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Brothers in Time

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May 21, 1987

 3:30 p.m.

Hill Valley, California

It was a rather quite day for a young man - who had recently turned twenty. And his name was Martian "Marty" Seamus McFly. He was in his band rehearsal, just getting out of his college class. Marty was still playing with the Pinheads, who had recently had been discovered. The band members were pretty excited but they couldn't compare to Marty. Marty was stoked to peruse a career in music but he had been attending college, just in case. And he was still dating Jennifer "Jen" Jane Parker. Recently, Jen and Marty met Annie Reinaldo, another friend of Doc's. She had brown hair that went down to her shoulders, green eyes, wearing a purple long sleeved blouse, black jeans, and white sneakers. Anyways, the group had just finished practicing as the two girls clapped. Jennifer hugged Marty as Annie went over to Marty's back-up guitarist, Rick. Things were right in the world.

All except one thing. Doctor "Doc" Emmett Lathrop Brown was still in the past with his family and Marty hadn't seen his best friend/mentor for almost two years, ever since his family returned to let Marty know that they were alright, even though that Doc had really come back for Einstein. Marty had to wonder what his old friend was getting into this time and if Doc needed his help at all...


May 21, 1900

8:00 a.m.

Hill Valley, California

Speaking of Doc, he had recently had got woken up by his 1 year old baby girl. Doc cooed the crying girl in his arms, rocking her back and forth. Her name was Emily Sophia Brown, the youngest member of their family and the last. Doc always wanted a baby girl, she reminded him so much of Marty at times. Doc really missed Marty, there was so much more to that kid than anyone knew. Doc sighed sadly as he looked at Emily.

He whispered, "I would love to see Marty again."

"That's just gonna have to wait, Doctor Brown." A voice stated.

Doc looked around and saw an old man standing there. He had green eyes, a long white beard, and wearing a blue wizard's outfit.

"Who the hell are you?" The wild haired scientist questioned, gripping onto Emily.

"My name is Merlon and I come here from Flipside, looking for your help." Merlon answered, bluntly.

Doc tilted his head in confusion, his curiosity getting the better of him and asked, "With what, exactly?"

Merlon sat down and answered, "It is foretold in legends that after the brother of fire and the older brother of lightning, the evil counterparts of the brother of thunder and the younger brother of lightning will return. However, after losing badly in battle, the shadow brothers will take over the world..."

Doc gasped, "Great Scott! But what does this have to do with me?"

Merlon explained, "It is foretold that the brothers used a strange vehicle to transport themselves forward into time to find the one true weakness of the shadow brothers. And that the brother of time can help them. You are a brother, correct?"

Doc answered, "Yes but not a younger brother, I'm an older brother."

Merlon shook his head and stated, "It doesn't matter, as long as you are a brother."

Doc, not one to passing up a chance to help people (and wanted to see Marty, Jen, Rick, and Annie in the future again), looked at Merlon.

Doc replied, "Have them go to a location that is safe and out of plain sight. I will arrive at the time coordinates of this day at 10:04 p.m. - your year - and obliviously - your dimension."

Merlon nodded and responded, "The year I am from in 2013. The dimension is simply called...Mushroom Kingdom."


May 21, 2013

10:04 p.m.

Mushroom Kingdom

Back with Luigi and Pete, they arrived at Luigi's mansion - surprisingly finding Spettro and Ghowly there waiting for them. The wind had picked up and it started to rain on them.

Pete yelled, "So what do we do? Do we just wait out here in the rain?"

Luigi yelled, "We're just supposed to wait for this time traveler, I don't know if we have to wait outside or not."

Pete yelled, "Luigi...what if we don't succeed...?"

Luigi looked at Pete and saw that he was scared. Truthfully, Luigi was scared too. Everything was on the line: Scott and Elvin's research, Vanessa, Violet, Peach's kingdom, Patti's district, their ghost pups, and their own lives. But everyone was counting on them, the cowards.

Luigi took a deep breath and yelled, "We must succeed!"

At Luigi's words, there were three sonic booms. He span around and much to his surprise, there was a strange vehicle behind them. Spettro and Ghowly yelped, frightened.

Pete asked Luigi, "How the hell did you do that?"

Luigi answered, "No god damned idea."

Luigi shined the Stroboscope and saw the strange vehicle opening. The door went straight up as smoke came out of it. Luigi and Pete watched in awe as someone came out of the strange vehicle. Standing before them was a man about Professor E Gadd's age. He was rather tall (a few inches taller than Luigi), his hair was gray, he had brown eyes, wearing a long sleeved white lab coat, a white undershirt, brown jeans, and brown shoes.

He asked, "Luigi Manfredi and Pete Pichu?"

"Yes...?" Pete finally answered.

The man approached them as the two ghost pups run off, totally scared. When he came into the light more, Luigi saw that he was friendly.

He stated, "You both must come with me!"

"Where...?" Luigi asked.

"Back to the future!" He answered, simply.

Pete questioned, "Does that mean that you are the time traveler?"

He nodded and answered, "Yes and we must get going before Dimentio finds out that I'm here!"

"You know Dimentio too?" Luigi asked, as they went over to the strange machine.

The man explained, "Not personally but mostly from the prophecy. Which I can't believe I am a part of."

Pete saw that he was putting garbage into a strange container and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I need fuel." He explained, continuing to put garbage in. He ordered, "Quickly, get in!"

Luigi questioned, "Wait a minute, why are we going to the future? Shouldn't we be headed back to the past?"

The man shouted, "Great Scott, you really don't know, do you?"

"Know what?" Pete questioned, totally confused.

"Now we really must hurry." The man answered, not wanting to dwell too long on this subject. Luigi and Pete both sensed this and got in the strange vehicle. The man instructed, "Strap in."

"Why aren't there roads in the future?" Pete asked.

The man smiled as he answered, "Roads? Where we are going, there are no...roads."

Hearing that, Luigi strapped himself and Pete in. The man flipped a few switches and the strange vehicle actually lifted off of the ground.

"Ah, what the Underwhere is going on?" Luigi questioned.

The man didn't answer for the strange vehicle backed up and flew straight, creating three sonic booms, and a pair of fire trails in the sky. The mission had begun.


Wishmaker1028: I hope I explained Doc's presence and what happened pretty well, I wanted to make sure that things made a bit of sense. Please read and review! And always think outside of the box!