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Behind his perfect eyes, there are perfect lies

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Everyone in U.A. loved Izuku. He was perfect, the perfect hero, the perfect student.


Bakugou knew better.


He knew that Izuku was ruthless, manipulative.


A wolf, no, a monster, hiding under a sheep’s skin.


Aw, Kacchan, tired already~?” a scarred finger tracing his jawline. “C’mon Kacchan, I know you can take more.”

Bakugou closed his eyes, ignoring what Deku was doing to him, as he had so many times before.


Bakugou didn’t know when he fell asleep, when the tears had dried on his face, or when Izuku had moved him back into his own room. He didn’t know when Kirishima had opened the door, but he assumed it hadn’t been very long from the horrified expression on the boy’s face.


He tries to mutter an explanation, to pull the blankets atop his exposed body, and finds that he can’t. His arms are still bound, his jaw closed tightly by the muzzle.


Which meant Izuku would be coming back, and if Kirishima was here, he wouldn’t hesitate to put the redhead in the same position he was in. His eyes blown wide, he shakes his head as Kirishima walks towards him.


“B-Bakugou? What the...what the hell, man?” Kirishima asks “Have you been crying?” a hand touching the tear marks on his cheeks. His hands go to the buckles on the muzzle, and it falls away from his face.


“Shit, K-Kiri. You’ve gotta go. Dammit, you have to go! When he comes back...he, fuck, he’ll do this to you, too.” Bakugou says


“Man, calm down! Who did this?” Kirishima asks, clearly looking at the bruises, the bite-marks, and the hickeys littered on Bakugou’s body.


“Fuck, you’ve gotta leav-”


“What’s this? Kacchan, you let someone else see you like this?’ Izuku says, standing in the doorway.


“Midoriya? Thank god, will you help me figure out who did this? I’m gonna fucking tear the bastard apart.” Kirishima says, not noticing that his friends body had tensed the moment Izuku had arrived.


“Fuck. Fuck, fuck, goddammit!” Bakugou yells.


“See, this is why I like you better with a muzzle.” Izuku says, turning and closing the door. The lock clicks into place.


“What? Midoriya?” Kirishima asks, rocking back on his heels.


“Don’t you see, Ei-chan? I’m the one that did this.” Izuku says.


“Why? Bakugou’s your friend, Izuku!” Kirishima says.


“Friend? Oh, hell no. He wanted me to kill myself. Kacchan’s bullied me since we were kids. It’s my turn.” Izuku says, licking his lips.


“This is wrong, Izuku!” Kirishima says.


“Maybe. But...I get to be a bove Kacchan for once, get to show him how much I love him. After all, who would he tell? Who would believe that I would do this, let alone to an ass like Kacchan?” Izuku says, the green lightning of his quirk crackling around his legs, and Kirishima is out as soon as Izuku hits him.


“K-Kirishima!” Bakugou yells, straining against the leather straps buckled around his arms, fighting to free his ankles, to move from his position on his side.


“Aw, how cute. Do you like Ei-chan, maybe? Maybe I’ll have him fuck you! You’d like that, right, Kacchan?” Izuku asks.


Bakugou shudders, fighting the leather with everything he has.