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Ema and Nahyuta: The Dynamic Duo

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"YES!" yelled Ema, "I PASSED! I PASSED!" She wasn't talking to anyone in particular, just yelling in the middle of her flat. She was finally ready to be a fully fledged Forensic Investigator. "Oh my god! I can't wait to see what my first case is going to be!"  was all that ran through her head. She glanced over the paper in her hands at her old kit, the one she'd used for years now. "I guess I won't need you anymore, huh?"  She cradled it in her arms and put it in the closet because she didn't have the heart to throw it away.

A few weeks later, she received her first case and went to the prosecutor's office sporting her armband to meet the guy she was assigned to. The letter from Mr Edgeworth explained briefly why it was so quiet. Apparently, he was reforming the whole office so they were extremely understaffed. The prosecutor for the case she was assigned to was a foreign one, quite last minute, called in from some eastern country called Khura'in. To be honest she was just stood there, lost in thought until a calm, collected voice called her back to reality. "You're the forensic investigator on my case, I presume?" She turned around to see a tall, pale man looking back at her, with long blue hair in a braid that almost ran down to the floor. He was in a white...jacket? She didn't quite know what to call it but either way, it looked right at home with the white strand of fabric floating around his head. This was definitely the guy.

"Are you Prosecutor Sahdmadhi, on the murder case at Penrose Theater? If you are, then yes." He gave a slight nod and smiled faintly. "I'm Ema Skye, just passed my test." He looked up and his smile widened. "I've heard from the Chief Prosecutor that you're really quite amazing, an impressive feat for someone who's just passed. Anyway, we should get going. I wish to get started on the crime scene as soon as possible." He started walking away and Ema followed suit, and they headed into a car waiting outside. Bit of a shame she had to walk for half an hour to get to the office when there was a car right there.

"I assume you would like a case brief? I do believe that you may know the defendant, her name is Trucy Wright. She has been charged with the involuntary manslaughter of her magic partner." Ema's eyes widened. She didn't know Trucy was the one on trial! She was just about to object and defend her but Nahyuta put his finger against her lips before she could open her mouth. "I know you're going to complain, but I assure you, you must keep calm, and move on. Anyway, I don't believe the charge. I think it was murder." At this point, Ema pulled his hand away and raised her voice. "But sir, Trucy would never do such a thing! I can't believe you'd even say that!" He just shook his head and a butterfly with its wings connected by a loop landed on his finger. "How did that even get there?"  thought Ema, but Nahyuta interrupted her before it. "When you see the crime scene, I will show you why and you will understand. Poor naive soul, you still have a lot to learn."

"I'll have you know I'm older than you!" she said, and she faced the other way and pouted. Nahyuta let out a small chuckle.


*    *    *    *


It seemed like an age before they made it to the theatre. "Let's go," said Nahyuta, and he watched as the Investigator next to him reluctantly opened the door and let out a frustrated sigh. He didn't really know why, but there was something about this girl that captivated him. He had never been attracted to a woman before, but this one seemed...different. However, he knew that as an international prosecutor he wouldn't likely be working with her again. It made him a bit depressed because he was already growing attached to her, but he knew that he had to keep calm and move on. Although in this case he really didn't want to.

They walked through the doors of Penrose Theater and saw the scene. "Prosecutor Sahdmadhi, are you ready to begin the investigation?" asked Ema. "Go ahead. I want you to start with some forensics whilst I question the accused." He saw her eyes light up as she ran across to the stage, as excited as a little kid who'd just been to Disneyland for the first time. Nahyuta let out a smile. He reluctantly turned around and headed back to the car. It was a ridiculous formality to have to give the investigation a go-ahead in person, but he didn't mind so much on this occasion as the detention centre was only a few minutes away by car. It did annoy him that he couldn't show her his theory though, as apparently, the accused wanted to see her friends and visiting hours were over soon. He wondered why they would be friends with her as they were supposedly aged 19 and 24. "Just about the age HE would be now,"  was all he could think of.


*    *    *    *


After about an hour of full-scale investigation and forensics, Ema decided it was about time to go outside and get some fresh air. She sat down and ate her lunch until she spied a familiar red suit across the way. "No way that's Apollo."  Then she saw the two spikes of hair poking over the audience of people who wanted to see the crime scene. Ema instantly got up and ran over. "Apollo! Hey!" he turned around and replied. A young girl in a yellow outfit was standing next to him. "Oh, who's this? Is she your girlfriend?" He blushed and put his hand behind his head. "No, she just works at the agency. Her name is Athena. Strangely enough I get that question alot."