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Visions of Fire

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“Okay Mr. Castellanos, you are here because of a recommendation yes?”


The man let out a small sigh.

“Listen, I understand not wanting to be here. A lot of people are embarrassed by seeing a therapist but you don’t have to feel that way with me Sebastian.” He shifted in his seat woodenly. “I’m here to help free you from anything that’s eating away at your mind, heck just pretend I’m not here and talk to yourself!” he chuckled awkwardly.

Sebastian’s fingers were linked and supported his head. His tired eyes stared at the faded blue wallpaper. After a few more seconds of silence, he stood and walked toward the window behind them.

“Tell me doc..” the therapist squirmed in his chair. “What makes you think YOU are going to be the one that cures me hmm? Whatever I have, cannot. be. cured, fuck I don’t even think a priest can help me at this point,” he huffed out while throwing his hands in the air.

Sebastian’s head tilt ever so slightly in the direction of the therapist. He stalked back over to his chair and sat down making sure to lean forward so he was closer to the man’s face.

“I am not a mental case. You are not going to be able to help me,” he hissed making the therapist flinch a bit.

The man peered down at his blank paged notebook and clicked his pen. Sebastian slunk into his chair and relaxed a little.

“Well Sebastian, you’ve made it pretty clear that you have no mental illness, so can you tell me what IS wrong with you?” he asked cautiously.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow and half a smirk stretched across his rugged face.

He pursed his lips in amusement. “Alright. You want me to tell you? Fine, you won’t believe me. Just like the rest of them.”

“Try me.”

The chair creaked as Sebastian leaned forward.

“Can you be haunted by a place?”

The doctor held his breath.

“Can Hell itself, haunt you? Hmm doc?” His arms crossed “What do your notes say about that?” he questioned heatedly.

A veil of silence fell upon the room save the rhythmic ticks of the clock on the wall.

The doctor finally began to move again and took his glasses off to clean them.

“That’s odd”.

“What’s odd?”

“You are the second person to tell me that they felt as if they were haunted by a place”.

“Who the fuck is the first?!” Sebastian exclaimed.

“It’s confidential but I feel like this may help you. Strangely enough, you have that same frazzled look in your eye. Like you permanently saw a ghost,” he observed.

“Goddamn it just tell me already!”

The therapist stared with an unreadable expression.

“Someone named... Joseph Oda.”