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A Tragedy of Lies and Soulmates

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A Tragedy of Lies and Soulmates

Explicit Adult Content – Read at your Own discretion

Created, Written and Illustrated by k505

Additional Illustrations by No One Currently – Looking for Artists

Edited and Proofread by BluC1026

(Full) Disclaimer: I do not own the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which includes (but is not limited to) the Hulk (Film) series, the Iron Man (film) series, the Thor (Film) series, the Captain America (Film) series, the Avengers (Film) series, the Guardians of the Galaxy (Film) series, the Doctor Strange (Film) series, the Spiderman (Film) series, the X-Men (Film) series, the Ghost Rider (Film) series, the Daredevil (Television) Series, the Defenders (Television) series, the Punisher (Television and Film) series, the Jessica Jones (Television) series, the Ant (Film) series, the Black Panther (Film) series, the Iron Fist (Television) series, the Luke Cage (Television) series, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. (Television) series, the Cloak and Dagger (Television) series, the Agent Carter (Television) series, the Runaways (Television) series, and the Captain Marvel (Film) series) and potions of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. They belong to their respective copyright holders and various publishers. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This piece of work is fictional and created solely for entertainment purposes opposed to monetary income.   

Future Main Pairing: Steve Rogers (Captain America)/James ”Bucky” Barnes (Winter Soldier)/Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Future Side Pairings: Bruce Banner (Hulk)/Natasha Romanov (Black Widow)/Pepper Potts, Clint Barton (Hawkeye)/James Rhodey (War Machine)/Peter Parker (Spiderman), Sam Wilson (Falcon)/Phil Coulson, Thor/Loki/Jane Foster, Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)/Sif/Darcy Lewis, Frank Castle (Punisher)/Matt Murdock (Daredevil)/Daniel Rand (Iron Fist)/Elektra Natchios, Franklin “Foggy” Nelson/Karen Page, Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto)/Charles Xavier (Professor X), James Howlett (Wolverine)/Remy LeBeau (Gambit)/Anna Marie (Rogue), Scott Summers (Cyclops)/Jean Grey (Phoenix), T’Challa (Black Panther)/Ana Stark (OFC),   

Established/Past Side Pairings: Howard Stark/Jack Thompson/Maria Stark, Edwin Jarvis/Ana Jarvis



“Give me one good reason I shouldn’t have you killed where you stand!” T’Challa says tightly advancing on Captain America, Steve Rogers, and on the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes. His fingers are curled tightly into fists. “You completely caved in his ribcage. It’s a miracle none of his organs were pierced. To think, he hadn’t even intended to fight you.”

“Is that what he said? Didn’t look that way to me?!” Steve snaps back.

“Did he throw the first punch or did you?” T’Challa says with unnerving intensity. Steve replays the scene in the Hydra Bunker in Siberia back in his mind and belatedly realizes that while Iron Man’s posture was stiff and defensive, he hadn’t tried to attack them. Taking Steve’s silence as guilt, “That’s what I thought. Go pack your bags.”

“Wait, wait, hold on!” Scott Lang protests, “Everyone knows that Iron Man is Stark’s bodyguard and follows his word to the letter. How were they to know that he wasn’t there to stop their escape?!” Scott defends.

“Well, so would I if he was my older brother and had just learned my parents were killed by a friend.” T’Challa snaps.

“You mean Iron Man is a Stark? Arno Stark has his own brother as his bodyguard?” Scott asks incredulously, “What the fuck! I mean sure there would be unquestionable loyalty, but I’d put my brother’s safety over my own.”

“I don’t know Arno Stark’s reasoning for putting his younger brother, and an omega, in that metal death trap, but that matters little now.” T’Challa says pinching his nose, “I am more worried about Anthony’s –” T’Challa is cut off by the Winter Soldier.

“What did you say?” Bucky demands.

“What that Iron Man is Stark’s brother or that he is an Omega?”

“No, what is his full name?” Bucky pleads hoping he is wrong. Steve catches on belatedly, shit, he thinks clutching his wrist band in a painfully tight grip. T’Challa glances at Steve catching the motion, eyes widening in realization before tightening painfully.

“His full name is Anthony Edward Stark.” T’Challa answers in a chilling tone, “I am guessing he is your soulmate?”

Steve stagers falling onto his butt and he pulls himself to lean against the wall looking lost. Bucky retched violently. Scott stares in horror at the two men alongside Clint and Sam. “Well, that’s fucked up.” Scott concludes. 


Anthony Edward Stark was born in 1990 as an Omega with two soulmates, a common enough gift. However, both his soulmates were a good seventy years older than him and very much dead. His soulmates were Steven Grant Roger, commonly known as Captain America, and James Buchanan Barnes, also known as Bucky. Both had died, and their remains were never found. Soulmate marks became visible on the individual’s dominant wrist on their thirteenth birthday. Anthony Stark or “Tony” refused to celebrate his thirteenth birthday, crying in his bedroom for several days straight. He never shared the names of his soulmates with anyone. Tony withdrew into himself, steadily becoming a reclusive genius, his only friend was an older man name James Rhodes, who he met when he was fourteen at MIT. His parents had died when he was eleven, in 2001. They died in a car crash. However, opposed to rebelling or becoming irresponsible partier, Tony became increasingly quiet and observant.   

Tony was the youngest Stark sibling. Arno Stark, the child who would inherit Stark Enterprises, was born in 1970 and his younger sister, Ana Stark was born in 1980. Neither of his older siblings were particularly interested in him at the time. Arno had completed college with a Business Major and Economics minor and changed Stark Enterprises for the better. They no longer produced weapons. Their shared surname would no longer profit from bloodshed and death. Ana Stark was currently finishing her master’s in Art Restoration and Art History. Both siblings had allowed Tony to emancipate himself, albeit they funded his illustrious education in Engineering and Chemistry earning two PHDs well before he was twenty. He continued to earn degrees although his education at this point was funded by his own profits. Arno was surprised to walk into an interview room and see his younger brother. Tony insisted he be treated like any other engineer employee at Stark Enterprises. That soon proved to be impossible when his work was light-years above everyone else’s work. His older brother just sighed ruefully and ordered Tony his own lab off-site.

Tony was also very thrifty. He hadn’t spent a penny of his accumulating wealth earned as a major shareholder in Stark Enterprises. He lived off of his own income. He had purchased a Brownstone in Brooklyn Heights with three floors and one basement. He lived comfortably, albeit he paid massive electricity and internet bills every month, but he refused to unhook his AI from the Stark satellites and Media Companies. He also had several robots and their charge stations in his house.  


March 20th, 2008. His brother had been kidnapped and no one could find him. Jarvis, his awesome AI, had located his older brother using the thermal imagery he had designed into the Stark Satellites. However, he was now cursing his lack of foresight. He could endanger Jarvis or Stark Enterprises if he revealed how he had found his brother. Thermal imagery were only installed on government satellites and Jarvis could not fall into other’s hands. Tony stared brokenly at the video feed, his brother was a captive. His hands clutches his sweat pants, fingers buried in their thick folds. Well, there was only one way… he could need to get his brother out himself. “Hold on, Arno. I’m coming for you.” Tony stumbled down the steps to his laboratory in the massive basement, which he had remodeled himself. Standing in the corner of the room was the metal suit he had been toying with in his free time, an advanced form of armor. It was incomplete and would take a couple hours to recalibrate to his slender frame. Tony gets to work quickly.

May 1st, 2012. Years later, while sightings of Iron Man, Arno Stark’s personal bodyguard were few and far between, he did exist and consistently protected civilians and Stark. “Come on! You can do it!” Arno calls from the sidelines where the masked and heavily obscured figure of his younger brother fought his martial arts instructors. He wasn’t being taught a style of martial arts, he was creating his own instinctual responses and styles. Arno had insisted on his younger brother learning a multitude of languages, parkour, strategy, acrobatic gymnastics, dancing and weapons. The reason he had insisted on these disciplines was for his brother’s protection outside of the suit. It was the condition that Arno had insisted on when Tony had refused to dismantle his Iron Man suit or hand it over to the United States government to mass produce. Arno had also learned about Jarvis, the AI, who was ecstatic to gain the assistance of Arno in protecting and regulating his creator. Tony had created a communication bracelet which was shared among the siblings. While Ana disapproved of her brothers’ fascinations with the Iron Man suit, she adored the irony that everyone assumed Iron Man was an Alpha or a Beta, but certainly not an Omega like her beautiful little brother.

Tony was a drop dead gorgeous male omega. He was five foot four inches, with wiry muscles from his training, and big honey-brown eyes flecked with gold specks and framed by ridiculously long eyelashes. His wild chocolate-brown  curls cascaded around his angular face softening his sharp aristocratic bone structure. His curls ended at the bottom of his jaw. He has high sculpted cheekbones, an angular jaw and a slightly upturned button-nose. He has an amazing dimpled smile and sensual pale-pink lips. He has a dark-peach and gold complexion from his Italian-German heritage. He had elegant hands with long pianist fingers. He limbs are long and graceful. However, Tony had the bad habit of hiding his appealing looks behind baggy hoodies, worn jeans and thick framed glasses, which were not necessary for him. The glasses were digital displays for his work. Even then he was adorable, but not as stunning as when he was dressed according to his sister or wasn’t wearing those hideous eyeglasses.

Tony manages to knock more than half of his attackers out of the ring before succumbing to his Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga instructors. Arno’s cellphone cuts into the silence as masters and student bow to each other. “Suit up, Iron Man.” Arno calls to his brother from his position on the bleachers. “Shield has a situation.” The masked omega nods and turning on his instructor’s vaults himself over the low wall surrounding the pit he’s been fighting in before leaving the room at a jog. “How’s he doing?” Arno asks the martial arts instructors and the analyst he’d hired to train Anthony.

The analyst speaks up first, “He has no definable pattern, it’s too complex. He’s improving leaps and bounds on my end.”

The oldest martial arts instructor, who the other instructors consider a legend among martial arts legends, speaks up “He’s better than many of my own traditional students. There is little more that can be taught, but had he been given a belt against your insistence it would be a third dan black belt.” The man says calmly. “He’s level-headed, focused and driven. However, most notably, he is innovative.”

“Good, I will see you all next week.” The group nods in agreement. 

Steve Rogers was not impressed with Arno Stark. The reports which were handed over to him by Shield were not encouraging. Yes, the man had recreated Howard’s company which had been intrinsically tied to the United States Government as weapons creators and manufacturers. Now it created technologies which benefited humanity and the environment. Yes, he managed Maria Stark Charity Foundations with finesse and empathy, however the files had described him as egotistical and obsessed about his image. He was a multi-billionaire and spent money on the stupidest things. Then there was Iron Man, a suit of armor which was patent to the Stark family, not to Stark Enterprises. So, when the man sauntered into the meeting room aboard the Helicarrier with Iron Man on his heels Steve was prepared to pick a fight. It doesn’t help that Iron Man never speaks while Steve is in the room after the fight between Arno and Steve.

In the end, Iron Man saves the day, risking his life to save New York City from a missile. Steve’s heart is pounding in his chest painfully as Iron Man falls out of the sky unconscious. Arno Stark screams, “No!” and Steve belatedly realizes that Arno Stark is not without a heart, he cares for his bodyguard. Then the Hulk catches the falling man and gently places him on the ground. Arno is immediately at Iron Man’s side trying to rouse him. Then the Hulk howls, Arno doesn’t move even in the face of the danger which the Hulk presents. Iron Man snaps awake. Their voices are too low for Steve to hear, but Arno’s posture speaks of relief.

The first time, Steve hears Iron Man speak to him, Steve is surprised by the man’s soft and cultured voice. It’s an attractive voice despite being muffled by his helmet. Slowly Captain America and Iron Man become friends. The man has an impressive intelligence, and a sharp tongue, but he is humorous, passionate, motivated, protective of those he cares for and empathic. He’s often the hero who leads the others in the rebuilding and recovery efforts from their fights. He never reveals his identity though. That is the only thing preventing Steve from falling in love with his new friend. The lack of identity is the only thing holding Steve back, yet Iron Man has inadvertently gathered a following. Then in a whirlwind of activity the Winter Soldier appears, and the Accords happen. Arno Stark signs the Accords on the behalf of his suit of armor. The team is split. They fight each other, Iron Man at Stark’s behest and Steve almost kills Iron Man in impassioned rage for his recently recovered soul mate. Bucky stays his hand and insists on T’Challa bringing Iron Man along for medical care. T’Challa agrees quickly, but they know inevitably Iron Man will be their prisoner.  

 To Be Continued