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Writing Prompt Menagerie

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Akechi Goes to Walmart!

He’d been standing looking at the shirt in the men’s section for probably a good ten minutes now. His English wasn’t horrible, but he wasn’t sure he understood the context of shirt.

Takamaki was around here… Somewhere?

She’s the one that dragged them all here, insisting she needed to stop by ‘American Junes’ before they head back to the airport.

“Akechi!” Finally, the blonde made an appearance. “Akira said you had a question for me!”

“Yes, Takamaki-san,” he pulled the shirt off the rack and showed it to her. “Can you explain the context of this.

“Oh,” the girls lips twitched into a grin before she pressed them together. “Uh, well, actually!” She smiled and snapped both her thumbs, “You know in English ‘Dick’ is often used as a synonym for ‘Detective’.”


“Yes!” She nodded. “You should totally buy that, infact-” Ann pushed him aside and dug through the shirts. “Found your size! Here!” She shoved the shirt at him with a nod before talking off to return to her own shopping task.

Goro looked down at the shirt and smiled. Around the corner he just barely heard Akira screaming ‘ANN NO!’.