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Give and Take

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Peter had his eyes on him the moment the man entered the bar, immediately drawn to the tailored clothes and expensive watch adorning his wrist, every inch of him oozing class and wealth. He was clearly filthy rich and incredibly handsome to boot and, to Peter’s surprise, he didn’t even have to work to catch the stranger’s eyes. This would be too easy.

The man sat down on one of the barstools, leaving a few empty ones between him and Peter, but Peter wasn’t having any of that and without hesitation he moved over and slipped onto the stool next to him, giving him a flirtatious smile.

“Hey, I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before,” he purred, leaning in just a little. To be fair, he didn’t exactly frequent this bar, with what he did it wasn’t exactly a good idea to regularly come back to places where he had stolen from people. Getting beat up in an alley wasn’t his idea of a good time. “What’s your name?”

“You don’t know who I am?” Alright, so clearly this guy was kind of full of himself, but Peter wasn’t planning on getting into a long-term relationship with him, he just needed to keep his attention for a little while.

“No, but I’d love to get to know you,” he said, putting one hand on the man’s arm and watching his lips curve into a smirk.

“Tony,” he said simply, eyes roaming all over Peter’s body. Yeah, this was too easy.

“Just Tony?” Peter asked, hoping to get a last name out of him.

“Let’s stick with just Tony for now,” Tony replied, giving Peter a hungry look. “And what’s your name, pretty boy?”

“I’m Peter,” he said, shivering slightly when he felt Tony’s hand on his thigh, sliding up almost indecently high and squeezing softly. If Peter wasn’t planning on stealing from the man he would’ve probably agreed to let him fuck him, but he was short on rent this month and by the looks of it this guy would be very capable of paying it.

“Nice to meet you, Peter.” The smirk was still on Tony’s face, teasing and seductive and Peter bit down on his lip, placing his hand over Tony’s and pushing it further up his own thigh. With just one look he could tell that Tony was hooked and Peter had a hard time containing his grin.

They talked for a while, steadily moving closer until Peter was practically sitting in Tony’s lap and he could feel the man’s body heat through his expensive clothes. That’s when Peter moved in, wrapping his arms around Tony and pressing their lips together in a deep, passionate kiss, something he usually had to fake, but hardly required any effort this time.

Tony kissed back just as eagerly, guiding the kiss into something slow and intense, making Peter’s skin tingle wherever he touched it and-

He had to focus.

Slowly he slid his hand down Tony’s back, carefully slipping it into the man’s back pocket under the guise of feeling him up and with light fingers he took his wallet, quickly slipping it back into his own pocket, before breaking the kiss.

Now the trick was getting the hell out before Tony realized something was missing.

“Shit,” he mumbled, checking the time on his phone, “I need to go.” He made his smile as apologetically as possible, but Tony grabbed his wrist before he could even get up.

“What’s wrong, Cinderella? Did the clock strike midnight?” Tony asked with a smirk and Peter laughed.

“Don’t think I’ll be leaving my shoe behind for you, I need it to get home,” Peter teased, squirming in his seat.

“Stay a little longer, baby, I was just starting to have fun,” Tony tried to convince him and any other day the offer would’ve been so very tempting, but Peter just shook his head.

“I wish, but I have class tomorrow morning.” Peter pulled Tony’s hand off his wrist and hopped off the barstool. “Maybe I’ll see you around,” he said, before quickly walking out the door with the man’s wallet safely in his pocket. He really hoped he wouldn’t see him around.


The last thing Peter expected when he came home to his tiny apartment the next day was to see Tony sitting in his living room, leaning back casually on the worn down sofa and giving Peter a smug look.

“What are you doing here?” He forced out, immediately feeling his heartbeat speed up. He tried to put on a brave face, but he could already tell he was in a lot of trouble.

“Don’t play dumb, sweetheart, you know exactly why I’m here,” Tony replied, staring him down until Peter was squirming nervously.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Peter crossed his arms and broke eye contact, unable to bear the intense look in Tony’s eyes.

“Oh, really? Well, maybe this will help you remember.” Tony reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, the wallet Peter had stolen from him the other night. “You really should’ve thought twice before trying to steal from me, kid. I have to admit though, it was a cute effort, probably would’ve gotten away with it, too if I hadn’t put a tracker in it.”

“Who even puts a tracker into their wallet?” Peter complained, “That’s just so extra.” He probably shouldn’t be giving the man attitude, considering he could easily report Peter to the police and screw him over, but he was annoyed that his plan had failed. It never failed.

“I’m Tony Stark, of course I’m gonna put a tracker in my wallet. You’ve seen how much is in there.”

Oh shit, no, this was bad, this was very, very bad and he was a whole ass idiot. He had no idea he’d been stealing from the Tony Stark, but this man could and would ruin his life if needed and oh shit.

“Just take the damn thing back, I haven’t taken any money out of it,” Peter said quickly, but instead of taking the offer and leaving Peter alone, Tony got up, walking towards Peter until they were practically breathing the same air.

“You live in a shithole,” Tony said and Peter frowned in response.

“Yes, I know. Why do you care?”

“You seem like you need the money.” Tony hummed to himself, the look in his eyes making Peter slightly uncomfortable. “I guess I could be persuaded to part with the cash, for a price of course.”

“What-“ Peter’s voice cracked nervously and he quickly coughed to cover it up. “What do you want?” He tried again, taking a small step back.

“You,” Tony responded, simply and without hesitation, and Peter felt his jaw drop in surprise.

“What? No! Just take your wallet and go.” Agreeing to a deal like that felt like selling his soul to the devil and his hands were starting to tremble as Tony backed him up until he was pressed against the wall.

“Is that your final answer? You should know I could report you to the police, land you in prison for a while… I only have to snap my fingers and it’ll happen. I’m sure a bright, young thing like you wouldn’t want that, would you?” Tony asked, the words sounding far too casual for what he was saying and Peter might actually cry.

“A-are you blackmailing me?” Peter choked out, fear leaking into his voice as he pressed his back harder against the wall.

“Blackmail is such an ugly word,” Tony purred, “I’m just giving you an offer that would work in both our favours.”

“So, what? Is this some kind of sugar daddy situation? Or do you just want me to be your whore?” Peter spat, more venomous than he would’ve wanted, but he was stuck somewhere between anger and fear and he didn’t tend to make good decisions in situations like that.

“If I wanted a whore I would go find one.” Tony’s hand reached up, cupping Peter’s cheek and forcing him to look at him. Peter whimpered at the sudden contact, something that seemed to please the older man immensely. “No. I want you and there just happens to be money involved, no need to put a label on it.”

Peter hated himself, so, so much, but he didn’t appear to have a choice and he’d rather be a billionaire’s plaything for a little while than end up in prison, so he agreed. “Fine…” he mumbled, “you can have me.”

“Good boy,” Tony praised, before forcing their lips together and tangling a hand in Peter’s hair, making him gasp out loud.

Peter wanted to hate it, he really did, but Tony was unfairly attractive and a great kisser and Peter was so weak that he couldn’t help but kiss back, completely forgetting that Tony had blackmailed him into doing this and now basically owned him.

“Daddy’s gonna take care of you, baby boy,” Tony murmured against Peter’s lips and Peter felt something stir deep inside him, a fire raging under his skin and he couldn’t help but moan. “Such a pretty boy…” Tony cooed, “and you’re all mine, aren’t you?” Peter just whimpered in response, unable to form a coherent sentence when Tony pushed his thigh between Peter’s legs, grinding right against Peter’s crotch.

“Say it,” Tony demanded, scraping his teeth over the sensitive skin of Peter’s neck and Peter squeezed his eyes shut.

“I-I’m yours, daddy…” The words came out almost naturally and Peter didn’t know what that said about him, but that was something future-Peter would have to deal with.

“Perfect, now get on your knees,” Tony ordered and Peter was helpless to obey, dropping to the floor and wincing slightly at the impact. Peter knew what the man wanted from him and he figured it would be best to stay on his good side, so he opened his mouth, waiting for Tony to make the next move.

He didn’t have to wait long at all. Tony seemed eager to get on with this, taking no time at all to take his cock out and push it between Peter’s lips.

“If you use teeth, you’ll regret it,” he threatened and all Peter could do was whimper. “Good boy.”

Tony’s hand tangled in his hair and forced his dick further into Peter’s mouth, almost making him gag. Tony was big, filling Peter’s mouth up so fully that he didn’t really know what to do with it. Thankfully Tony was taking the lead, guiding Peter’s head and setting the rhythm. All Peter had to do was keep his mouth open and let the man fuck it. The rhythm he set was by now means gentle and Peter was struggling to keep up with the assault on his throat, but he didn’t really have a choice but to let the man do whatever he wanted.

The grip on his hair was almost painful and Peter’s jaw was starting to ache from keeping it opened for so long, but Tony didn’t look like he was going to stop any time soon. The slick slide of hot flesh on his tongue and the salty taste of precum were the only things he could focus on, and distantly he could feel himself getting hard, shamefully turned on by having his throat fucked.

Drool was dripping down Peter’s chin and he figured he must look like a total wreck, lips red and swollen and tears stinging behind his eyes. Above him Tony was groaning quietly, praising Peter, telling him how pretty he was, how perfect his mouth felt and Peter felt a sick sense of pride at making this man feel good. He knew it was wrong, that he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t help himself.

“Shit, sweetheart,” Tony moaned and Peter looked up at him, choking slightly at a particularly rough thrust and that really seemed to do it for Tony. “I’m close…”

Peter already knew that. His thrusts were becoming rougher and more desperate the closer he got and Peter was moaning around the man’s shaft, enjoying this far too much, even for his own liking, and he had no idea how he was going to deal with this later.

Only a few moments later Tony’s movements faltered, hips jerking slightly as he spilled his release into Peter’s mouth, the salty flavour flooding Peter’s taste buds as he tried to swallow as much as he could, some stray drops dripping out of the corner of his mouth.

As soon as Tony had pulled out, Peter became acutely aware of his own straining dick, desperate for its own release and Tony seemed to notice, too, a sly smirk forming on his face.

“Aww, do you want to cum, baby?” Tony cooed, zipping his pants back up and running a hand through Peter’s hair, tugging lightly.

“Please…” Peter pleaded, reaching down with one hand to palm his aching cock through his jeans, but Tony’s grip on his hair tightened almost painfully.

“Don’t touch yourself. That’s for me to play with, not you.” His voice left no room for argument and Peter whined as he pulled his hand away again. “Good boy, take out your dick.” Tony’s voice was low and slightly rough and Peter hated how much it turned him on, but he did as he was told anyway, unzipping his pants and pulling his dick out.

“So pretty,” Tony said under his breath, before pushing his leg between Peter’s thighs again, pressing against his crotch and Peter’s breath hitched. “You can get off, sweetheart, but you’ll have to do it like this.”

Peter’s cheeks flushed almost immediately, colouring his skin pink, and he didn’t know what to say. Having to hump this man’s leg to be allowed to get off was so humiliating, but what was even more humiliating was how hard he got, precum leaking down his shaft.

“It’s either this or nothing,” Tony said after Peter didn’t move for a few moments and Peter whimpered quietly, moving closer to Tony until his knees were bracketing Tony’s leg, his dick pressed against his shin. Peter experimentally thrust his hips against Tony’s legs, moaning at the feeling of rough fabric against his sensitive dick. “That’s right, sweetheart. Keep going.”

Peter was absolutely mortified as he started grinding, resting his head against Tony’s thigh as he moved his hips, soft pants and whimpers filling the room.

Peter felt like he was going to cry, every movement bringing him closer to the edge, Tony’s gently encouraging words making his head spin. It was all too much, this whole situation, and he couldn’t quite remember how Tony had brought him to his knees, all he knew was that he was so overwhelmed that he could no longer think straight.

“F-fuck,” Peter whined after a while, his movements becoming faster, less coordinated, as he chased his release. His hard dick was leaking precum all over Tony’s expensive looking pants, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

“Cum for me, sweetheart,” Tony purred, petting Peter’s hair, “Cum for daddy.” And that did it, those words were the final push he needed and suddenly he was tumbling over the edge, spurts of cum staining Tony’s pants as Peter started to sob, not even sure what he was crying about.

“Such a sweet thing.” Tony smiled, continuing to card his fingers through Peter’s hair while Peter’s shoulders shook slightly. “We’re going to have so much fun.”