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The Tale of the Butterfly

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Part I - Awakening


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As long as anyone remembered, there were always the three phases in everyone’s life. Those phases could not be seen or reached by will, but only pass through one by one. First - the most innocent, sweet and fun one is – childhood. It’s an amazing phase, full of light, laughter, fun and excitement. Second, darker, more opportunistic, challenging and serious is – adulthood. And the last one, the third one, the complete one  -  the elder state. Every person create his own path and walk the way of it’s destiny of which he is given by faith itself. Choosing among many roads, we walk through life, through phases, through challenges, through good and bad. We build up and change, we fall down and rise again, we became the person we will be.

The change is inevitable, all you have to do is relax and let it leads you forward, because if you fight it, you will lose your energy, you will be unhappy and stuck in the same place for long time, but sooner or later, you will be pushed and you will fall, head down, into abyss. To some, change from childhood to adulthood is easy and good, they welcome it, they are ready, but there are some who clings to the old phase in fear of the unknown, with no courage to jump that leap of faith. One of those person’s, was boy named Jin.

Jin was a very beautiful boy who was afraid to grow up. He wanted to stay young forever. He acted childish, even though he was 16 years old.  He loved to play, to have fun, to collect toys and to act cute and sweet. He thought that the adults were boring and their world scared him. His parents didn’t like the way he acted and were often telling Jin that he should take his life more seriously. They were worried about his future and didn’t want him to suffer and to be unhappy. They wanted a good life for him, because they knew how cruel life could be. But making a boy to become a person that he is not was cruel also, so they let him be, for now, hoping that the adolescence phase will finally start and take charge of his life.

Jin didn’t have friends, since the ones he would meet, usually left him after a while, and went in search of others, more mature people. The children refused to play with him as well, since they found it weird for grown boy to play with them. Jin was sad and lonely and he didn’t know why.

One day, when he was sitting at the park, playing games on his phone, he met very beautiful and charismatic young boy – Taehuyng. It was Taehyung who first approached, drawn by Jin’s beauty and introduced himself politely, with huge box smile on his face.  Jin liked him right away, it was so easy to talk to him. Soon they discovered that they are very similar in many ways and that they both love to play, even though Jin was three years his senior. They became friends quickly and had a lot of fun together. They would run, dance, laugh, sing along and play video games all day long and the fact that Tae was at time childish, suited Jin, who, for the first time in his life, had a friend.

But every now and then Tae would act differently.  He would be quiet, deep in his thoughts , his already deep voice would go deeper, much more alluring than usual. He would start asking Jin serious questions about life, destiny, love and all other things, on which Jin had no answer. At those moments Tae would look all grown up, so different. Jin was intrigued, but didn’t ask Tae where this sudden change came from. He tried to turn Tae’s mind on more pleasant thoughts and play. Sometimes he would succeed, and sometimes he wouldn’t. Tae would usually just keep quietly lost in his thoughts or would suddenly got up and leave without goodbye. Jin was very confused, especially because Tae will return tomorrow and act normal, like nothing happened the day before. In time Jin learned to accept his friend weirdness, and didn’t ask much, until one day when curiosity got a best of him.

One day, when Tae was in one of his weird quiet moods, Jin plucked up the courage and asked him why he acts so differently sometimes. He was afraid that Tae would get angry at such a question and reject him, but Tae surprised him with calm reply.

-Because I’m almost an adult.

Jin’s brows lowered in concentration. – I do not understand. How can you be almost an adult, when you are younger than me?

-I was not afraid to grow up, like you.

-I am not afraid either! – Jin burst out, but felt embarrassed when Tae eyes moved to stare at him.

-Are you sure? You don’t seem as an adult, especially when you shout like that. – Tae’s voice didn’t change at all. It was still smooth and deep as silk.

-That’s because I’m not an adult yet, and neither are you. – Jin said seriously and let go a little bit of steam by kicking a rock near his feet, into near bushes. They were walking in the secluded part of the park. The scenery was beautiful, the weather was warm and sunny, and birds song could be heard through the trees.  Jin, who was enjoying the scenery till then, was now cursing himself for bringing the subject up. His friend is acting weird again and he really didn’t want to argue with him now. He was about to apologize for asking, when Tae’s spoke.

-Oh, but you are Jinnie. You are all grown up.- Jin felt shiver down his spine at the sound of Tae’s voice, it was so different, quiet, deep and purring. He turned and was taken aback, for Tae was looking at him with unfamiliar gleam in his eyes, which Jin didn’t like it at all.

-Why are you looking at me like that? – he asked, but Tae only smirked, walked calmly around Jin, looking at him from head to toes, pausing for the moment on Jin’s wide handsome shoulders,  until resting his eyes on Jin’s again. Jin felt anxious and excited at the same time, although the reason for that was completely unfamiliar to him.

-You really have no idea, do you?-Tae asked him, his eyes followed Jin’s jawline appreciatively, then moved to his plump lips, clean skin, and back on Jin’s eyes again, digging deep into his soul.  Jin gulped nervously. He was never studied like that before. Sure, he got used to be admired for his beauty all the time, because he was always a beautiful boy, but never did he felt such a heat and boldness in anyone eyes before, until now.

-What are you talking about? Why are you acting weird ag.... – Jin started, but was cut by other boy.

-Don’t you know how beautiful you are?- The voice gave Jin involuntary shiver again, but he decided not to show how confused and nervous he really was. What was wrong with Taehuyng? He was scary now, he moved like a cat around Jin, looking at him with narrow eyes and licked his lips.This wasn’t his Tae, this was some “other” Tae, Jin thought.  He raised his chin and tried to look serious, hiding the sudden fear he felt.

-Aaah, don’t change the subject. Tell me... – He started again, but Tae cut him once more.

-Very beautiful and handsome indeed. – Tae came even closer, their bodies were almost touching and Jin could feel his warm breath on his face and fought off the urge to step back.

-What baffles me... - Tae continued – Is that you are completely unaware how manly and handsome you look, and yet, have no idea what life has to offer you.

Tae cupped Jin’s chin in his hand and drew himself even closer, so his lips were now on Jin’s ear.

-Let me show you the wonders of an adult life, my dear Jinnie. – He said in seducing voice and kissed the place on Jin’s neck, right under his ear. Jin gasped and then moaned softly when Tae’s lips touched his ear, a warm breath tingle his neck and he felt fire from head to toes. It was weirdly pleasant sensation and Jin closed his eyes for a moment, savouring it, his heart racing, forgetting everything for a mere second. A sharp pain shook him out of this spell, when Tae’s teeth bite his ear and he screamed loudly, pushing Tae away from him.

-Are you crazy?! Why did you bit me?! It hurts!!! What is wrong with you?!!- Jin held his ear and start walking back, but Tae caught his hand and look at him apologetically. He was sweet Tae again, his big eyes were completely innocent, no trace of “the other” Tae in them.

-Don’t run Hyung and don’t be afraid of me. I am sorry I scared you. I promise I won’t do that again. I don’t know why I did it. Forgive me. Please! Please forgive me! – Tae spoke fast, clinging to Jin’s hand.

-Fine. Fine, let go now! You are hurting my hand! – Jin said, removing Tae’s strong grip from his fingers.

-I’ll forgive you for now – Jin said, still massaging his aching fingers which Tae crushed only moments ago - but don’t let it happened again.


Couple of weeks passed since that incident. Tae was acting normal and they spend every day together, like nothing happened. But something began changing inside Jin. The feelings he had from that day, started something inside him. Things he couldn’t understand.  He started sensing things he wasn’t prepared for. His body, start to feel different.  Jin knew he was physically grown, but he didn’t know why his body, react on the certain and completely unexpected way. He knew that everyone around him started acting weird suddenly and were not the same after that. It was like disease caught them and changed them and Jin didn’t want the same happening to him. He didn’t want the change, he was happy the way he was. He got Tae, he didn’t need anything else.

He tried to remember the symptoms others had, while he observed them. How stupid, loud and weird they became. How crazy the boys reacted around girls, acting like fools and strangely, the girls like that, more over they giggled. Ugh! He never cared for girls, they were always just girls, not easy to talk to, nor play with, they always had to be in charge and Jin didn’t like that. But Noona Mei was different, she was nice and beautiful. She was their neighbors daughter, few years his senior. She would always smile, ruffle his hair and told him how cute he was, every since he was very young. She is at college now. She was always like older sister to him, used to babysit when he was very young, but when she returned home for a spring break the last time, something changed for both of them.

-Jinnie!  - She wanted to hug him, but check herself and gave him her hand to shake, which he took, confused. Why won’t she hug him?

-My, you changed Jinnie, you all grown up and so handsome. The girls must be crazy for you.

Jin was definitely confused. What is that got to do with anything? Why she’s acting weird, so distant? And when did she become so beautiful? Maybe she always was, but he never saw it until now.

He murmured something which sounded like thanks and good to see you, but then lower his gaze in sudden embarrassment. She laughed, remembering the loud, funny boy he used to be. She wanted to hug him, like she used to before, but checked herself, ruffled his hair instead. It’s not appropriate, he is a young man now and beside that, he was too handsome. She quickly said she has to go, touching his hand one more time before she said goodbye and disappeared around the stairs. Jin stood watching after her, his heart racing, he was sweaty and his pants suddenly became very tight. “Not again” he groaned. This weird thing started happening a while ago and even though it was pleasurable sometimes, it was mostly embarrassing.

Once he watched a couple kissing on the bench in the park and got that huge desire to do the same. Even though Jin was very beautiful and handsome, he was considered weird, so people usually ignored him. Jin wished Tae could be with him, but he went to a private school, and Jin was all alone.  It didn’t bother him much, people generally left him alone, and his imagination was sufficient enough for him to have fun all by himself. Now, however, things changed. A girl from school he knew only by sight, start to appear in his mind and dreams often. He caught himself staring at her, admiring her hair, her face, lips. He wanted to know her, to be her friend, to kiss her. Once he came and stood in front of her, he was planning to introduce himself properly, but when he opened his mouth, nothing came out, so he run away, causing giggles from the girl and her friends.

But one time, when two of them were alone in the hall, he approached her. She heard his footsteps and turn to face him. He stared at her, she was very beautiful. Then she spoke with cold voice, which had an icing effect on him.

 – Are you going to say something weirdo, or simply gape as a fish?

As he couldn’t find words, she scoffed and turned to leave. The rage surged through him when he caught her by the hand, spin her around and threw her on the lockers behind her. She screamed in a surprise and shock, when he put both of his hands on each side of her head on the lockers behind her. He drew his face so close to hers and said quietly, with menacing words.

-No bitch, I am not a fish. How dare you looking me from above? Who do you think you are?  Will it kill you to be a bit more nice to people? I first thought I liked you, I wanted to meet you, but now... now I don’t care. You are rude and stupid.

He punched the locker with his fist, near her head, making her scream and covering her face in fear. He took one more look at her and walked away, leaving her in tears. He blamed himself afterwards and wanted to apologize next time he met her on the hall, but she just lower her head and run away from him. Jin had no idea why does he feel angry, nor nervous, nor why he craved to be touched so much. He often cried from confusion and emotional confrontations within. It was like huge hole was inside his chest, absorbing everything, craving for more, craving to be satisfied, filled up. With what? Jin didn’t know.

Only person who was always by his side was Tae. Tae was clingy type of person, expressing his emotions openly and Jin soon realized that he, also, was weird like that. At least that’s how the others saw Tae, a weird one, that’s why Jin liked him so much. Tae would often jump on Jin’s back demanding to be carried around, while laughing loudly. Jin would protest, but in truth, he didn’t mind at all. More over Jin began to sense his presence more acutely. He started to enjoy Tae’s hugs and touches. He would never forget the kiss on his neck. He wanted to feel it once more, but he was afraid of Tae going crazy again. Tae was 14 and he was innocent, even though mind was very curious about many things. He will often tease Jin by touching his ears, tickling his chin or giving him hugs or massages, saying he could get every spot right. Tae liked to stick his tongue out and lick his lips in teasing way, while looking at Jin, knowing that Jin would smack him or throw something at him as punishment. Tae adored Jin, they were close, and Jin was drawn to him, like moth to the light. They had a certain bond you don’t often see and even with all of the tease, their relationship was always strictly platonic and that suited both of them.

Two years later, Jin was eighteen and it was his graduation day. Tae was there, so proud of his Huyng. Jin took him to his prom dance. The others laughed at Jin and completely ignored Tae, like he wasn’t there, but Tae didn’t seemed to care at all. His Hyung was all he needed. They danced wildly, laughing along the way, commenting on people around them, how ridiculously they looked and danced. Jin was very happy and was all thanks to Tae.

That night, after the prom dance ended, they were sitting on the roof of Jin’s building and look at the stars, each lost in his own thoughts. These quiet hang outs replaced loud childish play long time ago.


-Yes Hyung.

-Remember when you bit my ear?

Tae turn his head to look at him.

-Maybe. What of it?

-Do you remember what you’ve told me?

Since Tae didn’t answer, Jin continued.

-You told me I was handsome and beautiful and told me that I have no idea what world has to offer me, remember?

-Do you want me to say again that I find you handsome and beautiful Hyung? – Tae smiled and Jin chuckled.

-That I already know, but do you remember?


-What did you meant by that?

-By what Hyung?

-By life and what it has to offer me.

Tae took a deep breath, and look away, watching the stars, he didn’t spoke right away. Jin waited patiently.

-Have you ever been kissed Hyung? The real kiss, on the lips?– Tae suddenly asked.

Jin stared at Tae, not knowing what to answer. Tae asked him many weird questions over the past two years they’ve known each other, but never so directly before.

-No. – Jin answered.  – What is that had to do with...?

-Have you ever wanted to touch someone? To be touched by someone? Have you ever wanted someone to be intimate with, like man with woman?

Jin gulped, of course he did, but he never discussed this sorts of things with Tae. Tae was still young.

-Have you ever wanted something or someone so bad, that it hurts you?

A long silence fell upon them. Neither of them haven’t spooked for quite sometime. It was uneasy feeling, Jin didn’t like when it happens, so he finally asked.

- Why do you ask those sorts of questions? Why do you always act weird when I.... – Suddenly he was pushed and pinned to the ground by Tae’s strong body. He grabbed both of Jin’s hands and put them above Jin’s head, anger rising in his voice.

- Stop avoiding the questions Jinnie and answer me! – Jin was in complete shock, Tae was never physical before. Sure, they would playfully wrestle, but this was different. Jin couldn’t see Tae’s face, but he felt the stare of Tae’s eyes buried down into his, touching his soul. Jin soon realized that it was the “other” Tae he was pinned under and not his dear friend. This person felt much older, more dangerous, Jin could sense the change. Even the weight of Tae’s body changed, it was crushing him.

-You again. – Jin murmured and the “other” Tae laughed quietly. His deep voice, vibrate on Jin’s chest.

-What have you done with Tae? – Jin asked angrily, which made the other one laugh even more.

- Oh finally, he understood. – He spoke – Little Jinnie has reached the second stage of understanding, I congratulate you. – The voice was the same, but it sounded different somehow, more menacing, Jin couldn’t explain it. How is this possible? Who was this person really? And where is Tae?

-Who are you? - He asked.

-You, my dear Jinnie, could call me V.

-Where is Tae?!!

-Shhh, no need to shout. Tae is here, with me, as always, he is just sleeping, at the moment.

-Bring him back! I don’t want you! Get off me! – Jin pushed V off him, or better say, V allowed Jin to push him aside. V laughed as Jin jumped to his feet and grabbed the front of V’s shirt, pulling him off the ground as well.

-Ah, you are very strong my dear one. – V purred, smirk still on his face. – But there is nothing you can do really.

V took Jin’s hand with his two fingers and twisted it, making Jin cry out in pain and fall on his knees.

-Let’s not bickering, shall we? – He let go of Jin’s hand and crouched in front of him.

He stared deep into Jin eyes, licking his lips teasingly. Jin stared at him, a mixture of fear, anger and lust fighting in his chest.

-You are magnificent one. – V said, his tone lustful.– You were always beautiful, but you grown up to be a gorgeous man Jinnie. – His hand reached to touch Jin’s face, but Jin slapped his hand.

-Don’t touch me! Bring back Tae! – Jin demanded.

V laughed, deep and rich. - All in due time my darling. – He rose up and walk around Jin. He was circling around him slowly, like predator around his pray, playing. For some reason, Jin couldn’t move.

-I can feel your emotions, how they wage war in you chest. So many different ones, all mixed inside, they must be eating you up. How much must you’ve been suffering now my dear Jinnie. – V ran the tips of his fingers on Jin’s neck, which provoked a quiet involuntary shiver out of Jin. He kneel behind Jin’s back and whisper in his ear.

-Remember the offer I’ve offered you two years ago dear Jinnie? – Jin’s heart rose like crazy, so many pictures ran through his mind, until he remembered fully that day at the park. He could hear his voice again just before his ear was bitten.

-“Let me show you the wonders of an adult life, my dear Jinnie-ah”.

Jin breathed in deeply and closed his eyes. He didn’t understand the meaning of that offer from two  years ago, but he understood it now. And how could he back then?  Tae was really a baby, it would never cross his mind the true meaning of that offer, especially coming from Tae. But now he knew.  That wasn’t Tae back then, it was this creature. He turned his head slightly towards V’s face, which was very close. He could feel V’s breath on his cheek, his lips so close to his own. Jin’s gaze fell upon V’s lips, they were so perfect, so plump, so inviting for a kiss. Jin forgot where he was, his anger, Tae, everything. The lust seized through him, he drew nearer without thinking, parting his lips slightly and closing his eyes ready for a kiss, when V started laughing deeply.

-Aaah my dear Jinni-ah, I am not the one who will give you your first kiss, neither is Tae.

Tae!? Tae!! Jin remembered now. He pushed V from him again and pinned him to the ground.

-Where is Tae?!! What have you done with him!? Bring him back!! I want Tae, not you! Tae!!! – Jin was shouting now. V’s covered his mouth with his left hand, while pushing him off him, switching places so that V was on top and Jin pinned to the ground again.

-Be quiet dear one. Don’t yell. Do you want your neighbors to come checking what’s going on? They are so nosy. They would think you are insane. – Jin muffled curses could not be heard properly, but V understood each and every one of them and smiled.

-Now, I am going to let you go, but you musn’t scream darling, hmmm? – V stood up, pulling Jin with him and once he was firmly on his feet, he let go off him.

-Where is Tae? – Jin asked again, more quietly.

-Tae is here.  – V pointed to himself – He is always with me, the same as I were always with him whenever he was with you.  We are one, him and I, but we can’t be at the same place at the same time.

-Why did you come now? – Jin asked puzzled, desire for fight V left him completely exhausted. His eyes were filed with tears. – What do you want from me?

-Aaaah, Jinnie, I want for you to let go.

-Let go of what?

-Yourself. This so called life you are so afraid to let go, you must. You need to move on darling.

-Why? – Jin asked weakly.

- Because it’s time.

-For what? – Jin started to cry now.

-To jump. Grow up.

Jin was crying heavily right now. Why did people keep telling him it’s time to grow up. Was it so important? He was sick of it. He didn’t want that. He just wanted to be left alone. Huge sobs shook his entire body. He didn’t know why he was so scared and sad. He just knew he had to let everything out.  He cried for his childhood, happy memories, joy he felt. He cried for Tae and their play times. He cried for all rejections and confusion he felt. For ache in his chest and lust that was always with him in a past few years. He cried for safety and coziness, for familiar things in life. He cried for himself, he felt pity, disgust and irritation for himself.  He was scared of the future, of life itself, he was afraid to move on, to the unknown.

He was on his knees, crying his hearts out when he felt V’s chest on his back and two hands around, hugging him tightly. He tried to fight it, but V only hugged him tighter and put his chin on Jin’s wide shoulder. He started humming a beautiful unknown melody and Jin began to calm down. His tensed muscles relaxing and his sobs stopped eventually. He don’t know for how long have they stayed like that. V was rocking him gently, still humming, until Jin became completely calm.

-Show me how. – Jin whispered and V stopped humming, raising his head from Jin’s shoulder.

-What did you just said?

Jin sniffed and took a deep breath.

-Show me how. – V was completely still, waiting. – Show me how to grow up, how to let go.

A deep quiet moan of pleasure came from V’s throat. He covered his face for a second, trying to hide the triumphant laugh that was building up in his chest, even though, Jin could not see him. He moved his right hand over Jin’s eyes, covering them, drawing him closer. He pushed another hand across Jin’s chest, spreading his palm so he could feel his heart beat, while whispering on his ear.

-Are you sure dear one? – Jin thought for a mere moment and then nodded. V started purring. It vibrated on Jin’s back, sending shivers through his entire body. V smiled when Jin’s heart started drumming like crazy.

-Yes? – V whispered again into Jin’s ear and then moved his lips on the back of Jin’s neck. Jin felt the warmth of V’s breath and brush of his lips. He could feel him on his back, every single nerve in his body was tingling, he felt aroused. At that moment he wanted him. He would go wherever and do whatever V asked.

-Yes! –Jin breathed out and V raised his head to look at the stars. His triumphant smile made his skin glow.

-Finally. – His deep voice purred.

The weight of V’s body and hand that was covering Jin’s eyes disappeared. Jin looked around and discovered that he was on some place else, all alone. The stars were the same, or at least he thought they were, but all around him was huge abyss. He was kneeling on the small patch of grass, with one door behind him with no walls. He tried opening the door, but they were locked. He looked around them and found out that there was nothing on the other side. It was so dark, he couldn’t see anything. Stars did give small light, but nothing else. He started calling for help, panicking more and more, when he heard V’s voice inside his head.

-“Jump now my dear Jinnie”.

-What!??! Are you crazy?!?! Jump where!?!? Down there!?!! Let me out! Unlock the door now V!! – Jin shouted in fear and anger.

-“There is no turning back now darling”. – V voice purred – “You must jump”.

- I can’t jump there!!! I could die!!

-“Trust me.”

- I do not trust you!!!!

-“You trust Taehuyng.”

-You are not Tae!

-“Jump Jinnie.”

-I can’t!

-“Yes you can. Jump.”

Jin placed his head on the useless door and tried to calm himself, breathing heavily.

-“The only way forward is to jump.”

Squeezing his eyes and fists, he stayed like that for moment or two, trying to calm himself. His began breathing calmly again and raised his eyes to the stars. – “The stars are so beautiful tonight and it’s my prom night. If I die, at least I had amazing fun with Tae. A perfect memory. “- He took one step back, towards the edge and then another one, still looking up and then let himself fall into nothing.

He came crushing to the cold, dark water. Darkness swallowed him completely, but his mind registered a dim light from above, so he quickly realized on which side he needed to swim. But he couldn’t move, he panicked, he was tossing and turning in water, losing more and more air in his lungs.

-“Huyng.” – He heard Tae’s voice in his head and he instinctively turned towards the sound. There was Tae, in water with him, drifting calmly. Why doesn’t he swim? Why does he just stay there?

-Tae! – Jin wanted to scream, but only bubbles came out. He started to swim towards him, when Tae raised his hand to stop him and point upwards with another.

-“Swim up Hyung.”

Jin shook his head left and right, still grabbing through water towards Tae, but it seemed like he was drifting further and further from him.

-“No Hyung. Up.”

-“I am not leaving you!”– Jin sent a thought to him and heard Tae’s voice again.

-“You can’t save me Hyung, but you can save yourself. You have to let me go. Go! Up!”

Jin’s lungs were burning, he wanted to scream from agony.


But Tae opened his mouth and huge bubbles came out of it while he screamed loudly in Jin’s head.


Jin felt a huge pull upwards on an enormous speed. So much needed air, filled his lungs painfully and he started gulping and coughing, splashing water everywhere.

-Stop tossing you moron! – a recognizable voice filled Jin’s ears and he brushed the water from his eyes .

He looked around and discovered he was in a very lavishly decorated bathroom in a huge bathtub. He had no idea how he got there in the first place, he never been there before. But a lot of things were escaping his sense of reality in a past half hour, or at least that’s what he thought, so his eyes went in search of the only familiar thing in the room.

V was standing there in his silky striped navy blue robe, lazily, like nothing happened. He was different, with a blonde hair, his skin was white as snow and he was staring at Jin with two pierced blue eyes.

He looked like an art peace, no human, definitely. Not human. Oh, how much Jin hated him at that moment. He jumped from the tub, water splashing on the tiles as he grabbed V with both of his hands on his neck and pinned him on the tile wall, raising him from the ground.

V was still unamused. The strangulation had no effect on him at all.

-You left me to die!!! – Jin screamed at him.

-No, I pull you stupid ass out. – His voice was bored. - If it was up to you, you would have drowned.

-Tae was there!!


-Have you saved him as well!? Is he with you now??!

-No, I didn’t and no he isn’t.–V said calmly. – He had to go, it was his time.

-No!!! – The sadness, the pain, the lost, the fury rushed at Jin all at once.

 – I. Will. Kill. You! – He slammed V’s head on the back wall with each word, screaming while doing that.

With one quick smooth movement, V grabbed Jin for the throat and spun him so fast. Jin didn’t know what hit him, only that he was gasping for air again. V held Jin by his throat with one hand, casually fixing his hair in the mirror with other one.

-Stop!- Jin chocked.

-I didn’t catch that. Come again? – V said boringly, still checking himself in the mirror.

-Can’t b...breathe...P....P...ghhh...

-That last part? What was it? – V finally looked Jin in the eyes, which started to roll on back of his head, he was turning blue.


V let go of him and Jin crumbled to the ground, gasping for air, holding his neck and coughing severely. He was hurting all over, like someone beat him up. He was shivering. He realized he was completely naked, so he tried covering himself with his hands and curl into fetal position.

A thick soft fabric covered him, as V throw a nearby bathrobe on him.

-When you come to your senses, come to the room, we have a lot to talk about. – and he left. Jin shivered on the ground, his tears dried out, he didn’t feel anything. It was like a nightmare and he didn’t know how to wake up. Or was he dead? Did he drown in that dark water just now?

The floor tiles felt real, firm and cold to the touch, and he can sense sweet smell of lilies. Slow taping of the water in the bathtub helped him concentrate until he finally got up, put on the bathrobe and fasten it around his waist and then went in search of V.

He entered into huge, beautifully decorated room. V was seated on one of the sofas, writing something into leather notebook. Jin looked around some more, admiring the paintings on the walls and random pieces of art scattered around the room.

-Where I’m I? – he croaked, his voice was raspy and throat soar from pressure. V didn’t bother to look at him, avoiding his question – Are you calmed enough now? – He raised his head slightly, his eyes still unmoving from the page he was writing on.

- Well, it’s took you long enough.

Jin just silently stood there, watching him. He was so weak, so confused. After a minute or two, V raised his eyes and look at Jin.

-Why are you standing there gaping? Sit down.

Jin moved and sat on the edge on nearest sofa, silently watching V with wide eyes. V smirked, raising his eyebrows.

-What? No feisty comments? No attacks? My, my, I did break you. I expected you would put up more fight. I must say... I’m a little disappointed.

Tear rolled out of Jin’s eye and he bowed his head in a submission. The fear of the unknown gripped his heart tight and he knew hat this was only the beginning. Nothing would ever be the same. The change has begun...