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Covetous Devotion

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“Kacchan!” Izuku screamed, bursting out of his house.

He ran as fast as he could, dashing for Kacchan’s place with the wind whipping his hair wildly around his face. His mother yelled after him, out of breath as she chased him and begged him to stop, but she was unable to keep up with her Alpha child. Izuku sprinted, chest burning. His eyes widened as he saw the waiting containment van sitting on Kacchan’s street in front of his home.

Izuku saw Kacchan’s blond hair first before he saw the rest of his best friend and shouted louder, his throat hoarse as it strained. “Kacchan!”

He didn’t make it.

“Hold up there,” Kacchan’s mother said, grabbing him by the collar and yanking back. Bigger and stronger, she held Izuku by the arms, trapping her to his chest with little to no effort. “I know he’s your friend but you need to put on the brakes, tiny Alpha. You really can’t go over there right now.”

Kacchan watched the exchange, pausing as he took a step up the open side door of the fan. His breath was heavy and his face flushed red in discomfort. Kacchan stared at Izuku with a weird glaze over his eyes as he inhaled. The aid gently pushed on Kacchan’s back urging him into the van. Izuku struggled against the older Alpha’s hold but she wouldn’t budge. Kacchan disappeared behind a closed door and Izuku whined, loud and defeated.

“Yeah, I’m going to miss him, too,” Kacchan’s mother said, eyes on the van. She didn’t let go of Izuku, her grip as tight as when she’d first grabbed him. “But look on the bright side! Knowing our luck, my son’ll be the first Omega ever to get expelled from Finishing School.”

The van pulled away and Izuku went limp in the older Alpha’s hold. She continued to wait another five minutes before it was long gone from view before she dropped him on the sidewalk, his red sneakers scuffing the concrete.

Izuku stared at the last spot he’d seen Kacchan, his chest aching. He clutched at his uniform jacket, wrinkling the black fabric. This had to be an imprint. Izuku covered his mouth, his limbs shaking from the sheer agony of his favorite person being gone. Izuku couldn’t live like this.

He needed Kacchan back.

“Can I still see him after the week ends?” Izuku asked, swallowing. “When his H-Heat is done?”

“No can do, kid,” Kacchan’s mom said. She huffed and crossed her arms. “Family are the only ones allowed to visit, but you can write him letters if you want.”

Izuku knew as much and felt foolish even asking. His mom had spelled out the same when she’d told him why Kacchan hadn’t been at school that day. He sucked in a breath and hugged himself, tears threatening to spill.

He and Kacchan were supposed to be together.

Kacchan was supposed to be an Alpha, not an Omega!

Kacchan’s mom put her hand in Izuku’s hair and ruffled it. She kept her hand, shaking his head back and forth in a light, teasing pattern. “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. This is just a new challenge and I’m sure he’ll tackle this as head-on as everything else that he does.”

Izuku dropped his arms at his side. That was a given—Kacchan was amazing at anything and everything he put his mind to. That wasn’t the issue here. Izuku let the tears spill over his cheek. His voice wobbled. “Kacchan is going to be mated to someone else by the time I’m of age.”

“Aw, kiddo,” Kacchan’s mom said. She squeezed her fingers into his hair and stopped. She put her arm around his shoulder and tugged him into a side hug. “Trust me, in seven years you’ll meet the Omega of your dreams at a Matchmaking House and this’ll pass, just like Katsuki’ll meet someone else in a few years. You learn to move on.”

Izuku shook his head and stepped away from Kacchan’s mother. She was wrong. Izuku wasn’t going to move on. Kacchan had set the bar far too high and whatever Alpha had the pleasure to be in his company in the near future already had Izuku’s envy.

“In seven years, I’m going to get Kacchan back,” Izuku said, making the promise to himself and the world.

He turned around and walked back to his house, putting his head up and leaving Kacchan’s mother to stare at his back with a worried glance.

Izuku had work to do.

Years passed and Izuku kept to his word: He worked.

He worked every day to make sure nothing would stand in his way now that he was old enough to legally claim an Omega. Izuku had let nothing slip through the cracks. He’d studied to get into the best school that he could, he trained to make sure he was in peak physical condition, and he made sure to read up on being a proper mate to make sure Kacchan knew Izuku had grown into a desirable Alpha.

It had taken an agonizingly two years longer than he'd liked, but Izuku had succeeded in proving that he was old enough and had proof of provision to ensure that he could financially take care of an Omega.

But most important of all, Izuku had convinced Kacchan’s mother to give him the address where he’d find Kacchan. Izuku had to prove to the older woman that he was serious about his intentions through a truthful declaration and when that didn’t work, he followed up by reminding her he had every right to legally make this challenge now that he was twenty-two. Izuku had made it clear he was willing to fight her for the information if he had to and she had caved in at that point, not willing to get officials involved.

She’d told him “Good luck” with a laugh under her breath.

He hoped she appreciated he wasn’t the type of Alpha to cut off an Omega’s contact with their family, no matter how annoying they’d been over the years.

Kacchan’s mother had considered Izuku’s desires unhealthy and decided to stop “enabling him” by cutting off Deku’s contact once Kacchan had been mated and refused to give him a new address to send mail. He also suspected she had encouraged Kacchan not to answer the letters he had sent to the Finishing School and Matchmaking House when he’d found Kacchan on their online listing.

Izuku hadn’t seen or heard from Kacchan in nine years. His only contact had been stalking his Match listing and that had gone down five years ago when Kacchan had been claimed by another Alpha.

He’d needed buy a new bedroom set after he destroyed it in his anger when Kacchan's listing vanished.

“Katsuki is mated to someone else, kid,” Kacchan’s mother had said when Izuku came to ask for the name and location of Kacchan's new mate. She sighed and rubbed the side of her face as she stared Izuku down from her doorway after declaring her son was off limits. “Give it up.”

Izuku had refused.

And eventually, his stubbornness had won out.

Izuku inhaled, counting to ten to steady himself. His palms sweat and his heart raced in his chest, but he had arrived and he was going to to this. Gathering his courage, Izuku reached up to knock on the door. He waited on the step, swallowing down his nerves. He’d come too far to give up now.

He knocked again when no one answered.

“I’m coming!” he heard from the other side. The male voice was deep and smooth, slightly exasperated at his guest’s lack of patience. Izuku took a step back from the door as it opened, revealing the Alpha that had claimed Kacchan five years ago. He was tall with dark, brown hair, with warm gold eyes and a square face. “Can I help you?”

“If that’s Deku, I told you so!” Kacchan yelled from behind the door in another room.

Izuku had missed that voice and he didn’t fight the fond, relieved smile that he felt stretch his face at the sound of it.

“Ignore him,” the Alpha said, sighing under his breath. He closed the door behind him and leaned on it. “That Omega has no manners, but that’s Katsuki for you. Was there something you needed?”

Izuku squared his shoulders and straightened his back. He’d grown the past nine years, but not enough—the other Alpha still had three inches on him. “I came to challenge you for Kacchan,”

The Alpha stared before he scrunched his nose. The disbelief laced his voice as his eyes widened. “Are you Deku?”

“Yes,” Izuku said.

“Holy shit,” the Alpha said. He scratched the back of his hair and laughed. The Alpha pressed his tongue on the inside of his cheek before shaking his head in disbelief. “I thought Katsuki was yanking my leg all these years. I was sure he made up that shit about you to make himself feel better that no one else wanted him for two years.”

Izuku’s lip twitched and his fists clenched at his sides. Why would Kacchan make something like that up? Did this Alpha really not believe his mate over something that important? “Kacchan didn’t show you my letters promising I was going to come for him?”

The door opened behind the Alpha and Kacchan leaned on the door frame with his arms crossed. Izuku nearly sighed in relief, seeing Kacchan again after all these years—he looked good, healthy and eyes wicked in amusement. Kacchan tapped his Alpha in the back of his leg with his foot. “Your letters were confiscated when the Matchmaking House saw they were from a courting Alpha.”

“Hello, Kacchan,” Izuku said. He relaxed his shoulders, his voice cracking as he saw his best friend. “I’m really glad to see you and I'm really sorry I'm so late.”

“Stop,” the Alpha said, holding his hands up. He looked at Kacchan before glaring at Izuku. “I don’t know what prank you’re trying to pull, but it stops right now.”

“This isn’t a prank,” Izuku said again. He widened his stance and gripped his fists again. “I came here to challenge you for Kacchan. I’m entirely serious.”

Kacchan dropped his head against the doorway and snorted. “He’s really stubborn, even for an Alpha.”

“No one is challenging anyone,” the Alpha said, his hackles fully raised. He pointed at Izuku and said, “Go home.”

“I’m not going anywhere without Kacchan,” Izuku said.

“If you want to do this the hard way, we can do that,” the Alpha said. He straightened to his full height—a good head taller than Izuku. His Scent turned intimidating as he glared. “Walk away now while you’ve still got your dignity.”

“I didn’t train the past nine years to walk away now,” Izuku said, trusting his new muscles. He didn’t know what this Alpha’s Quirk was, but he felt confident that he could out fight him. The guy was a civilian, not a Pro Hero, so his Quirk wouldn’t be an issue. “I meant what I said and I’m going to fight you!”

“Daddy!” a shrill voice cried from inside the house. Izuku dropped his arms and straightened, seeing a tiny, blonde little girl crash into the back of Kacchan’s legs. She shook his pants leg back and forth and cried, “Ryou took my doll and won’t give it back!”

Izuku stared at the tiny child with Katsuki’s hair and the Alpha’s gold eyes and couldn’t look away. She couldn’t be more than five years old and the resemblance to her parents was unmistakable.

“Daddy’s busy,” Kacchan said, grabbing her by the collar of her dress. He turned her around and nudged her in the back with his knee. “Tell Ryou if he doesn’t give it back, daddy’s grounding him for a month.”

“He won’t listen!” The little girl whined, stomping her foot. She stayed glued in place, despite Kacchan continuing to push. “He never listens!”

“Hikari’s lying!” A small voice that had to be Ryou shouted from somewhere deep in the house. “I didn’t take her stupid doll! She’s trying to get me in trouble!”

Kacchan gave a long suffering sigh and dropped his shoulders. He held up his finger and said, “Give me like two minutes and—what’s got you mumbling?”

Deku jerked straight and snapped his mouth shut. He held the back of his neck. “Sorry, it just occurred to me that space in our apartment is going to be tight until I can look for a bigger place.”

Kacchan narrowed his eyes and pointed at the little girl who’d just noticed Izuku standing in the doorway. She squeaked and hid behind Kacchan’s leg. “Did the old hag not tell you I have kids?”

“No, she neglected to mention that,” Izuku said, imagining the older Alpha having a good laugh at his expense.

She was really, really lucky Izuku wasn’t the type to split family no matter how tempting.

“I don’t need this right now,” Kacchan said. He grabbed his kid and threw her over his shoulder. She shrieked in delight and kicked her legs back and forth. Kacchan didn’t look the slightest bit fazed by the wriggling child on his shoulder. “I’m going to sort the kids out. Please play nice and don’t start a freaking Dominance brawl on my lawn.”

He walked away leaving Izuku and Kacchan’s mate alone in the doorway.

“I take it you’re not leaving?” the other Alpha said, glancing at Izuku.

“Not a chance,” Izuku said.

He rubbed between his eyes and said, “Come on in. We can have tea or something since Katsuki’s going to be busy with the kids for a minute.”

Izuku nodded and followed him inside. “Sure.”

Kacchan had five children: two from his first litter and three from the second.

His eldest two were five years old: the little girl Hikari he’d seen at the door and her brother Ryou. The little boy glared at Izuku with Kacchan’s eyes, but shared the same brown hair as Kacchan’s mate—who Izuku had been introduced to as Kaito.

The younger three were supposed total terrors, named Shiori, Sousuke and Kousei—a little girl and twin boys. All three shared the same brown hair and gold eyes, giving no room to mistake their Alpha parent.

While the three youngest weren’t old enough yet to develop a Quirk, the oldest two had been blessed with a mix of both parent’s Quirks. Both Ryou and Hikari could summon pools of water in their hands, combining Kacchan’s ability to secrete sweat at will with Kaito’s ability to transform any liquid into pure water.

It wasn’t the best ability for fighting, but the support applications were certainly there.

“I see a single person get up from this table before their plate is empty and you’re grounded for a month,” Kacchan said, not even bother to look at Ryou sinking out of his seat. The boy snapped back into place, tugging the dish over and dropping his head on the table as he glared at the greens in the corner. Kacchan ate the last bite on his own plate and grabbed the empty dish. He set it on the counter before helping Sousuke clean a spill. “I am not in the mood today.”

Izuku made sure to clean his own plate to set a good example. Truth told, he would have done it anyway. Kacchan’s cooking was to die for and Izuku had no idea he’d take to such a skill so well. It could give his mother’s cooking a run for its money.

After they finished with dinner, Kacchan tucked his kids into bed early. Izuku could hear them complaining from downstairs while he and Kaito waited and smiled at thought of Kacchan care for his kids. Ten minutes later, Katsuki stomped back down the stairs with a scowl on his face. He joined Izuku and Kaito back at the kitchen table, crossing his arms.

The conversation started when Kacchan looked at Izuku’s biceps and his eyes widened. “When the heck did you get buff?”

“Over the past nine years,” Izuku said. He had started a new work out regimen the day after Kacchan had been taken to Finishing School and kept to it. The work had been hard, but the thought of a future with Kacchan pushed him forward. “I wasn’t sure what Quirk I’d be up against, so I had to overcompensate.”

“Okay, this is absurd,” Kaito said, rubbing between his eyes. “You're still chasing after an old crush you haven’t seen since before he hit puberty. Go to a Matchmaking House like every other Alpha with a lick of common sense and get a mate there.”

“I decided that I’d court Kacchan no matter what he presented as, even if he had been another Alpha,” Izuku said, gripping his fist. He’d made that decision practically the day he’d hit puberty himself. He hadn’t faltered in that decision once during the two years he waited for Kacchan to present. “Do you really think I’m going to change my mind now?”

“Were you this creepy when we were in middle school?” Kacchan asked, staring. He put his chin in his hand and bit his lip. “You followed me around every chance you could get, now that I think about it, so you probably were.”

Kaito covered his eyes with his hands. He breathed out and put his hands together and said, “Listen, I understand instinctual attachment, I do. But take it from someone older that it’s easily replaced. Find a mate of your own and you’ll forget about Katsuki, I promise.

“With all due respect,” Izuku said. He kept his eyes on Kacchan, older and more worn, but every inch as amazing as he’d been when they were young. “You’re wrong.”

Izuku ultimately threw the first punch.

Kaito had gone quiet after Izuku’s declaration and sighed heavily, his shoulders dropping. He let the silence hang in the air between them, thinking hard as he stared at the table.

Kacchan had said very little to either, keeping his mouth shut. It almost ticked Izuku off to see the bold man so cautious, but he supposed that came with the nature of his Class. That or Kaito had conditioned him that way—but Izuku chose not to think on that too much.

He’d have to wait and see how it went when Kacchan came home.

After another tedious ten minutes, Kaito looked up and said, “Alright, you know what? I think my first guess about all this was right. This joke has gone on long enough and we’re done with it.”

“Joke?” Izuku asked, feeling his temper rise. “I already told you that this isn’t a joke. I’m here to make a formal challenge for Kacchan—that hasn’t changed.”

“No, I don’t buy it,” Kaito said. He got up, putting his hands on the table. His Scent turned aggressive in an attempt to establish authority. “The biggest reason an Alpha challenges another for their mate is a personal vendetta against the other Alpha, which isn’t the case here since we’ve never met before. If it’s not that, an Alpha challenges another because they imprinted on the Omega accidentally through extended contact, again, not possible in this situation because you haven’t seen Katsuki in nine years.”

Kaito walked around the table and grabbed Izuku by the arm. He lifted and yanked Izuku out of the chair, dragging him away from the table. “Which means this is either a prank or you’re mad. Either way, you’re leaving right now, empty handed.”

Izuku stared at the hand around his arm. Was this guy serious? Izuku had made it very clear what he was here to do. Kaito was the older one and had the right to fight for his mate, but that’s not what was going on. Kaito didn’t believe Izuku was here for a legitimate challenge. He didn’t think of Izuku as a threat.

“Hey, Kaito,” Kacchan said, half out of his seat. His gaze went back and forth between Izuku’s face and Kaito’s grip on his arm. “Maybe you shouldn’t do that.”

“Katsuki, sit down,” Kaito Ordered. “I’ve got this.”

Kacchan dropped into the chair, a frustrated look on his face. It wasn’t pained, but it was close enough to snap Izuku’s protective instincts into play.

Izuku threw all nine years of weight training into decking Kaito to the ground.

However, not a single second of his nine years of physical training could have prepared him for a little boy tackling the back of his leg, screaming “Don’t touch my dad!”

“Ryou!” Kacchan yelled, knocking his chair over as he shot up.

Izuku threw his hands up and out, fingers spread and palms up. He didn’t move, letting the kid smack Izuku’s thigh to his heart’s content. Kacchan relaxed, dropping his head forward as it became clear Izuku had no intention of harming his child or continuing the fight while the boy was present. Izuku heard Kacchan count to ten before he walked around the table, ignoring the groaning Alpha to his left and gathered his kid.

“Ryou! You’re supposed to be asleep,” Kacchan scolded, holding the kid on his hip like he’d held the little boy’s sister earlier. “Why are you up?”

Izuku dropped his arms and took a step back to give them their space. Kaito got to his feet, rubbing his jaw and glaring at Izuku, but also sensible enough not to start a fight in front of his offspring.

“I wanted a drink,” Ryou said, voice struggling through his heavy breaths. He pointed at Izuku and yelled, “Why’d he hit dad!”

“That’s complicated and way over your tiny head right now,” Kacchan said, rubbing Ryou’s back. Red eyes glared at Izuku over his shoulder, watering as he tried to make sense of the scene he’d witness. They disappeared soon enough into Kacchan’s shoulder as the kid hiccuped. Kacchan said, “I’m taking him back to bed.”

Kacchan disappeared up the stairs with the small child that had started sobbing into his shirt.

“Get out of my house,” Kaito said.

Izuku submitted and left—but only for tonight.

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The next day, Deku returned with an officiator and transfer paperwork.

Kaito had no choice but to take him seriously.

“What do you mean I have to accept his challenge?” Kaito yelled at the officiator. Katsuki stood behind him, glad the kids were playing at a friend’s house. The overworked man in glasses sighed, pushing the spectacles back up his face. Kaito threw his hands up, continuing to shout in front of their house. Katsuki saw a neighbor spying but they quickly closed the curtain when Kaito got in the officiator’s face. “You can’t be serious.”

“You may add conditions to the challenge, or offer a counter challenge, but if you don’t agree to participate at all, Izuku Midoriya wins by forfeit,” The officiator said, cold and sneaking a glance at his watch. The Beta appeared entirely unfazed by Kaito or his anger. “Of course, you do have up to twenty-four hours to make a final decision.”

Kaito made a disgruntled noise, frustrated and still disbelieving that this was happening.

Katsuki had no pity for the guy—he’d warned Kaito.

Multiple times.

When they had first met at the Matchmaking House, Katsuki had told Kaito—like he had told every other Alpha he’d met in that place—that one day, a green haired Alpha was going to show up and try to fight Kaito for him. It’d be ugly, because a dogged Alpha was a dangerous Alpha, and he should be prepared.

Unlike the other Alpha who decided Katsuki was not only too “Alpha” for them to find attractive, but also didn’t want to deal with an Omega making up stories about challengers that “didn’t exist,” Kaito had laughed at Katsuki’s warning. He thought it was cute an aggressive Omega like Katsuki had such an active imagination and used it to comfort himself for being overlooked by the other Alpha for so long.

Coincidently, Katsuki’s dowery had just been reduced due to his age and lack of offers and Kaito had taken advantage. After two years of watching everyone else get picked first, Katsuki had been claimed by an Alpha of his own. However, as he found out his new Alpha was prone to do, Kaito continued to brush Katsuki off when he warned him again that “Yes, Deku is really going to show up in a few years.”

Kaito considered it their cute running joke that Katsuki bought up when he wanted attention.

Katsuki tried not to grow too frustrated with him over it, because it was absurd to think that some Alpha from Katsuki’s preteen days was still pining over him. Alpha were stubborn creatures that stopped at nothing to get what they wanted, but even they could be distracted if you put enough time and distance between them and their object of desire. However, Katsuki dropped reminders that it was still a concern whenever his mother ranted about what “Inko’s kid was up to now.”

He had even warned Kaito yesterday when his mother called and said “The Midoriya brat is on his way. He got the address.” Kaito still hadn’t believed him, convinced this was a delusional fantasy he’d made up while rotting in a Matchmaking House.

But Katsuki knew it was no joke.

He remembered how Deku used to follow him around, sticking to him as close as a leach and just as draining. Katsuki remembered how he’d shove Deku around and the other boy would get right back up and keep smiling at him. Katsuki rejected him. Insulted him. Ignored him. None of it made the brat go away—his focus had been absolute, split between Katsuki and obsessing over Pro Heroes.

Katsuki also remembered how he was one of the few who still bothered to treat Deku the same way after he presented as an Alpha. Armed with his new Class, all the people who made fun of him for being Quirkless backed off. Katsuki hadn’t cared about Deku’s Alpha status and continued to reject him.

If there was one thing for sure that Katsuki knew about Alpha, it’s that they were stubborn.

Deku had been most stubborn of all.

They also hated to be insulted.

And what was more insulting than finding out you’d been bullied all those years by an Omega?

Deku had certainly spelled it out in the letters he’d sent Katsuki while in school. All of them contained some variation of: “I haven’t forgotten you. I’m going to get you back. I promise.”

As Katsuki thought of all the things that had transpired between him and Deku through the years, he found he couldn’t blame the other Alpha for wanting to get back at him for how Katsuki treated him.

He should have known Deku would keep his word and show up for Katsuki, just as he promised year after year in those letters right up until they were confiscated.

When Deku had first arrived on his doorstep, Katsuki had found himself in a weird state of acceptance. He’d been expecting and dreading Deku’s arrival for so many years it was almost a relief that he was finally there to get it all over with. Kaito wasn’t a small guy and Katsuki thought the confrontation with Deku could end quickly if Kaito got his act together and won. Deku would leave, the matter would be over and Katsuki wouldn’t have to think about it any longer.

But as Katsuki paid more attention to his childhood stalker, it became clear he wasn’t the same Alpha crybaby Katsuki had known when he was younger. This was an adult Alpha, determined and unflinching. Katsuki had felt a twist in his gut that he refused to admit was fear.

“Do you accept the challenge?” The officiator prompted after Kaito’s silent answer continued. “Or would you like to take your full time to make a decision and we can come back tomorrow?”

Deku stood across from Kaito, taller and stronger than the scrawny little nerd that followed Katsuki around had any right to be. He’d worn a tank top today with a pair of track pants to fight in. His muscles were on display, his expression stern with lips pressed and eyes narrowed. Every inch of Deku screamed “Alpha” in the most primal state of the Class. He’d prepared for the fight in ways that Katsuki hadn’t predicted.

Deku hadn’t just come to challenge and keep his word that he’d try it—he’d come to win.

“Yes! I accept!” Katsuki’s Alpha yelled, picking up on the atmosphere and Deku’s infectious, aggressive intent. He growled, rolling his sleeves up and walking to the center of their lawn. “Let’s get this over with.”

Kaito sounded bold, but Katsuki could see the tremble in his Alpha’s limbs. Katsuki could feel the confidence and determination radiating from Deku.

Kaito was going to lose.

The Dominance brawl reminded Katsuki more of a beatdown than an equal fight.

Kaito had given it everything he’d had and attacked Deku with a ferocity Katsuki didn’t think the other Alpha had in him, to Katsuki’s surprise, but the skill difference had been mountains apart. Aside from one moment where Kaito had gotten a stray hit in on Deku’s ribs, the other Alpha had dominated the brawl from the start.

Deku won the Dominance challenge after ten minutes with a knockout. Katsuki felt proud that Kaito hadn’t submitted and could take pride in that later, despite the loss.

“Izuku Midoriya is the winner,” the officiator said. He checked Kaito’s pulse and looked him over for any serious injuries. Not finding any, he stood and wrote his signature on a slip on his clipboard. He handed it to Deku and said, “Congratulations. This is your copy of the paperwork and I’ll file the rest with the registration office when I return.”

“Thank you,” Deku said, still catching his breath. His hands shook as he held the paper and a satisfied smile stretched across his face.

Katsuki swallowed his nausea.

He was going home with Deku, but he had bigger things to worry about than an Alpha paying Katsuki back for making his life miserable when they were young: his children.

Katsuki delayed the dreaded moment of having to tell his kids he had a new mate by packing up their things while they continued to play in blissful ignorance down the street.

Deku had offered to help, but Katsuki turned him down. He had a few sparse hours before he had to pick his kids up and things were moving much too quickly. Kaito still hadn’t woken up from where Deku had propped him on the downstairs couch and Katsuki didn’t want to deal with telling Deku what he needed and didn’t need to pack. Katsuki only needed to grab the essentials and Kaito could mail the rest later.

He folded Kousei’s shirt and placed it in the small suitcase, shoving it in with Sousuke’s clothing. He thanked every star in the sky when Deku had said, “Of course Kaito can visit” when Katsuki asked what he should tell his kids about whether or not they’d see their Alpha parent again.

It had been exactly what Katsuki needed to hear and it’d calmed his nerves enough to focus on the task at hand. As long as Deku had no intention to spread his revenge or whatever game he was playing to Katsuki’s kids—he could handle it.

He placed the packed suitcase in the hallway alongside the other four and Deku picked two up to carry downstairs to put in the small moving truck while Katsuki moved on to packing toys and favorite belongings. Deku hadn’t said much since he’d won the fight, face twisted in thought as he moved the bags, mumbling under his breath about what he needed to move where to make room for the children’s things and temporary beds.

Before Katsuki knew it, he was finished and set his own bag down on the sidewalk outside. Deku fit the last of the kid’s things into the truck and trotted over to Katsuki.

“Did Kaito wake up yet?” Deku asked.

“No,” Katsuki said, maintaining an outward calm. It hadn’t entirely sunk in yet that everything was changing. “He’s still out.”

“Why don’t I take this back to my place and unpack,” Deku said, patting the bed of the truck. “That should give you time to get him up and let the kids say goodbye.”

“Sounds good,” Katsuki said, inhaling slowly. Deku being considerate felt like a calm before a storm. He looked at his watch and said, “I need to go get them from my neighbor.”

Deku picked up Katsuki’s bag and put it over his shoulder. “I’ll be back in a few hours.”

“Okay,” Katsuki said.

The Alpha put Katsuki’s things in the front passenger seat and put the key in the ignition. Katsuki watched the truck drive away and pressed both of his palms into his eyes once it was out of sight.

“I should have believed you,” Kaito admitted.

Katsuki sat next to him on the porch bench while their kids played in the backyard, still hyper from their playdate. Hikari had wanted to go upstairs, but Katsuki didn’t want her to see the empty room just yet and told her to stay with her siblings.

Kaito put his hands into his face and took in a shaky breath. “Are you going to be okay?”

“No idea,” Katsuki admitted. Deku gave off too many mixed signals with going out of his way to be considerate while still making it very clear he was taking Katsuki for himself. He wondered if Deku was saving the “pay back” for when they were alone and he didn’t have an appearance to keep up in front of children, or a spouse that might gain an edge in a fight if he thought Deku would hurt Katsuki. “I wasn’t the nicest guy to Deku when we were kids. So who knows what he really wants from all this.”

“I suppose I might have to start working out,” Kaito said, watching his kids in the yard. “Don’t I?”

Katsuki shoved Kaito in the shoulder and slumped on the bench. “Don’t say things you don’t mean.”

“We need to tell the kids, don’t we?” Kaito asked, dodging the accusation. He stood from the bench, putting his hands in his pockets. “Midoriya’s going to be here soon.”

“I’ll do it,” Katsuki said. He got up and walked out to the center of the yard and yelled, “Kids! Come here.”

Shiori, Sousuke and Kousei were too young to really understand what Katsuki had told them when he said they were going to live with Deku from now on. Kousei asked if they’d get to see their dad later and were satisfied when Katsuki had said “Yes.”

Easily content and quickly bored, the three chose to spend their last twenty minutes crawling on their dad and asking about their “vacation.” Kaito struggled not to cry as he told them about getting to meet new people and see new places.

Hikari and Ryou, however, were old enough to understand just enough to make it difficult.

“He’s the guy that hit dad!” Ryou shouted, eyes watering. Katsuki watched him get up from their seat in the grass. He stomped his and gripped his hands into fists. Water leaked out from his palms, his Quirk active with his anger. “Why do we have to go with Deku?”


Katsuki sucked in a breath hearing his eldest use that cruel nickname. No matter how nice Deku had been so far, Katsuki did not need to press his luck if Deku heard his kids call him that name.

“You shouldn’t call him that.” Katsuki swallowed and took Ryou’s hands, rubbing off the excess water on the side of his shirt. “It’s an old nickname I used to use when I was being rude to him. He’s our Alpha now, so we should use his proper name. You can call him Izuku or Mr. Midoriya and I’m going to do the same.”

“I don’t care what his name is,” Hikari said, huffing. She had chosen to sit in his lap and crossed her arms. “Ryou’s right! Why do we have to go with him?”

“Because De—Izuku challenged your dad for dominance and he won,” Katsuki said. He struggled to find the simplest way to explain. “Winning dominance means you get to make all the final decisions. Izuku wanted me to be his mate and so we have to follow that.”

“But you’re dad’s mate!” Ryou said.

“And now I’m Izuku’s mate,” Katsuki said. He reached over and tugged Ryou to sit on his other side. He hugged his eldest close and set his chin on his head. “You’ll understand this better when you’re older, I promise. But for right now, all you need to worry about is we’re going to move in with Izuku and it’s going to be okay.”

“But what if he hits us like he did dad?” Ryou asked, grabbing Katsuki’s shirt in a tiny fist. “He’s scary!”

“Izuku will never do that to you,” Katsuki said with full confidence. He didn’t even need to know the law was on his side to believe that. Katsuki sat back and put his hand on Ryou’s arm to push him away just enough to look him in the eye. “Izuku is never, ever going to hurt you.”

Katsuki couldn’t say the same for what Izuku might do to Kastuki, but he knew that Izuku wasn’t going to touch the kids.

He felt it in his gut and Izuku's behavior so far had made it very clear the Alpha only had an interest in Katsuki.

“How do you know?” Hikari asked.

“The first thing he did when he knew you existed was worry that he didn’t have enough room,” Katsuki said. “And he didn’t lay a hand on your brother when he tried to attack a big, dangerous Alpha in the middle of a fight.”

Ryou shrunk under Katsuki’s glare. He’d been scolded enough over that moment of recklessness to remember never to do it again.

“If Izuku wanted to be mean, he wouldn’t have told me it’s okay for you to visit your dad as much as you want,” Katsuki said. He drew his kids back into a tight hug and fell back into the grass. He stared at the sky, rubbing their tiny sides and breathing out. “At the very worst, he’ll ignore you, so you don’t have to worry about Izuku hurting you.”

His kids stayed quiet, but they seemed to believe him.

“You two need to go say goodbye to your, dad, okay?” Katsuki said, breathing in. His trembling children drew a wobble out of his throat. “You might not see him for a while.”

“Okay,” Ryou said, sniffing.

He grabbed Hikari’s hand and dragged her across the yard, eyes wet. He tackled his dad on the side and sobbed. Katsuki watched Kaito hug his children before he turned the tears into laughter as Kaito told him to “be strong” and tickled the sorrow out of the little boy. He shrieked and ran away.

Katsuki closed his eyes and spent his last hour at home as his old mate chased their kids around the yard and decided it wasn’t an awful way to say goodbye.

Deku returned when he said he would and Kaito refused to see him face to face.

Katsuki punched Kaito in the shoulder as he ushered the kids out of the door, glad to get an indignant yelp out of him—Katsuki’s own payback for Kaito ignoring his Deku warnings all these years.

He might actually miss that guy.

Deku had watched, tactful enough not to say anything. He helped the kids into the car and they left Katsuki’s home behind.

Soon enough, the ride back to Deku’s place had been filled with curious questions from Shiori and Kousei, spoken in short, clipped sentences that fell one right after another without room for breath. Sousuke sat between them, sucking on a piece of candy Deku had brought back with him. The Alpha had no idea how to handle the onslaught of questions, managing half an answer before the next question hit him, but did his best to keep the children enamored with a new person entertained.

With the younger three distracted and Deku kept busy, it let Katsuki focus on keeping an eye on the real trouble: Ryou and Hikari. His oldest daughter had a look on her face that spelled disaster and plans of Deku finding himself on the wrong end of a prank—something he did not want to test this early into an unpredictable relationship.

Ryou, on the other hand, had shut down into angry silence. He didn’t bother to hide his hatred of Deku, his face twisted into a scowl, glaring at Deku’s head like he wanted it to combust from the back seat.

He would really have to watch that one.

At the end of the drive, they pulled into a nice neighborhood made up of a few apartment building complexes that looked way over Kaito’s pay grade. Izuku parked the rented van on the street and forced a smile for the kids. “This is it!”

Katsuki left the car and got the two oldest out first, taking a firm hold on Ryou’s hand to keep him in sight. The boy pouted, but stayed quiet. Hikari wandered closer to the complex’s outer fence, standing up on her tip-toes to see the small playground in the left yard better.

He opened the back seat to unbuckle the littlest ones, moving back when Shiori and Kousei ran to the fence to see what had their older sister’s attention. Sousuke, though, stood next to Katsuki—until Deku walked around the car. Sousuke wandered over and tugged on Deku’s pants leg while Katsuki held his breath.

“Did you want another piece of candy? I’m sorry,” Deku said, looking down. He put the rental keys in his pocket and said, “Your dad said you could only have one.”

“No,” Sousuke said. He put his arms in the air and said, “I want up, please.”

“That I can do,” Deku said. He reached down and picked Sousuke up, bouncing him just enough to get a laugh. Deku patted his back and walked toward the apartment entrance. “Hi, there.”

Sousuke yawned and dropped his head on Deku’s shoulder for a nap.

Katsuki remembered to breathe and reminded himself that Deku wasn’t a threat to his kids. He’d told his children that. He knew it himself. But instincts were hard to fight and Deku was still, technically, a foreign Alpha until they consummated the mating.

He shoved that thought out of his head and focused on keeping his kids from climbing the fence.

“Are they okay with stairs?” Deku asked, opening the main building door. He held Sousuke in one arm against his chest as he went inside and headed to a stairwell door. “The elevator’s broken for the time being and we’re on the third floor.”

“It won’t kill them,” Katsuki said. He waved the kids over with his free hand and they entered the stairwell. Shiori and Kousei hopped up the first few steps and he said, “Walk, you two. And go slow so you don’t fall.”

Shiori rolled her eyes and proceeded to crawl up the steps while Hikari trotted ahead, proud she could reach the handle as she skipped up the steps. She held Kousei’s hand and everyone made it up all three flights of stairs with minimal whining.

“Deku’s place was at the end of the hallway when they reached the third floor, right outside the stairwell. He hovered outside his door and frowned.

“So, I know space is going to be an issue for a little while, but starting tomorrow we’re house hunting, so this’ll be temporary,” Deku said. He pushed open the door, revealing the interior of their new home. Katsuki noted most of the furniture had been pushed to the side, with the living room set up as a small sleeping area with five, small beds in a row in the middle. Deku took a step in, though Katsuki and the kids hovered in the doorway. “I’m also sorry it’s a mess. Between organizing the challenge and getting enough cots for everyone, I didn’t have a lot of time to make it look pretty.”

“It’s fine,” Katsuki said, glancing at the plethora of Hero merchandise and posters covering nearly every surface. In the panic of wondering what Deku had in store for him, he’d forgotten the nerd had a Hero obsession. Katsuki nudged Hikari in the back. “Inside.”

She nodded and grabbed her siblings’ hands before stomping in, dragging them behind her. Ryou pressed his face in Katsuki’s leg and thumped his forehead there twice before Katsuki had to drag him in, too.

This was home now.

They’d all get used to it.

Katsuki sat on Deku’s bed, falling back to thump on the firm mattress and covered his eyes in the small master bedroom. His kids were tucked in and asleep after a quick take-out dinner and Katsuki had nothing left to do but wait.

Forty minutes ago, Deku had shown him where the bedroom was, his breath picking up as they both realized what came next. Katsuki’s nerves twisted as Deku went inside, expecting Katsuki to follow. When Katsuki hesitated, Deku had turned to address him. Katsuki’s pulse rose and—Deku’s phone rang.

The Alpha had jumped, scrambling to turn it off before the ringer woke the kids. He answered it softly and told whoever was on the line to give him a minute to call them back.

“I’m sorry, Kacchan,” Deku said, holding the phone agains his chest. He huffed, frustrated that they’d been interrupted. “I need to handle a quick work call. I’m going to stand in the stairwell so I won’t wake anyone up and I’ll be right back.”

Katsuki had said, “Okay” and Deku left.

He exhaled and sat on the bed, wondering if he was relieved or not that something had interrupted.

It felt like his first night with Kaito all over again, but his nerves were worse since Deku would have to be rougher, though Katsuki imagined just as eager.

Katsuki had become very familiar with toys over the years, using them to keep his Heats at bay before they got bad enough to need suppressants to control, and later at the Matchmaking House, they were his top choice to get rid of boredom. But toys hadn’t prepared Katsuki for the rest of the package that came with sex from the intoxicating smell of an Alpha’s pheromones to the heat of skin pressing against his own.

Katsuki hadn’t been as nervous as he’d thought he would be that first night he and Kaito were together. He had already long resigned himself to what waited for him the day he finally left the Matchmaking House. However, he’d been prepared for an equally awkward fumbling of two first time partners and Kaito had other ideas when the lights turned off. He’d jumped Katsuki with experience behind him, taking the lead with full confidence.

Somewhere in the shuffle of losing their clothes, the Alpha had admitted he’d had quite a few Beta partners in the past, but as he was quick to let Katsuki know: it wasn’t the same.

“My friends were right, Omega are on an entirely different level,” Kaito had said, fingers knuckle deep inside of Katsuki. “It takes a Beta a while to warm up, but you’re already there after a minute. I bet you could take all of me right now and have room for more.”

Kaito had tested that bet and he’d been right.

Between Kaito’s enhanced Scent and boldness, Katsuki had been overwhelmed with sensation and let the other do as he pleased until they both finished.

It hadn’t been a bad first time, Katsuki reflected, and their future couplings had been better as Katsuki figured out how Kaito liked it in bed.

Deku would be another story.

Katsuki stared at the ceiling. Sex could be as painful as it was pleasurable depending on the partner. He’d heard things from other Omega who had Alpha’s who loved it rough and spent most of their time feeling sore. A few liked it, most didn’t. Katsuki didn’t know if Deku’s end goal for getting Katsuki back was about control—just the knowledge he’d put Katsuki in his bed being enough to satisfy—or if he wanted literal payback and Katsuki should plan for a rough night ahead of him, full of gritting his teeth and forcing himself to be quiet.

He wouldn’t know until Deku came back. Katsuki made small crackles with his palms, careful to keep it quiet.

Katsuki waited.

Deku wandered back into the room thirty minutes later. He tossed his phone on the side table and collapsed onto the empty side of the bed, face first. He mumbled, “I love my clients, but they need to learn that coworkers trading shifts without permission doesn’t count under things that need to be reported to management immediately.”

“You’re in management?” Katsuki asked, curious despite himself.

He had wondered what Deku did for a living to afford an apartment this nice or not bat an eye when he was informed he’d be supporting an extra five people in addition to Katsuki.

“I’m the head of a small department, but I don’t want to think about them right now,” Deku said. He turned his head to watch Katsuki. He gained a tired smile and reached out to Katsuki’s cheek. The gentle touch felt full of awe and it filled Deku’s voice when he spoke again. “I can’t believe you’re really here. I missed you so much, Kacchan.”

That didn’t sound right.

Deku’s eyes watered and he reached over, pulling Katsuki into a crushing hug against his chest. Katsuki froze in the hold, shocked at the warm embrace. Deku clung to him, cheeks wet with tears.

“I know this is selfish, but it hurt so much when they took you,” Deku whispered. He squeezed dropping his face into the crook of Katsuki’s neck, inhaling. Their legs tangled as Deku moved closer, drawing them together until nearly every inch of them touched. He didn’t let go, grip strong and desperate. “I had to get you back. I had to.”

Katsuki clutched to Deku as his breath picked up, his hands digging into the other's side.

Deku hadn’t wanted to get back at Katsuki for teasing him.

He’d wanted Katsuki back.

“I’m so glad you’re here, Kacchan,” Deku said, breathing slow.

They didn’t do anything else the rest of the night. Deku held on, hugging Katsuki until he fell asleep in the quiet.

Katsuki stayed awake, his hand rubbing a small circle along Deku's hip while listening to the Alpha breathe. He grew accustomed to the Scent of cedar surrounding him on both the Alpha and in the bedsheets. Katsuki spent most of the remaining night running through every single letter that he could remember and everything his mother had told him about Deku over the years.

All of it held new meaning.

Katsuki’s exhaustion tugged at him around four in the morning and he fell asleep remembering the day he’d presented and the anguished look he’d seen on Deku’s face as he ran toward the containment van.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke to a nose full of fresh cut roses and sugar. He buried his face into the source, hugging tighter around Kacchan’s waist as they spooned. Kacchan grunted and snuggled into the pillow, still asleep and adorable. Izuku had wanted this for so long and he couldn’t imagine a better way to wake up.

The front door slammed open in the other room and he heard a familiar voice shout, “Izuku Midoriya! You won’t believe what I just—What happened to your living room? Why are there children everywhere?”

Kacchan shot upright—wide awake—when they heard Hikari scream “Daddy!”

The pitter-patter of her little feet ran down the hallway and they heard a tiny smack on the wall as she turned the corner. Izuku’s bedroom door burst in, revealing a red-faced little girl, eyes wide. Hikari held her hands near her face and whispered in awe, “Uravity is in the living room.”

Uraraka slammed her hand on the doorframe as she skidded into view right behind Hikari. The little girl yelped and sprinted for the bed, jumping up to sit next to Kacchan. Uraraka’s helmet was off, but she had on the rest of her uniform. She gaped, spying the Omega in his bed and yelled, “It is true! I can’t believe you!”

“Hello, Uraraka,” Izuku said, rubbing the back of his neck. He had taken a week off of work specifically to avoid this. “What brings you by this morning?”

“Tokage said she overheard an officiator talking about a job he’d had yesterday. She said that an Alpha made a dominance challenge over an Omega and she heard your name, buster!” Uraraka said, pointing. Her pink cheeks puffed with indignity, having been left out of the loop as his best friend—Izuku would be hearing about this for years. “So of course she told me this morning and I had to come see if it was true and from the Omega in your bed and the kids in your living room it must be! What were you thinking?”

“Question,” Kacchan said, jumping into the conversation. He pointed at Uraraka and looked at Izuku, eyes wide. “Is that Uravity?”

“Yes,” Izuku said.

“Are you friends with the Pro Hero Uravity?” Kacchan asked, his little girl hanging on his arm and staring at Uraraka like she was the coolest thing in the room. Which she sort of was as a Pro Hero. Izuku nodded in confirmation and Kacchan wheezed as he sucked in his next breath, whipping his head back to Uraraka. “How are you friends with a Pro Hero?”

“I’m her manager,” Izuku answered. He shrugged and patted his hands on the bedsheets. Uraraka gave a small wave to Kacchan, momentarily putting on a bright smile for Hikari. Izuku fiddled with his fingers. “I run the Disaster Rescue Department at a Hero Agency downtown.”

“I think I need to get a drink.” Kacchan picked his kid up and put her on the bed by herself. He walked past Uravity and disappeared into the living room, heading toward the kitchen. “And figure out how my other kids slept through the yelling.”

Izuku wilted under Uraraka’s glare as her gaze turned back to him.

Hikari saved him, scooting to the edge of the bed and asking in a tiny voice. “Are you really Uravity?”

“Yes!” She said, clapping her hands together. Ever the professional, she squatted next to the bed and crossed her arms over her knees. “What’s your name?”

“Hikari!” the little girl answered.

Uraraka put on her Hero face and Izuku collapsed back onto the bed, thinking about how he was going to explain all of this to his friends and coworkers.

“So you got into U.A.’s Management program,” Kacchan said, staring at Izuku. His kids floated in the background, laughing in glee as they pushed each other around and kicked off the walls and ceiling. Uraraka kept half an eye on them, sitting next to Izuku at his kitchen table. Kacchan put his hands up, staying focused on Izuku’s career. “And when you graduated, you spent the next three years finding work until you became the head of a department that manages actual Pro Heroes.”

“Yes,” Izuku said. He clasped his hands together in his lap and nodded. “That’s the sum of it, and also why I couldn’t come and get you right away when I turned twenty. I wasn’t making enough money yet while I was working my way up in the agency.”

“At least you put all those stupid notebooks to use,” Kacchan said, turning his head to watch Ryou do a flip in the air. Izuku puffed up, happy that Kacchan remembered all the work he put into studying Quirks. “And you sure made Hikari’s day. Uravity’s her favorite Pro Hero.”

Izuku nudged Uraraka with his elbow, smiling bright. She flushed and buried her face in her tea. She’d been insecure about her popularity ratings, but Izuku was glad he could count on Kacchan’s kids to have good taste.”

“Dad!” Sousuke said. He wriggled and threw out his hand. Kacchan took it and pulled the floating boy over. Sousuke hugged Kacchan’s arm and said, “I want down.”

“Okay! Put him closer to the floor,” Uraraka said. After Kacchan followed her instructions, she concentrated and put two fingers together. Sousuke’s feet hit the ground as he was freed from her Quirk and he let out a tiny huff to settle himself. Uraraka shot the little boy a smile. “There you go.”

“Thank you,” Sousuke said. He ran around the table and tugged on Izuku’s shirt sleeve. “Up, please.”

Izuku felt a warm bubble in his chest as he lifted the tiny child and sat him in his lap. He crawled about until he found a comfortable position and Izuku couldn’t fight the smile. Sousuke put his arms on the table and watched his siblings continue to play, content to use Izuku as a chair.

“Aw, he likes you,” Uraraka said, putting her hands on her cheek. “That’s adorable.”

“It’s probably good at least one of them does,” Katsuki said, muttering into his palm. He tapped his finger on the table, shifting slightly in his chair. “I hope you won’t hold it against Ryou that he’s still mad at you.”

Izuku shook his head, watching the little boy with Kacchan’s eyes in his peripheral. “I’m not really expecting fondness from any of them, but I hope we can get along at least.”

“I’m sure he’ll come around,” Uraraka said. She reached over and ruffled Sousuke’s hair, cooing at the small child. “Izuku wins over pretty much everyone when he puts his mind to it.”

Kacchan snorted, cracking a smile.

Sousuke wiggled and hopped out of Izuku’s lap a few minutes later, heading back into the center of the room. He climbed on the couch and held Shiori’s hand as she floated over and he hopped on the ground and tugged her along. Kousei yelled for his twin and Sousuke grabbed that had too. The three year old spun around and they all laughed. Ryou and Hikari pointed and giggled from the air, all of them having an amazing time.

“I’ll forgive you for being a brute just this once,” Uraraka said, shoving Izuku in the arm. She shook her head in delight as the children played. “Katsuki’s kids are the cutest!”

“Damn right they are,” Kacchan said, with a wonderful smirk of pride stretching across his face.

Izuku laughed, leaning his elbow on the table. The kids had been a surprise in all of this, but Izuku looked forward to getting to know them over the years—they came from Kacchan, after all.

Uraraka left Hikari with an autograph that Izuku helped her frame. She put it on her cot next to the pillow and spent most of the evening sneaking peaks between it and the real deal sitting on Izuku’s couch, since she’d invited herself over for dinner.

Afterwards, Izuku saw Uraraka to the door and begged her to help manage the gossip before it got out of control. She said she’d try but she wasn’t responsible for what damage had already been done and he better be prepared next week. In the meantime, Kacchan found ways to keep the other kids busy and explained that living in the apartment would be like camping until they found a bigger house.

Before Izuku knew it, Kacchan had tucked the kids back into their cots and it was time for bed once again.

So much for his house hunting plans.

Izuku dropped on his half of the bed and breathed out. They still had the rest of the week before he had to be back at work. Izuku hugged his pillow to his chest and breathed out, closing his eyes. He could fall asleep just like this, but he felt a heavy gaze on his back. He opened his eyes again and saw Kacchan watching him. He sat on the edge of the mattress, chin his hand.

“Something wrong?” Izuku asked.

“I’m trying to figure you out,” Kacchan said, tapping his finger on his cheek. “You haven’t tried to sleep with me yet and you don’t exactly look like it’s on your mind for tonight, either. I don’t know if I should be concerned or not.”

Izuku snorted into his pillow. He’d missed that blunt mouth of his. Izuku sat up and pushed the pillow aside. Not that Izuku didn’t want to sleep with Kacchan, but he wanted things truly settled before they got there. “We’ve been a little busy moving in, don’t you think?”

“That doesn’t stop most Alpha,” Kacchan muttered into his palm. He dropped his hand on his knee and stared at Izuku, expression turning serious. “I don’t understand you.”


“You spent the last nine years of your life training for a Dominance brawl where you had no idea what your opponent would be like, you risked your reputation in a Hero firm by participating in a Challenge over someone else’s mate, not to mention you had no qualms in the first place stealing someone else’s mate,” Katsuki said, stressing that last point.

Izuku kept his face straight under the accusations. He knew exactly what he’d done and he’d do it again and again if it meant having Kacchan back. Izuku couldn’t stand the thought of someone else keeping him.

Kacchan wasn’t finished.

“You spent all that time getting your hands dirty without hesitation or shame,” Kacchan said, licking the side of his lip. “What was the point of it all if you’re not going to claim your reward at the end?”

Izuku covered the lower half of his mouth and laughed. “Kacchan, I already got my reward.”

Kacchan stared openly, brows narrowed.

“You’re here,” Izuku said. He laughed as Kacchan’s eyes widened. Izuku pulled his knees up and ran his hand through his curls. “Everything else is a pleasant bonus. But if you really want to know, I thought it might be good to wait for that sort of thing until we had a room with thicker walls and your children weren’t less than ten feet away.

“I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not have our first time be rushed and distracted as we wonder about whether or not we’ll be interrupted,” Izuku said. He dropped his hands back into his lap and shifted on the mattress. “We’ve got the rest of our lives to get to know each other intimately, so why rush things?”

“Shit,” Kacchan said. He fell over on his side, covering his face with a pillow. “You can’t say things like that and mean it.”

Izuku pulled the pillow up to see Kacchan’s expression. He glared up at Izuku with one eye pressed into the mattress. His cheeks were flushed red and his breath had picked up. “Kacchan?”

“You seduced me and you weren’t even trying,” Kacchan said. He reached over and grabbed Izuku’s shirt, yanking him down to lie next to him. Izuku hitched his breath, smelling a hint of arousal touching Kacchan’s Scent. Kacchan pressed their lips together in a firm kiss. He whispered, “I can be quiet if you can.”

“We’ll have to find out,” Izuku said, breathing harder. Kacchan wanted this now and Izuku had no intention of turning him down, plans or not. Izuku kissed him again, tugging Kacchan over by the waist. He ground their hips together, loving how Kacchan tasted and the way his fingers dug into Izuku’s back. He paused to catch his breath. “So far, so good.”

“Yeah,” Kacchan said. He rolled, pulling Izuku’s arm to position him on top and bucked his hips up. Izuku shoved his face in Kacchan’s neck to hide his moan and he could feel the vibration of Kacchan’s chuckle in return. “For now. You’re not going to make it, are you?”

“Is that a challenge?” Izuku whispered.

Kacchan licked his lip. “You tell me.”

Izuku kissed him again—that seemed answer enough.

Izuku and Kacchan managed to remain discrete.

Kacchan had to bite a pillow and Izuku had to bite him, but they both succeeded in the challenge of staying quiet to avoid drawing attention. They had even managed to shower quiet enough to keep the children from waking up and collapsed in bed, dressed in their night clothes just in case a kid wandered in early in the morning.

Izuku had felt pretty good until Ryou walked up to Kacchan to get his breakfast and stopped.

The little boy scrunched his nose and clutched at his breakfast plate. Ryou watched the ground and said, “You smell like him.”

The defeat in his voice pulled on Izuku’s heart.

“I do,” Kacchan said. He put his hand on Ryou’s head and ruffled his hair. “You’re going to have to get used to that, kiddo.”

Ryou opened his mouth and shut it. His expression changing between anger and confusion enough that he stayed silent. Ryou took his plate back to the living room and set it on the coffee table next to his brothers and sister as they ate. Kacchan rubbed his face and set his own plate next to Izuku’s on the table and sat. He stared at his kids with his elbow on the table. He drew small circles on his shirt where the new Mark underneath sat on his shoulder.

“Maybe we should have waited,” Izuku said, voice low. He held his cup of coffee and sat next to Kacchan at the table. “I didn’t really think about how they’d take to your change in Scent.”

“He’ll get over it, and waiting wouldn’t have helped things that much,” Kacchan said.

“You don’t think giving them more time to adjust would help?” Izuku frowned and sipped his coffee. “I know he’s never going to see me as a parent, but it might have given him more time to get used to our relationship.”

“Not when my Heat’s in three or four days,” Kacchan said. Izuku froze and he kept drawing little circles on his shoulder. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you weren’t winning him over in that short of time in any way that would have made him less upset about my Scent changing.”

Izuku whipped his head to the side. Kacchan’s Heat? And it was coming up that fast? He clutched his coffee cup. That would explain why Kacchan’s shoulder had been bare last night and begging for Izuku to help himself—Kacchan’s last Mark had healed over!

“Don’t tell me you forgot about that part?” Kacchan asked, his mouth twitching. “Heats are sort of a big deal with Omega.”

Izuku had forgotten. Sort of. He knew Omega had Heats and he remembered everything he was supposed to know about Heats but he might have forgotten that Kacchan, specifically, would also have them.

He needed a distraction.

“Who’s Ryou’s favorite Pro Hero?” Izuku asked. Hikari’s had been Uravity and he knew Kacchan had loved All Might back in the day. His kids had to have his taste in Heroes and a specific favorite. “Maybe I know them, too.”

“What brought that up?”

“You said I couldn’t win over Ryou in a short amount of time,” Izuku said, drawing the topic back to the start before Kacchan picked up on his blunder. “Introducing his sister to Uravity sure worked, so what’s there to lose?”

Kacchan shoved a bite of rice in his mouth and chewed. “Are you asking me how to bribe my kid into liking you?”

“Yes,” Izuku said—he might as well be honest about it.

“How about this,” Kacchan said. He pushed his breakfast plate aside and crossed his arms on the table. “If you really want to make Ryou’s day, let the kids stay with Kaito for my Heat, because we are not finding a house before that happens and this place is way too small for five kids and that going on.”

“Good plan,” Izuku said, sipping his coffee. He set his cup down and pretended his hands weren’t trembling with nerves or excitement as he thought about Kacchan’s upcoming Heat—probably a mixture of both. Izuku clasped his hands together. “We should do that and I’m sure Kaito would appreciate it, too.”

“Great. I’m glad that’s settled,” Kacchan said. He watched Izuku out of the corner of his eye and his lip twitched. “You totally forgot I have Heats now.”

Izuku dropped his head on the table and groaned. “I had other things on my mind.”

“Sure you did,” Kacchan said.

Izuku listened to the kids chatter in the other room and moved his hand under the table and set it on Kacchan’s thigh. He rubbed his thumb in a circle, sitting back up so he could watch the living room. “Hey, Kacchan.”

“Yeah?” Kacchan answered, sipping his coffee.

“I’m really glad you’re back.”

Kacchan put his cup down and threw his arm over the back of his chair. He whispered, “Maybe I am, too.”

Izuku leaned on Kacchan, putting his head on his shoulder. He breathed in, smelling the hint of rose lingering under the Cedar.

They had nine years of lost time to make up, but Izuku looked forward to every minute of it.