that so hard?” Deku says, patting Katsuki’s head before turning the tail on. The blond tries to growl, but the muscle relaxant stops even that.


Deku casually pokes at his phone again, and Katsuki can move, though clumsily, when Deku tugs at the leash. His hands are chained behind him, but, thankfully, his mouth is left free.


“Please, do-don’t hurt Kiri.” he whispers. Yelling didn’t work with Katsuki, it only made him more aggravated.


“No can do, Kacchan. Come along, I delayed my meeting to show you this.” he says, tugging at the leash.


Katsuki bows his head, following the villain out of the cell. His steps are slow as the muscle relaxant bleeds through his veins.


He flinches when someone’s hand lands on his shoulder, but when he looks up, it’s only Deku. The boy’s grin is wide and menacing as he turns Katsuki’s head towards the one-way window, looking into a cell.


Kirishima is bound on an X-shaped metal thing, hands and feet shackled in place. He is naked, ankles bound in bandages similar to Katsuki’s destroyed hands, body covered in bruises and bites. His hair has fallen, limp and dark, to frame his face, and he trembles in terror.


“Kirishima is only here because you decided to test me. He’ll be sold soon after this, alongside a traitor I recently found.” Deku says with a grin, gloved hand running over Katsuki’s face.


“Sold! What the fuck! You said you wouldn’t!” Katsuki roars, head whipping away from the glass to stare at Deku, who only grins.


“I said I wouldn’t….if you behaved. You haven’t behaved, so your boy toy will pay for it.” Deku says.


Katsuki’s eyes fill with tears. He’d already been kidnapped and raped, now Deku was going to completely cut him off from the one person he cared for, and he couldn’t do anything about it.


Except-maybe he could.


He falls to his knees, crawling to Deku’s front. He knew two things about Deku from his….experiences with the other boy. One, Deku loved sex. He stuck his dick in anything that caught his eyes, willing or not. Two, Deku loved having him beneath him, preferably in some semblance of consent, however false it may be. He suspected, too, that Deku really liked the idea of him surrendering willingly.


Deku looks down at him, confused.


“P-please leave Kiri out of this. Master, I’ll do anything, just don’t hurt him, put me in his place, use me, fuck me, just don’t get rid of Kiri. Pl-please, master.” he says, pushing his face into Deku’s crotch. He could tell that the boy felt his tears soaking through his clothes, and he feels a hand rest on his head. And then Deku stepped away, crouching to meet his eyes. The villains hand comes to cup his cheek.


“You’re that determined to keep him, then. You want to take his place, but you don’t know what that means, yet.” Deku whispers.


Katsuki leans forward to kiss him, knowing that the movement would make Deku do something. And he’s right, Deku’s hands move to his shoulders, gripping tightly and pulling him in. Deku growls into his mouth, pulling away.


“Fine then. I won’t sell him, and, once I’ve told you what is going to happen in there, you may decide to take his place or watch,” Deku says, standing, “But first, you’ve caused me a problem. Fix it, slave.”


He unzips his pants, pulls down his boxers, and presses his dick to Katsuki’s cheek. The blond winces, but opens his mouth to take him anyway.


For once, it wasn’t Deku brutally fucking his throat. The movements were his own, he could pull back to breath when he needed to. Katsuki just closed his eyes and moved, ignoring the tears he could feel on his cheeks and hoping that this would be over soon.


Deku finally came, hands tangled in his hair, and he reluctantly swallows.


“Mn, thank you, Kacchan. Now, as for what’s going to happen in there...fucking, obviously. Just general torture, skin being pulled off, acid, you know. It may last several days, depending on my specialists mood. Oh, and, at the end, branding. Do you think you could handle that, bearing my mark seared into your skin?” Deku asks as he pulls away, one hand lingering in his hair while he tucks himself away.


Katsuki shivers. Deku didn’t usually torture him, outside of rape and the occasional hitting when he disobeyed. He could handle being fucked, but actual torture would be new. Eijirou didn’t need that, not when he was already so broken from whatever was being done to him.


“I...I’ll take his place.” he says, staying on his knees.


Deku grins.


“I thought so. Strip.” he says, removing the shackles.


Still, with his destroyed hands, it was difficult getting out of the costume. Deku had to help him.


Before he can straighten from pulling the pants off, he hands are jerked behind his back, arms bent at a horrible angle. Deku marches him into the cell, and shoves him in. With a yelp, he sprawls on the floor. He pushes himself up, and sees Kirishima.


“Katsuki!” he exclaims, grinning despite the situation.


Katsuki smiles too, at least until Deku’s foot slams his throat back into the floor.


“Take him down. Kacchan volunteered as replacement.” he snaps out. Katsuki winces, coughing as the collar digs into his throat.


“Katsu-you okay?” Kiri says, talking fast before he can be stopped.


“Fuckin’- gurk- peachy, you?” he rasps from the floor.


Kirishima doesn’t get a chance to reply, dragged by Deku out of the room. Hot breath gusts by his ear, and he shudders. Alone, with the man who could, would, and has killed people for less that anything Kirishima had done.


“You will watch. He chose to take your place, so you will take his. Watch him suffer for you, and know that it should be you in there.” Deku says, setting him on a chair next to a pile of clothes.


Kirishima doesn’t dare talk, but he must obey, so he lifts his head to watch. The masked people pick Katsuki up off the floor, and lock him into place on the X. He holds his head high as his limbs are shackled in place, and Kirishima gulps when he sees the collar on his neck. He can’t read the tags from here, but he doesn’t doubt that they’re degrading.


Deku sat on the table behind him, shivering in excitement.


“I’ve always wanted to actually torture him. As mucha s I love Kacchan, I hate him too,” Deku says, “You can talk, Red. You should’ve seen how prettily he begged for me to not sell you, he got on his knees.”


Kirishima ignores Deku, despite the fear thrumming in his veins. He focuses instead on Katsuki. The X is folded, laying Katsuki’s back parallel to the floor and his legs straight into the air.


His dick is enclosed in a cock cage before they make any other moves, and Kirishima winces. Whether being fucked felt good or bad, enough stimulation made anyone hard, and if you got hard in a cock cage, it felt like burning metal being poured over your dick.


Katsuki doesn’t react, staring at the ceiling and bracing himself for what would be done to him. The masked guy working on him inserts a bullet vibrator, taping the tail to his thigh. Kirishima’s spine straightens when the man pulls out a wickedly curved blade. Katsuki can’t see it from the angle he’s at.


Deku laughs wickedly.


“Oh, this is going to be fun. I wonder how long he’ll last before begging.” he says, watching the man press the blade to the flesh of Katsuki’s inner thigh. The blond knows something bad is about to happen, but how bad, he can only guess.


The knife’s curved tip dips just under his skin, and the blade is slowly pulled upwards towards his knee. Blood wells at the edge of the seam, dripping down the knife and onto the floor. Katsuki’s eyes are open wide, and he’s biting his lip so hard that blood rolls down his chin.


The knife reverses direction, roaming back towards his groin. It was too shallow a cut to near any important veins, but from Katsuki’s expression, it hurt like hell. Kirishima can imagine, even without hearing it, the pained scream he lets out when the skin is ripped away, revealing twitching muscle beneath.


Kirishima wants to look away, to hide his face, but he’s gone deaf and dumb to the world around him, unable to move, unable to hear his own pathetic sobs as Deku holds his head to force him to watch. It goes on. Piece after piece of flesh is cut away, until Katsuki is nothing but a shivering, blood covered mess. He’d screamed himself into silence, and Kirishima had begged for it to end until his own voice had given out.


The X was maneuvered back so that Katsuki was parallel to the wall, and blood dripped down his spread-eagled body. His head hung. They hadn’t touched his face, but blood was scattered across it, and in his hair. His entire body was limp. If not for the shackles, he would’ve fallen to the floor.


Katsuki lifts his head, once, and defiance still blazes in his eyes when he says something to the man. He gets a hand pressed into the twitching tissue revealed above his pectoral for his efforts, and his back arches as he screams. The man bandages him, as if nothing had happened.


The blood rushes back to Kirishima, and he can feel the world again. Deku, behind him, yawns.


“Boring. I hope tomorrow is more interesting.” he says, opening the door and shoving Kirishima inside.


“Leave them here until you’re done with Sparky tomorrow.” he says to the masked man, who only nods in reply.


Katsuki and Kirishima are left there, together, finally.

Chapter Text

Kirishima stands as quickly as he can, rushing to Katsuki’s side. He holds his head up, meeting Kirishima’s eyes blankly. There’s no recognition there, nothing but pain and...desire? shines through.


“Katsu?” Kirishima whispers, hands on Katsuki’s face.


Katsuki’s lips part, a pained and breathy whine escaping.


“W-where’s master?” he asks, lust burning in his eyes.


Kirishima leans away, taken aback by the question.


“W-what? Katsu, what’s wrong, why’re you asking for that scumbag?” he asks.


Katsuki shakes his head, throwing Kirishima’s hands off him despite the action making him whimper in pain. He glares at the black-haired boy.


“Only master can touch me, want master.” he growls.


This...this was not Katsuki. Katsuki would never call for his rapist, not after what he’d told Kirishima about what had been done to him. Katsuki was a stubborn asshole who refused to give in to anyone, but he always let Kirishima touch him.


“Who are you?” Kirishima whispers softly, not expecting an answer.


“‘M Kacchan, who’re you?” the blond’s brows draw together.


“I...your boyfriend.” he says.


“Bull, only master. No one else, don’t need anyone else, want Master!” he says with a snarl.


The body looked like Katsuki, but the mind was “kacchan”. They’d been taught about dissociative identity disorder, where a split personality formed based on trauma and need to survive. Katsuki was showing every sign of DID. There was no way ‘Kacchan’ was new, either, not when Katsuki had been abused by Deku for so long. ‘Kacchan’ liked what was done to him, and was a separate entity, from Katsuki. He might’ve come into existence even before Katsuki had come to U.A.


“Can I talk with Katsuki, please?” he asks softly. It was a risk worth taking, if Kacchan knew about his other, the worst he could do was say no, but if not, there would have to be a long conversation before they got anywhere.


“Why? He’s a prick. I’m more fun, I can take more,” he leans forward, as if sharing a secret, eyes ablaze. “Master praises me.”


Kirishima flinches.


“I haven’t spoken to him since we were kidnapped, please.” he says. He knows there are tears in his eyes as he begs this not-Katsuki, another thing between him and his love.


Kacchan sticks his tongue out.


“We weren’t kidnapped, shitty-hair, master just took us home. You should be grateful.” he snaps.


Kirishima wilts in on himself. Grateful, for being raped and beaten until he couldn’t move, grateful for being starved and tortured in every way the villains could think of. The only thing he could find to be grateful for was that he was still alive, but he held no illusions that it would last.


“K-katsuki, please.” he knows he’s begging now, begging to speak with the fiery blond that he knew had to be in there somewhere. There was no way that this was Katsuki, no way that the blond had been beaten and tortured and broken into the thing that was chained before him.


A glob of spit lands in his hair, another dripping down his cheek. His eyes are wide, mouth dropped open at the absolute hatred twisted into Katsuki’s features.


“I am Katsuki, but better. I know my place, and it’s below my master. You should learn yours.” he says, turning his face away, making it clear that this conversation would not be continued.


All Kirishima can do is walk away, wiping Katsuki’s spit off his face. The image of Katsuki’s face twisted in hatred, hatred of him, refuses to leave his mind as he sits in the corner of the torture room, curling in on himself.


Katsuki didn’t hate him, but this broken, shattered version did.


Katsuki didn’t hate him.



Chapter Text

“Hey Sparky. Before I get started, wanna know what I’m going to do to you?”


Kaminari looks up. With time, his cognitive ability had returned, and he knew he was in deep shit. Tied up in one of Deku’s many torture rooms, he could feel the thins bands of metal that meant his quirk had been taken from him. If Deku himself was here, there was a problem.


He whimpers, already knowing that with Deku showing submission usually caused him to take pity. Or...not pity, but he would be less harsh. He’d betrayed Deku, whatever was coming was guaranteed to be nasty. He didn’t have to feign the terror that rolled off him in waves.


Even if he’d had a response, with the cloth shoved between his teeth, he couldn’t answer the villain boss. Deku clearly didn’t expect him to respond, not with the smirk on his face.


“Enjoying the broken ribs? Consider it a taste of what will happen before you leave this room.” Deku says, grabbing his chin and pulling him up to force him to meet his eyes. Kaminari trembles as he looks into Deku’s eyes, the eyes of a killer.


He isn’t crying, not yet, but he doesn’t doubt that he will be soon with the fearful glee in the other villains eyes.


The kick comes fast, unexpected and sharp, sending the blond skidding across the floor. He yelps, curling in on himself as Deku continues kicking him in the stomach. Vomit wells in his throat, spilling out around the gag.


“Crude though it may be, I find blunt force abuse relaxing. I still can’t believe that you, of all people, thought it was a good idea to try to steal my property. Slaves are valuable, Sparky. It take resources to catch them, or purchase them, keep them alive, and even more to train them.” he says, hauling Kaminari to his feet and tying his hands to the ceiling. His feet trail in vomit.


“Well, soon you’ll know just how much a slave is worth. I’m sure you’ll find it an...educational experience. If you survive that is.” he says, biting at Kaminari’s ear.


His fingers trail down the blond’s body, poking harshly at his ribs. Lower, lower, lower, they wrap around his limp cock, pumping at it lazily.


Deku purrs in his ear, other hand trailing to his ass. Kaminari whimpers and thrashes, tears running down his face. He didn’t want this, but his boss’s fingers were inside of him anyway, pumping leisurely as he’s bitten and sucked on.


He squeezes his eyes shut as something else is guided into him. Bead by bead, until just the ring rests outside of his hole. Deku slaps his ass, and the beads jolt against his prostate. A pathetic mewl escape from behind the gag, and Deku chuckles.


He tapes vibrators to the boy’s nipples, then to his half-hard cock.


“Cum as much as you want, Sparky. When I come back, the real torture will begin.” he says, stepping out of the room.


He whimpers, shaking and trembling and hating that he’s already about to cum. He sobs softly as the first jet of white paints his chest.


By the time Deku returned, carrying a collar, Kaminari’s chest was painted with his cum and he was bucking uselessly into the air.


“Good boy, Sparky.” he coos, placing a hand on Kaminari’s cheek. The blond nuzzles into it, whining slightly. Deku closes the collar around his neck, black leather with a name tag. He takes out the gag, and throws it to the side.


Deku kisses him roughly, and Kaminari lays pliant beneath his hands, moaning into the villains mouth.


Deku pulls away with a grin.


“You made a very big mistake, trying to free my property.” he says.


Kaminari bows his head, still panting.


“S-sorry, master.” he whimpers. Blood rushes straight to Deku’s groin, he hadn’t even had to train that into him, and already the bitch called him master.


“You will be.” he says flippantly, backhanding the blond so hard that blood flies from his nose. Kaminari moans brokenly, knees turning to jelly, his entire weight supported by the ropes on his wrists.


“M-more, hurt me more.” he whimpers.


Deku grins, slapping him again.


“Look at me, slave. Tell me what you want.” he says.


Kaminari looks at him, tears, snot, and blood running down his face. His pupils are dilated, and he whines.


“F-fuck me, wanna make you feel good.” he gasps out, dropping his eyes to the floor.


Deku moans slightly at that, and slowly pulls the beads out of the new slave.


“Good boy.” he croons, thrusting up.


Kaminari screams, both in pain and pleasure.

Chapter Text

Deku tucks himself away. He was almost surprised at how easily Kaminari had broken. His screams and moans as he’d pressed the burning iron against his back still riung in his ears, nothing short of perfection. He hoped his Kacchan would scream like that.


He locks the door behind him, not wanting anyone to mess with the new slave until he was healed enough to sell. Kaminari was attractive, he would fetch a high price, especially for those who wanted to fuck a hero. He couldn’t wait to see his clients faces when he brought up the pictures of Sparky.


He chuckles, walking towards the room Kacchan and Red were locked in. A day should’ve been enough time for them to catch up.


Deku glances through the viewing room window, and he finds that Kirishima is curled up in the corner as far from Katsuki as he can get. He opens the door, and Katsuki looks up, face lighting up.


“Master, fuck me? In front of him, show him I’m yours, no one else’s!” he says, pulling against the chains.


Ah, so that was why. It was Kacchan at the moment, not Katsuki. And how could he refuse that request? He opens the manacles, letting Kacchan fall into his arms. Kirishima curls in on himself as Katsuki moans, Deku’s fingers probing him gently before lowering him onto his cock. He’d just finished with Kaminari, but what Katsuki wanted, Katsuki got.


He fucks the blond into the wall, the entire time Katsuki screams and moans incoherently. From Kirishima’s trembling, he was crying. Good. It’s about time he learned where he belonged, and it wasn’t with Katsuki. Katsuki belonged with him, sitting at his feet and doing anything he wished.


“Ma-master, so, fuck, so good!” Kacchan yells, bucking back against his captor. Deku zoned in on Kacchan, ignoring the small cries coming from the other captive. He had no doubt that Katsuki’s wounds were hurting him, but Kacchan liked pain in the way Katsuki hated it, so there was no problem on that front.


He pulls out, slamming Kacchan into the wall by his neck, and cumming across his front. He chains the blond back on the cross tie, approaching Kirishima. Deku shackles the dark-haired boy to the wall, slipping a muzzle over his mouth.


Kirishima doesn’t start fighting against the ties until he sees Deku stick the iron into the fire. He thrashes against the chain, trying to tear off the muzzle as the metal heats, glowing in the coals.


Deku draws it from the flame, levelling it with Katsuki’s chest. The burning metal is pressed just above his heart, the scent of charred flesh drifting through the air.


Katsuki screams, eyes wild, veins popping as he struggles to get away from the pain.


Deku steps away, revealing a “D” in a circle branded just above his heart. Katsuki trembles, mouth open in a silent scream.


The villain smirks, and pats Katsuki’s cheek before walking out.


This was it. This was how they lived. As less than animals, bending to Deku’s will and used whenever the shitbag felt like letting anyone have a go at them.


This was all there was.

Chapter Text

Sparky had healed slowly. Probably because each time he started looking less like he’d been dragged through hell by an enraged swarm of wolves, Deku would beat the shit out of him again. Sparky loved every moment of it. At first it had been terror that kept him compliant, now it was pleasure. Deku’s hand, and the hands of the others, brought only pleasure. Part of him knew that they wanted him to suffer, but that part was drowned out by the absolute lust washing over him each time someone came into the room.


He revelled in the brand above his ass, his tramp stamp, the mark that mean the was everyone’s fuck-toy. Of course, Deku had hammered it home that he wouldn’t be his master for much longer. No, Sparky had been bad, so he would be sold, and his new master might not be as forgiving as Deku.


Really, Deku was so nice, training him on how to use his body to be a perfect cocksleeve for his future master. He could’ve just sold him and left him to struggle with a new master’s training instead.


He wishes he could stay with Deku, as one of the pleasure slaves like the one he’d tried to free. He didn’t know why he’d done that, being a slave was so great! He only had to worry about doing as his master wished, and everything else was taken care of.


So when his master appears with a fine leash, a blindfold, hearing muffs, and the mittens that stopped him from being able to touch or feel anything with his hands, he knows he’s about to be sold. He stays still, even when unexpected things happen, like his hands being tied together and a ball-gag being forced into his mouth. If that’s what Deku wanted, that’s what Deku would get.


He’s led out, struggling to walk properly because he can’t see, but trusting the tugs on the collar to lead him. He knows he’s been placed in a car when his bare ass touches leathes, and he slides onto the floor. Deku had told him not to get on the furniture, so he would stay on the floor unless told otherwise. Since there is no tug on his leash, he guesses it was the right thing to do. Good. He should please his master before he’d sold.


He can feel the car vibrate and shake as it moves along the road, and he can’t help but wonder where he’s being taken. Would he be sold at an auction? Or to a private client? Or maybe to a group? He trembles slightly. Wherever he went he hoped he could please his new master or masters.


An intrusive thought enters his mind. Would he be saved? And he shoves it away, he didn’t need to be saved, he was happy serving his master. He could only hope that his new master would be kind, maybe even gentle, with him.


The car stops, and he can’t ignore the hammering of his heart. It pounds in his ears, a lump in his throat that refuses to dislodge as he is tugged out of the car.


He stands, following whoever held the leash slowly, worrying when he feels the soft carpet beneath his bare feet that meant he was in an expensive area. Someone kicks out his legs, and he falls to the ground, struggling to hold himself up with his bound hands. But if his master wanted him on the ground, he would stay on the ground.


Hands were on him, and he struggles not to flinch away from them, even when he’s fucked. Whoever, whatever, fucking him wasn’t Deku. It must be his new master, so he rocks his hips back into the thrusts, whining around the gag.


Soon after, the blindfold and earmuffs are removed. He doesn’t recognize the man before him, but he stares up at him in awe. He looked like Deku, only his hair was black instead of green. The man places his fingers under his chin, pulling him up to meet his eyes.


“He’ll do. He’s a good enough fuck and there are only a few things for me to beat into him before he’s perfect. Here’s the payment, 5 grand, as agreed.” he says.


Sparky’s eyes widen. 5 grand??? That was more than he’d ever seen, did his new master really want a fuck-toy that bad?


He gets his answer when Deku leaves.


The new man didn’t want a fuck-toy, he wanted a punching bag.

Chapter Text

“Katsuki? it you now?” Kirishima asks, staring at the growling blond from the corner he’d been chained in.


“Y-yeah. Who else wo-would I be?” he says, and Kirishima can’t hold back his flinch at how destroyed he sounds.


“Uou weren’t y-you….you begged...Deku to f-fuck you. You s-said I didn’t know my place.” he says, touching the place on his cheek where Katsuki had spat on him.


“F-fucking bastard. DID?” he rasps.


“I think so. Hey, we’ll escape, we’ll get away from him.” Kirishima says. He doesn’t believe his own words. Katsuki doesn’t either, from his choked sob.


The chain rattles as he reaches for Katsuki, but it pulls him short long before he can touch the blond.


“Hey, c’mon...we’ve gotten away from villains before.” he says.


Katsuki looks at him, and only shakes his head before letting it fall back to his chest.


“No-not this villain. N-not Deku.” he wheezes, letting himself sag against the restraints. He doesn’t speak again, not answering any of Kirishima’s questions, and then following meekly behind Deku when he returns.


Kirishima calls to him. All Katsuki does is glance over his shoulder, pity in his eyes as he trails behind the villain holding his leash. He hadn’t even protested when the leash went on, simply bowed his head in sullen acceptance.


He’d taken Kirishima’s place. He’d been skinned alive and branded so that Kirishima wouldn’t. And now he wouldn’t even spare him a few words. He’d broken, Kirishima realizes.


This was it, Katsuki had broken.


Deku had broken him, broken them.

Deku walks Katsuki casually. The blond no longer flinches away from the touches of those they pass. His eyes are vacant, though he limps and shakes slightly from the pain of having so many missing pieces of skin.


There is no reaction when he’s put in his cell, now cleaned and refurbished after his breakdown. He was utterly silent as Deku removed the bandages, cleaned the areas of missing flech, and then bandaged him again. He stared straight forward, saying nothing at all. Deku found himself slightly disturbed, and he pushed Katsuki onto the bed to see if that would elicit a reaction.


Recognition sparked in Katsuki’s eyes before they dulled once more, and he rolled onto his chest, pushing his ass in the air.


Deku takes a step back. This wasn’t his Kacchan, this wasn’t the feisty blond with a temper that would light into anything. was. He’d broken him, finally. Katsuki would serve him of his own violation now, Kacchan wouldn’t enter the equation. This is what he wanted, wasn’t it? He wanted Katsuki to obey him, he’d wanted to break him.


“M-master? Do you want to use me?” Katsuki’s dry voice cracked through his thoughts like a whip.


Broken or not, this was still Katsuki. And now, Katsuki was his to control.

Chapter Text

Kirishima is unceremoniously dragged from the torture room, back to his cell. It’s not like he’d expected gentleness, but he’d hoped.


He flinches at the “decorations” on the door of it. Pictures of him broken, bleeding, and being raped. He was pushed back into the all-too-familiar space. The battered and stained blanket in the corner, the hairbrush beside it, and the cuts in the floor from someone’s quirk.


He’d seen Katsuki, he was alive, albeit broken. He could do this, he would survive. He is a survivor, that’s not going to change.


Someone opens the door, and Kirishima looks blankly at the man there. Dark hair, and scars that he would recognize anywhere. Dabi.


“So you’re Red. How do you like being a slave, shitstain?” he asks.


Kirishima steps away from him. He knew that people didn’t come here to talk, and the last time Dabi had showed up, it had resulted in Katsuki’s torture and Kaminari’s disappearance.


“Calm your tits. I’m not going to fuck you just yet. Do you know who I am, or have they beaten your memories out of you already?” he asks.


Kirishima is presses against the wall at this point, Dabi only a few inches away from him. He thinks back to coming out of his haze with someone on top of him. He didn’t remember half of what was done to him, it came in flashes.


“They got close.” he says, leaning away as the other man leans closer.


There’s hot breath against his neck as Dabi speaks.


“I don’t agree with this, keeping an innocent as a slave. Please me, and I can get Deku to release you.” he says, fingers tracing the outlines of Kirishima’s ribs.


“Why bother asking. It’s not exactly like I can say no. Or I can, but it doesn’t matter.” he says, wincing as Dabi’s fingers brush over a set of scars on his stomach.


“I don’t take unwilling partners, slave or no. If you sleep with me, I’ll please you. I’ll bring you food, more blankets. A toothbrush. Clothes. Do what I want, become mine, and no one else will touch you without my permission. I’ll put you in a room next to mine.” he says, voice sly.


The idea of having breaks from being fucked, being clean, and having some privacy floats through his mind. It couldn’t be worse than what happened to him in here. He entertains the idea of saying yes, of letting this man seize control of his life.


His eyes harden as Dabi’s teeth graze his neck.


“No. I’d just be trading one cage for another.” he says.


Dabi shrugs.


“You’re not wrong. But this cage would be comfortable, with bars so far away you can’t see them. It would be better than this,” his nose brushes Kirishima’s, “Or you could say no, and your life will be worse. I won’t touch you without your consent, but most here don’t care. You’ve only had a taste of what my and Deku’s people are capable of.”


He steps back, and Kirishima braces himself to be hit.


“No, Dabi, I don’t like being threatened.”


Dabi leaves without another word.


He was right.


It got worse.

Chapter Text

Sparky shivered, the bars of the cage digging into his knees. It was cold in his master’s bedroom, he’d would’ve shivered even wearing clothes. As it was, he was freezing.


After his new master had kicked him around a bit, leaving him bloody, bruised, and exhausted, he’d been told to follow him. He’d stood to follow, and another beating had followed that. Slaves shouldn’t walk, they should crawl. He’d barely been able to crawl after his master, and had been locked in the small dog cage soon after.


His leash sat beside the cage door, as did the rope that had held his hands together. The gag was still in his mouth, and there was a steel buttplug shoved up his ass.


The cage was so small that he couldn’t move inside of it. He’d made himself as small as possible, and it was still a tight fit. The circulation in his legs was slowly being cut off, and he shifts a little to alleviate the pressure, pressing his battered side against the cage as he does.


His master chuckles from the bed, where he watches him, holding a glass of wine. Sparky whines around the gag. He’d only been in the cage for twenty-odd minutes, and he already hated it. It made the bruises from his beatings worse. He shakes at the cold, staring at his new master with pleading eyes. The dark-haired man only laughs, downing his wine in a single gulp.


“I’ll let you out when I get back. Gotta keep the people safe, y’know.” he says, pulling on a...hero costume? He squints, trying to place a name with the face and outfit that he vaguely recognizes. He can’t remember where he met him, or if he’d just seen him on TV. Oh well, it didn’t matter. All he had to do was serve him well.


He wondered how long the man’s patrol would last. His bruises throbbed entire body in pain, and not the good kind. He squirms in the cage, but his master ignores him, leaving him in the painful thing.


He lets his head fall onto his arms, and slowly falls asleep. Hours later, he’s awakened by the door opening. His master stumbles in, growling and cursing under his breath. Whoever he’d fought had done a number on him, and Sparky shuddered. His master might take it out on him.


The dark-haired man crouches in front of the cage, meeting Sparky’s frightened eyes. He opens the lock, beckoning for him to come out.


He does, ignoring the stinging pain in his legs as blood rushes to them. His master removes the ball gag, and he works his jaw to pop it back into place.


“Thank you, master.” he says, and is promptly slapped.


“No noise, slave. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you. You will crawl everywhere, you are not to go on the furniture, and you will eat and drink only what I give you. You will follow my every whim, and you will not cross me.” he says, a hand on the ring in his collar.


He opens his mouth to reply, thinks better of it, and nods. The man smirks, patting his hair.


“Good boy. I need to relieve some stress, suck me off, slave.” he says, pulling down his pants.


Sparky does, crying as he’s forced to take too much of it, and knowing he had no right to cry. His body belonged to his master, he would be used as his master saw fit, it didn’t matter how he felt.

Chapter Text

Katsuki kneeled at his master’s side, hands tied behind his back. His eyes are on the floor, Deku’s hand in his hair as he speaks with whoever he was meeting with. He’s been kneeling for two hours by Deku, his legs were numb. The bandages that covered him nearly everywhere clearly unnerved the people that Deku was meeting with. He could hear the whispers about him. Asking what he’d done to earn the kind of treatment evident by his bandages, manner, and collar, not to mention the possessive hand in his hair.


“Are you quite done muttering about my slave? Ask me outright, quit your speculations.” he growls.


“Ah, my men were just wondering how he crossed you, to earn such a punishment.”


Katsuki had zoned out their entire conversation until now, and he found himself very interested in the possible answers to that question.


“Do I need a reason? I’ve wanted to fuck him since we were kids. He’s here because I wanted him to be.”


Deku’s grip in his hair tightens, and he hauls him to his feet. He strains against Deku’s grip, eyes still on the floor. Deku’s teeth brush just above the collar, and he shivers.


“This is Kacchan. He belongs to me, in every way. People who irritate me end like this, before I sell them to whoever is interested. Tell them, Kacchan, what I do to you.” he growls.


Katsuki gulps, eyes widening. Should he say what Deku actually did to him, even if that’s not what Deku wanted to hear?


“M-master likes to...fuck me. I-I only get hu-hurt if I break the rules.” he whispers, whimpering slightly as Deku’s teeth sink into his neck.


His master laughs before letting him fallback to his knees.


“You should’ve told them what I really do. I had him skinned alive, and then branded, in front of his ex-lover. I’ve been fucking him since before I discovered my quirk. I’ve whipped him, burned him, abused him in every possible way just short of mutilation. I had his quirk removed. Now, back to business. I believe we were talking about the fact that your latest shipment was more than thirty pounds short.”


Ah, so he was to be a threat. The idea of being kept like this, quirkless and used by whoever, would make anyone willing to do as Deku wished.


He doesn’t hear the man’s reply, leaning into Deku’s touches. He hopes the meeting will be over soon, so that he’ll be allowed off his knees.


And it does end, maybe twenty minutes later. Deku picks him up, littering kisses across his face and chest.


“You’ve suffered long enough. Let’s get you healed.” he whispers. Katsuki moves slightly, pressing into his master’s warmth.

He wakes up later, skin healed over, with no memory of who had healed him. The only remainder of his torture are his memories, and the brand on his chest. He doesn’t recognize the room he’s in but he can’t bother to care.


Deku is in the bed, too, arms curling around him. Evidently, his master had deemed him broken enough to bring him into his own rooms. His ankle is chained to the bedpost.


He doubted he’d leave that room for a long time.

Chapter Text

He shouldn’t have been surprised when Dabi kept his word. He was, because he truly hadn’t thought that his situation could be much worse. He was wrong. Very, very wrong.


For the past few hours, since he’d told Dabi no, he’d been fucked nonstop. He’d passed out a few times, each time coming to with a cock up his ass. He was borderline unconscious now, and someone pressed a bottle to his lips. Alcohol. He drinks anyway, too thirsty to care. It burns down his throat, unfamiliar and painful. It’s his first time drinking, he would be drunk pretty fast. He kind of hopes that the alcohol will burn away his memories of this whole ordeal.


“St-stop, please.” he whimpers, slurring the words. More pleas fall past his lips, begging cries that he’d held back until then.


He’s sobbing, pathetic and writhing beneath their hands. The alcohol took his inhibitions, they’d most likely hoped it would make him want more. Instead, it just brought down the wall that had stopped him from begging.


The one fucking him pauses, maybe listening to his pleas? No, the fist that slams across his jaw tells him otherwise.


“Shut up, slut.” the man growls.


Kirishima coughs, spitting blood from where his teeth had cut him. Defiance sparks in his eyes, and he leaps up, biting hard into the man’s forearm. He tastes blood, hears him scream, and releases. He bites again, near the prior one, before he’s slammed  into the ground.


Someone pins his wrists to the floor above his head, and he snarls, thrashing in their hold. Blow after blow rains down on his face and body, powerful fists breaking bones and drawing blood. He screams and writhes, biting anything that nears his teeth.


One blow too many, and he falls limp in their hold, bruised, battered, bloody, and broken.


He wakes up, ankle chained to the wall, in more pain than he thought possible. His face is swollen and bruised, broken nose and broken jaw, and at least four broken ribs. The swelling makes it hard to move, hard to breathe, and everything hurts. His stomach screams for food, and he knows that he won’t get any. His head pounds, both from the concussion, and the aftermaths of the liquor.


Oh. There’s someone in his cell now. That must be why he isn’t being tortured right now. He stares blankly up at Dabi.


“Have you reconsidered? You wouldn’t be broken like this if you were mine.” he says.


Speaking with a broken jaw is hard, but he manages.


“F-fuck you. N-no.” he rasps out, tears building in his eyes when Dabi grabs his jaw.


“You will. No one can take this for very long.” he says before leaving.


The torture resumes as soon as he’s left.


Kirishima bows his head, ignoring what was being done to his body. In Dabi’s mind, he already belonged to him. He would have him raped, starved, and tortured until he conceded the point.

Chapter Text

“Stupid slut!” he master yells, a brutal kick slamming into his stomach.


“P-please, mas-mas-” he cuts himself off, remembering that he was a slave, he wasn’t supposed to speak.


“Don’t speak!” he yells.


Kaminari sobs as kick after kick slams into him, and they stop suddenly. His master’s hands are on his hips, pulling them up off the floor. He props himself up on his elbows, moaning and whimpering as his master presses vibrating fingers against his hole. He preps him fast, vibration making his hole loose and sloppy, ready to be fucked. His master pushes in, not caring one bit about his slave’s pleasure, fucking him ruthlessly into the cement floor of the training room.


He bites down on his lip, hard, to stop himself from making noise. His amster finishes quickly, and leaves him on the floor. Milky fluid drips down his thighs and onto the floor, mixing with his blood.


“Clean up your mess.” his master spits over his shoulder.


Denki stares at him helplessly. How was he supposed to clean up without a cloth, or water?


“Use your fucking tongue, do I have to teach you everything?” he says, slamming the door behind him.


Kaminari whimpers, licking up his blood and his master’s cum. His tongue is bleeding from licking at the rough cement when it’s finally clean, and he collapses, exhausted and hard.


His master returns, putting something in front of him. Raw meat, and it smelled like it had been out for quite some time.


“Eat. It’s all you’re getting.” his master says.


He winces, and tears a bite away with his teeth. It tastes foul, slipping down his throat and settling heavily in his empty stomach.


It is the only thing he’s fed. He spends his time in the cage in his master’s bedroom or locked in the training room. His master brings him water, and that slightly off meat fairly regularly. His ribs stick out, cheekbones standing out in his pale face. The first few times, the meat had made him sick. After his master made him clean up the sick, he learned that even if he needed to, never to be sick.


He’d stood up once, his knees had hurt, and his master had broken his shins. They’d healed wrong, and he’d been punished for screaming. They were angled, he couldn’t stand up now even if he wanted to. He didn’t have enough strength to re-break his legs for them to heal straight. It wouldn’t be worth it.


If his ass wasn’t stuffed with his master’s cock, it had a dildo or a buttplug in it. His master didn’t want to waste his time prepping him when he wanted to fuck him.


His master had pierced his nipples, too, because he thought they were cute. He loved the little barbells on his chest.


He’d gotten used to his master’s love for violence, could take nearly everything that his master gave him.

He didn’t scream anymore.

Chapter Text

Deku hummed to himself as he looked through the closet. Katsuki was...not quite perfect yet, but he’d soon be completely devoted to him. Katsuki would live to serve such, he’d need clothes that fit his new role. Early on in Katsuki’s stay, he’d filled his closet with various outfits. He’d see Katsuki in all of them, eventually.


But for now, keeping his slave completely bare had served its purpose. Katsuki was debased and humiliated past believing that he was human. Now, Deku could dress him as he wished. There were two variations of the outfit that he was looking at. One, the skirt was so tiny it might as well not have been there. The fishnets that came with it probably wouldn’t fit over Katsuki’s legs. He was still bulked with muscle, despite starvation and nowhere to train. A part of Deku knew that if anyone else saw his slave in that one, he’d be forced to tear their eyes out. Which was stupid, considering everyone had seen him parading his slave around bareass naked.


The second is better. A long skirt with many layers, a white apron on top. Frills puffed out at the shoulder above long black sleeves. Black legging accompanied it, though Katsuki wouldn’t be able to put them on with the chain on his ankle.


He can’t help but imagine Katsuki wearing the outfit, walking just behind him with his head bowed in subservience, hands clasped before him. He groans at the image, and grabs the clothes.


He places them before Katsuki, half-hoping that the blond refuses to wear them. Katsuki dresses slowly, eyes staring at him, but not seeing him. He doesn’t seem to even be conscious. His eyes are open, but he’s not there.


“ look amazing.” he breathes, placing a hand on his slave’s cheek. The boy flinches away from the touch, but doesn’t say anything. Deku pulls him against his body, making the chain clink. Katsuki just let him, not seeming to care what the villain did to him.


It was different from when “Kacchan” was there, he wanted what Deku did. Katsuki had broken, Katsuki was broken. He hadn’t said anything.


He wasn’t sure he liked Katsuki broken.


“C’mon, talk with me, Katsu.” he says.


“There’s nothing to say, master.” Katsuki says dully, limp in the villains arms.


“You always have something to say.” Deku says.


Katsuki shrugs.


“I’m not stupid, master. When I speak, you hurt me for what I say. If I don’t speak, you don’t have a reason to p-punish me.” he says quietly. If Deku catches the small waver in his voice, eh doesn’t remark upon it.


“I like you for who you are. If you aren’t you, then why should I keep you?” he asks. His heart slams in his chest at the idea of getting rid of Katsuki.


“Would you? Please, kill me.” his slave whispers.


No, this wasn’t Katsuki. This wasn’t the fiery blond he loved. Katsuki would never ask to be killed, he was too much of a person to do that.


“I think the fuck not. C’mon, where’s King Explosion Murder, where’s the firecracker I love?” he says, gripping Katsuki’s chin. The blonde stares up at him.


“You beat him out. You can’t say that you want me, not when you beat me for being myself. You can’t say you love me, when you only want to possess me. In your eyes, I’m not a person. When you look at me, you see a toy, something to fuck and hurt and torture. Look at me, master. I’m chained to the bed, wearing what you want me to because if I don’t, you might have me skinned alive again.


“Isn’t this what you wanted? To break me, turn me into nothing but an obedient slave? That’s what you told me. Well, you win, amster. You broke me. I’m too fucking afraid of you to so much as blink in a way that you might decide is disrespectful.


“Let me have my thoughts. You won’t let me have my body, my freedom, or a life. They’re the only things that are mine now.” he says, pulling away from Deku’s grasp to sit on the bed.


Deku is silent, and he closes his eyes, expecting the blows to start soon. Deku had probably only wanted him to speak so that he’d have an excuse to punish him.


The only noise made is the door slamming behind him. Only then does Katsuki look up.


Deku was gone, leaving him chained to the bed in some ridiculous outfit.

Chapter Text

He hangs from the ceiling. Someone had chained his hands there, it exposed the entirety of his lean body to the cold air. His muscles had yet to disappear, he hadn’t been starved enough for his body to resort to destroying itself, not yet. He was sure that that point would be reached soon.


Blood dripped down his body, slowly. He didn’t even react to the the cold touch of metal to his skin, not anymore. There wasn’t much more damage the blades could do to him without damaging parts of him that Dabi had ordered stay scar-free. There was no scream, no flinch, no begging for mercy, because he knew it wouldn’t come. Only dull eyes, staring at the door.


He wondered when Dabi would show up. He would stop his pain for a little while, just to propose that he become his personal slave. Kirishima would say no, and the pain would start again. He couldn’t help but look forward to Dabi’s visits, the only times where he wasn’t being hurt.


As if on cue, Dabi opens the door. The people with the knives step away, leaving as Dabi glares at them.


The scarred man touches his chin.


“Are you ready to be mine now? All of this will stop as soon as you say yes.” he says softly.


Kirishima hadn’t cried when he’d been cut into, raped, thrown into a salt bath, and then strung from the ceiling and cut some more. He’d screamed, mostly. But he finds tears slipping down his face as he meets Dabi’s eyes.


He was going to be tortured, raped, starved, anything that Dabi thought of, until he said yes. Dabi probably already owned him in the eyes of the villains. If he was, as he claimed, Deku’s right hand man, then he probably owned him in Deku’s eyes. Was there any reason to keep fighting him? If he agreed, if he allowed Dabi to fuck him, he wouldn’t have to be tortured anymore.


His jaw had since swollen to the point where he could barely groan, let alone speak.


Dabi smiles.


“C’mon, think about it. A bath, treatment for your wounds. A bed instead of cement. I wouldn’t hurt you, not unless you broke my rules, I wouldn’t take pleasure from your pain. I would fuck you gently, you’d love every moment. Sevre me, and only me, little Red. It’s the closest thing to freedom that you’re going to get.” he says.


And he does, Kirishima does think about it.


Slowly, he nods his head.


He’s still crying as he’s carried god-only-knows where.

Chapter Text

Kaminari crawls slowly after his master. He’d left the training room door open, he must want him to follow.


But his master leaves the apartment, after a terse conversation on the phone, without doing anything to him.


He looks around the space, touching the collar gently with one hand. His master hadn’t given him orders, and he didn’t like being unsure of what to do.


There’s a huge window, making up a whole wall of the apartment. He crawls towards it slowly, angled legs dragging behind him. He presses his face to the glass, eager, for some reason, to see what was outside his master’s apartment.


He can see a huge building from here. He isn’t sure why it looks so familiar, or why looking at it brings tears to his eyes. Golden arches rest before it, and he stares at them, at the white marble and glass of the building, trying to remember what the place was.


It shouldn’t matter to him. All he should be thinking about is pleasing his master. He doesn’t need to remember language, or his past, to do that.


But memories come anway, as he stares out the window. U.A. That was the building. He’d gone to school there, he’d tried to become a hero, when he still had his quirk. When he still had his pride. When he still had his humanity. He didn’t need any of that now, though. He didn’t need that to please his master. Master Deku had taught him that he was wrong to be in the hero course, he made a much better slave than he did a hero. His current Master had taught him that he didn’t need to be human, he was better as a pet, anyway.


Despite telling himself this, he still cries as he stares out the window. Still traces the thin pieces of metal that meant he was quirkless . Still felt the brand that marked him as nothing more than property. Still wished that he was back at U.A.


He doesn’t remember why he liked the school. Doesn’t even remember what “school” means. But just thinking about the name brings happiness, and...desire. He wants to be there, away from his master.


He slams his head into the floor.


No, he was never supposed to want to be away from his master. He was bad, his master wasn’t here to punish him, he had to punish himself.


He slams his head into the floor, again and again, until he saw sparks. It...was like what it felt like after he’d discharged his quirk. He’d never feel that again.


He stares out the window, placing a hand on the glass to cover U.A.


There were other places he looked, each bringing a sense of more loss.


He drops his head, and crawls back to the training room to wait for his master to return. He could drown these thoughts by pleasuring the other man.

Chapter Text

Deku opened the door, dead-tired from a day of meetings and pain in the ass conversations. He’d forgotten that his slave was in his rooms, and his dick twitches at the sight of the boy, asleep in his bed, still wearing the maid outfit that Deku had dressed him in.


The villain strips silently, energy restored by the sight before him. A wicked grin rests on his face as he crawls onto the bed. He does so slowly, only adding a little of his weight at a time so that his slave won’t notice nad wake up.


He hovers above the blond for a moment, taking in his sleeping appearance. Asleep, he’s relaxed in a way that Deku’s never seen before. Kacchan’s always on edge, nervous or angry. Swiftly, he grabs the blonds wrists, pinning his hands above his head while forcing a knee between his legs. The boy wakes the moment Deku touches him, eyes wide with fear and teeth clenched tightly against a scream. Deku stares into his scared face for a moment before shoving his fingers into Katsuki’s mouth. The blond opens, choking on them and refusing to meet Deku’s eyes.


He drew his hand from Katsuki’s mouth, licking the blond’s saliva from his fingers with a grin. Deku dives down, kissing Katsuki as the blond lies, limp and pliant, beneath his hands. Until he bites down on Deku’s lip, hard enough to draw blood. The villain pulls away with a manic grin, licking the blood away from his lip.


“There we are. I was worried I’d broken you too much. I like you with a little fight, slave.” he says, slapping Katsuki.


A handprint glows on the blond’s cheek, and he stares up at the villain with expressionless eyes.


Deku flips the skirt up, not seeming to care about Katsuki’s lack of reaction, and spreads the blond’s legs effortlessly.


“Would you please stop? I d-don’t want this.” Katsuki says.


His voice is soft, on the verge of tears. Deku smiles, letting go of his hands, and he thinks that Deku maybe listened to what he wanted for once.


“You have no say in the matter, slave. You belong to me, your body is mine, to do with as I please. You can’t tell me know when you don’t own your body, so consent doesn’t really matter.” he says, burying his face between Katsuki’s legs and licking a strips from his hole to his cock. Katsuki’s legs twitch, but not from pleasure, no, he’s crying.


Deku laughs into the creamy whiteness of Katsuki’s inner thigh. He litters kisses, licking and sucking and biting around Katsuki’s cock until the blond is shaking from pleasure, instead of crying. Well, he’s still crying, but his cock is erect, and Deku knows just where to touch that makes Katsuki thrum with pleasure and humiliation.


Katsuki tries to close his legs, stopped by Deku, who sits between them. He lets out a choked sob, closing his eyes and turning his face away. This would happen, with or without his consent and participation. Deku always got what he wanted.


The first finger breached him, burning despite the cold lube. Deku grabs the leg that isn’t chained to the bed, hooking it over his shoulder and leaning forward.


“Kacchan...c’mon, won’t you look at me?” he asks, hot breath washing over his face as the finger works inside of him. Katsuki shakes his head, and the finger pushes against his prostate. A blush burns on his tear-stained cheeks, eyes flying open wide. He gasps, a strand of saliva connecting his lips. He hopes Deku didn’t hear that sound, but from the chuckling above him, he had.


Katsuki buries his face in his neck, biting and sucking hickeys around the collar and neckline of the dress. The blond tries, in vain, to push the villain off of him. He gets a low laugh, and a second finger pushed inside of him. Katsuki yelps, tears blurring his vision as the two digits are forced in and out of him, spreading and scissoring him open.


“Ready for a third, little slave?” Deku whispers.


“No, please, don’t.” he whimpers, still trying to push Deku off him.


“If you say so, then.” Deku says, pulling away from his neck with a grin. He straddles the leg he doesn’t hold, pushing the blond’s other leg further up his shoulder. He kisses the knee joint, feeling the boy shudder beneath him. He pulls out his fingers, thrusting forward and into his slave with a moan.


Katsuki screams, his hands grabbing at the sheets. Deku laughs over him.


“You said you didn’t want a third.” he says, rolling his hips slightly.


Katsuki whimpers, shaking his head furiously as Deku begins to thrust.


Cries and screams are ripped from his throat, and he bites the sheets to stop Deku from having the satisfaction of hearing him. The villain is still holding his leg, panting and moaning the blond’s name.


Katsuki goes limp. It’s okay, he’s tells himself. It’ll be over soon. He’ll find a way out after Deku is done, and then he’ll be so far away from the villain that he’d never have to so much as think about him again.


He sobs slightly. It’s a nice fantasy. But there’s nowhere that Deku doesn’t reach. He’ll never be free.

Chapter Text

“Tell me, little slave, where you hurt the most.” Dabi says, carrying the bloody boy through the halls.


“No where that can be fixed.” he whispers.


Dabi already had to know that Kirishima was barely clinging to his sanity, each day he was tortured pushing him closer to the edge, closer to breaking.


“Physically, slave.” he says.


“Chest.” there was the most space to inflict damage there.


“I can work with that. Let’s get you clean, first.” he replies, pushing open the door to a set of rooms. He bypasses the canopy bed with scarlett sheets, making a beeline for the door in the far wall. He opens it, revealing a neat, tiled bathroom. He places Kirishima in the tub, turning on the water but not shutting the drain. Kirishima was filthy.


Dark brown blood and fresher, red layers wash off as Dabi cleans him, wiping at his wounds gently. Once the worst of the grime is gone, Dabi plugs the tub, letting it fill with warm water. He scrubs shampoo into his new slave’s hair, running water through it gently. After he washes out he conditioner, he thinks back to the first time he’d seen this kid. He’d had deep red hair, tan skin, and muscles that spoke of tireless training.


The prominent appearance of bone beneath his skin told Dabi that the boy had been starved long before he ever ordered him to be, long enough for his body to atrophy. His hair, once spiked and red, was now limp and black. And that gorgeous tan skin was now sickly pale from lack of sun.


It didn’t matter. Dabi would have him eating out of his hand before long, willing and ready to do whatever he wanted. He would have the boy in good shape once more, and show him that if he was pleased, he would be rewarded. And if he was displeased, well. The slave could spend a day, or a week, in his old cell as a reminder of how lucky he was to have Dabi as an owner. That would be punishment enough.


“Thank ya…” Kirishima mutters through his broken jaw.


Dabi smiles.


“I told you. You should’ve agreed the first time I asked. You jaw wouldn’t be like this if you had.” he says, a finger brushing it softly.


Kirishima just nods, wincing as soap gets into his cuts. Dabi lifts him from the tub effortlessly, placing him on the toilet.


He spreads Kirishima’s legs, and he braces himself. He knew it was coming, that he was going to have to let Dabi fuck him in order to get out of that cell.


“Calm down. I’m not going to fuck you until I’m sure that my cock won’t kill you, and I’m not going to fuck you with another man’s cum still inside of you.” he says.


Oh. Dabi was….going to clean him, there, too? He’d have the disgusting weight of cum out of him?


And, as he’d said, Dabi doesn’t fuck him. He washes his holes, making sure there’s no cum left, and then gently towels him dry.


“Now, I’m going to take you to our healer. She’s a slave too, but for a whole different purpose than you or Kacchan. She’s a descendant of Recovery Girl, actually. One of our most useful assets.” he says, scooping him into his arms once more.

When Kirishima wakes up, he’s alone. He’s in the canopy bed, wearing nightclothes, and can use his jaw once more. He isn’t chained in place, though the door is locked. He shifts around, patting at himself as if he can’t quite believe he’s been healed. His hair is tied back, pulled into a ponytail at the base of his neck. He assumes that Dabi had dressed him.


Kirishima wanders around the room, touching things to make sure they’re real. A closet, full of clothes, normal clothes. The stuff in the nightstand was sex-related, but he could handle that. A part of him whispers that he would handle that. The full bath was stocked completely, and he brushes his teeth with energy he didn’t have. Mouth clean, he walks back to the bed, burying himself in blankets and revelling in their comfort.

Maybe Dabi wasn’t so bad.

Chapter Text

He could hear voices outside of the training room. It wasn’t his master’s voice, none of them were. He looked for a place to hide, slipping behind one of the machines as they come nearer.


Someone, or something, slams into the door, bursting it wide open. The blond stares at the three men, all wearing masks, that are in his master’s home.


They stare back at him.


“Is-is that a person?” one of them asks.


Another nods slowly, stepping towards the blond with his hand outstretched.


A shudder wracks Kaminari’s body. Was he supposed to let these men use him? His master had never given orders about other people.


So he falls back on Master Deku’s training. He was a slave, to be used for pleasure. If these men wanted him, they would have him.


The one approaching him comes around the machine, catching sight of his mangled legs with a horrified gasp. He tilts his head to the side. Did the man want him to do something? He smiles slowly, crawling forward.


If he wouldn’t take him and use him, then it was his responsibility to get out the man’s cock.


The guy sees where his eyes are, and holds his hands out in front of him.


“N-no! You don’t have to do that!” he says, crouching down to get on eye level with the blond. By now, the other two have joined him.


Sparky tilts his head. If they didn’t want to use him, then what good was he? He was useless as a slave except as a fuck-toy.


“Oh, holy shit. What happened to you?” one of them asks.


Sparky’s brows draw together. He’s a pet, he’s not supposed to speak, but he might be punished for not answering the man’s question.


“T-that’s Chargebolt.” the third says.


He perks up at the name, smiling at the guy. He wasn’t Chargebolt anymore, but it was still a pleasant memory.


The one who’d first approached him pulls out a phone, dialing a number.


“Yeah, I’d like to report a break-in? Mhm.” he rattles off an address.


“Let’s go. The cops will find him, we can’t be here when they show.” he says, glancing at Sparky’s legs a last time before leaving.


They’d left the door open.


He crawls out, t9 the window. The blond stares over the city, crying as he does.


That’s how the police find him, when they arrive. naked, bruised, starved, sitting in front of a window crying. His legs are bent at a horrible angle and a plug rests in his ass.


Someone calls an ambulance, the break-in forgotten in the wake of finding Chargebolt. A warrant is soon issued for the arrest if Shindo You, and the blond is loaded into an ambulance. He has to be sedated to stay on the stretcher as he’s rushed to the hospital.

Chapter Text

Deku has him wear the maid uniform again. It’s been cleaned since the villain’s last use of him, thankfully. He’s sitting on the bed, ankle still chained to one post, bored out of his mind. In his old cell, he could at least draw when he wasn’t in too much pain to move. Here, all he could do is wait for Deku, and when Deku arrives, he’ll undoubtedly be raped again. It’s a vicious cycle. He’d rather be bored than on his back, being fucked despite desperation filled protests.


As if on cue, the door swings open.


He expects it to be Deku, saying something about how attractive he is like this, or calling him slave and reminding him that his body no longer belonged to him.


It wasn’t Deku. It was four or five other men, who all approached with hunger on their faces. He backs away from them, as far as he can go before the chain pulls him short. His mouth forms a tired snarl as they come closer.


“Y’know, you were only safe in your cell cuz Deku had the only key. But his rooms...well, they aren’t locked.” one says, grabbing Katsuki’s chin.


“Fuck off, scumbags.” he growls, twisting his face from the man’s hand and biting where thumb and forefinger meld together.


“Heh. Deku did say you fiery. We’re sick of waiting for him to share. We want a taste of the little slave boss-man’s been hiding away.” another says with a smirk.


Katsuki kicks out, nailing the guy in the sternum, uppercutting the closer one in the chin. They groan from where he’d knocked them to the floor, and he yanks the chain tight, sweeping it through the men’s legs to bring more of them down. He’s panting from the effort, not having been able to work out since his kidnapping, and he’s underfed and too tired.


“Didn’t expect you to fight this much, Kacchan. But there’s five of us and one of you, and your master hasn’t taken our quirks. Make it easy on yourself, let us have you.”


Katsuki spits in his face.


Suddenly, he’s yanked to the floor. Someone had grabbed the chain, using it to yank him off balance. He kicks as the one with cat claws tears at the clothes.


The maid outfit was humiliating and degrading, but now, it was his only protection against these festering bags of shit.


Someone pins his hands to the floor while he thrashes, and Claws makes quick work of his clothes, though not without those beastly claws tearing into soft flesh. He screams in incoherent rage, fighting as they manhandle him onto the bed. Someone levers his arms behind his back, pressing his chest to the bed. They wrap the chain around his wrists, which pulls his leg up and out of their way. He kicks with his one free limb, screaming obscenities. That’s stopped when someone shoves a handful of the shredded dress into his mouth, tying a long strip around his head tight to keep them in.


Now that he can’t struggle anymore, their hands aren’t touching him. But he hears them, hears the sound of their clothes hitting the floor.


He feels someone hook a hand into his ass cheek, pulling it aside to show his hole. A dry thumb presses inside, pulling to one side to display him, despite his thrashing.


“Should we prep him, or nah? He’s pretty loose. Deku musta fucked him recently.”


He closes his eyes, ignoring the tears that cling to his lashes. He’d lost to them, and now he would pay for it. He would be raped, because he was too weak to stop it.


As the first one presses in, he starts crying. He hopes Deku gets back soon.

Chapter Text

Dabi was here. He knew that the man would come in at some point, would demand that he bent over, and would fuck him. And he’d let him, and have to pretend that he wanted it, that it wasn’t rape.


He takes in Kirishima’s fearful stare, the slight shake of his hands as the boy looks at him. He sighs, pressing a hand to his forehead.


“Fuck, I can’t do this.” he whispers.


“Ah, um...i-is, are you ok-okay, master?” Kirishima asks, voice shaking.


Dabi flinches.


“Don’t call me that. Shit, I really can’t do this.” he says, glowering.


Kirishima withers beneath that glower, shuddering slightly. He doesn’t think he’s done anything, but Dabi might punish him just because he wants to. He closes his eyes. Biting his lips as a weight settles onto the bed.


He doesn’t expect the gentleness of the hand on his chin, and when lips press to his, he doesn’t stop them. A tongue licks over his lips, asking for permission. He opens his mouth, all too aware that the hand on his face could spit literal fire at any moment.


Dabi pulls away, and looks at his face to gauge his reaction. The scarred man’s eyes flicker with plans, and Kirishima already knows that he won’t like what will happen to him here. He winces at the terrified expression, expression changing to one of mild chagrin, and he backs away a little more.


“A-aren’t you gonna use me?” Kirishima asks him.


Dabi sighs.


“Fucking- no. I can’t rape someone, let alone a kid. I’d be worse than him if I did that. I thought I could fuck you if you said yes, even if you didn’t mean it, but you’re so fucking terrified of my every move that I can’t. I don’t want my lovers to fear me, ever.” he says,a  hand covering his eyes.


Kirishima chokes on a sob, terror building on his face.


“O-okay.” he chokes out.


Dabi notices his fear.


“Why’re you scared now ?” he asks.


Kirishima shrugs, not replying.


If Dabi didn’t want to fuck him, then there was no reason to keep him. He’ll be sent back. He’ll be in that cell again, for anyone to use and abuse.


Dabi seems to read this on his face, pulling him into a second gentle kiss, tongue rolling in his mouth.


“I’m not going to send you back. Like it or not, you belong to me and me alone. I have other uses for a slave.” he says.


Kirishima crawls from the blankets. He’s naked, and Dabi can’t stop the hungry once-over he gives him.


“You...took me out of there. You own me. You can do anything you want to me, master.” he says.


Dabi backhands him.


Don’t call me that.” he hisses.


Kirishima nods, a red mark growing on his pale flesh. His eyes are wide, and he trembles slightly.


“You tempt me, you hot piece of shit. And yes, I can and will do whatever I want to you. But right now, my grafts hurt too much for me to do anything. Can’t you let me act like a decent human?” he snarls.


Kirishima flinches, bowing his head.


Dabi groans.


“Get dressed. Don’t talk to me unless I give you an order or ask a question.” he says.


Kirishima scrambles from the bed, pulling on the first things he finds. An oversized T-shirt and blue shorts.


Good enough, Dabi supposes. Enough that he won’t pop a boner everytime he looked at him, which hurt like hell with the new skin stapled to his dick.


“You will call me sir. None of this master bullshit. I’ll be back tomorrow with your collar.” he says, leaving with a sneer.

Chapter Text

He’s on a bed. He’s not allowed on a bed, why is he on a bed?


He scrambles out, crying out as he falls to the floor, ripping and I.V. from his arm. He stifles the noise, not willing to be punished for it.


Someone comes in, and he scrambles away from them, crawling into the corner. He’s wearing clothes, he’s not supposed to wear clothes, only humans can do that, and he’s no human. His master’s plug is gone, too, and so is his collar. And...the bands that held back his quirk were gone, too. His master would never take those from him, they’re what kept him under his control. Was...was this a test? To see if he would try to return to his owner? It seemed like something his master would do.


That’s it then. This is a test. He’ll just have to not break any rules, and try to go...back.


The person, nurse, his brain supplies, stares at him. He hasn’t seen a girl since he was enslaved. He ducks his head to avoid her gaze.


“Hey, Kaminari? There are some people here to talk with you. Do you want to see them? You can say no if you want, no one will force you to do anything.” she says. He squints at her, reading “trauma care unit” on her tag.


Trauma care unit? Why was he in a trauma unit? He didn’t need anything except his master. And why would he be given a choice, what was the right answer? Why is she calling him Kaminari, when his name is Sparky?


SLowly, he nods, figuring that this is what she wants, and from her smile, he guessed right. Good. Then maybe there won’t be a punishment for being on the bed.


Two people enter the room, one had a badge, and the other is achingly familiar. He must have known him from before.


“Kaminari. This is Detective Tsukauchi. He’s here to ask you a few questions. Do you remember me?” the exhausted one asks.


Slowly, Kaminari shakes his head.


“I’m Aizawa. Your teacher, and supervisor of the mission that resulted in your capture and subsequent...enslavement.” he say, sitting in one of the chairs.


He stares at the two men. If they were here to ask him questions, then they wanted him to speak. If he spoke, his master would punish him. Nausea rises in his throat as he thinks of being punished, but he swallows it down. He didn’t want to have to clean it up.


“Kaminari, do you know who did this to you?” the detective asks.


He nods. It was his master, who else would it have been?


“What was his name?”


He shrugs. He didn’t know.


“Was it this guy?” a picture of his master held up. He smiles and nods. Yes, that was his master.


“Can you talk?”


He nods. He can, but he won’t. He doesn’t wanna be punished.


Will you talk?”


He shakes his head.


The detective smiles.


“That’s okay. We’ll come back later, Aizawa.” he says.


The two leave.

Kaminari stays on the floor.

Chapter Text

He’s long since gone limp, somewhere around the third man. His eyes are glazed over, hole loose and dripping with cum. His hands twitch from where they’d been boun, and drool had saturated the gag to run out of his mouth.


He’d run out of tears on the second guy, too exhausted now to do anything other than twitch as the...he didn’t know what number anymore fucked him. Overstimulation from the number of times he’d been fucked and rough hands on his cock had him shaking.


The door opens, and blearily he can make out Deku’s form. He lets out a small whimper looking at him, and the man fucking him shoves his face into the mattress.


He suddenly pulls out. Katsuki strains to hear what’s going on, but he passes out before he can get to know anything.


It’s not like it mattered, anyway.


He wakes up to gentle fingers unwrapping the chains from around his hands. Deku removes the spit-soaked cloth from his mouth, allowing him to swallow drily.


“Why didn’t you fight them?” he asks, petting the blond hair away from his face.


“I did. Think I broke one’s nose ‘fore they grabbed the fuckin’ chain.” he rasps.


Deku pauses at that.


“Would you have been able to stop them if you hadn’t been chained?” he asks.


“Maybe. Prolly. I dunno, they had quirks.” he whispers.


“I killed them. I’m the only one you’re allowed to have sex with.” he says.


“You mean you’re the only one allowed to rape me.” Katsuki whispers.


Deku slaps him.


“None of that. I own you, I own your body, therefore your consent doesn’t matter.” he says.


Katsuki doesn’t care anymore. He’s too tired to care anymore. Deku unlocks the chain, hooking up a leash to the collar instead. He picks him up, carrying him to the bathroom. Katsuki notices blood on the hardwood before he’s placed in the tub and the leash is tied to the spigot.


“If you run, I’ll kill you before you make it out the door.” Deku warns as he turns the water on. It’s cold. Katsuki doesn’t care. If it means he can be clean again, it doesn’t matter. Compared to everything else, a little cold isn’t going to kill him.


“I think that the idea of my death scares you more than it scares me.” he whispers, limp as Deku washes him with the icy water. Goosebumps rise on his body, and he shivers slightly.


“Then I’ll have you skinned alive again.” he says, submerging Katsuki’s face in the water with dispassionate hands. He thrashes, hands going to the sides of the tub to try to lift himself out. Deku holds firm, and he can’t breath, he can’t breathe.


Deku pulls him out by his hair, letting gulp in air before shoving his face down again. He screams into the water, twisting and trying to escape. It goes on like this, being seconds away from inhaling water and then being pulled out to suck in a breath before being shoved under again.


It’s only when he starts puking water instead of trying to breath when Deku pulls him out that the villain stops.


“Don’t talk back to me, slave.” he says, going back to gently washing Katsuki’s body.


Water comes out of his lungs  as he coughs, and he wonders what the punishment would be for puking on Beku. He doesn’t want to find out.


“M-master, ‘m gonna puke.” he chokes out. Deku looks at him.


“Don’t. Or else.” he chokes out.


No, no no, that’s not how vomit works, he can’t stop it. If he pukes, Deku will hurt him, but he can’t stop. He leans out of the tub, puking water and cum across the floor, all he’d eaten in two days.


“Sorry, ‘m sorry master.” he whimpers, coughing bile and water out.


“What did I just says?” Deku snarls, grabbing Katsuki’s chin and forcing him to meet his eyes. The blond’s hair is soaked, nearly covering his eyes and dripping water down his face. He whimpers pathetically, closing his eyes.


“Not t-to puke.” he chokes on the words.


Deku smiles, and begins to strip. Katsuki found himself...relieved by that. Getting fucked wasn’t fun, but he knows how to deal with it at least.


Deku steps into the tub with him.


“Hands and knees. Now, slave.” he growls.


Katsuki scrambles to obey, splashing the cold water onto the floor. He glances behind him, and Deku pushes his cock into him at the same time that his hand shoves his head back into the water. The other hand pulled his arms behind his back, despite his violent thrashing. They’re tied there with Deku’s discarded belt.


Katsuki’s shoulders jerk as he struggles, trying to find air. Deku pulls him from the cold water, and he coughs and sputters, gasping for air with each thrust from the villain behind him.


“Hah, did you like it when those guys touched you? Were they better than me, little slave?” he growls, shoving his face back into the water.


He shakes his head frantically, eyes shut to the water and cheeks puffed with air. The sharp thrusts are nothing compared to the feeling of slowly drowning.


Deku yanks him out, pulling him by the hair so that the back of his head is on his shoulder, back arched.


Did you?” he hisses.


“No!” Katsuki chokes out.


The water slaps at the sides of the tub violently from their movements, and Deku’s thrusts change from harsh to slow, gentle, before he pulls away completely.


Katsuki kneels in the bathwater, cock limp between his legs, blood dissolving into the water from wounds left by the previous men. The collar is soaked and heavy around his throat, hands bound behind his back by the think leather of Deku’s belt, loose lengths of chain trailing in the water from the leash. The blond’s head is bowed, hair soaked flat to his skull, goosebumps along the entirety of his body. He coughs and shivers, lips wet with saliva and bile. He shakes beneath Midoriya’s gaze, and the villain steps out of the tub. He cups Katsuki’s face with his hands.


“I’m sorry, Kacchan. What was I thinking? You get raped and my reaction is to torture and fuck you? ‘M supposed to take care of you right now.” he mutters.


Katsuki snorts.


“Like you’ve ever cared before. Do’ve made it clear that I don’t have a choice.” he rasps.


Deku shakes his head.


“Why can’t you let me be nice?”


“You aren’t nice. Why fake it.”

Chapter Text

Kirishima looks up before bowing his head once more. Dabi places a hand beneath his chin, lifting his face to force him to meet his eyes.


“Kiri. I have to show that I’ve broken you. I-sorry. I don’t want to do this, but I can’t be seen as weak.” he says.


“I’m going to put this collar on you, and you have to crawl beside me. You don’t have to talk, or look at anyone, and if anyone other than me touches you, you can fight back. I’m your only owner now, no one can use you without my permission. Outside of this room, you have to be a broken little slave. Do you understand?” Dabi says.


“Yes, sir.” Kirishima whispers, staring into the man’s blue eyes with his red ones.


Dabi smiles.


“Good boy. Come here.”


If a shiver races up Kirishima’s spine at being told that he’s good, then no one has to know.


Kirishima shuffles over to him, and he buckles the red collar around his neck. A short leash hangs from it.


“Come, slave.” Dabi says, voice changing to harsh and commanding.


Kirishima visibly shivers as the other tugs on the leash, following him on his hands and knees. All he wore were boxers, now, and Dabi debates ordering him to take them off. Ultimately he decides that they’ll come off, one way or another, by the end of the day.


The boy crawls at his heel as he walks the halls, heading to a meeting with a new recruit. Izuku hadn’t told him who the recruit was, but he had been told that they would likely be vital to them.


He takes a seat at the table, waiting for them to arrive, and pulls out his cock.


“I’m sorry little slave, I really am, but I have to make you look broken. Suck.” he orders, not sounding sorry in the least. Even if it was just his mouth, he would finally get to fuck his slave.


“Yes, sir.” Kirishima says softly, opening his mouth to reveal razor teeth. Dabi winced. He’d have to have those pulled. He’d chomped on several people already, and those teeth could easily take his dick off. He could have him sedated before having them removed, it wasn’t like he’d need them for the food he’d be given. Yes, soon he’d have those teeth removed. Or he could just file them doth, then the slave would look more normal. Hm. He’ll think on it.


He groans as heat descends on his dick, a hand in the slave’s hair. He pushes him to the base and holds him there. He can feel tears on his hips, but the boy doesn’t try to pull away or complain, not even a whimper slipping from his throat.


“Stay. Breath through your nose.” he orders as the recruit arrives.


“Touya...what are you doing to my classmate?” Shouto’s all-too-composed voice asks.


Ah, fuck.


He might have to kill his little brother to keep his slave.

Chapter Text

They’d let him stay on the floor, though they’d reconnected the IV and wrapped him in blankets. They kept having him wear clothes, and for a while, they hadn’t known that he knew how to relieve himself. The diapers had been pointless and humiliating.


They sent in a psychiatrist every other day, she and a therapist tried to convince him to speak. He didn’t, of course, and made it clear that he wouldn’t. The psychiatrist thought he'd start speaking after he felt safe, felt that his... abuser, wouldn’t be able to hurt him again. They’d told him his master-abuser’s name, Shindou You. He knew him from his first year at UA. The guy had tried to kill Midoriya in the license exam.


They’d told him that what had been done to him wasn’t normal, that his master had been taking pleasure from his pain and that that was wrong. They were right, but he’s a slave, what else is he for?


People had tried to fix his legs, but no one was willing to put him through the pain of rebreaking them, not yet.


He smiles inside the blanket pile, waving as Aizawa entered the room. The man had been in nearly every day, bringing him food, pictures, and stories to help him remember who he was before his enslavement. He didn’t seem to mind that Kaminari didn’t reply to him, not like the others. Most got upset at his silence.


“Hey, Kaminari. Sero made the top 25 today. A lot of your friends want to visit you, do you think you could handle a second person?” he asks.


Kaminari tilts his head, his sign for being confused, but nods. He doesn’t remember his friends. Aizawa had told him stories and shown him pictures, but they didn’t feel like his . It would be nice to meet them, to form some new memories.


“Thought so. Mina.” Aizawa says, never raising his voice. Kaminari went into shutdown mode when people raised their voices.


A girl with pink skin and equally pink hair comes in. She looks serious, an expression that he can’t help but think looks wrong on her face.


He knows her.


“” he croaks softly, afraid that someone will hear and punish him.


Aizawa’s eyes woden, and Mina’s face lights up.


“You remember me!” she says. He voice is only slightly louder than normal. Someone must have told her that he did badly with loud noise.


He nods.


“Mina, s-sero. Ai-za-aa. Ki-ri...shima. Baku...gou, J-jirou.” he says, the words hash in his throat.


Mina starts crying. He isn’t sure why, but she’s smiling. She hugs Aizawa. He crawls across the floor to join the hug, missing positive physical contact. It was….nice. To be hugged again, to hug someone again.

He cries, too.

Chapter Text

Katsuki stays limp in Deku’s arms as he carries him from the bathroom, pliant and non-complaining. The leash rattles as it trails along the floor, but he’s tuned that out.


He’s tired. In so, somany ways. Tired of being hurt, tired of being used like some fucking toy. Half of him wishes that the split personality would come back, so that he didn’t have to be here anymore. The other half just wants to be dead, go to sleep and never wake up. He’s sure that death is the only escape from Deku, because the villain would find him wherever he hid.


He’s chained to the bed once more, bare-ass naked this time. Deku strokes his face gently, leaning down to kiss him. Katsuki’s lips are cool, and he doesn’t move as Deku’s tongue prods his mouth open. He’d gone far past caring what Deku did to his body.


“Kacchan, are you okay?” Deku asks as he pulls away.


- Kept captive by a crazy villain, turned into a sex slave, raped on a daily basis, chained to a bed, humiliated, debased, degraded, dehumanized into nothing but some pathetic pet, slave slave SLAVE-


“Yes, master.” he replies robotically.


Deku smiles, pressing a hand to his collarbone and putting a small amount of pressure.


“Don’t lie to me, slave. How are you doing?”


- Broken, breaking, shattered. Katsuki. Kacchan. Slave. KATSUKI. KACCHAN. S L A V E -


“I’m nothing. I’m broken, master.” he whispers.


The pressure disappears, and hands run up and down his body.


Good. ” Deku breathes, pressing a kiss to his forehead.


Kat-The slave stares up at the ceiling, waiting to be told what to do.


“On the floor. I have to have the bed cleaned.” Deku orders.


Silently, the slave crawls off the covers where he’d been placed, kneeling on the ground despite the pain throbbing through his body. The aching from his wounds and torn ass is background noise, and he zones out as Deku has someone strip the bed and haul the messy bedding away.


He stays there, kneeling, blank-faced, on the floor. Deku seemed to have forgotten that he’s there. He’s okay with that, if Deku wasn’t paying attention to him, then Deku wasn’t hurting him.


Before long, the bed is remade, and Deku curls into it, falling asleep without saying anything.


And in the morning, though his legs have cramped and his bladder aches, the slave still kneels, blinking mechanically.


“Ah, shit, Kacchan!” Deku exclaims when he sees the blond at the base of his bed.


The slave looks at him, eyes blank as he waits for orders.


Deku’s gut twists as he looks at the blond. This wasn’t the man he’d fallen in love for. Katsuki was fiery, strong, an asshole, and Deku loved that about him. This dull-eyed, submissive, slave wasn’t the person he wanted.


He places a hand beneath his chin, lifting the boy’s face to meet his eyes. No, there was no life, no light, in his slave’s eyes.


“You aren’t what I want. Where did you go, Katsuki? Where did that fire and rage go?” he asks.


“I’m sorry, master. I’ll try to be better. What do you want from me?” the slave asks, expression not changing.


“I want Katsuki. I want fire, I want anger, I want you to fight back.” he says.


“Okay, master.” the slave says.


His eyes don’t change as he stands, still blank and dull as his mouth forms a false snarl. His knees buckle from staying in one place all night, but he refuses to fall.


“Back the fuck away from me, shitty Deku.” he says, voice angry, but flat. No spit flies from his lips, no curl to his lip or snarl in his tone. It was fake, so fake, but it was more like Katsuki than he get ever again.


He throws the blond onto the bed, the chain rattling as he does, reminding him that he could never have Katsuki of his own free will, that the only reason he let him touch him was fear.


The slave tries to crawl away from him, closing his legs as tightly as he can. Deku falls onto him, fingers stabbing into his hips, sure to bruise later as he bites at the boy’s shoulders and neck. The slave thrashes weakly before succumbing and allowing Deku to suck and bite at him.


Blank eyes refuse to meet the forest green gaze of his captor.

Chapter Text

Shouto was here. He shouldn’t have been surprised that his brother was following his footsteps, but he was. When the boy had dropped out of UA a year ago, he’d thought he’d join the police force or something, maybe vigilantism. He certainly hadn’t pegged the boy for the type to join a human trafficking organization.


“I’m fucking my slave, if it wasn’t obvious. I didn’t think you the type for villainy, Shouto.” he says, shoving Kiri back down. The kid was trying to pull back to look at who was in the room.


“I didn’t think Midoriya would do something like this to his...friend.” he says as he stares at the half-naked boy sucking his brothers cock.


“Deku does a lot of unexpected things. So do you, evidently. Why do you want to join up with human and drug traffickers, anyway? I thought you were against our brand of business.” he says, beginning to move Kiri’s head as if he was nothing but a toy.


“Money. If I make enough here, then I’ll branch off to form my own organization. One that focuses on less...disgusting business.”  he answers, taking a seat. He ignores Kirishima, taking his cue from Dabi and pretending the boy wasn’t even there.


“Well enough, I suppose. Sign the contract then, in your blood. We don’t provide you with costume, and your name is your choice. You probably don’t want to go by your actual name, after all.” he says.


Shouto comes closer to the desk, and then a spike of ice shoots away from his body, encasing Dabi’s neck. The villain only laughs, pulling the slave away from his dick as he heats his body to melt the ice.


“Stay, slave.” he says as he steps towards the boy, “It looks like Deku gets another present.”


Fire swirls around him, enveloping his brother as the boy screams. His clothes are burned away quickly, fire-proof clothing nothing compared to the inferno temperatures of Dabi’s flames.


“You underestimated me, Shouto. Sloppy.” he says, pulling a phone from his pocket and calling up to the boss’ desk.


He can hear panting in the background when the man answers, and winces. Of course Deku was fucking Kacchan.


“Shouto tried to kill me. He’s too useful to just turn into a slave, don’t you agree?” he asks.


“Y-yeah. Break him, he’s yours to command. Don’t use the quirk cuffs on him, I know that you can beat him. Make him loyal. Tell him that if he’s good he can play with Kacchan.” moans sporadically interrupt his speech, and some forced snarls.


“Sounds good.” he says, hanging up. The flames had burned out during the conversation, leaving his brother naked and burned to unconsciousness on the floor. Kiri stares at him, sorrow in his eyes.


He doesn’t doubt that the black-haired slave would try to help the boy, it would give him more chances to break him. He doesn’t want to fuck his brother, but maybe he can get Shigaraki to do that part. If the disintegrator proves to have gotten more stable, maybe he’ll even give him to him.


Worse comes to worse, he can always use pure torture to break his brother, and keep him as a bodyguard/assistant.

Chapter Text

His therapist was relieved. He was talking again, slowly, and quietly, but he was talking. He’d forgotten a lot of words, and a lot about his past, but it was slowly coming back. She’d called the Detective to tell him that he felt ready to talk with him again, and that lead to the Detective sitting in the chair while he rested on the bed.


He waves awkwardly.


“Hello, detective.” he says. His voice is scratchy and worn, like nails on a chalkboard. The man winces, but nods in reply.


“How are you doing, Chargebolt?” he asks.


The blond smiles.


“Better. A lot better. The doctors say that they’ll be able to fix my legs now that I’ve returned to coherency.” he says. Another thing that had changed in his re-learning how to speak was that his vocabulary had increased.


“That’s good to hear. Are you planning on returning to hero work once you’ve recovered?” he asks.


“Hell yes. I want to stop people from going through what happened to me.” he says.


Tsukauchi smiles, nodding his head.


“I’m glad. Speaking about what happened to you, and I’m sorry to force you to think about it, what happened?” he asks.


Kaminari takes a deep breath.


“I was with Kirishima, talking to Aizawa, when Deku’s second in command came in. Dabi. He’s Endeavor’s kid, probably the one that killed him, and he’d just gotten back from wherever he goes to get skin grafts. He decided to check out the new slave, and found me with him. So I got my ass handed to me, blacked out, and next thing I know...Deku had me strung up in one of his rooms. ” he says, taking a break to try to remember how to breath.


“He fucked me….a lot, branded me, just general physical torture. Deku was nice compared to Shindou. I was...sold for 5 grand to him, told to not speak and to never stand. I lived in a cage in his bedroom or locked in his training room. I wasn’t allowed to wear clothes, take off my collar, or remove whatever he had put inside of me. He kept my hands in these mitten-things to stop me from grabbing things. He broke my legs after I tried to stand up, and then never set them so that they would heal wrong.” he says, wiping at his eyes and gasping.


“Shindou liked torture...even if I was obedient, he would beat me, burn me, scar me. He liked me to scream . He was creative, you name it, he tried it. I was given food every other day, I’m not sure what it was, though. I think it was meat, but wasn’t cooked, and it wasn’t the right was a weird grey. I think I spent a lot of my time there drugged up.” he says, hands curling into the sheets.


“Can you give me directions to Deku’s compound?” Tsukuachi asks.


Kaminari nods, done with talking. He writes down the place Deku’s compound was at, the place Bakugou and Kirishima were at, and prayed that the heroes would be able to free them

Chapter Text

He led Katsuki from his room on the leash. The slave’s eyes never left the floor as he trudged behind him, hands chained in front of him. He was wearing boxers and nothing more, though beneath them there’s a bullet vibe in his ass and a cock cage shutting him in. Of course, the slave’s face doesn’t change, even as he plays with the controls on the vibe.


His eyes are dull, and he doesn’t flinch away from the touches of people in the halls anymore. Deku is both proud of finally breaking him, and, horribly, horribly sad to see what he’d done to such a strong person. Katsuki would’ve been the number one hero, he would’ve destroyed villains like him until the day he died. And he would have died in a blaze of glory, taking down some powerful villain and saving hundreds of people, there was no way that he would settle for anything less. But...that would never be. Katsuki’s fighting prowess, his genius battle strategy, they would never again grace the hero world. Deku had shattered him, shattered his mind. There was nothing left in Katsuki except fear.


Deku didn’t delude himself. Katsuki didn’t love him, he was just too afraid of him to do anything to stop him. That hurt , because he loved Kacchan, and he knew that his slave would never reciprocate those feelings.


Dabi walks down the hall, Kirishima crawling behind him, an unconscious Shouto slung over his shoulder.


Deku eyes Katsuki when he feels him pause in walking. Tears have built in his slave’s eyes, and he shudders as he forces himself to look away from Kirishima. His hands have clenched into fists, and he slowly plods after Deku, though he reaches for Kirishima as they pass each other.


Kirishima looks up at him, and Katsuki shudders to see the collar clasped around his throat before once again turning away. He didn’t want Kirishima to be punished for having attracted his gaze. That was the kind of deranged thing Deku would do, and he’d already been through enough.


He doesn’t want to think about the reason that Todoroki was being carried naked through the halls by Deku’s second in command. It wouldn’t be an answer he wanted, anyway.


He spends the day kneeling, dull-eyed at Deku’s side. The leash was chained to the desk, and he didn’t react to the pitying gazes of those who came into the room. Deku tolerated pity. He didn’t tolerate attraction to his slave though, when one man’s eyes had linger too long on Katsuki’s bloody lips and his rather battered body, he’d straight up decked him in the face and told him to “come back when he could keep from thinking with his cock”.


He was stuck. Stuck in this hellhole, enslaved by one of the worst villains on the rise int he whole world.

Chapter Text

Shouto groaned as he woke up, hands chained above his head. His toes brushed the floor-barely, but it was enough to take some of the pressure off his arms. He can feel the burns along his body, all too familiar from his training with his father. Only now, they were caused by someone else. Touya Todoroki, aka Dabi, his older brother and Deku’s second in command.


“Are you okay?” a soft voice asks, from somewhere beyond his range of vision.


“Fine. Who are you?” he asks blankly, trying to turn his head to look at the speaker.


“I-it’s me, Kirishima.” he responds.


Chains clink and click, and Kirishima crawls into his vision. His hair is dark, hanging around his face, and his skin is pale, drawn tight to his body. The heavy muscle he’d remembered the other hero having was all but gone, and Kirishima looked utterly destroyed. There was a collar around his neck, and that was what the chain was connected to.


He bows his head, not meeting Kiri’s eyes.


“I’m sorry. I failed to get you out of here.” he says, sagging in his chains.


“It’s not your fault. Dabi is a good fighter, and a pretty good person. I’m just glad that he didn’t kill you.” Kirishima says.


“How can you say he’s a good person, whenhe’s done this to you!” Shouto says, head snapping up.


Kirishima shrugs.


“He’s only owned me for about a week. It was worse before him, I’m glad that he’s my owner now.” he says.


Shouto shudders. Was this what he would become? Grateful to his captor, thankful to not be put through whatever had happened to Kirishima? Kirishima was strong, a powerhouse in his own right, what could he have gone through to make him glad to be owned by another?


“What’s going to happen to me?” he asks.


Kirishima smiles.


“Don’t worry. You’re too useful for them to turn you into a pleasure slave, that’s what Dabi said. Deku agreed...I don’t know what they’re going to do, but they want you and your quirk on their side. You won’t become, you’re not useless.” he says, as if sensing the fear coming from the other hero.


Shouto winces.


“You’re not useless, Kirishima.” he says.


Kirishima shrugs, and lifts up his arms to show the pieces of metal on his wrists.


“I am now. I’m quirkless, ‘Roki.” he says.


Shouto can feel how much it hurt him to say those words, and he rubs fingers over his own wrists. No bands. Why wouldn’t they block his quirk?


Ice crawls up the chains, and with a savage yank he breaks them. He kneels at Kirishima’s side, burned fingers slowly undoing his collar. Kirishima lets him.


“Dabi is not going to be happy about any of this. Especially if we escape.” he says. Shouto shrugs.


“I don’t give a rat’s ass about my brother. What I want is to get out of here, preferably with you.” he says.


And the door opens.


“I was wondering how long it would be before you did something like this. Faster than I thought, honestly. Now, what shall your punishment be? I have a few ideas.”

Chapter Text

“I hate how many of them look at you...I wanna carve their eyes out for looking at what’s mine.” he says, a hand placed in the slave’s hair.

That makes two of us. The slave thinks dully, though his reasons are far different from Deku’s. Deku is on the list of people whose eyes he wants to tear out.

“Under my desk, little slave. Might as well kill two birds with one stone. You serve me, and no one else can see you.” Deku says, tugging on the leash to emphasize his words.

The slave shudders, but obeys, crawling into the dark space beneath the desk between Deku’s legs. It’s warm beneath the desk, he’d been cold for so long. The sweat that buds along his hands says that he isn’t defenseless now that he’s warm, but the bands on his wrists remind him. Quirkless. He was useless, as a person, and as a hero. The only thing he could do was obey his captor, and fear his captor, because now, Deku was all-too powerful, he was incapable of stopping him or defending himself.

His fingers are steady as he undoes Deku’s pants, already knowing what the villain wanted. He didn’t have to be told, it was obvious. Deku wanted what he always wanted-sex, and the slave was there to provide that, despite not wanting it.

Deku’s cock jumps to life, half-hard just from the thought of his slave being under the desk sucking on him like his life depended on it. And it did-the slave’s quality of life was solely upon Deku’s shoulders, please him, he would be treated well, disobey him, and suffer through more torment of the type that had broken him to Deku’s will.

The slave stares at the dick, slowly sinking down on it. He took it slow, despite Deku’s hand in his hair demanding that he move faster. If he moved much faster, he might puke, and Deku wouldn’t like that. His tongue laves at the underside, feeling the veins on the pulsing muscle. He takes him deeper, almost to the hilt, before pulling back to suckle on the tip. He kisses it, ignoring the splurt of pre smeared across his lips as he engulfs Deku’s cock entirely.

The villain’s strangled moan tells him that he’d liked that, maybe he’d let him hide under the desk until he ran out of meetings. He swallows around the heavy cock, ignoring the tears that build in his eyes. He was to serve Deku, that was all, it was the only thing he was good for without a quirk.

TW: Suicide Attempt

As he bobs his head, he catches sight of an object on the ground beneath the desk. It flashes slightly, and he’s grabbed it before he even truly knows what he’s doing. A knife. There’s old blood on it, and he wipes it away on his boxers. He could stab Deku, slash his femoral arteries maybe. But then...he’d still be stuck here, in a villain base, with their boss’s corpse and a knife in his hand.

He turns the blade around, unable to see what he was doing. There was only one way he could escape, he knew. And though his hands trembled, he plunged the knife downwards, into his own femoral artery. He stiffens around Deku’s cock, not expecting the sheer pain that burned it’s way through him. He can’t let Deku know, Deku wouldn’t let him die.

He continues to bob his head, pulling out the knife and stabbing his other femoral. He whimpers slightly, hiding it by taking Deku into his throat and choking. He draws the knife from his thigh, gurgling around Deku’s cock as he stabs his stomach.

As his blood pours to the floor, his vision fades out. He realized that he’d stopped moving as Deku began to move his head for him.

He falls limp, the bloody knife falling from his hands with a clatter.

Deku pulls away, noticing the blood on the floor and looking at the slave. Blood was pouring from Katsuki’s mouth, and he grinned at the villain.

“Fuck you.” he gurgles before collapsing.

“Fuck!” Deku yells, buckling his pants up once more and gathering his slave into his arms, running for the med bay. The had a good healer, and exceptional healer, but he wasn’t sure if Katsuki would survive this.

Chapter Text

Shouto glares up at his older brother, pushing Kirishima behind his back.


“What do you want, Dabi.” he says.


“Step away from my slave, Sho, and I won’t have you fucked stupid. It’s the only deal I’ll be offering you.” Dabi says with a vicious grin.


Shouto shudders, not doubting that the man would have that done to him. The only thing he hoped for was that he wouldn’t be raped by his own brother.


“I can’t do that. I will not let you hurt him anymore.” he says slowly.


Dabi shrugs.


“Suit yourself, I suppose. Knock him over, Kirishima.” Dabi orders.


Shouto smiles. There’s no way that Kirishima would obey that, he couldn’t be that broken, not yet. Frail hands go on his shoulders, and he peeks out from behind Shouto’s shoulder.


“I-I can’t, master, he’s my friend. ” he whimpers.


“You can, and you will. Or you’ll go back to your cell for a while.”


Shouto’s feels those ice-cold hands start shaking, and he doesn’t have to see Kirishima to know that the boy is on the verge of a panic attack. Whatever cell that Dabi was talking about must be bad, for it to bring about this kind of reaction from the rock-hero. He doubted that Kirishima would do-


A loop of chain pulls tight around his neck, the chain that he’d just removed from Kirishima. Kirishima is crying and shaking as he slams his body against Shouto’s back. He doesn’t have the weight to do anything other than rock Shouto’s body, and his arms aren’t strong enough to keep the chain tight for more than a few seconds.


Shouto raises his eyebrow at Dabi, who presses his hand to his head. Kirishima slams into him again, this time with more force, actually succeeding in knocking the hero to the floor. He sits on Shouto’s back, pulling on the chain and looking up at Dabi with teary eyes.


“Th-there.” he sobs out. Dabi smiles.


“Good boy.” he says.


Shouto feels Kirishima shiver at that, and hopes that it wasn’t from pleasure. But with all the tinkering Dabi must’ve done with his mid, it wouldn’t surprise him if it was.


He grunts, but doesn’t throw Kiri off of him. He could, but he doesn’t want the boy to be hurt because of his actions.


Dabi grabs his chin.


“You just stay there for now, yeah?” he says, taking the chain from around his neck and putting Kirishima’s collar back on. When Kirishima is lifted off of him, he gets back to his feet. Ice swirls around him, he’s frustrated, but knows better than to attack or use his quirk when Kirishima is that close to his brother.


“You can fuck right off.” he growls, but doesn’t fight back as his hands are levered behind his back and he’s tied to the ceiling again. Higher this time, though, his feet don’t touch the floor.


“If I tie you up, you will not break out. You will not use your quirk again unless I tell you to. You belong to Deku and I now, and if you’re good, that is a very good place to be. If you’re bad…” Dabi trails of, running a hand up one of the burns on his brother’s ribcage.


“Well, I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough. You do as we tell you, and that’s about the only rules we have for you. Serve us well, little brother, and you might even get a turn with the boss’ slave. He’s killed the only other people to touch him, so that’s quite an honour. I hope you’ll comply.” he says, “But seeing as how you’ve already tried to escape, I don’t think that’s possible. I suppose a punishment is in order, after all, don’t you think?”


“Fuck off Touya.” he growls, tempted to spit on his brother’s face but not quite daring to. His heard pounds in his chest, and he knows his breathing has gotten erratic from fear. He glances to Kirishima, curled up in the corner of the room and crying softly, as a slap twists his neck.


“It’s sir to you, now. Maybe Dabi if you’ve been really good, do you understand?” he growls.


Shouto doesn’t say anything, though a growl rumbles in his chest.


A fist slams into his stomach, and as his body swings away from the punch, his shoulders dislocate. He screams, back arching away from his brother and fire and ice drifting off of his body.


“I said, do you understand?” Dabi snarls.


“Fuck- yes!” Shouto spits, coughing out a little bit of bile that dribbles down his chin and onto his chest.


A burning hand is pressed to his sternum, and he screams again, writhing away but not able to get far before swinging back into that scarred palm.


“What are you to call me?” Dabi spits out, eyes narrow.


Shouto doesn’t say anything, whimpering slightly.


“I said, what are you to call me? ” he snarls, slamming a demon of a roundhouse into Shouto’s side. At least three ribs broke from that contact, and Shouto screamed louder than any of his previous cries.


Sir!” he cries out, and Dabi steps away, admiring his handiwork.


Both shoulders dislocated, all his weight on them, broken ribs, bloody nose and bruise forming on his jaw, a handprint burned into the flesh of his chest, Shouto looked like shit.


Dabi laughs.


“Damn, it’s nice to have a living punching bag! I have Kiri for one kind of relief, and you for another, isn’t that great little bro?” he laughs, wiping at tears forming in his eyes from the laughter.


Shouto spits on the floor, glaring at him. Frost encased his shoulders, trying to ease the pain a little. He couldn’t put them back in, not while Dabi was still there and watching, but his gaze dares Dabi to say that he can’t use his quirk to ease his hurts.


Dabi leaves without another word.

Chapter Text

He wakes up.


He hadn’t wanted to wake up.


He leaves his eyes closed, hoping that he was dead.


“Will he survive?” Deku’s voice.


No, no no no! He didn’t want to be alive, if he was alive he would be chained up and beaten and raped again. He’d be a slave, he’d be owned. He wanted to die, wanted the wounds he’d inflicted on himself to get infected or bleed out so that he would be nothing more than a corpse. It didn’t matter if his death was painful or slow or miserable, but he wanted to be dead .


He whimpers slightly as someone prods his stomach, an involuntary noise that let them know that he was alive.


“Kacchan?” Deku asks.


“Fuck off.” he chokes out, opening his eyes just enough to see Deku’s worried face.


Deku grins.


“I’m glad you’re okay, slave.”


“I don’t want to be okay. I want to be dead.” he says softly, closing his eyes once more.


Arms wrap around his body, lifting his body from the bed that he was in. His head swims, and he leans against Deku’s chest.


“Let me die.” he whimpers.


“No. I love you, I won’t let you die.”


Tears slide down his cheeks as Deku carries him. The pain in his inner thighs from where he’d stabbed himself is sharp, but not as bad as his stomach. He opens his eyes, glancing down. He blinks in surprise. He’s wearing clothes, and not some sexy costume, but actual clothes. A t-shirt and boxers, more than he’d been allowed to wear since being captured.


“D-master, why am I dressed?” he asks quietly.


“I figured you’d be more comfortable in clothes, instead of waking up naked.” he says softly, brushing hair out of Katsuki’s face.


“Thank you.” he says, though he’s not sure if he means it. It was nice to wear clothes again, but he wondered what would be demanded of him in turn.


“I can walk, you know.” he says.


Deku laughs, his burly chest shaking Katsuki’s body.


“No, you can’t. Half of your blood poured out of you, idiot. If you walked, you’d fall on your face and probably rip out your stitches.” he says.


Katsuki grunts.


“Let me carry you, little slave. I wanna take care of you, you gave me quite a scare. I didn’t remember that there was a knife under there...I should’ve. You never would’ve done something like this if I had.” he says.


“I’d have found another way.” Katsuki mutters.


Deku laughs again.


“Still doped out on pain meds, I see. Don’t worry, I know how to stop you from doing something like that again. I’d rather not do it, but Katsuki, if you harm yourself again, I’ll have your arms amputated.” Deku says.


Katsuki stills in his arms, blooded freezing. Amputated ….his arms would be amputated ! If he lost his arms, the there’d never be a chance for him to use his quirk again, the bands would be gone, but without his hands, he couldn’t make explosions.


“No no no no, please, master, please don’t.” he begs, shaking in terror. Deku frowns down at him.


“Don’t try to kill yourself. I’m sorry that I pushed you that far...I’ll try to be nicer, okay? You don’t off yourself, and I’ll be better.” he says, placing Katsuki on a bed.


When his head touches the pillow, he realizes that the collar is gone. Deku notices his surprise.


“I’m getting you a new one. One better suited for a pet like you, not some torture toy.” Deku says, his head popping up beside Katsuki’s face. Something slides over his hands, and is tied around his wrists.


He glances down, not liking the way the world swims as he does, to see gray fabric mitts covering his hands. His heart sinks. Deku didn’t need to remove his hands if he couldn’t grab anything. He tries to make a fist, and finds the fabric is so stiff that he can barely move his fingers. Discomfort must’ve shown on his face, because Deku slides a hand under his chin.


“Don’t worry Katsuki, you won’t need your hands. I’ll do everything for you.” he says.


Katsuki closes his eyes. It’s not like he has a choice.


Chapter Text

Once Dabi was out the door, his ice shoved his shoulders back in place. He screams, not as loud as the previous ones had been, but enough that Kirishima, hiding in one corner, flinches.


Shit, that hurts.” Shouto groans. Even with his shoulders back in place, they screamed in pain. It didn’t help that his entire body weight rested on them, either. They would’ve hurt anyway, even if they weren’t torn all to hell from his swinging around when Dabi used him as a punching bag.


“Still think my brother is nice .” he hisses.


Kirishima glances up.


“Deku skinned Katsuki alive because I was talking with a traitor. I still think he’s better than Deku.” Kirishima says, the images of Bakugou on that X, blood running down his body as he screamed and tried to escape that knife would forever haunt his mind.




Shouto has no idea how to respond to that. Kirishima says that like it was the last time he’d seen his boyfriend, and said it in such a broken tone that Shouto can’t help but wonder if Katsuki had been killed.


“Is...mph, is Katsuki...alive?” Shouto asks, grunting as he swings a little from the chains.


“Y-yeah, or he was last time I saw him. Deku keeps him in his bedroom, I think. He has a collar kind of like mine, b-but it’s bigger. He has a spl-split personality now, too.” Kirishima stutters out.


Shout winces. He didn’t want to think about what could make someone as strong as Katsuki have to develop a second personality to survive here. The blond would never have cracked, or at least Shouto didn’t think so, he couldn’t imagine what the other hero had to have been put through in order to have broken that much.


“Sorry, Kirishima. I’ll try to get us out, but I...I don’t know if I can .” Shouto groans. His shoulders pop out again, and he drops towards the floor with a yell.


“I-I’m sorry, Todoroki, I shouldn’t have listened, I should’ve fought back with you.” Kirishima says. His voice is crackly, probably from crying.


“Don’t be. Whatever happened in the cell he threatened you with was, shit ow, bad enough to scare you like that, then I can take a little pain. You don’t need to go through whatever it was, not again.” he says. He doesn’t bother putting his shoulders back in, but his body shakes and shudders with pain. His shoulder blades jut from his back like malformed winder, red and swollen.


Kirishima stares at him, tear tracks running down dirty cheeks.


“I’m sorry.” he whispers pathetically.


“Not your fault.” Shouto grunts. Ice swirls away from his foot, giving him a platform to stand on so that he can ease the pain of his shoulders.


Dabi opens the door again. He raises one eyebrow.


“Thought I said no quirk, Shouto.” he says.


“Fuck off, sir. If you were hanging from the ceiling with two dislocated shoulders, I’m sure you’d do the same.” he groans a few times during, but otherwise his voice is even and controlled.


“Seriously, aren’t you already in enough pain? Do you really want my attention so bad that you’re breaking rules already? It’s simple, slave , listen and obey and I won’t hurt you.”


Shouto bares his teeth at him, fire sparking around the scar.


Dabi sighs, and pulls a hose into the room.


“You’re a fucking mess, both of you.” he says, turning it on and spraying ice cold water across them.


Shouto flinches away from the spray, but is held in place by the chains. And Kirishima, Kirishima doesn’t even move. Not one bit. Not a flinch, doesn’t try to escape the freezing stream.


When the hose shuts off, they’re both shivering.


“If you’ve used your quirk in the morning, Shouto, I’ll have Kirishima raped in front of you. Maybe I’ll have Bakugou be the one to do it. You like to watch, right?”


Shouto shakes, both in rage and from the cold.


“You wouldn’t. ” he hisses.


Dabi smiles.


“Oh, I absolutely would.”

Chapter Text

He hadn't been chained up again. He couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or not. Deku had brought a fucking pet bed into his bedroom, and a a cage, too. Both sat in corners, though on opposite sides of the room. He didn’t even have to ask to know that they were for him. It was just another humiliation in the long line of horrible things Deku had forced him to do.


He sat on the floor by Deku’s bed, staring at the dark grey mittens covering his hands. He’s going to have to be careful to make sure his hands don’t wither in them. When- if - he escaped, his hands had to be able to take the high force of his explosions. He wasn’t even sure if it was worth trying to escape, everything had been taken from him. His ability to function on his own had been stolen from him.


Deku is reading on the bed, some crime novel or something, and doesn’t seem to care about the blank faced slave sitting at the foot of his bed. Katsuki is tired, and so, so done with this. He has no control over his life, of his own body, even of his mind. The incessant voice of “Kacchan” echoed in his skull, refusing him peace.


At some point, Deku put the book down and simply watched him. He kneeled, still and silent, blinking robotically. Broken , Deku thinks. Pathetic.


“Little slave, are you hungry?” he asks, ignoring the voice in his mind that tells him to get rid of this broken toy.


“Yes, master.” comes the robotic reply.  Despite the blankness of the one, Katsuki’s face shows hope.


“When was the last time I fed you?” he asks. He doesn’t remember giving him any food recently.


“I don’t remember. It’s been at least...a week, I think, master.”


Deku winces.


“Why didn’t you tell me you were hungry?”


“I tried. You tried to drown me in the bathtub, master.”


Oh, right. He had done that. He hadn’t realized how fragile his slave was when he’d done that.


“Come here, I’ve got a snack for you.” Deku says, gesturing for Katsuki to come onto the bed. The blond does, slowly, struggling a little without being able to grab at things to pull himself to his feet.


The book had long been forgotten by the time his slave had gotten onto the bed. The blond’s hair had gotten longer, he’d have to have it cut. The oversized t-shirt hangs from his frail frame, and his eyes are sunken into his head. He really hadn’t been fed enough, Deku notes that he’ll have to remember to feed him.


He unbuckles his pants, pulling his cock out, and looks at his slave expectantly. Katsuki’s eyes are on him, but he doesn’t move.


“Suck it, slave. Get me to cum and I’ll have someone bring us food.” he says.


Katsuki moves forward. He doesn’t have a choice, and he needs food. He slowly bows down, hating it, but he licks at the head of his master’s cock before taking it into his mouth. Without his hands, he can’t compensate for what he can’t take, and he can tell that Deku is getting impatient. Tears build in his eyes as he forces himself lower and lower, knowing that it would be worse if Deku got impatient and slammed him now.


He pulls up, letting it pop out of his mouth and panting for a second before dipping his head back down. He chokes a little, and feels Deku’s hand on the back of his head. He pushes himself further, black spots swim across his vision, and he whimpers a little, trying to reach the base before Deku forces him down.


But instead of pushing him down, the hand pulls him up, off his dick entirely. He coughs and chokes, tears dripping from the corners of his eyes. No, no, he hadn’t made Deku cum, if Deku didn’t cum, he wouldn’t be fed.


“Pl-please, I ca-can do better, ple-please.” he whimpers.


Deku kisses him softly.


“I know you can do better, but don’t push yourself too hard baby. We’ve got plenty of time for you to learn.” he says. His voice is uncharacteristically soft, and he pulls Katsuki’s head forward and into a deep kiss. Katsuki’s mouth is open, his tongue pliant as Deku makes stabs into his mouth.


“Ye-yes, master.” Katsuki whispers. His hands are caught up in one of Deku’s larger ones, and he’s forced to meet his captors eyes. He doesn’t expect the care he sees, or the compassion.


“You don’t have to, Kacchan, I won’t force you to.” he says.


Katsuki doesn’t say anything. If he really didn’t want to force him into anything, then he wouldn’t be holding food over his head.


“Thank you.” he whispers, but bends back down anyway. His hands are released, and this time, he takes it much slower. The mitts are placed, tentatively, on Deku’s thighs to keep his balance as he bobs his head. His motions are slow, but on each downwards push, he takes his master deeper. Deku’s hand settles in his hair, and fear thrums through his veins. He pushes it aside though, Deku is only playing with the soft blond fluff.


He sighs softly through his nose, tongue laving at the underside of his master’s cock.


“Good slave.” Deku’s rumbles, voice heavy with lust and attraction. He makes a happy noise around his cock, and suckles on the tip for a moment before taking him nearly to the base. He pushes away his gag reflex, a goes down all the way, nose pushed into Deku’s pubes. He looks up at his master, blinking teary eyes until he can see his captors face.


Deku is smiling down at him, and nods in encouragement. He hurries up, sucking harder and pulling small noises from the villain’s mouth. Groans and moans and muttering of, “good boy, good kacchan, good slave”. The noises stop, and his hand knots in his hair as he cums. Katsuki drinks it, wincing at the taste, but if he doesn’t swallow it then it’ll spill out of his mouth and nose and be all the more disgusting.


He pulls away, wiping at his mouth with the mittens. Deku is basking in the after orgasm, but he’s hungry. He was promised, food, and he would get food, goddamnit.






“You said if I made you cum I could eat.” he says.


“I did, didn’t I. Alright then.” he says, grabbing his phone. He taps on it a few times, before pulling Katsuki against his chest.


“Food’ll be up soon. Cuddle time right now.” he says.


Katsuki sighs, and settles in his captor’s embrace.

Chapter Text

It was cold. It didn’t help that there were layers of water on both them and the cell, but there was little he could do about it. There was little he could do, not unless he wanted to see his...friends? raped. Even though he was, technically , a vigilante, he still considered class A his friends.


“Just do it. Being raped is better than freezing to death.” Kirishima says softly.


Todoroki winces.


“We won’t freeze to death. Dabi wants us alive. We’ll just be very uncomfortable, and maybe have a small amount of frostbite at worst.” Todoroki says.


“I can take being raped. I’m used to it, and I’d rather be raped than be cold. I know that you use your fire now, please, Todoroki, please. I just want to be warm .” he says.


Todoroki grits his teeth, but small bits of fire spark to life. The water on his skin evaporates first, but the fire builds until the ice beneath his feet melts and the room temperature rises. Kirishima sighs as steam fills the room.


He hurts, everything hurts, his shoulders are burning because there’s no longer anything giving him support. All he can do is hope that the comfort is worth it.

Come morning, they’ve both fallen asleep. Todoroki hangs from his chains, shaking and sleeping fitfully, waking at any slight noise, while Kirishima sleeps warm and restful. Even in his sleep, Todoroki radiates heat, and the room has reached the temperature of a sauna.


Dabi opens the door and laughs, waking both.


“Guess you really do like to watch, huh? Alright then, I can arrange that for you.” he says, opening the door further to reveal Deku. The villain boss grumbles, and tugs on a leash, bringing Katsuki into view.


“I figured that you wouldn’t listen to me, so here’s your present. You get to watch Kacchan fuck my slave, and Deku wants to fuck you.” he says, grinning.


Todoroki groans.


“Fuck off, Dabi.” he says.


“You say that, but you wanted this. Obviously, or you wouldn’t have disobeyed.”


Kirishima crawls over, bowing in front of Dabi.


“Please, sir, don’t do anything to him. I made him do it, please don’t have him raped.” he says. He knows that Katsuki is watching him grovel at someone’s feet, but he doesn’t care right now. He’s been so stripped of dignity, humanity, and care that all he can really do is please and protect.


But when he looks up, Katsuki’s eyes are dead and blank, and the blond has a row of stitches across his stomach. He stares at Kirishima, at the collar around his neck, but he doesn’t seem to see it. Or him.


“Fine, fine. He’ll have no distraction from watching what Deku, Kacchan, and I do to you.” he says.


Kirishima whimpers slightly.


“Yes, sir.”  he says.


Todoroki’s eyes are closed tight against what he might be forced to see, and he pants slightly. He can’t really breathe normally, it hurts too bad. A hand is placed over the burn on his chest, smaller than Dabi’s. Deku. He whimpers, though he’d never admit that that noise had come out of his mouth.


Gentle hands tie a muzzle over his face, and his eyes snap open. A sound of muffled confusion slips past his lips, startled. Why would they gag him? Usually torturers wanted to hear the sorrow, rage, and pain of their victims. He would’ve bet that Deku was one of those, and he knew that Dabi was from the grin he’d held at each of his screams.


Katsuki stands against one wall. His hands are in rough grey mitts, stitches across his stomach from a knife wound, fading bruises up and down his body. He wasn’t wearing a collar, instead there was a loop of the leash Deku held around his neck. His face is blank, but recognition flares in his eyes when he sees Todoroki.


“Come here, little slave.” Dabi orders, gesturing at Kirishima. He crawls across the floor, dragging the chain behind him as he does, head bowed in subservience. “You too, Kacchan.”


The blond walks to the scarred man, slowly, not responding to anything. His feet were bare, and Todoroki was glad that the cell was warm enough to be comfortable for the three naked heroes.


“You’ll like this, I’m sure. It’s an excellent view.” Deku whispers before pulling away from him.


He places a hand under Katsuki’s chin, lifting his head to bear his throat and nuzzling it.


“Slave, fuck Red. Don’t prep him.” he orders, voice sharp and rough despite the gentle hands on the blond’s shoulders. Those shoulders slump.


“Master, I...I can’t.” he says softly. Katsuki was never soft, this was wrong.


“You can, and you will, or I will.” Deku says.


Katsuki chokes on tears, but falls to his knees. His eyes dart to Todoroki, where he hangs from his chains. The mitts dig into Kirishima’s hips as the boy looks over his shoulder. His eyes are fearful, but he smiles shakily at Katsuki anyway.


The blond is soft, and he ruts against Kirishima’s ass to try and work up some semblance of an erection. He’s half-hard, but he can’t get any higher than that. Tears build in the corners of his eyes as he begins to push in, hardening at the heat of his...boyfriend. They’d been dating when they’d been kidnapped, and he’d never say it to his captor, but he loved Kirishima.


A foot slams into his back, Dabi’s, forcing him to sheath himself entirely. Kirishima screams, tears running down his face and back arching.


“K-katsuki!” he yells. The blond bends over his back, warm chest pressed to cool flesh.


“Kiri.” he growls, hips snapping forwards. There’s blood now, easing his way,but he knows that as it dries it will make this harder.


Dabi guides Kirishima’s face to his crotch, lowering his zipper. Kirishima goes cross-eyed staring at the dick in front of his face. He hasn’t been fucked in a long time, it hurts . He’s panting crying involuntarily.


Dabi slaps his cheek with his cock.


“Suck, slave.” he growls. Kirishima chokes as Katsuki thrusts, the blond glaring at Dabi with fiery eyes.


Mine.” the blond snarls, fucking brutally into Kirishima. He screams, hands scrabbling on the floor. He turns around eyes wide with pain and fear as Katsuki tries to fuck his guts out.


“K-Kat-suki! Slow-s-slow down!” he screams.


Katsuki is past being able to hear him, fucking into him like an animal. His hands, trapped in those mittens things, press hard into his sides, sure to leave bruises. Kirishima’s cock bobs, hard and dripping despite the pain, and Katsuki bites down hard on his shoulder. He screams, digging his nails into the concrete and falling to his forearms.


“Fuck, Katsuki, I should’ve had you do this before.” Deku says, putting a hand in the blond’s hair. Katsuki tosses his head, biting at the hands.


Mine .” he spits.


Kirishima screams again, and Dabi sticks his fingers in his mouth, prying it open.


“Suck my cock, slave, or I’ll have your teeth pulled.” he snarls, pushing the head into his mouth. Kirishima sobs, but his head moves with the force of Katsuki’s thrusts, bobbing up and down. It’s all he can do to avoid biting him on accident, but when he looks up, his master looks happy with him. With the tears running down his face, and the blood running down his thighs.


Todoroki is pale as he watches, and if he could’ve he would’ve thrashed in the chains. But if he did, he’d hurt himself more. All he could do was watch as Kirishima was abused because he’d used his quirk.


He doesn’t cry, but that’s more from shock than a lack of empathy. He doesn't know how to absorb the scene in front of him.


Deku is watching with a self-satisfied smile, lazily stroking his cock. He tugs on Katsuki’s leash, pulling him away from Kirishima.


“Sit, Kacchan.” he orders.


The blond spits at him.


Mine, master, he’s mine .” he growls, but sits anyway.


Deku smiles.


“He belongs to Dabi, but maybe I can let you two play more often. Right now, I want a turn.” he says.


He kneels behind Kirishima, pressing in with a moan. Dabi is fucking his face, but Kirishima feels Deku enter him and screams against the cock in his mouth.


He’d said he could handle it.


He really wasn’t sure if he could.

Chapter Text

His mind was gone, enveloped in a haze of mine, mine, Kirishima is mine , but he still knows enough to listen when his master orders him off. He bites at the hand in his hair, but sits, onediantly, by the door.


He wants to spit and curse and scream as his master fucks his boyfriend, but if he does, he’d be punished. The threat of losing his arms still hangs over his head, omnipresent even in his fucked up state of mind. Though his hands were useless at the moment, they would be even more useless not attached to his body.


So he sits, teeth bared in a feral snarl, as his boyfriend is brutally raped from both ends in front of Todoroki.


He meets Todoroki’s eyes, and his mind threatens to return. He doesn’t want it to. When he thinks straight, he hurts. He’s tired of hurting, but Todoroki’s eyes bring him back to humanity.


He watches what is happening, tears in his eyes. He can’t stop this. He can do nothing but watch. And then the leasha round his neck is pulled. Deku is gesturing for him to come over.


The villain had just cum, spilling into Kirishima with a moaning cry. He crawls across the floor slowly, eyes not leaving Todoroki’s broken face.


“Fuck him, slave.” Deku says.


Katsuki’s minds snaps away, and he leaps forward, sinking into Kirishima with an animalistic cry. Kirishima screams around the cock in his mouth, and that tips Dabi over the edge. He cums into Kirishima’s throat, the slave swallowing without complaint before the last few pumps are smeared across his forehead. Dabi leans back, a content smile upon his face.


Kirishima is crying and whimpering, but Katsuki can't’ stop. He fucks into Kirishima with wild abandon, unable to slow or stop or stop the growling that poured from his lips and into the room. His eyes blazed with fierce list and rage, mitts clamping on Kirishima’s hips with a grip to destroy.


Kirishima is saying something, but Katsuki is far past words-understanding or speaking them.


When he cums, it’s with a savage howl, seated as deep inside of Kirishima as he can get. As his vision clears, he can see blood from his teeth on Kirishima’s back, bruising forming on his hips and ass, and his head lulled to the side-unconscious. He’s bleeding, too. The stitches had torn, blood spilling from his stomach across Kiri’s back. He pulls out with a whimper, still unable to form words but knowing that this isn’t what he’d wanted.


He paws at his stomach, trying to stop the bleeding and looking at Dekunfor help.


Deku is laughing.


“You’re a machine, Kacchan! After that show, I’ll have to give you a little love of my own, hm? Let’s go get your stitches fixed.” he says, pulling on the leash.


Katsuki stumbles to his feet, glancing back at Kirishima with nothing short of absolute suffering in his eyes when he hears it- the building rumbles.


Deku curses.


“Dammit, I knew we should’ve moved.” he says, scooping Katsuki into his arms and running. Dabi is running, too, carrying Kirishima and leaving Todoroki hanging from his chains.


As they are running, Katsuki realizes what is happening.


The heroes are here.

Chapter Text

He yanks against the leash on his neck, pulling it from Deku’s hands. His legs are jelly-like, but he sprints away from Deku. The heroes were here! He’d be safe, if he can get to the heroes.


“No! Kacchan!” Deku yells, but he doesn’t follow.


Why isn’t he following?


Katsuki looks over his shoulder to see Deku being held back by Dabi, right as he slams into a broad chest.


He falls to the ground, doesn’t have time to get to his feet, but tries to crawl away anyway. No! He’d just gotten away from Deku, he wouldn’t be caught so soon, not by one of Deku’s fucking thugs!


A hand wraps around his neck, picking him up with ease. His eyes narrow, and his legs kick at the air. He tries to pry the hand away from his neck, but with the mittens over his hands, his attempt is utterly useless.


In a flash, Deku is in front of him.


“Set him down.” his voice is low and angry.


Whoever’s holding himleans down, taking a sniff of his hair.


“What the fuck?” he shouts, twisting in his grip.


The hand tightens, drawing a squeak from his chest as air is cut off.


“I don’t think I will, Deku. Is this your little slave? Where’s it’s collar?” the man growls.


He isn’t wearing his collar right now. Put my slave down.” he spits.


He doesn’t see it, but he feels the man smile.


“He looks yummy.” a tongue runs up his cheek, and Katsuki’s struggles renew. What the fuck was this? This guy isn’t a fucking hero, what’s going on?


“You and your clan will not be eating my slave, Cannibal Canon.” he says.


What the fuck .


Before the guy holding him can do anything else, Deku’s fist is through his stomach, dripping blood.


“Dabi, send out the alert. It’s not the heroes, just the Cannibal Clan. Crush them.” he says, removing the fingers from around Katsuki’s neck one by one.


Katsuki falls from the man’s grip and into Deku’s arms, coughing and curling in on himself. His stomach wound hurts, and he can't’ get enough air around the swelling from the massive hand that had threatened to crush his neck.


“Idiot. That’s what you get for trying to run from me, you can’t protect yourself. Even when we aren’t under attack, this building is full of villains who wouldn’t hesitate to hurt or kill you. They know that I would destroy them over it, but for some, they’d accept that just to strike a blow against me.” he says, holding Katsuki tight to his chest.


“Wh-who the fuck was that?” he whispers, trying not to cry. He’d been so close, so close , to being free.


“The Cannibal Canon...he and his people would rape and eat their victims to get rid of the evidence.” he says, walking down the hall calmly.


A few more of the cannibals attack them, but Deku takes care of them with ease, while Katsuki sleeps in his arms.


Chapter Text

When he wakes up, he’s in the dog cage in Deku’s bedroom. Bars dig into his knees through the thin cushion, and he can’t really move in any direction. There’s a collar around his neck again, thinner now though. The stitches have been repaired in his stomach, and Deku isn’t in the room with him.


He tries to reach his arm out of the cage to undo the latch, but he can’t with the mittens on his hands. He growls, slamming his shoulder against the door. It doesn’t do anything, and he turns, as best he can, to try and find a way out. There isn’t one. He growls, but knows better than to fight too much. If he hurt himself, he’d likely be punished, or Kiri would be punished. None of them needed to be hurt anymore.


He settles in the cage, albeit very much unhappy about the situation, to wait for Deku to come back.

And Deku finally does.


“Let me out, master.” he says, quiet, but also a warning in his voice.


Deku crouches in front of the cage.


“Are you going to try to run away again? That was very disobedient of you, slave. I’m giving you one warning-try something like that again, and it will be your legs that are amputated.” he says. Even without Katsuki’s reply, he knows what the blond will say. He unlatches the cage, and Katsuki crawls out.


He kneels obediently at Deku’s feet, head bowed, eyes on the floor.


“Don’t worry, the Cannibal Clan has been more than taken care of. They’ll never bother us again, Kacchan. Come here.”


At some point, Deku had moved to the bed, and he gestured for Bakugou to come towards him. He does, shuffling slowly along the floor and settling between his legs.


“On my lap, slave.” he says.


Katsuki crawls onto the bed, and then sits on his captor’s lap, face and ears burning with shame.


Deku pulls him into a hug, petting through his hair with scarred fingers. Katsuki’s arms stay at his side, but his eyes are wide. What the fuck? What was Deku doing? Why was he hugging him? He usually only did stuff like this after he’d raped him.


“I’m sorry, Kacchan. I don’t want you to feel like you have to run away from me, I love you. There’s just some rules you have to follow.” he says.


Katsuki knows the rules. Do as Deku says. Call Deku master. Don’t mouth off. Don’t fight back. Listen to the other villains, as long as they aren’t trying to rape him. Don’t try to escape. Don’t love anyone, unless it’s Deku. And above all else, don’t disobey.


He remains silent, and Deku pulls him into the bed with him, wrapping his powerful body around his slave’s. Katsuki shivers slightly, but doesn’t move.


“Would you like to fuck Kirishima more often, slave?” Deku asks. Katsuki stops himself from tensing. This was a trick, definitely. He wanted to spend more time with Kirishima, but Deku would not like hearing that.


“No. I only need you...master.” he says, though the answer pains him.


“Good boy.” Deku replies.


Katsuki tries not to cry when Deku’s hand wraps around his cock, and fails. The tears fall silently, quickly absorbed by the sheets.

Chapter Text

Kirishima is carried back to the cell, after Dabi had burned about six people into ash-covered chicken strips.


When the door is opened, there are chains-but no Shouto. Kirishima can’t stop himself from laughing into Dabi’s shoulder. He gets slapped for doing so, after he’s been set on the ground. But he doesn’t stop.


Shouto had escaped, at least one of them was okay. Maybe Katsuki had escaped, too, but he wouldn’t bet on it. Shouto was safe, and that’s all that mattered.


“Where the fuck did he go.” Dabi growls, fire sparking into life around him.


“Gone, he’s gone, safe and gone, safe and gone. You can’t hurt him, no one can hurt him, he’s gone, gone and safe, safe and gone.” he curls in on himself laughing, repeating a mantra of, “safe and gone, gone and safe”.


Dabi ignores him, hunting around the cell. There was no blood; it wasn’t likely that the cannibals had taken him then. He’d escaped. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind.


Dabi growls, fist slamming into the wall.


“Come here, slave.” he snarls.


Kirishima flinches a little. Usually when they were alone, Dabi was nice...or nicer, at least. He crawls across the floor, still giggling and muttering to himself. Dabi grabs his chin, forcing him to meet his eyes. Kirishima’s eyes are dazed, broken. His captor smiles. Broken. And he hadn’t really done anything at all to break him.


Kirishima presses his face into Dabi’s palm with a quiet sigh.


Dabi grins, leaning down and kissing him.


“Follow.” he orders, walking briskly away.


He doesn’t even look behind him to know that Kirishima is crawling along at his back.

Chapter Text

Okay, so those of you that follow my twitter know that I was going to be gone for work stuff for about a month. That is no longer an option, seeing as I'm stuck in the hospital until my legs heal enough for me to limp my way back to work. I have a multitude comminuted fractures in both legs, and the damage will never fully heal. They're putting a steel rod in my left knee-I'll never bend it again, and both legs are going to be heavily scarred. There's only so much that can be done when people take hammers to your legs. I'll be away for a while while I heal and go through physical therapy and try to get used to living with nerve damage and without total function of my legs.

This was my fault; I wasn't careful and I took the same path too many times. People learned my schedule and figured it was a good way to send a message. I don't know why they didn't kill me; they easily could've at any of the points when I was unconscious (it happens a lot, apparently, when people with mallets are destroying your legs). I'm glad that all they did was shatter my legs, because it could have been much worse.

Updates will resume soon enough, once I'm off pain meds and can think a bit more coherently.

Chapter Text

When Deku falls asleep, Katsuki moves onto the floor. If the new treatment was anything to go by, Deku saw him as more of a pet than a captive now. He better act as such, he was so done with being hurt.


He curls in on himself, falling asleep beside Deku’s bed.


He wakes with Deku’s hands under his arms.


“Why’re you on the floor, Kacchan?” he asks.


“I wasn’t sure if you wanted me on the bed, master.” he whispers, staying limp as Deku picks him up.


“I wouldn’t put you there if it wasn’t where I wanted you. Come on, back in your cage.” he says.


“I don’ wanna.” he says, glaring at the cage.


Deku chuckles.


“I can’t trust you to stay if I tell you to. It’s your cage until I’m sure you’ll listen to me.” he says.


Deku pushes him into the cage, and he stares at Deku as the cage is shut on him.


I hate you .


“I love you, Kacchan. I’ll see you soon.”


Why did you do this to me?


“Bye, master.”


I thought you cared for me?


“I love you, Kacchan.”


Why, Deku?

Chapter Text

Useless, weak, pathetic.


Shut up.


You can’t do anything, Katsuki, you’re only only good for being Deku’s slave.


Fuck off.


Ha. Pathetic little slave.


Katsuki whimpers, curling in on himself in the cage. That stupid fucking second personality had come back, he’d been yelling at him since Deku had put him back in the cage.


Deku hates you .


Fucking no shit.


It was obvious Deku hated him. He’d raped him since middle school, then kidnapped him, tortured him, and locked him in a tiny cage in his bedroom. If Deku didn’t hate him, then why would he have done any of that?


He curls in on himself, burying his face in his arms. He hates this cage, he hates what Deku has done to him, he hates everything and everyone, but mostly he hates himself.


Nice, keep pitying yourself, useless piece of shit.


He doesn’t reply. Doesn’t need to.

When Deku returns, it’s to see his slave curled into a tiny ball in his cage. The blond’s shoulders are shaking slightly-he must be crying.


“Hi, Kacchan.”


His slave looks up at him. He’s laughing.


“Hello, master.” he says, smiling. His fingers curl into the bars of the dog cage, and he grins up at him. His eyes are sunken into his head, thin and frail and so, so tired, but lit up with manic glee.


Deku winces. Right...D.I.D., he’d caused that. Katsuki’s main personality had disassociated, this wasn’t his slave, this was someone totally different.


“Let me out, master, I wanna play.” not-Katsuki calls.


“Not unless Kacchan comes back.” he answers, sitting at the desk in the corner of his bedroom. The dog bed he’d bought for Katsuki was right next to it.


“He hates you though, why would you want him? I like spending time with you, I’m not afraid of you, and I like having sex with you. He only lets you touch him because he doesn’t want you to hurt that stupid boy he loves.”


Deku sits bolt upright in his seat.


“What did you say?”


“Right, he’s been hiding it from you. He doesn’t want you to hurt Kirishima because he loves him, so he does whatever you tell him to. He’s tired, master, Katsuki is going to kill himself if he gets the chance, for real this time.”


He knows that he’s lying. Katsuki’s double couldn’t be trusted, he just wanted to get him to hurt his pet.


“You’re lying. Kacchan loves me.”


His alter laughs.


“Sure, he pretends to, but he hates you. If he could, he would kill you, but you’ve made us quirkless, useless, pathetic, nothing but some toy for you with...quirkless, useless...pathetic”


Katsuki trails off, sanity bleeding back into his eyes. His fingers fall away from the cage, and he pushes himself into the corner again. His eyes are glazed with fear.


“Sorry, sorry master, I couldn’t keep him back.” he whimpers, eyes widening as Deku stands and walks towards him. He whimpers, shutting his eyes as Deku opens the cage.


“Was what he said true?”


“Wh-what did he say?” he whimpers, still pushing himself as far away from the villain as he could.


“That you hate me. That you only listen to me because you don’t want me to hurt your ex. That you love Kirishima, even with me here.”


Katsuki whimpers, wincing. He didn’t need to say anything for Deku to know that it was true, his reaction alone gave that away.


“No, master, of-of course not, I love you, only you.” he whimpers out, flinching away as Deku reaches for him. Deku’s hand wraps into his hair anyway, and he screams as he’s pulled out of the cage. Deku yanks him up to his eye level, snarling in the blond’s face.


“Don’t lie to me, slave.”


Katsuki is crying, tears streaming down his thin face as Deku snarls.


“Pl-please, I’m sorry, I love, I love you, d-don’t!” he cries out. Hands flailing pathetically in an attempt to get Deku to put him down.


“No, you don’t!” Deku yells, punching him in the face. Katsuki screams, falling to the floor as Deku lets go of his hair. His body is thin, and he falls into a pathetic heap on the floor, blood dripping down his face. He sobs slightly, trembling.


“I’m sorry, sorry, ‘m sorry master.”


Deku is panting, looking at the pathetic creature on the ground.


“You are not what I loved. You are not who I loved. You are pathetic, useless, just some quirkless toy!” he snarls.

Chapter Text

Shouto was pissed . He’d thought the heroes had finally gotten their asses in gear, but no, it was some other villain group trying to one up Deku’s. So he was still stuck in the fucking base, a muzzle that he couldn’t get off covering his mouth, without any motherfucking clothes .


He takes a deep breath. He won’t be able to help anyone like this, he needs to calm down and bring himself back under control. The muzzle needs to come off, it’s uncomfortable and bothersome. And then he needs to find clothes.


He feels around the back of his head, no longer trembling from fear of being caught by his older brother or the adrenaline of several fights. The buckle was no different from a belt buckle, but he couldn’t get it off when he was shaking so bad earlier. Now, his fingers easily undo it, pulling the thing off of his face and inhaling cool air.


He looks back at the unconscious guy that had tried to take a bite out of him, and shudders slightly. His clothes were not...the best. But they would have to do. They have a hood, so he’ll be able to cover his face up and avoid being spotted.


A sorrowed scream tears through the hallway, Bakugou’s once proud voice splintered with fear and sorrow.


“Shit, this is going to end badly.” he mutters, turning towards the sound of that scream and running. He’d beaten Midoriya in the first year sorts festival, but he had no idea if he could do so now.


The huge door in front of him is clearly hiding someone important-hopefully Deku, and he knocks.


“What do you want?” Deku’s voice snaps out. He can hear pathetic sobs as the villain opens he door, and doesn’t bother giving him a warning.


Shouto lunges forward, ice shooting from his hand to make a blade.


Deku laughs.


“Shouto~ How nice of you to join us.”


His eyes glow green, and Shouto freezes.




Deku tackles him to the floor, and he snarls, fire flaring away from his cheek. Beyond Deku’s shoulder, he can see Bakugou on the floor, crumpled in on himself. He’s shaking.


“Get….off!” he snarls, fire flaring towards Deku’s face. The villain jolts back to avoid it, and Shouto jumps to get Bakugou. He gathers him in his arms, the blond is small and shaking, hair recently cut, nose bleeding, a blue dog collar buckled around his throat and mittens tied around his hands. The blond doesn’t look at him, crying slowly.


“The fuck do you think you’re doing?” Deku asks, hand wrapping around Shouto’s throat and throwing him to the floor.


He curls his body around Bakugou, protecting the blond from the impact. Ice races from his foot, pinning Deku to the wall,only for the villain to bust his way out of it, all rage and snarling.


Bakugou whimpers, curling into Shouto’s chest further and sobbing.


That was the last thing he saw before Deku slammed his head against the floor, and he passes out.


“Ka-katsuki…”he manages to say as his vision fades.

Chapter Text

His head hurts.


He doesn't remember why his head hurts, but it does. He can feel each breath, ice cold in his lungs, cold air over his chest and naked body. 


Why was he naked?


He'd escaped the cell where Dabi had been keeping him...and gone after Deku. And Deku had beaten him.


He opens his eyes, groaning at the light. He was in a dog cage in the corner of Deku's room, and Katsuki...Katsuki was chained to the wall next to Deku, curled up in a pet bed by his desk. Deku is watching him with a small smile.


"I figured you wouldn't actually join us...but I'd hoped you'd be smarter than this, Shouto. You were smart enough to drop out of hero school, why did you have to come after me? Why make yourself a slave? You had so many better options." he says. Katsuki raises his head, dull eyes staring at him from a thin face, before he buries his face once more.


"You wouldn't know, would you. Not everything is about meI came to save my friends." he spits.


"And look where that got you. You'll be like Kacchan, soon enough. Nothing but a broken toy for me. Your brother gave you a chance, to serve me as a subordinate, not as a fuck-toy. You picked wrong, Shou."


He doesn't answer, his blood running cold. He was going to be used the way Katsuki and Eijirou had been? He...doesn't think he could survive that, not again.


He blasts ice, breaking open the cage and running.


Except he doesn't.


His quirk is there, but he can't use it, can't bring ice or fire out, can't free himself.


"I see you noticed then? Your collar blocks your quirk, but it's not like Kacchan's bracelets. I can turn it off when I want you to do something with it. Pretty neat, isn't it?" he asks.


"Why are you doing this?" he asks, tears building in his eyes.


Deku laughs.


"Because I want to. Because I can." he answers, standing and approaching the cage.


He opens it.


"Come on out now, Shou." he says, grinning down at him.


Shouto hates the smug look on his face, the malice in his eyes, as he crawls out of the cage.


"You'll do as I tell you, right? You wouldn't want me to use the shock function in that collar, after all. Or any of the multitude of drugs stored in it." he says.


"You won't disobey me this time, will you?"


Shouto nods jerkily.


Deku smiles.


"I thought as much. Your father trained you well, didn't he? You respond to force."


"I've trained you well, Sho. You're good at this, I don't have to force you anymore."


He nods again.


"Get on the bed, slave."


"Get on the bed, slut."


He gets to his feet slowly, sitting on the edge of the bed and staring at the ground at his feet as Deku joins him. His back is pushed against the mattress, gloved hands running up and down his body.


Burning, they were burning, his father's hands were on fire as he grabbed his chest.


Deku is laughing as tears begin to slide down his face, sucking a hickey into his neck and palming his exposed dick.


"Kacchan, come here." he calls.


Another weight on the bed.


"Ride him."


Katsuki and he cry together, Shouto's hands pinned to the bed as Katsuki coaxes him to orgasm and into over sensitivity. He can't stop until Deku tells him to. All Shouto can hear is his father and his horrible praise as a second orgasm is pulled out of him.


"Should've just stayed in your lane, Sho."

Chapter Text

He passed out at some point during what was done to him. Probably a good thing, he thinks. Honestly though, he may have just dissociated. He’d always had a hard time telling the difference, both had happened often while under his father’s thumb.


Shouto was locked in the cage once more, and this time, he was able to realize how small it was. He was big for his age, tall and broad at the shoulders from vigilante work, and the cage had clearly been made for a smaller dog. Not a human, and certainly not one as large as Shouto. The bars dig into his sides, and into wounds he doesn’t remember getting. His legs have gone numb - he isn’t sure how long he’s been in here, but it was long enough for that to happen.


Katsuki is chained to the wall and pet bed once more. He’s curled in on himself, blond hair sticking up from the corner of the room where he’s buried his face.


“Are you okay, Katsuki?” he asks softly. Katsuki’s shoulders flinch. He was used to having to listen for any sound that Deku might make, trying to predict what would happen to him next.


“I raped you.” he says.


His voice is shaky, pathetic and weak. Not the Katsuki he’d known for the year he was at UA. What had Deku done to him, to make him like this.


“You didn’t have a choice, either.”


Katsuki doesn’t answer for a minute.


“You...begged me to stop, and I didn’t, I couldn’t because he threatened to kill you if   I did. I did the same thing he did to me, I’m just as bad.”


“No, you aren’t. Katsuki, I don’t remember shit about what just happened, it wasn’t you I was begging to stop, it father. I didn’t see you, I didn’t see anything, because I went so deep in my own head I have no idea what was happening to me or around me. You could’ve fucking killed me, and I wouldn’t have known. You aren’t Deku, because you didn’t want that either, and you regret that you were forced to. Deku doesn’t care about what he does, he thinks he can do whatever he wants without consequences.”


He looks up out of the cage to meet Katsuki’s eyes.


“He’s going to find out very soon that he can’t.”


He doesn’t dare say more. There’s no way that Deku didn’t have this room bugged, he couldn’t give away that the heroes were coming, because then the bastard would move. But that...that sounded like he was just barely holding on to some form of hope.

Chapter Text

Back in the room that Dabi had brought him to, Kirishima allows himself to relax. Dabi was never cruel to him here, this was their place. He hopes that Shouto managed to get away, hopes that the boy is free, but can’t imagine anyone getting out of this base without Deku’s approval.


He smiles as he’s pulled into Dabi’s chest, feeling the man’s body heat up to combat the cold of the room.


He can’t get over the look in Katsuki’s eyes as he’d screamed for him to stop, crying and bleeding around his boyfriend’s cock in front of their captors. Katsuki was gone. Katsuki would never have hurt him like that, god, what had Deku done to him since they’d been captured? Katsuki was strong, he wouldn’t cave easily. He...shouldn’t have broken. He shouldn’t have become so broken that he would…. force himself on someone else. On him. 


Dabi strokes his face, petting the limp black hair away from his eyes. He nibbles slightly on his ear, and Kirishima tenses. Dabi owned him, he knew, but he didn’t want sex. Not now, not yet. Not with a villain. 


He knew he didn’t have a choice though, thinking back to his time in the cell and knowing that anything was preferable to that hell. He forces himself to relax, to lean back into Dabi’s chest. Dabi wasn’t Deku, he wouldn’t hurt him the way the other had. Dabi would be gentle, because they didn’t have to pretend in here. This was their safe place, they didn’t have to pretend in here, because no one else could get in or see them.


“Lay down.” Dabi says, growling.


Then again, Dabi was angry, there was no telling what villains would do when they were mad. And Dabi had hurt him before, though it was part of a front to hide how nice he actually was. But what about his time in that cell? Would someone nice do that just to get him to submit? Was he being manipulated?


No. Dabi was...not Deku, he was better than Deku. He just had to make sure that Deku thought he was as bad as him.


He lays down, falling off of Dabi’s lap and onto the bed. He was still naked from his time in the cell with Shouto, but he understood. Dabi needed to control Shouto, too, so the fear tactic through Kirishima was smart. Now, Shouto would be killed when he was found instead of joining them. He’d made a bad decision, but he’s still glad that Shouto is gone. He can’t tell if he’s glad that the other is safe, or if he’s glad that there’s nothing to distract Dabi from him.


“Do you want this?” Dabi asks as he pulls his shirt over his head, leaning over the black-haired teen.


No. No, he doesn’t, but he doesn’t want Dabi to throw him away. He hasn’t wanted any of what had happened to him here, but Dabi had been the best thing that had happened. He tries not to think about what Dabi had done to Kaminari. Tries not to think about Kaminari at all as he nods.


“You’ve gotta answer verbally, you know I won’t do anything without your permission.” he says, running his hand over Kiri’s chest.


The boy shudders.


“Yes...I want this.” he says.


Dabi can tell it’s fake, and pulls back, a hurt expression on his face.


“No, you don’t. Why’re you still afraid of me? I haven’t hurt you, not when we’re alone. Do you...hate me?” he asks.


Kirishima surges up, panic on his face.


“No! How could I hate you, you’ve been good to me, you saved me from that cell! Of course I want sex with you!” he says, grabbing Dabi’s shoulders.


The man leans down, kissing him.


“It’s not fair for you to be this adorable.” he says, one arm wrapping around the boy, the other pulling his pants away.


He reaches for lube as soon as he’s naked, kissing his way down Kirishima’s chest and pressing fingers into his ass. Kirishima whines, arching into Dabi’s mouth. The vilain chuckles, watching this hero student fall apart in his hands, willingly, knowing what he was, what he’d done, because he was so destroyed by what he and Deku had done to him before he “saved” him.


Kirishima clenches around his fingers, letting out a slutty moan as he jabs into his prostate. He laughs against the boy’s chest, sucking hickeys onto once-magnificent pecs that had faded to almost nothing and sucking a nipple into his mouth.


“D-Dabi!” Kirishima yells, bucking up against the older man’s stomach.


He pulls away with a pop, letting the pink bud settle back down.


“Ah ah ah, it’s sir to you, at least when we’re like this.” he says, diving back to kiss and suck at his chest, a distraction from a third finger sliding into him.


Kirishima squeaks, covering his mouth with his hands as he convulses.


Holy shit, his slave had come just from having fingers in his ass while he played with his chest?


Hot.” he whispers, pulling out his fingers and sucking yet another hickey onto Kirishima’s neck.


He thrusts slowly into his slave, teasing him with the tip of his cock before pulling out again, revelling in the little moans and whines Kirishima makes.


“T-too much, si-sir, ‘m still sensiTIVE!” his protest turns into a cry as Dabi sheathes himself fully.


He licks his face, seeing tears budding in the boy’s eyes.


“I got you off, it’s only fair if I get off, too.” he says. He isn’t looking at his slave, but he can feel him nod slowly.


“Can you take it if I start moving? It’s okay if you can’t, Deku offered to let me use his slave.” he says.


“I-I can take it, sir. Pl-please fuck me.” he says.


Dabi delights in the gorgeous flush on Kirishima’s cheeks as he begins to fuck into him, getting more and more violent until smoke is pouring off of his body. His hands on Kiri’s hips were burning, and he can hear his slave crying for him to stop as he finishes inside of him.


He collapses on top of him, rolling over but Keeping him on his cock.


Kiri’s head lulls to the side, limp, eyes glazed over. Dabi kisses up and down his neck, running his hands along his sides.


“I’m sorry I didn’t stop, you just felt so damn amazing. I should’ve stopped when you asked. You’re so good for me, Red. Perfect.”


Kirishima buzzes inside at the praise.


“Thank you, sir.”

Chapter Text


Shouto has almost managed to wrangle the lock by the time Deku comes back. And Deku is not pleased by the sight in front of him.


Shouto’s hand is curled around the lock, twitching as he fiddles with it’s inner mechanisms using a piece of metal he’d found on the floor, and Bakugou is watching him with something like hope on his face.


Deku kicks the cage, knocking Shouto out of his trance with a yelp.


“Give me the lockpick, I’m too tired for this bullshit.”


Shouto drops it, pushing himself farther into the cage when Deku unlocks it. He knows what’s going to happen now, doesn’t have to have experienced it before to guess.


“Either come out and face your punishment or I’ll drag you out.” Deku says. He doesn’t give Shouto the time to choose, grabbing his hair and yanking him from the cage. Todoroki snarls at him, teeth bared and eyes narrow with pain and anger.


“I’ll fucking kill you one of these days.” he spits before the first blow lands. A punch to his gut has him retching on the floor, and it’s followed by two harsh kicks to the same spot. Saliva flies from his mouth, and he glares at Deku.


“Fuck you, you slimy bastard.” he coughs around the bile. Deku grins, yanks him to his feet by his hair, and then punches him in the face. He feels his nose break and hears the crack of his arm snapping when he slams into the wall. He spits blood onto the floor, ignoring the pain, and stands. His father had given him worse, time and time again.


He manages to punch Deku once, which, compared to what’s been done to him, isn’t much at all. But it’s more than he had in the past.


“Your own quirk is turning against you, Deku!” he yells, watching the power of One for All flicker and fade along his captor’s body.


“It’s my quirk!” he yells in response, and when he uses One for All this time, it works. Todoroki is slammed into the ground, he can feel his ribs crack as blood flies past his lips.


He grins anyway.


“You say that...all you want.” he says, as if he knows something that Deku doesn’t, before passing out.

He fucks Bakugou in front of Todoroki that night, after he’s been healed and locked in his cage once more. Each of Bakugou’s pitiful screams pounds the message home-he’d failed. He couldn’t save him.


“Wait, Deku...leave him alone.” he says.


His voice is quiet, arm reaching out of the cage towards the bed.


“Why would I do that?”


“Use me instead.” he says. It hurts to say, to let this scumbag know how much he hated watching this, but it was better than letting Katsuki suffer.


“How about I have you after, if you’re so eager?”


Deku ignores him, turning back to Bakugou with, if possible, more fervor than before.  He covers Bakugou’s mouth with one hand, and Bakugou refuses to look at the cage in the corner.


“Hey! You fucker, I’m not done talking to you!” Todoroki shouts, one hand wrapped around the bars of the cage, the other reaching for the bed.


“You have no say in the matter, Todoroki. You belong to me, as does Kacchan here.” Deku throws over his shoulder.


Todoroki growls.


“Fuck you, what the hell happened to you? You were such a good person in school, All Might chose you! What made you into this...this….monster!” he yells.


He can see Deku pause, and dares to hope he’s stopped him from hurting Bakugou anymore. He should’ve known better, as Deku turns around with rage in his eyes.


“You wanna get fucked so bad you’ll keep interrupting me? Fine then, let’s do that. Kacchan, stay on the fucking bed.” he growls.


Oh shit, neither of them have ever seen him look that enraged. 


His dick is still hard and he’s still naked when he marches over to the cage, unlocks it, and rips Shouto from the cage despite the fury in the captive’s eyes. The vigilante looks over Deku’s shoulder to see Bakugou staring at him in horror, and musters up the strength to smile at him before being thrown to the ground.


“Do you think you’re being brave? Do you think that Kacchan will thank you for ‘stepping up to save him from his vile master’? Huh? Or is this just your knee-jerk reaction to seeing me take what you so desperately want for yourself?” Deku snarls. He drags Shouto by his hair to the chair at his desk, and slams him into it.


“You got one taste of Kacchan, and now you want more, is that right? Or are you just some sex crazed mongerel?”


Todoroki spits onto the floor, fists clenching.


“None of the above, bastard. I’m just human enough to not want others to suffer.” he spits. 


He spits blood when Deku backhands him, falling out of the chair. He jumps up, swinging at Deku, only for his fist to be caught in one hand. The villain glares at him, forcing him back into the chair as he pulls rope from under his desk.


“You better fucking stay still, or I’ll make you watch as I cut off Katsuki’s fingers, one by one.” he growls.


Todoroki freezes at the threat, eyes darting to Bakugou and his hands. Hands that were held in grey mittens to stop him from using them. Bakugou bares his teeth, drawing one hand over his throat and then using it to point at Deku.


The message is pretty clear.


‘Kill him’


But he can’t move. He tries, and his eyes widen when he realizes that he’s frozen. He can move his eyes and breath, but little else. Deku smirks as he bears down on him with the rope.


“Did you already forget all those neat drugs in your collar?” he says as he begins to truss up pliant Todoroki. Red rope outlines his body, and as soon as Deku finishes the ties, the drug is gone. He struggles against them, and Deku watches with calculating eyes, adjusting the ropes to make sure he can’t get out.


“You fucker.” Todoroki snarls when Deku pulls out four bullet vibes, a cock ring, a dildo gag, and a steel cock.


“Yes, I do fuck people. However, I won’t be fucking you for a while.” he says.


One of the vibes is pressed into his ass, a string hanging out to remove it, another is taped to his flaccid cock, and the other two to his nipples. They’re remote operated, and Deku turns them on with a smirk. He enjoys the way Todoroki’s body jolts at the sensations, and locks the cock ring around the base of his dick.


“You goddamn bastard. Bakugou, run!” he yells over Deku’s shoulder.


“I don’t have anywhere to go, Todoroki! Even if I get out, he’ll just have my hands and legs amputated, he doesn’t need them for what he wants.” 


Deku laughs, loving the pained tears in Todoroki’s eyes as he begins to push the dildo into him. He whimpers, shuddering and pulling away from the fake cock. Deku grabs him by the shoulders and slams him down, adding more ties to make sure he couldn’t get all of the way off of it.


He grins.


“Hey, Todo? Guess what?” he says, finger hovering over a button on his phone.


“What, that you’re a s-sick motherf-fucker that gets off on hu-hurting people?” 


He slams the finger down.




“That one vibrates, too.”


Todoroki opens his mouth to say something, and then shuts it again as he realizes that the last thing that Deku hasn’t used is a cock gag. 


Deku grins as he picks it up.


“I’ll be honest, this is just because I want to see you choke on a dick. Open up~”


Todoroki shakes his head, and Deku plays with his phone a bit more. The vibrations pick up, and Todoroki jolts, mouth falling open in a silent scream as the sensations become stronger. Deku takes the opportunity, and pushes the cock gag into his mouth, fastening it tight around his head.


He leans back, watching Todoroki’s throat flutter as he chokes. The cock is just large enough to prod the back of his throat, and wide enough stretch his lips into cracking at the edges. The vibrations of the things inside and on him cause him to shake and tremble, and he glares at Deku.


The villain leans over him, grabbing his chin and forcing him to meet his eyes.


“I’d blindfold you, but I want you to watch.” he hisses, slapping him lightly.




Deku laughs at him.


“You can keep trying to talk, but it won’t do you any good.” 


He returns to Katsuki, leaving his other captive to writhe and suffer on the cock he’d tied him onto.

Chapter Text

Kirishima crawls obediently behind Dabi as they walk down the halls. This embarrassment was okay, because Dabi treated him well behind closed doors. Dabi wanted him to watch part of his job, so he would obey. Things were better now that Dabi owned him.


He smiles up at his master, even though he knows that Dabi doesn’t want him to call him that. He couldn’t help but think of him as his master, but he would call Dabi sir because that’s what he wished.


They walked down the long hallways of Deku’s base, only Kiri not knowing where they were going. Dabi open a door and points at a corner.


“Sit, slave.” he says, turning on the light.


There’s a man tied in a chair, blindfolded and gagged. His feet are bare, and his face is pale. Kiri winces, closing his eyes.


“Watch, slave.”


He opens them again.


“This scumbag thought it would be a good idea to short the boss on this month’s cocaine shipment. He thought we’d let him get away with it.” Dabi grabs the man’s hair, pulling his head up. The man trembles, shaking his head and whimpering.


Dabi’s hand smokes in his hair.


“We already found his replacement though, so there’s no problem. He just needs to be taught a lesson before he dies.”


It sounds like the guy is trying to say “no”, but nothing but some pathetic half-sounds get past the gag.


Dabi presses his burning hand into the man’s chest, and he bounces in the chair, sobbing and whimpering.


“Slave, blow him.”


Kiri startles, but crawls over to the man, unbuckling his pants with shaking fingers. Dabi removes his hand, using it to rip off the man’s blindfold. He stares down at the kid that’s licking at his cock, seeing the collar at his throat and the scarring on his body.


“You’re lucky, fucker. I could make you into something like him, but you’re too damn ugly to be a good sex-slave.” Dabi whispers, placing burning hands on his shoulders.


He screams into the gag, back arching, which forces his cock into Kiri’s mouth. Kiri slurps, saddened that the cock is still soft. He pulls off, looking up at Dabi.


“He won’t get hard, sir.” he whines.


Dabi laughs, taking his burning hands off of the man.


“Most people don’t get hard when they’re forced, you’re just weird slave.” he says, tweaking the guys nipples.


Kiri pouts, returning to sucking the guys dick. He still had to do as Dabi said, but he didn’t like the way Dabi treated him outside of their room.


The guy finally starts to get hard as Dabi plays with his chest.

He cums, and Dabi burns through his neck, blackened flesh and blood leaking through.


Kiri screams- he hadn’t expected him to kill the guy. 


Dabi kisses him softly, running his hands up and down Kiri’s chest.


Kiri gets fucked in front of a corpse, and it’s rough and bloody and Kiri cries, but it’s worth it to hear the praises tumbling from Dabi’s lips.

Chapter Text


It hurts, fuck does it hurt. He can feel blood pooling beneath him where he’s tied to the chair, and he chokes on the thing shoved down his throat. It’s just long enough to prod the back of his throat, and he finds himself nearly vomiting several times as Deku jacks around with the vibration settings. 


He glares at the villain through teary eyes, hating that he’s so helpless.


Deku had Bakugou on his back, hands held above the blond’s head. The other captive clearly hated the gloves that were locked around his hands, but he couldn’t get them off with just his teeth. Bakugou refused to meet Deku’s eyes as the villain pounded into him, filth spewing from his lips. Sometimes he addressed Shouto, mocking him for being too weak and too useless to do anything.


Shouto finds himself succumbing to the pleasure and hating it. Deku was good at making pain feel good, and with the vibration, it wasn’t long until he moved just the right way to hit his prostate.  He screams into the gag, his eyes rolling back into his head. It still hurt, but that burst of pleasure had been almost overwhelmingly strong. He has no doubt he would have cum had the band not been locked tight around his cock.


He hears Deku laugh, and then a groaning cry from Bakugou as the villain cums inside of him. Deku, always the bastard, croons, leaning down and sucking a hickey into his unwilling lover’s neck.


Deku is a cuddly fucker after raping him, pulling his lover against his side and making happy sounds that would have been ciute in any other context. But instead he’s holding a hero student captive threatening to amputate his limbs if he leaves, and there’s a vigilante tied up being sexually tortured not ten feet from the bed that the two lie upon.


Shouto lets out a garbled scream, not able to see Bakugou’s face but knowing that he’s crying anyway, because who wouldn’t be.


“Shut up, can’t you see I’m trying to cuddle my baby?” Deku snarls, earning another pissed off noise from the guy tied onto the chair.


Deku ignores him, but Bakugou looks at Shouto with fearful eyes as Deku wraps his arms around him.


“Let’s go get you cleaned up, how’s that sound? Then I’ll have someone bring us some food.” Deku says, picking up Bakugou with arms nearly as wide as both of Bakugou’s. He takes him into the side bathroom, and Shouto lets himself cry when he hears Bakugou’s whimpers as deku washes him.


He can only hope that the heroes would be there soon. He couldn’t have known that they were just outside of the door.

Chapter Text

Shota slides through the door, eyes freezing Deku’s quirk before he can do anything.


He sees Shouto out of the corner of his eye, and his skin shudders in revulsion. Deku was one sick son of a bitch, to have done this to anyone, let alone people he once called his friends. 


Bakugou sits up from the bed, blond hair limp around his face and eyes wide. There’s a slim black collar around his throat, and his hands are encased in some grey stuff that doesn’t look strong but probably was. Hope spreads across his face as he sees Aizawa walk towards him, and then a snarl.


He realizes that Deku doesn’t have his quirk right now, and that Deku is surprised.


He turns on the man, pinning him to the bed. That’s when Aizawa realizes that his student is naked, and there’s cum and blood coming from his ass. He’s livid, doesn’t bother to interfere as Bakugou starts whaling on the villain beneath him.


“I have Bakugou, and Shouto.” he says, pressing a finger to his ear as he clips quirk restrainers onto the villain. He doesn’t stop Bakugou, pretends not to see that Deku’s face is becoming a bloody mash beneath his fists. Blood soaks the fabric of the glove things, and Bakugou is crying.


He undoes the restraints holding down Shouto, and pulls him off of the vibrator. The kid is crying, hands balled in his shirt as he undoes the various things strapped to his body. The last thing to go is the collar, falling to the ground with a thump. There are vials along the outside of the collar, and needles on the inside. He doesn’t want to think about what Deku had been injecting into the boy.


Bakugou has stopped hitting Deku, and the villain is just smiling up at him.


“I had fun Kacchan!” he chirps, and Bakugou sobs.


“Bakugou, it’s alright. You’ll never have to see him again, it’s okay.” he says. He doesn’t know how to console him, isn’t good at that type of thing.


“This has to be...another trick.” Bakugou chokes out.


“It’s not, I promise, D-someone told us where you were, and we came to get you and Kirishima out. It’s over, you can come home now.”


Bakugou’s eyes are rimmed with red when he finally looks at Aizawa.


“This won’t be over until he’s dead.” he says.


“Done.” Snipe says, coldness in his voice as his quirk fires. Deku laughs as he dies.


Kirishima is clinging to Snipe, crying brokenly.


“Kats, Kats, are you okay?”


Bakugou mixes a scream and a sob, running to Kirishima and holding him with all of his strength. Free, they were free, Deku is dead and gone and they were finally free.


Shouto watches from where he hugs his old teacher, tears filling his eyes and dripping down his face. Safe. He was safe with the heroes now, away from Midoriya and his dad and everything was okay.


Snipe and Aizawa share an enraged glance, knowing that even with Midoriya being dead, he would continue to haunt these boys for the rest of their lives.


“Can we go please? I just...I wanna be away from here.” Bakugou chokes out.


The heroes nod.