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From a jump of betrayal

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The USS Enterprise was defending the Hood and the Defiant from a attack lead by aliens from deep space including another Constitution class starship called the Orvellian. The Orvillian was quickly evacuating of its non-important personnel  leaving only a handful of crew behind manning  the ship in a emergency battle situation. Pike was resting in the chair giving the orders. Lieutenant Spock clung to his station. Una stuck to her station beside the other officer. 

The Orvillian was heavily damaged but keeping the fight up. The battle was highly intense. Underneath the stoic, professional shells were terrified officers who were very tense regarding the situation. The hull of the Enterprise was struck repeatedly by laser beams that made the ship rattle, stations explode, officers be thrown from their battle stations, lights flicker on and off in the colorful halls.

“Captain Pike,” Gracien, Captain of the Orvillian, appeared on the screen. Her blue skin was coated in filth and grime with dark blue liquid streaking down his wounds.  “We’re not going to make it.”

“No, you are going to make it,” Pike replied. “Just hold on.”

“Our shields are low, let us help you,” Gracien said. “Maybe then they will see reason.”

“Reason?” Pike asked. “Have you been communicating with the Stasians?”

Gracien nodded.

“This is our last resort,” Gracien said. “Good luck. Orvillian out.”

The screen erupted.

“Captain, warp core has ruptured from the Orvillian,”

The following words came out his mouth regarding the next course of action following the movements of the Defiant and the Hood backing off from the moving Orvillian. Pike stared at the screen. What was she doing? Delivering a message in reason. From the bridge of the Orvillian, Gracien was the only one left sitting in the pilots chair as the panels from behind her was being static. What was left of her bridge crew were strewn about the bridge discarded against the consoles or the floor with visible wounds that had fatally been placed.

“This is Captain Mar’ke Gracien of the USS Orvillian from the United Federation of Planets. Normally,Starfleet don’t do this kind of problem solving but you are forcing my hand at this. We have tried to reason with you, sent my first officer and several security officers for his protection,” Gracien manned the two stations  sending the ship flying on impulse toward the growing crowd of  dark, foreboding starships. “There is one thing that Starfleet holds above all else.  Killing people can only be used if it is absolutely necessary. So if you are showing off this message to your fellow friends then you have one thing wrong. We don’t want war and we will do everything in our power to prevent it,” Gracien paused. “Because we come in peace.”

The Orvillian exploded as its rounded tip met the first one the metal flew in all directions striking int the ship itself at a incredible blasting the oncoming spaceship and the explosion spread taking out three starships in one blast. The scrap metal flew in all directions leaving behind a wreckage. In a blue sizzle of light in the wreckage appeared a starship resembling a magniffying glass with sleek, thin nacelles. The USS Enterprise was above the main wreckae that had been left behind by the blast.

“Bring us in,”

“Aye aye, captain,”

The three Constitution classes lowered down.

“Contact has been made.”

“Put it on.”

“This is Captain Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery. What just happened?”

Pike was frozen.

“Lorca?” Pike said.

Wasn’t he retired from duty recovering from a battle that cost him the Buran a few years ago against a largely still highly threatening species? The same species that the federation signed a treaty alongside to establish peace after the major battles were fought. Lorca was the go to man to be placed in command of a starship due to his experience in a war like scenario. His PTSD had come to a point that the same man he knew before was more different. Less optimistic and hopeful about exploring space more ‘gray and white’ lens and doing what had to be done to save lives even if he was disgusted by it. He remembered visiting the man after being made captain of the  Enterprise and they shared some drinks with Cornwell, Georgiou, and a few other captains to celebrate his accomplishment. Of all them, Lorca was a old man under a young man’s skin and treated everyone like it. 

“Put him on screen,"

The "Aye" came and the screen changed.

“This is Captain Pike of the USS Enterprise,” Pike said.

And that man standing before him on the screen wasn’t Lorca. The interior of the ship was drastically different. The uniform was blue with golden chainmail material at first glance. Strikingly different from the red, blue, and golden uniforms that officers in space wore. The emblem was noticeably different with pins on the insignia. The interior of the spaceship was dark and beige. Pike noticed hundreds of differences that should not be there. He got a view of the bridge as the view screen widened to display the interior. There was so much space with a mainly human manned spaceship and a---was that a android at one station?

Lorca tilted his head then shook it in disbelief beginning to grow a smile.

“Sorry, I didn’t get that,” Lorca said. “We just ended the war with the Klingons. Can you run that past me again?”

And everything had changed for the Discovery.