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Child of the Dragons

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It was a warm summer's night when a beautiful black male dragon gave birth to a single egg while his powerful dominant mate watched over him from outside the cave. The blood red dominant male made a vow on his magic to protect his fledgling from all that would harm him or her.

Far away from the warm mountains where the dragons and their clan resided Albus Dumbledore was making plans to rid the magical world of the dragon king Voldemort, who stood in his way of taking over the wizarding world and enslaving witches, wizards and muggles alike, he wanted to rule the world. Albus contacted his lover Narcissa Malfoy via owl. The letter was charmed so only she could read it, he didn't want her nasty submissive reading it.


My dearest Narcissa,

We need to meet as soon as possible I have devised the perfect plan to get rid of Voldemort, his mate and that nasty submissive Lucius. Unfortunately it will take some time but in the end I believe it will be worth it. Please meet with me as soon as you can get away.

Forever yours


Narcissa awoke to a tawny owl knocking on her window, she let it in and gently removed the note. 'well well well finally I can get rid of that nasty weak submissive I was forced to marry' she thought to herself with glee.

Meanwhile in the mountains the two dragon shifter mates were curled up protectively around their egg in their cosy nest in the cave while their clan kept watch vowing to protect the King and Queen's hatchling as well as their rulers of course. Little did the mates know that a year or so after their hatchling was born they would be torn apart and their family would be separated for many years.


A/n: I know it was short but it is just a prologue to give you an idea on how the story will go. Hopefully the first chapter will be up in a few days. I hope you enjoyed it xx