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VME Cracklets

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Ah, finally, Hiraga was back from the men’s room — and with a look of profound discomfort on his face. Roberto fought down a wave of panic. There might be a corpse in there, true. There might also be a perfectly mundane if distasteful explanation.

“Are you all right, Hiraga?”

“I ... yes.” Hiraga sat down at their table. “But I saw the most peculiar thing, Roberto. There was a circular hole in the wall of the stall, about twelve centimeters across. I didn’t think anything of it at first, I assumed it was a construction mistake... but there was an eyeball in it.”

Roberto, struggling to maintain his composure, said, “You do mean that the fellow in the next stall was looking through it into your own, correct? Not that there was a detached eyeball inserted into the hole?” Stranger things had, of course, happened.

“Yes, that’s what I mean. Why on earth would someone do that? It was more than a little unsettling.”

Dear Lord. The eternal question: how much to tell him. “That particular ‘construction mistake’ is known as a glory hole. And, to be circumspect for the moment, the other man was very likely seeking someone else of the same mind.”

“To....” Hiraga frowned. “I am going to hazard a guess that giving glory unto God does not enter into this equation?”

Roberto, eyeing the approach of a waitress with tablet in hand, said, “I’ll explain it all later.”