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Smut One-Shots - Multiple Fandoms

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Teen Wolf - Scott McCall x Stiles Stilinski - Crashing on the Couch

Scott was sitting in the couch, drinking a soda and watching re-runs of Friends. After graduating, Scott had moved in with Stiles. They lived in a small apartment in downtown LA which cost way too much than it should have. 

Scott, now 20, was recently unemployed but searching for a job. Stiles, still 19, was working at a newspaper company. His job was 9-5 and drained him physically and emotionally. 

Scott was now lying comfortably on the sofa, cuddling a pillow and admiring Matt LeBlanc. Stiles suddenly swung the door open, clutching a briefcase and looking angry. Scott sat up and asked him how his day had been.

”If I’m being honest, Scott. It was fucking awful. This day as a whole has been awful.” Stiles replied, throwing his jacket over a chair and putting his briefcase on the table.

”Come over here then. I know how to cheer you up.” Scott grinned, patting the sofa. Stiles untucked his shirt and walked over to Scott, sitting on the sofa next to him. Scott’s hands stroked Stiles’ thigh and moved closer towards his crotch. He slowly leaned in as he did this, locking lips with Stiles. Stiles’ hands gripped Scott’s face and kissed him passionately, letting his body fall onto the sofa. Scott’s left hand continued to massage Stiles’ trouser bulge as his right hand caressed Stiles’ ass. 

“This is already making me feel better.” Stiles whispered into Scott’s ear, beginning to suck on his neck. Scott slowly sat up and undressed, throwing his t-shirt and shorts to the floor. He ripped off Stiles’ clothes and admired his lean yet muscular body. Scott was much bigger than Stiles with large arms and broad shoulders. 

They continued to make out aggressively, their lips smashing together. Their bulges rubbed together as they kissed until Scott couldn’t handle it anymore. He sat on the couch and tore off his underwear. His large Latino cock flew out, sticking up into the air. It was tan and uncut, coming in at 8-inches long. Stiles was used to Scott’s large member and sucked on the head. He stroked the shaft as his mouth engulfed Scott’s head. His lips moved down the cock slowly, his mouth filling with the enourmous Latin dick. Stiles gagged as his throat was invaded by the rod and Scott moaned loudly. 

“Ah! Fuck! Suck that fat cock.” He moaned, pressing Stiles’ head down, “It feels so good throat-fucking you.” 

His hips bucked as he felt himself beginning to cum. Stiles felt his spasm and sucked his member faster. Scott gritted his teeth and cried out with a loud moan.

”Fuck! Uh! Stiles.” Scott screamed, spraying ropes of semen into Stiles’ mouth. His lips rolled off the bigger boy’s dick and looked up to him, smiling. He wiped some cum off the side of his mouth and licked it clean.

”You taste good.” Stiles exclaimed. Stiles stood up and slowly rolled off his underwear, his dick flying out. He was a bit shorter than Scott but had the same girth and was circumcised. He walked towards Scott and pressed his head to his lips. Scott’s tongue slipped out and gently licked the back of his head. Stiles moaned at this and then pushed his cock deep into Scott’s throat. Scott adjusted to the sudden large member in his mouth and gently bobbed up and down on it.

”Mmm. More. Uh! More, Scotty!” Stiles groaned, grabbing Scott by the hair and pushing him further down on the head. After spending so many nights with Derek as a teenager, Scott could easily take a long, girthy cock. He moved all the way down to the base and sucked harder as he moved back up. Stiles grunted and his feet curled as he was milked by Scott’s mouth.

”Scotty! Scott! I’m gonna burst.” Stiles shouted. Scott’s lips touched his head and felt the other boy’s body spasm as he shot his load in his mouth. 

“Uhh! Ah! Fuck!” Stiles panted, pulling out of Scott’s mouth. Scott swallowed all his semen and sat back on the couch. 

“Hey, Scotty. I know we never tried this but I want you to dominate me. It really turns me on.” Stiles said, truthfully.

”Sure thing, you little slut.” Scott grinned, “Now how about you get over here so Daddy can punish you.” Stiles walked over and was roughly grabbed by Scott before being flung onto the couch. His face pressed into a pillow as he felt Scott’s tongue touch his hole. Scott’s tongue made sticky circles around the ring of muscle and loosened the hole nicely. At certain intervals, he stuck three fingers in and pulled them in and out rapidly. Stiles moaned loudly into the pillow as Scott’s tongue explored his ass. Scott stood up at walked over to Stiles’ ear.

“Be a good bitch and start fingering your tight hole.” He said gruffly to the smaller boy. Stiles did as he was told and placed three fingers deep inside his ass and proceeded to push them in and out rapidly. As he was doing this, Scott walked over to the kitchen and grabbed Stiles’ tie and a bottle of lube. He tied the tie around Stiles’ neck and made it sure he could grab the long piece of fabric. He tugged in it and it sent Stiles’ head flying back and making him choke a little.

”Get on your knees, whore. I want to destroy that hole.” Scott ordered. He delivered a swift spank onto Stiles’ ass and made his ass cheeks shake aggressively.

”Uh! Yes, Daddy. Plow my slutty ass.” Stiles moaned. Scott squirted lube into his hand and coated his monster cock in it. He added a little to Stiles’ hole and fingered him deeply again. 

“I hope you’re ready for your hole to be split.” Scott growled. 

Stiles gripped the sofa as he felt his ass become filled with Scott’s 8-inch Latin member. His insides were slowly spread out to fit the huge shaft and eventually he hit his prostate. Stiles quivered as he became full to the brim and felt it all flow away as Scott pulled out. All of a sudden, Stiles’ head was yanked back as Scott grabbed the tie. At the same time, he thrust back in and began to pound Stiles. 

“Fuck. You’re so tight.” Scott grunted.

”uh! Ah! Fuck! Scott! Fuck me harder!” Stiles shrieked in ecstasy. Scott obliged and moved his hips faster and faster until he was slamming into Stiles. The whole room became filled with the sound of moans and the slapping of their skin together. 

“Ah! You fuck this hole so good!” Stiles screamed. Scott could feel his heart pounding more and more. As he fucked Stiles, he could feel himself about to transform. His ears changed, as well as his teeth and his eyes, but more importantly, his cock got a lot thicker.

”Take that werewolf cock.” Scott growled. With his increased energy, he fucked Stiles even faster. His fat balls smacked against Stiles’ ass twice as fast. He grabbed Stiles by the throat and pulled out of him, flipping him onto his back. Stiles put his legs in the air and rested them on Scott’s broad shoulders.

”Fuck that’s a thick cock.” Stiles said in awe as he watched the veiny shaft disappear inside him.

 “You’re ass feels so good.” Scott said. He began to thrust quicker and pound Stiles’ ass. Stiles bit his lip and squirmed as his whole body was filled with pleasure. Scott’s hands gripped around Stiles’ neck and choked him as they fucked roughly. Stiles gagged and moaned as his throat was closed by Scott’s hands. He felt the grip loosen and let out another loud groan.

”Fuck, Daddy. Choke me again.” Stiles whined, his whole body convulsing. Scott’s hands stroked Stikes’ pecs and pushed him down into the couch. 

“You’re such a whore, Stiles. What would your dad say?” Scott hissed, choking Stiles again.  

“Mm. Ah! Fuck! Faster, Scotty. Shit!” Stiles screamed. He could feel his hole splitting as Scott humped him powerfully. 

“How about you milk that dick while I pound you?” Scott asked in a rough voice. Stiles’ shaky hands reached down to his rock-hard member and began to stroke it in time with Scott’s thrusts. Scott pulled out and picked up Stiles. They kissed momentarily, sharing saliva and Scott’s semen before breaking again. Stiles’ hands held Scott’s asscheeks firmly as Scott sat on the couch.

Stiles turned away from Scott so his ass was facing him and began to spread his cheeks. Scott licked his lips at the sight of Stiles’ red puckering hole. Stiles slowly lowered himself onto Scott’s member and bouncing up and down on it. His fat cheeks wobbled as he rode the long cock. Scott aggressively spanked Stiles and bit his neck gently. Stiles moaned and leaned backwards into Scott.

”Faster! Faster, Daddy!” Stiles shrieked, jerking his dick in the rhythm. 

“You ride cock so fucking good, baby.” Scott complimented Stikes, biting his lip at the sight of his cock burrowing into Stiles.

”I can’t believe you haven’t cum yet, Daddy. I’ve been trying so hard to please you.” Stiles said.

”You’ve been doing great, baby. You’re ass is making me close.” Scott replied.

”Good, Daddy! Fuck! Pound me!” Stikes shrieked. He clenched his ass hard and massaged Scott’s shaft as he slid up and down on the huge rod. 

“Fuck! Stiles! Fuck it feels so good! Ah! Ah!” Scott moaned. His dick squirted semen into Stiles’ ass until the thick cum was dribbling out of his hole. Scott panted and lay on his back.

”You’re so fucking big, Scotty. I can never get enough of that Latin cock.” Stiles said. He straddled Scott and pumped his length for a while until he sprayed semen on Scott’s chest and face. 

“Ah! Uh! Fuck!” He moaned, his legs shaking in pleasure. Scott picked Stiles up, hugged him, kissed him deeply and carried him into the shower.

He turned the handle and the warm water began to flow over their bodies. Scott pressed Stiles against the wall and forced his tongue down his throat. Stiles wrapped his legs around Scott’s lower back whilst resting his arms loosely on his shoulders. The water flowed over their muscular bodies and trickled down their long flaccid shafts. 

“Thank you, Scotty. You’ve made this day so much better.” Stiles said sweetly.

”Anything for you baby.” Scott answered and passionately kissed Stiles.