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“Gravel To Tempo” by Hayley Kiyoko plays as we follow a slow motion back shot of a black girl in a school uniform with natural hair pulled back in a ponytail.

She passes a douche-looking white boy - RORY - who winks at her, before turning back to his friends - a pink-haired Filipino guy, NICK, and a handsome Arab guy, JAMES.

She then passes a group of girls in football uniforms. They all turn to stare at her. A black girl - SOPHIE - flips her off.

She passes a Romani girl - BRIANNA - who’s on her phone, chewing gum, girls shooting dirty looks at her.

She then passes a Chinese girl - RORI - talking animatedly to a stressed white girl - LIZ.

She walks up to a notice board - where there are three main posters. One for the girls’ football team. One handmade for a “friendship club”. And one for a theatre club, that’s graffitied with lesbophobic slurs.

They morph into posters covered in labels “straight, lesbian, black, white, happy, sad, slut, prude, footballer, supporter” and so on.

The girl backs away in fear, bumping into a generic white guy - BRYAN - who stands with another generic white guy - JAKE. BRYAN pushes her towards the posters.

She stands in front of them, not doing anything for a moment.

A pale hand taps her shoulder.

She - and the camera - turns around to see a white girl with a tight ponytail, ESTHER, smiling widely.

The camera turns to face the girl we’ve been following. She smiles.

It cuts to black, and the word “SANDY” appears in yellow text as the song continues.

The text changes as the song stops.