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The Catalysts, The Duelist And The Hero - Book 1: The Unknown

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  •      Act 1: Chapter 1 – This Must Be Heaven


     ???? POV

What is going on?
What am I dreaming about?
Who am I dreaming of?

     One moment I’m in a rainforest with someone I don’t know, crouching down as if someone or something is coming. “Stay down! It’s coming this way!” he said. I was going to ask what is coming when with no warning a blinding light shines and next thing I know, I’m in some odd building with a lot of overgrown plants next to someone else! While the Cajun English man (at least think it was a Cajun accent from how he was speaking) was at least 4 years older give or take, this guy was around my age. 22 at best. “Taylor! Give me your hand!” before I give him my hand or even ask why, I was blinded again by the same light.

      And now I’m on top of a crater of a volcano! And with someone even older than the first two I was with! Maybe in his 50s and while the last two were looking like they were being followed or hiding from something, this man seem the exact opposite. And yet, I couldn’t help but shiver in fear at the way he was smiling. At me! “You don’t understand, do you? Of course not. But you will….. in time.”

           Then the light came again but this time I was prepared to cover my eyes. When I opened them though…… I was seeing someone with me in the middle of a storm facing what looked like a sea monster. The crazy thing was though is that was we were flying on a DRAGON facing the sea monster!!! “Just hang on Taylor! Stardust Dragon attack! Take down Cetus! SHOOTING SONIC!!!!” Before the dragon could do anything, cue blinding light! And now I was in a snowy area hearing metal clashing against each other. I turn, and see a kid even younger than me facing off and holding his own against a woman in some crazy gear carrying twin katanas while the kid was holding a sword and shield. “Taylor, stay back!! I can handle this bitch!!” and once more the blinding light comes and goes.

             I’m now literally in sea of stars facing two people this time. One was wearing a cloak over herself. The other was dressed like some ancient pharaoh. “Please aid our Chosen Champions, Andromeda!” the woman spoke. “The fate of all realms rest within all 3 of you!” and then my sight is blinded by the same light and then……….

             The plane I’m on shudders, waking me up with a jolt! I had to blink quite a bit while my eyes were adjusting to the sunlight outside. Please sun stop being so bright……”Wow” I said once I’m fully awake. This caught my best friend’s attention as Diego was giving a goofy smirk at me. “Morning, sleepyhead.” He said. “I’m not still not dreaming, right?” I just had to be sure, especially with where the plane and its pilot was taking us. “Doesn’t feel real, does it? But we’re finally on our way." Yes! So we were going to an island for a week, along with the other 10 winners. Like Quinn just said, One magical week in paradise, here we come!


     Isaac’s POV

             While looking over my binder of cards, I try not to get annoyed by the constant noise around me; Raj and Craig talking about how the trip will be like, Grace excited of seeing the plant and wildlife there, Aleister complaining that he can’t hear what Lila our tour guide is saying and Diego bugging his close friend Taylor, who had just woke up from a long nap. But before I can ask if she was alright I hear her saying she was dreaming about Sean Gayle of people.

              Ugh, he may be the star quarterback for the Hartfeld Knights but geez he doesn’t seem to know about teamwork at times.“Hey, You! With is that you are holding?” I turned to the person speaking noticing that he seemed a little too young to even be in Hartfeld University, until it hit me. This was Ryan Hikari, a recent graduate from Berry High from the West Coast of the States. He was visiting Hartfeld with his family as he earned a scholarship to attend in the beginning of fall session. That was also around the same time when he received a letter that he won the contest as well. Oh before I forget my name is Isaac Buckalew. While the majority of the contest winners were going to be seniors in the coming school year, me and Ryan are a junior and freshman respectably.

             “Well, new guy this is my old collection of cards I carry around with me. I also got my deck with me as we………” I got interrupted by acclaimed hacker Zahra who was eavesdropping. “Wait you actually play that old card game? Heh respect Buck.” She said while smirking. While I’m glad others know about it, it sort of rub on me the wrong way as Zahra called me by my last name shortened. I hate it when people call me by that one guy who got killed by the Bride in Vol. 1! Seriously, will they try to call me by first name at least! And I was just about to snap at her but thought better and decided not to.

             But come to think of it, shouldn’t we of landed by now? If I remember correctly a flight from Puerto Rico to where we were coming would have been shorter than this. Before I could get ask the pilot to see if he was lost all of a sudden I hear……… “AAHHHH!!” and then everything goes hell when the plane was hit by turbulence! Closing my binder and looking forward I then noticed Taylor was being tossed around the walls by the cockpit. And everyone else acting like chickens with their heads cut off. Go figure.

            And then it got noisy. “Hey, what the hell! When did it get so dark outside!” “Ohhh, I am really regretting that airport Chipotle!” “Don’t puke, bro! If you puke, I’m gonna puke!” “Where the hell did this storm come from?! It was a clear day!” while the pilot Jake was trying to reassure everyone this was nothing and it was normal, yeah normal my ass, things were getting a little weird when I noticed that there was of oddly enough Ball Lightning outside, “It’ll be a miracle we don’t get hit be that” I commented before I jinxed everyone and we got hit by one of them.

             And to make matters worse the pilot whose named was Jake just yelled “Welp, engines just lost power! Bringin’ her down manually! Everyone, hang on!” Opps my bad. That’s when I noticed that despite the yelling, only getting louder one of the seniors, Estela I believe didn’t seem afraid at all. And that worried me, especially all the rumors around her back at school. But then I see Quinn looking very nervous so I decided to ditch Ryan and go to try and calm her down…..

            “Just breathe. It’ll pass” I say trying to sitting down to reassure her. “This can’t happen….. not yet….. It’s too soon.” That’s when I notice she seem to have trouble breathing so I decide to try to lighten to mood and tell a bad joke. “Hey… why couldn’t the melons get married?” “Wha… what? I….. have no idea!” “Because they cantaloupe!” thankfully that seem to do because she not only calm down but also started giggling.

            “Because they….. can’t elope? That is the dumbest joke I’ve ever heard!” soon enough she was laughing. Man if I had the courage to say a joke around her, you think I also have the same courage to admit my feelings to her but nnnoooo!!! Truth be told I have a crush on Quinn but I always seem to freeze up seeing or hearing her. Unfortunately Aleister the son of a rich snob didn’t seem to enjoy that joke since….. “Are you positively mad? This isn’t the time for jokes!” Thankfully that didn’t dampen her mood. “No, it’s the perfect time for jokes.” She said smiling at me while offering me her hand. “I’m Quinn.” “Isaac.” I’d tried saying calmly while smiling.

              Man, if it weren’t for the emergency lights being on, Quinn would of noticed how red my face was!!! I can only hope we can survive and make it out of this alive!! But thinking about it, if I haven’t been introducing myself to Quinn I probably seen what was happening to my cards. In both my Binder and my Deck!


     Ryan’s POV

             Great just great Ryan. You get a ticket to go to this Celestial Hotel at La Huerta and already you are probably gonna die in the next 15 seconds when the pilot crashes the plane. While looking outside I noticed the crazy “Ball Lightning” that the bookworm girl called it. Ugh if only I knew someone here! I’m pretty much the odd one out of everyone here. No friends, No strict parents. Nope just on my own. Well sort of since I’m stuck with these guys.

            That’s when I really saw something weird. Someone inside a dark cloak in the middle of the aisle staring at me! I was gonna try to say something when I saw that everything else was frozen like mom would do to pause the movie! I slowly try to get out of my seat when all of sudden she was right next to me blocking the way out! “YIPE!!!” as I jumped and hit my head on the ceiling above.

           “Is this who the sword has chosen? Hmmm. You appear to be too young though he was younger still than you when he drew it out of it’s pedestal.” The unknown person said. “Hey! Umm you know it’s not nice to judge people before you know them right? I mean what gave you the right to say that about me?” I snap at her. “At least you have one thing in common with him. You both have courage. Please don’t prove me right for having any doubts about you. The fate of this world and mine rest in you! Save them all from the darkness the Hydra has within him young Phoenix!” then just like that she vanished and everyone was moving again.

           Thankfully from I can tell from outside, we were getting out of the crazy storm. But what did that person mean? If that weren’t weird enough the scary Hispanic girl appears next to me! “Ummm hi?” “You’re not from the university are you?” she asked. I despite how everyone was panicking looked down in shame. Maybe it’s because I hardly had time to make any friends at all. “I just graduated from Berry High in Cedar Cove. So yeah technically I’m not in Hartfeld yet? I just got accepted.”

         “I see. Well don’t feel too bad. Even as a freshman, you won’t be an outsider like me.” “Huh? What do you mean by that?” I had ask why she said that. But while she appear to remain silent for the duration, her eyes told a different story. They seem to scream out “Don’t get others involved. Please let him be quiet.” So I decided not to say anything else. If I wasn’t too much attention to her then, I would of noticed something glowing in my bag where I kept my Nintendo Switch!


     Taylor’s POV

         Well I was gonna try to calm Quinn down, but Isaac (who I could’ve sworn was inside that crazy dream I had earlier) beat me to it and managed to do so himself. And not to mention getting her to laugh despite the situation, so good for him. That left me sitting down next to Sean, well more like tumbling down due to the plane rocking about!

         “You’re gonna want to buckle up.” He says but……. “Ahh, I’m trying! I can’t find the other side of the seat belt!” I mean really! How hard is it to find the belt! “It’s right here.” Thankfully Sean helps me out and gives me the latch so I can strap in. But still…… “How are you so calm?” “I just know we’ll be fine. I’m not sure what you’d call it.” He replied so I answer with “Unflinching arrogance in the face of mortal peril?”

          “I would’ve gone with faith. Not to mention, I’ve had a lot of practice trying to keep cool. What do you usually do to calm yourself down?” well he asked for it. And why the hell not? He is cute. “I find someone to kiss. Could be our last moments anyway, right?” this definitely surprised him because he was trying to say something. “Oh….. I mean…. Do you…….” So I decided to prove I mean it by kissing on the cheek.

          “See? I’m calmer already.” Even though the emergency lights were on I can tell he is blushing. “Well, I can’t argue with that. I guess if this plane’s going down, there are worse ways to die than being kissed by a pretty girl.” But thank goodness that Jake reminded all of us that while he was getting out of the storm…. “Just a little farther! I think we’re almost out!” and boy did we survive that scare! “Wooooooooohooooooo! We’re alive!” I hear Raj yell out. “Wow…. Taylor, you’re gonna want to check out this view.” Sean commented. I also managed hear Quinn saying to Isaac……. “Isaac, look! There it is…” though Jake reminded us to, I don’t we needed to hear it anyway because…… “Get a good look now, ‘cause we’re coming in fast! Welcome to La Huerta.”


     Isaac’s POV

          After seeing that Quinn was alright, I decided head to the cockpit to see if he needed someone to help. (Thank goodness I had some experience with this) I’m sure this both surprised and annoyed the pilot (who was named Jake as I just remembered) at the same time because when I went inside he snapped while focusing on the controls “Hey kid! Get your ass back to your seat will ya trying to fly here!”

          So I snapped back “And I’m here seeing if you need an extra hand. Besides I’m majoring in aviation to become a pilot back at school! And not to mention my uncle would take me out for some flying lessons since my high school years” and this definitely caught him off guard. Then while acknowledging me to take the other control stick, “Okay then Boy Scout, keep her steady, eyes on the speed indicators to see how fast shes’ going.” “You got it, Aragorn.” I said focusing on the controls and gauges.

         While shaking his head in amusement due to the nickname I gave him, Jake was calling the tower down before. “La Huerta Tower, this is tail number XC-DMK, requesting emergency priority to land!” but no one was answering….. “Carlos! Pick up you lazy bastard! It’s Jake!” and still nothing…… “Hey Jake, should we be worried? Because I am. Seems like some of the controls are fried” Jake then was sighing in dismay before turning his attention back to the radio, “Ignoring me won’t make me forget the hundred bucks you owe me! Like it or not, we’re coming in! Okay, ready to land this thing?!” “Yeah, pretty much.”

         Thankfully we managed to get his plane down safely on the airway and into the hangar, while everyone else was stepping out Jake commented to me “Hey, thanks for your help. I owe you one there.” I turn back smiling at him and giving the guy a thumbs up in reply. Then Taylor comes by and…… “Rough landing, Top Gun. Hope you don’t work for ti….. Isaac!? What are you doing there!?” this caught everyone off guard as they never expected me being able to fly. Even Sean, ha!! The look on his face.

        “Well the Boy Scout here was actually pretty useful helping me out. And are you kidding? I’m a damn hero, well we’re damn heroes for getting you on the ground. Carlos, I need a tune-up! ……Carlos!!” so while he was walking off to find and beat up the lazy mechanic, must have been a mechanic considering how Jake said tune-up I went to grab my binder that I left back where I was sitting at in the first place. That’s when I noticed Zahra looking in it……. I was gonna snap at her but then……. “Damn…… Starter Deck Kaiba Blue-Eyes. All 3 in mint condition? I gonna say that is awesome. If only Craig saw this back in freshman year……”

        She then noticed me trying not to glare and gave it back. “Cool collection. If only I brought my old cards. Oh well guess we can compare when we get back huh?" I don’t know what was more surprising, the fact that Zahra knows that old game, or that she said I had a cool collection. “Sure why not? I'll hold you to that Zahra."

        While looking for my luggage, I saw that Michelle was snapping at Taylor for being a fame hound by being around Sean, heck even Craig got after Taylor with this “Seriously? Our superstar quarterback? … The Heisman frontrunner?” but before Sean could say anything we hear someone saying…. “The Heisman frontrunner? What kind of dumb weird nickname is that?” and all three of them turn their heads to Ryan as he was the one who said it.

        This caused Craig to gawk at him. “WHAT?! YOU CALLED JUST CALL HIM DUMB!?” despite Craig yelling at him, he wasn't even fazing from it. “Well, yeah because in case you didn’t noticed, I’m not even in Hartfeld yet. At least not until the beginning of fall. In fact I don’t know any of you at all. But I do know you guys are acting like a bunch of idiots being this guy’s bodyguards though he doesn’t need them.” Oh man this kid is toast since I can tell Craig want to attack him……….. Until what we seen what Ryan did to Craig in retaliation. Okay maybe not……………


     Ryan’s POV

         I don’t know what the big deal is what these guys, heck even the makeup girl from hell looked at me as if I grew a second head or something. If I really wanted to be honest there, I never really had time to enjoy watching or playing sports. Aside from having to take self-defense lessons from my dad at night along with Kendo and Aikido lessons from mom on weekends and holidays.

         Heck all of my free time is mainly homework, lessons and resting from exhaustion! In fact the only thing that I even have for fun is my Switch I got for my B-Day from my friends. And that was at least 7 months ago! But then the big Taiwan guy, (At least I assumed he from that ethnic group) came at me! So common sense kicks and 10 seconds later I send that guy falling on his back hard after flipping over my shoulder. But damn he sure was HEAVY!!!

        “Yeah next time you try that, think twice before assuming someone is easy pickings! Jerk” and with that I grab my luggage and storm to the Tour Guide to ask her “Umm, Ma’am where is the hotel located at?” Lila, I think that’s what her name was looked surprised with me asking before “OH! But wouldn’t you rather wait for the shuttle to…….” “NO. Not with them anyway” I reply pointing back to the others.

     Thankfully she told I just had to take the pathway and I would be there easily. That’s good. Last thing I needed was being gossip about after giving that idiot a blow to his ego. That’s when I noticed something….. off. While I walking up the path to the hotel, I noticed aside from the wildlife in forest making noise the hotel seemed to be a little quiet. Too Quiet. I mean, sure only the rich, the spoiled and the staff would be there, but I got closer I hear nothing of the sort.

       And I mean nothing. No laughter, no pacing or rushing to something, not even glasses clinking from a toast. Literally Nothing at all. And if anything, that was starting to scare me. Maybe staying with the others would have been a better idea, but since I see some them hanging out at the beach and few walking up the control tower back at the strip I decided to wait for those that did decided to come up anyway.

       Soon enough I see the Heisman quarterback, (whoever that is) the spooky goth, the brooding know-it-all, the bookworm, Mr. Pinky, Lila and Estela though she was the furthest of the group wonder why? Anyway that’s when they noticed me and the goth said “Knock Craig down a peg? Rad kid.” Then she held her hand out for a fistbump, so I did and “Ryan. And yeah, he did need to be taken down a peg. Maybe I should have done two.” “Heh, Zahra. And you should. Whenever he’s gonna do that again.”

        After that little chat the Heisman guy came up to me saying, “Hey, sorry about how Craig was acting just then. I should’ve tried to stop him but…..” Heisman was trying before I cut him off. “Yeah, you should have known. And it’s not you that should apologize, it’s the big jerk that should.” I know that must have stung but I knew I was right. Chagrined he was gonna tried say something until we walked inside and what we saw left us speechless………

       It’d also made me wonder, was this related to what the woman back on the ride here mentioned…..? Because if that’s the case, then I am now REALLY worried………


     Taylor’s POV

        After Isaac and I left Quinn, Raj, Michelle and Craig who were just leaving the beach to follow the others to the hotel, the two us of soon met up with Jake who was just walking the stairway to the tower. “So it’s cool if we join you?” I asked in which Jake replied with that smirk of his that made him oddly enough very hot. “You ask permission for everything? Come on, Princess and Boy Scout.” so pretty much we follow him up the tower giving us a good view to the forest down below.

        “This place is gorgeous. Do you fly out here a lot Top Gun?” “Here and every other privately owned resort island in the Caribbean. The favored vacation spots of the young and the privileged.” He added. “Doesn’t sound like something you would like at all Jake.” Isaac commented and I couldn’t help but agree with him. “Hey, it pays the bar tab.” I regretted asking what he did before this because he got annoyed while saying “Hey, what is this anyway? Twenty Questions?” I would of said something if Isaac didn’t but in “Hey, she’s just curious that’s all. And not to mention we don’t really know you that well, aside from being a pilot and giving us nicknames Aragorn.”

        That definitely caught Jake off guard because we hear him mutter while shaking his head in amusement “wow Top Gun and Aragorn. Never thought I had 2 nicknames.” Afterward he spoke up “Fighter Pilot. Navy. I was good at it too. Best in my unit class. Until I got discharged.” “What happened?” I had asked. “Punched my commanding officer in the jaw.” Isaac laughed at that “Ha! If you had to punch him, then he must have deserved it.”

        “Yeah, he did. I’ve been ferrying rich folks around the Caribbean and sleeping in a beach hammock in Costa Rica ever since.” While I’m sure he like it like that I couldn’t help but say “That sounds……. Lonely.” “Uh, yeah. That’s the appeal.” he replied. “I don’t think Taylor sees it like that Jake. I mean sure, everyone wants to get away for a little while……..” Isaac looked at me as if to finish want he was saying. So I did “but don’t you want more? Someone to come home to… someone to listen to you… someone to hold you all through the night……” “You offering, Princess?” Jake said smiling.

        “What? No, I….. I just meant… in theory…” I gonna have to punch Isaac for this later he looked like he was gonna burst. Smart aleck junior……. “In theory, I wanted to be the best pilot the Navy had ever seen. In practice… Well, you can’t beat a cold beer and a Caribbean sunset.” We then continued going up the stairs when with all of a sudden I hear Isaac yell………

     “TAYLOR!!! WATCH………” Too late as the step beneath suddenly gave out and I was free-falling!!! “Jake!!! Isaac!!!” thankfully Jake was closer so he managed to grab and pull me into his arms. “Gotcha!” he said as the rusted broken steps fell at least 50 feet. Yikes would’ve been a bad fall if I wasn’t caught in time. “I think you just saved my life.” “Now you owe me one. Come on you two.” We finally made up to top of tower. Jake then pushes open the door saying…. “Carlos, you dumb….. Hey, what the…..” me and Isaac look over his shoulders and we see the room is………..

        “Umm, Jake where is everyone?” Isaac asked. “How should I know? I’m not a psychic. Are you?” while the two were talking, I went up to control desk to drag my finger across it. That was a lot of dust. “Are you sure they still use this airstrip?” I asked. “ Of course I’m sure. I was just here a few days ago, and I’m damn sure…” he trailed off afterward. “…Jake?” that’s when the both of us look past over him again, seeing what caught his attention and ours too…………


     Isaac’s POV

        I’m sure Taylor and Jake thought the same thing went saw those lights. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Red and blue lights over the trees, not only fluttering but also giving off an aurora effect like the Northern Lights. I then noticed that Taylor was holding Jake’s hand. And for some odd reason, that seemed right as if they were meant for each other. Even though they just met. “Jake….. what is this?” “I…. I don’t know.” They said sounding equally surprised.

        Then he turned looking at her. She was stammering “Jake, I…..” so to save them from embarrassment “Guys, the lightshow stopped.” That snapped them back to reality. And also caused him to cough when he noticed his hand is still holding hers “Uh. Sorry. Look, it must’ve been something… weird with the glass here. Who knows. Forget it, just…… come on” wow real smooth Aragorn. Real smooth.

        But I shouldn’t judge, I still couldn’t get over Quinn inviting me to swim with her at the beach. Thank goodness for joining the swimming team. She told me I probably have to save her if she were to drown. While the two of them gone ahead down the tower, I take one last look to see if the lights would appear again. But nothing, so I follow them.

     Eventually, the three of us continue on the path until we see it, “So this is it, huh? Been to this island fifty times, and never been off the airstrip….” And man what a sight. The hotel the students were gonna be at for a week. “The Celestial!” me and Taylor say out loud. “Well, come on then you two. You paid me to bring you here, so that’s what I’m doing. Soon enough we were heading to the lobby while Taylor was trying convince Jake to stick around, I noticed the others there just standing and staring at something I was gonna speak up about what they were looking when all of a sudden………

     “Chosen of the 2500……… Heed thy warning……. A great darkness will come for you and your friends. Become their guardian…… Use the power the shadows have given you to give life to your soldiers!! Lead them to Victory!! Fly them to the Light of Possibilities Pegasus!!!” and just like that, the weird voice vanished. What darkness does it mean? Before I could think I hear Sean yelling out…… “Where the hell is everyone!!” and looking up, I think I realized what that voice meant. Because aside from everyone else that got off the plane, the hotel was completely quiet…… and devoid of life………

     All Three had the same thought………… “What did I get myself into!?!?!?”



            Well there’s my first chapter, like I said if you people like review it. If not then that’s fine by me. But to the flamers remember, I got my Master Sword ready to strike. Anyway in case you’re wondering, here’s the bio on one of my Main OC’s so here ya go


Isaac Joseph Buckalew

Age: 21

Appearance: Similar to Male Caucasian MC but Green eyes instead of blue

Alias: Boy Scout (by Jake), Catalyst (by Vaanti), Soul-Summoner (by Varryn)

DOB: March 7, 1996

Personality: Peacemaker, Realist, Shy (Only when near Quinn)

Allegiance: his friends, Vaanti

Weapon of Choice: Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck (mainly uses monsters that can fly and/or levitate)



            As a young boy, Isaac’s dream was to first fly up in the sky. So aside from model airplanes and any kind of kit that had wings, he would study hard about aviation and the many dangers that could happen while up there. His uncle who was a Gulf War veteran, decided during his high school years take Isaac on some flight lessons. He was also taught on how to do maintenance on planes as well. Though his mother would put a stop to it now and again, this wouldn’t deter Isaac at all. So she reluctantly gave him her blessing to be able to fly. (Only when he has a license to do so.)

             At some point during high school, while in a thrift store look for an aviator jacket out of curiosity he attained a Starter Deck Kaiba that was showing Blue Eyes White Dragon and decided to collect any cards that shown monsters being able to fly (or Levitate in some cases) eventually he stopped collecting during his sophomore year in Hartfeld, due to majoring in aviation. (Though at that point his collection has cards such as Element HERO Neos, Dark Magician, Firewall and the Signer Dragons, No. 39 Aspiring Emperor Hope, the 4 Dimension Dragons not Supreme Dragon King Zarc though as it was Too Evil for his tastes and even the Egyptian God Cards)

            During his sophomore year he met Quinn and fell head over heels for her. Unfortunately, he could never muster up the courage needed to approach let alone say hi to her! So when he’s discovers that the 2 of them were going to the trip to La Huerta, he sees this as a chance to finally to be able to talk with her! Little does he know that the island has plans for him and his fellow classmates!