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highschool changes everything (bughead)

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Betty pov


Damn just one more minute!
man i really feel like crap, i have that alot latley.
today al the southside high students will go to our school because southside high got shut last week.
i have always hated mondays, but today will be the worst of all.

i tried to stand up but my feet werent working (my alarm is on the other side of the room so have to walk all the way there)
UGH shut up! i yelled at my radio
okay betts you really are weird....... i thought to myself
okay what are we going to wear today? pink like always? yeah that will do just fine.
i pulled out a pink top with classic betty pants.
i made a ponytail in my hair and putted on some pink lipgloss.
slowly i walked down the stairs where i found my mom sitting on the table, eating some pancakes.

Elizabeth! you are awake! i have some blueberry pancakes for you.
Thanks mom, but i will just take some cereal. i said, hoping it would sound nice.
Thats also alright darling. have you slept well? alice asked hoping her daughter answer and they could start a proper conversation.
Uhm... yeah fine thanks, you? i asked really not in the mood for an conversation.
I have slept great, thank you. and are you nervous about today? my mom asked me
no i am not nervous, why would i be they are just teenagers, and you were one of them they will not harm me. i said hoping my mom would drop it after i brought up that she whas a serpent before.
ELIZABETH! havent i told you not to bring that up ever again! for a moment i tought i saw pain in her eyes but as i saw it, it whas gone.
Im sorry mom, i'll just grab an apple, i am going to school to study for a test with Veronica and Kevin! bye love you!
I love you to! i heard my mom yell before i walked outside and went to school.


at school


I walked in the school when i bumbed into Cheryl and her puppets.
Sweet cousin! now tell me what do you think about it? she asked smiling bright at me
Think about what? what the hell is she talking about?
That southside scum will come to this school? she asked with alot hate in her voice