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Super Pichu Brothers

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It was a typical day in Chicago for a young Pichu with messy hair on the left side of his face. He was running the streets as usual, getting what was needed. His name was Jonathon "John" Patrick. Two years ago, John and his younger brother, Peter "Pete" Jonah had a bit of fight. John was now protecting uptown and thought that Pete was dead a month ago until he was proven wrong. Pete was alive and well, living in downtown, and had recently gotten badly injured. John gathered up supplies to help. Eventually, the two brothers forgave the other but their relationship was still a bit shaky. Anyways, Pete was back on his feet but he was secretly investigating what had happened. John wanted to pretend that it didn't happen and move on. A cry for help broke John out of his thoughts. 'A guardian's job is never done,' John thought as he raced off to his work.

When John arrived, he saw his own brother protecting a Pidgey from this strange white ball that looked like a ghost. Pidgey was a Tiny Bird Pokémon. But the ghost John never saw before. Pete charged up his Discharge and fired it. The ghost was effected by it but it looked like it did no damage at all.

Pete was pissed as he yelled, "Oh hell no you got to be kidding me!"

John swore, "Damn it, what is he facing?!"

With that, John ran over, gaining speed and electricity. The ghost turned as he saw John running over.

It asked, surprised, "Two of you?"

At that moment, John crashed into the ghost. The ghost felt that move, forcing it back.

Pete was annoyed now and yelled, "Crap! John, I had him!"

John pointed out, "Sure didn't look like it..."

The ghost looked at the both of them as the Pidgey flew off, scared.

It asked, "So there are two of you here?!"

John answered, "Yeah and you're gonna be sorry that you entered our turf, you bastard!"

Pete huffed, "John, you might wanna focus on that...this ghost is talking!"

The older Pichu brother rolled his eyes and said, "Details later, let's just kick his sorry ass."

The younger Pichu brother yelled, "Details later?! We need the details now! We have no idea on how to battle this guy!"

John started to yell, "Damn it, Pete, when I want your opinion..." At this moment, the ghost fled and that made John more upset. John, at this point, was furious. He yelled, "Crap, look at what you did!" John yelled.

"Me?!" Pete yelled, getting mad.

John rolled his eyes as he ran off, pissed off. Pete just let out an annoyed yell, just as pissed off. Sometimes he wished that John never found him, he knew that he was better off on his own. He hated always being in his older brother's shadow.


Pete wasn't the only one. Far away outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi James Manfredi was in the kitchen, reading the paper. He was reading that Mario was once again named hero of the year. Luigi couldn't understand how Mario could be still nominated for that if he was the king of Mushroom Kingdom now. Peach was expecting their first child and the couple was being tight lipped of what gender the baby was going to be or even if that they were having twins. They weren't even telling Luigi, Violet, and Spettro. Violet came in and kissed her husband on the cheek.

She gushed, "Morning Weegie."

Luigi smiled, "Morning Vi."

Luigi had no idea how Violet cheered him up so easily but she always did - as did Spettro.

She looked at the headlines and asked, "Is it still bothering you?"

Luigi nodded as he answered, "Yeah, it seems like Mario is still mad at me about what happened when he found out that I lost my left arm."

Violet pointed out wisely, "But there wasn't much that he could do about it." Luigi sighed, knowing she was right. He had no regrets about losing his arm, it just meant that he made a mistake and he was willing to accept that. The sacred violet ice kissed her husband, practically sitting in his lap. Luigi brought her closer as the two made out a bit. Just then, Luigi suddenly felt something and he broke out of the kiss, hissing in pain. Violet instantly got worried and asked, "Luigi?"

Luigi told her, hissing in pain, "Get the doctor!"

Violet quickly reacted as she ran out. At that moment, Spettro came in, hearing his master yelling. Spettro tilted his head, worried. Luigi still hissed in pain but somehow managed a smile. Spettro wasn't convinced, he knew that Luigi was in pain. Just then, Violet came in with Dr. Toadley as he quickly took Luigi down to his office. A few minutes later, Luigi was calm and Dr. Toadley left his office. Violet and Spettro were waiting as the two of them got to their feet. (Or in Spettro's case, paws.)

Violet asked, "Is he okay?"

The toad doctor answered, "Oh yes, it was just that his left arm was on wrong."

Violet breathed a sigh of relief as Spettro barked happily and she asked, "May we see him?"

"Of course, he was asking about you two!" He answered as he let them into his office.

Spettro was the first one in as he licked Luigi's face happily. Luigi chuckled as Violet came in next.

She confessed, "You had us worried."

Luigi wrapped his arms around her waist and replied, "I am so sorry, Vi. I didn't mean to worry you or Spettro. You two are my real family - besides Elvin."

Violet perked up at that. She thought that the fight between Mario and Luigi was not needed, it could've been easily solved...couldn't it?

She decided to change the subject and asked, "Speaking of Elvin, aren't we going back to Evershade Valley soon?"

Luigi smiled wide with excitement as he answered, "Yes, we are."

Spettro wagged his tail, excited as he panted. Violet giggled as Luigi smiled. The two of them had planned this for awhile, they had wanted to see Elvin anyhow. Within minutes, the two of them were on their way to Evershade Valley. What they didn't know was an adventure was waiting for them at Gloomy Manor...


A few hours later in Chicago, Pete was getting awfully tired from running around in Chicago. He was trying to figure out what that ghost was. But no one he talked to knew what the ghost was. The younger Pichu brother pushed his hair - er - fur back, straightening it a bit more.

Pete mumbled, "What am I gonna do?"

That's when Pete saw his ghost pet and friend coming in. It was a Growlithe. Growlithe was the Puppy Pokemon. Pete met this ghost Growlithe, Ghowly, a while back. Pete smiled at Ghowly.

An elderly voice stated, "Oh, there you are."

Pete snapped out of his thoughts, turned around, and saw a Spinda came in. His feet movements were rather unpredictable. Spinda was the Spot Panda Pokemon.

Pete smiled at Spinda and greeted, "Oh hey Professor Scott."

Scott was the name of the Spinda and Pete knew him very well. Scott and Pete met about six years ago when Pete mysteriously inherited a piece of land. Pete was suspicious but asked John to come over to help him celebrate but he went missing. It wasn't long before Pete discovered that some Haunter took John. Haunter was the Gas Pokemon and they were all being controlled by King Gengar. Gengar is the Shadow Pokemon and it was powerful. In fact, King Gengar managed to seal John in a portrait somehow and Pete had to defeat King Gengar to save his brother. And recently, Scott learned that there was a special gem that made all of the ghosts friendly but King Gengar destroyed it. Scott needed Pete's help yet again. John wounded up being a prisoner again and that's when Pete met Ghowly.

Ghowly was causing mischief every time he and Pete met. But that was all resolved when things went back to normal. For Pete managed to save John and the world again. However, John didn't remember what happened...until Pete wounded up hurt.

Scott asked, "Well, have you and John patched things up?"

Pete stiffened a laugh as he petted Ghowly, in a poor attempt to calm himself down. Ghowly could tell that Pete was mad.

He answered, "Hell no, he's still as hot-headed than ever. We even got attacked by this weird ghost today and he wouldn't stop to think ahead!"

Scott perked up at this and asked, "Weird ghost, eh? Mind adding more details?" Pete told Scott about what happened. Scott placed his paw under his chin and thought. Ghowly tilted his head in confusion as he stuck out his tongue. Scott answered, "Very strange indeed. From what you described it seems that this ghost was from another dimension."



Wishmaker1028: Firstly, let me say, don't worry, our heroes will meet up with John and Pete soon. And since there was a lot of swearing by John and Pete, this is going to be a T rated fic since sooner or later, Mario and Luigi will eventually be swearing. There will be blood as well. So, what do you think Professor E Gadd is up to this time? Well, let's find out together! Please read and review! And always think outside of the box!